Romeo & Juliet/New Moon ~ Week #20

May 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasts

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This week we discuss Romeo & Juliet and New Moon.  There are parallels with many of the characters, and we try to touch on them all!  The answers for the Question of the Week were amazing, and I think everyone will love the Supporter’s Speculation we chose!  The song this week is a true find… “Ruin” by Buddahead.  I think you will all really enjoy the lyrics, and how they just seem to go with New Moon!  Finally, we spend some time talking about The Host, chapters 1-6!  There is a “Spoiler Alert” at the end of the song to warn you, if you have not read The Host!  I want to thank Becka this week for editing our “Host Segment”!

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  1. Nollie says:

    Aw I missed listening to Kassie in the news, she’s funny making comments

    Loved the podcast.

  2. kymesha says:

    i have to go to the other cpu. this one doesn’t have itunes. brb.

  3. Nollie says:

    ps- LMAO about the “Spoiler Alert” bit, It was so funny!!

  4. kymesha says:

    cools. im listening. my ipod was spazzing out on me earlier… Kallie sounds emo on the news. I too miss Kassie. =(. But other than the emo thing, ur cool too Kallie.

  5. Alexandra Landers says:

    Regarding your Host section:

    The Host is like a house. Like you guys said, you have to start with the foundations (souls, healers, seekers etc) and then you start building up the walls and plumbing (melanie’s memories). Then you can gradually add in the eletricity and ceilings (wanda’s chariteristic’s). You have to do all this before you can start to decorate the house with furniture and color (basically action and romance). That’s why it takes so long to get into the story. It’s just like the building process of a house, it can’t be sped up otherwise it will fall down (not make sense) later yet it can’t be avoided because then you would have nowhere to place the furniture (action and romance).

  6. Hey there! We will have Kassie commenting on news still… I just had to do it late, and when my family was sleeping, because Kassie didn’t have time this week! Sorry!

  7. Lisa aka Twihard Mom says:

    I soooo needed that additional HOST part of the podcast b/c I am right there with Kassie. I think Kassie and I are also in the same part of the book so when Kallie and the other girl were encouraging her to hang in there…they were speaking to me as well. (also it felt good to know that I wasn’t the only one that was not totally gun-ho about the book) To be honest…I’m reading it simply b/c of my fondness and devotion to Stephanie. :o)

    Keep it up ladies!

    Love ya, Lisa.

  8. lisa from germany says:

    hey girls!
    your podcast was great as always, but i found some mistakes in your “the Host” section.

    Wanderer was indeed inserted into melanie in chicago by Fords Deep Waters but she then moved to San Diego where she works at the university. Fords deep Waters moves too, to somewhere in the Phoenix Area. so they both moved!

    Wanderer doesn’t have a new healer in San Diego. the husband of her councelor is her boss at the university.

    so just wanted to clear the situation so that you don’t get confused later on!
    love your podcast!
    greetings from germany!

  9. […] Romeo and Juliet and New Moon. The also discuss the first 6 chapters of The Host.Give it a listen HERE. I will be listening whilst I vacuum and mop! […]

  10. Krystal says:

    Is this going to be on itunes too?

  11. Lauren says:

    Romeo and Juliet is a classic example of romance, and Edward and Bella are quickly joining their ranks. There are many parallels, but the biggest is the notion that true love is so strong that the couple cannot bear to live without each other. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet kills herself when she sees Romeo and Romeo follows when he realizes Juliet is dead. Similarly, Edward decides that he cannot exist in a world where Bella does not and heads to Volterra. Without Edward, Bella does not care about life. She barely exists when Edward is gone, and in Volterra (Prologue), she claims she is glad that something “bloodthirsty” is waiting in the wings because “in failing at this she forfeits any desire to live.” Luckily, New Moon has a much happier ending than Romeo and Juliet.

  12. Hi there! I think if you check again the show should be on iTunes! I had my hubby check at work, and he said it was there! Sorry about the slow-ness of getting the show up… I really don’t know why it took so long!

  13. Bekah says:

    so i know stephenie meyer hasn’t even read bram stoker’s dracula, but have you guys ever thought about doing a podcast on it?
    I read it because of my cullen vampire obsession. But lemme tell you, my love affair with vampires ended after i finished dracula. It had all the creepiness of the Volturi multiplied by like 100. They were some strange similarities between stoker’s dracula and Stephenie’s vampires. I’d like to hear what you guys think about comparing the vampires in Dracula and Twilight.

  14. Jena (pronounced like Jenna) says:

    I did love the new editing. Although I too missed Kassie on the news section.

    I hope you are going to discuss the MTV clip airing this weekend on the next pod cast!!

    You are still my favorites!


  15. Charlene says:

    I just wanted to let you know, i have about 200 pages left of the host. I have been writing a blog this week about what i have been reading, i do some predictions in my blog, but anyhow. i want people to read my blog and make comments on it. please check it out if you are reading the host and are at least as far a i am or if you are done. i really want to have more discussion on this, and i love the twilight series theories readers,
    ps i love jacob so much, but i still want bella and edward to be together,
    love ya all

  16. Jessica loves Edward says:

    THANKS SOOO SOOO MUCH FOR READING MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK! Not only that, but it was read first 🙂 You guys put a huuuuuge (and maybe slightly weird looking) grin on my face!!! In fact, it’s still there right now! I’m glad you liked my answer and read it for the first time!! I totally freaked out and started singing!!! WAHOOO!!

    About the Host, I’m right there with you Kallie! I’m totally in love with the book, and it’s right up there on my favorites shelf with Twilight! I hope Kassie likes it better!

  17. Kylie says:

    becca is very good at editing. yay for her!

    o and i looooved the host. i’m hoping kassie will love it too!

  18. Kylie says:

    Alexandra Landers-
    thats such a good comparison. i love it!

  19. Janie says:

    lol That spoiler alert was something else 😛

  20. Twilight Luva says:

    Just wanted to point out, if anyone else knows the Cullens’ secret, it will be a whole other problem because of the Volturi.

  21. Karina says:

    i would love to hear more supporter speculation!!

    anyway i love the podcast!!! 😀

  22. Katherine says:

    My 2 cents: Has anyone thought about the fact that Romeo’s past love was Rosaline, and there s a beautiful vampire named Rosalie who has some problems with Bella that none of the other have (Jasper’s different)

  23. Teri says:

    I know I’m late, but just discovered this podcast a little while ago and I’m trying to catch up. I thought the discussion on Romeo & Juliet was very interesting. However, it struck me that no one thought to mention the similarities between R &J and Sam and Emily. Sam is like Romeo in how he originally is in love with Leah, then falls for (imprints on) Emily at first sight. It’s just like how Romeo was in love Rosaline then falls for Juliet at first sight.

    And of course, there’s the obvious, Edward & Bella. Both Bella and Juliet plot ways to get closer to their true love, which ends in disasterous outcomes (Juliet taking a dangerous potion to fake dead so she can be free to run off with Romeo when she awakens, and Bella doing dangerous things like jumping off cliffs just to hear Edward’s voice). Then both Romeo and Edward set off to kill themselves under the assumption that their true loves are dead.

    One last thing…Alice is a lot like Nurse. Nurse is the one who knows Romeo and Juliet are in love and are supportive, just like Alice is supportive of Bella and Edward. Both of them are rooting for the forbidden lovers to somehow live happily ever after.

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