Twilight Guy Update

May 29th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News


The Twilight Guy has posted about reading Chapter 11!  Go read what he has to say!  Click here!

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  1. Gabby says:

    Hi. Well, first I want to start with that I am a die hard Jacob black fan (I love the guy who plays Jacob and the character himself) but, as well I love the never dying part. So personally i am mixed of who i like better. Also I hope I am not disapointed about the movie (I love who plays Bella, good choice) because I worship the book, I have read the hwole series 3 times. I plead that you do not end this series, i hope you redo all the books from different point of veiws like the whole series in Edward’s point of veiw and then e.c.t. PLEASE DON’T END THIS SERIES, I LOVE THID BOOK:) And i finally understand what happened in the last book i am no longer diasapointed ( I guess it upsets me that jacob doesn’t care about Bella but i learned that he still loves her but it is a love like family and he loved her like imprinting way because she was careing her baby in which he was meant to imprint on and at least you know Bella’s baby will always be safe, i mean how safe can you get without a warewolf for a lover) and i love how you give everyone a happy ending! This book is the best book in the world an i am trying to get it on the summer reading list, who wouldn’t love this book?

    love, Gabby

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