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It has been officially released!  Make sure to leave your speculations in the Comments section!  We want to know what you think this cover means for Breaking Dawn!?!?!?

Barnes & Nobles has the cover up, and you can save 5% by pre-ordering the book!  Click here!

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  1. Allison says:

    I think The White chess represents Edward, becasue bella always describes him like stone and that looks kind of like stone and it looks colder. I think the Red chess piece represents jacob becasue it is red and that is like a warm color like werewolves. So since Edward is up front( or at least that is what i think) I think It shows bell will choose Edward, and Jacob will be in the background. And I also think the basic i dea of chess being a compicated game symbolizes how hard this is going to be for bella.

  2. June says:

    i pre-order the book last week. now to wait til august 2nd….

    I totally agreed with allison’s theory about the cover. Clearly, edward is the white piece representing him and his vampire traits. Like we all hoped(?),… Bella will choose Edward over Jacob. She will most likely choose Edward over anyone else in general, so maybe that’s why he’s up front…


  3. MML says:

    I’m not sure that the front piece represents Edward. It looks like the Queen piece to me, and although I haven’t a clue as to what the pawn behind it is supposed to represent(all I can think is that somebody is being used for something greater to happen, but I don’t know who or what), I do know that the Queen is the most powerful piece in a chess game. So, I think it may be representing Bella as something very powerful.

  4. Erica says:

    I feel that the piece in the front, the Queen, represents some sort of ‘after’ Bella. Perhaps Bella after she has been turned – cold, white, strong. It is the Bella that we see at the end of the story, triumphant and glorious somehow. The red pawn in the background may represent Bella before the change, fragile and easily conquered. Or, it may represent someone she must leave behind.

  5. June says:

    you know…. this sucks. the more i read about Breaking Dawn news and all of your thoughts of it. It makes me wanna read the damn book already! The truth shall be reveallll…. well, eventually. 😀

  6. Janie says:

    Hmmm. It’s certainly a different cover from what we’re used to seeing of the Twilight series. The first thing that came to mind was that the white queen represented Bella, perhaps AFTER she has been changed into a vampire (assuming it happens). Some kind of Queen of the Vampires, perhaps? Though, maybe that’s too obvious. But I gotta admit, with all these speculations flying around about Bella’s possible power, I wouldn’t necessarily leave this theory in the dust. As for the red pawn? I believe it represents sacrifices (as in the mortal, dieing kind). Though this isn’t the most popular of theories, I do believe that at least one of our beloved Cullens will die; I just have a very strong feeling that this will happen. If I had to put a guess to it, I would predict that Alice will die (though it saddens me to no end) 🙁

  7. Chiara says:

    It is absolutely breath taking. When I first saw it I just had to gasp.
    I agree with the Edward/white and Jacob/ red Theorie.
    So the white figure is in front so Bella chooses Edward over Jacob ¨!
    (Team Edward!!!)
    Or another Theorie of mine is that it may be the last of Bella`s
    days as a human and will turn into a red bloodsucker = )
    Let`s hope so…

    = )

  8. Tina says:

    just putting this out there:
    maybe it doesn’t represent anything. Like Stephenie has said for the cover of New Moon, she doesn’t know what the flower represents. But, i’m probably wrong, Jessica just told me that she got to choose this one, so never mind!

  9. Alexandra Landers says:

    Well, the fact that’s it’s a chess board has to be SOME sort of a clue. I’m thinking, that every move that the white team makes (edward) causes a consequence from the red team (edward). SO like, if say, the white team moves their queen out of it’s protective “zone” (edward bite’s bella and so the wolves arn’t on there side), the red team will try and capture her (start a fight because of the truce)…

    That’s just an example. Maybe it will all be left to the kings (aKa the other pieces are killed off, so now it’s Jacob & Edward protecting/fighting for Bella without the rest of their teams of wolves/cullens) at stale mate. Who know’s?

    But it makes sense because of the preface the queen example. You’ll understand once you have read it.

    Sorry for the long theory but i think, maybe the chess board is giving us a clue because of the intresting choice of pieces and twist of colours…. (White normally represents good, and red bad.. Queen is more dominant over a pawn)

  10. Alexandra Landers says:

    ooops, the red team is meant to represent jacob… not edward. sorry, just used to typing the name =]

  11. Lady Luck says:

    White figure is definately Bella, because this is “queen” in chees, not “king”. So that’s no way Edward

  12. Lauren says:

    The theory I agree with the most so far is MML’s that the queen piece is something very powerful, but I have a lot to add.

    Okay, first of all, the queen is white, not red. White symbolizes purity, and I think it represents humanity where as the red symbolizes lack of humanity (or vampirism). The queen is worth, I believe, 9 points in chess. Although she is worth the most point wise, she is the second most valuable piece, second to the King, which ends the game. The queen can also move in any direction as many checks as long as she stays in the same pattern; however, the king can move in any direction, but only one space at a time.

    The pawn is red, which, as I said before, I believe symbolizes some lack of humanity and vapirism. The word pawn has several meanings. First of all, the pawn is worth the least in a game of chess. Also, states a pawn is “someone who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes.” It also states, to pawn is “to pledge; stake; risk: to pawn one’s life.” Also, (sorry this is getting really long) “a person serving as security; hostage,” and also something deposited for security. That word pawn is so full of hints. Each of the listed definitions is full of hints toward what may happen in Breaking Dawn. I just have too many theories to list them for each definition.

    Also, I find it fascinating that the queen piece is placed on a black square, and it’s surrounded on all sides by white squares.

    Now, here is the part where I will attempt to draw parallels that aren’t so abstract and “go figure”. In Twilight, when Edward is telling Bella about Carlisle’s past, he mentions Carlisle’s father lead witch, werewolf, and vampire hunts. Witch? Very interesting. We already know werewolves and vampires exist in the Twilight world, but witches? Stephenie Meyer wouldn’t mention witches randomly. There must be something about witches. I just know it. Also, there are other interesting facts about Bella that hint that she may be more than human. For example, why can’t Edward read her mind? He has drawn his own conclusion to comfort himself, but he doesn’t really know why he can’t.

    Assuming, the queen piece represents Bella, and the queen is essentially the most valuable piece, I have a feeling Bella is going to discover she is more than human, but she will be able to remain human. That’s why I think the queen piece is still white.

    Okay, I hope this all made some sense. I wrote it at 2 in the morning, so I’m sorry if this is unclear.

  13. Laura says:

    I don’t have a clue what is means, but it sure looks damn cool. =)

  14. Hannah says:

    My theories aren’t as specific as the others but I think the ideo of a chess game may represent a war, because its so strategic. Based on the colours of the pieces maybe its Volturi/Cullens.

    The fact that the chess board is a marble one is interesting because thats how Bella describes the Cullens. My other theory is that whoever the read piece represents is being used. Like the phrase “just another Pawn in the game” It could be Jacob because he’s warm-blooded which would explain the red. But another option would be Bella because she still is a hman and has blood (Not for long hopefully)! I really hope I’m wrong with that one…

    Another theory is that it represents Bella’s transformation from Human to Vampire. As she becomes a vampire she gains a new talent and becomes more “durable” so the status of the chess piece moves up.

    The last thing it reminds me of is when Edward and Alice are playing chess in Twilight and doing the whole thing telepathically. I don’t know if there are any clues there…

    Okay, I’ll shut up now! Can’t wait to hear your opinions on the show!

  15. Adele says:

    I think it has something to do with choices, and Bella making the right move, for example, choosing life or death, Edward or Jacob etc.
    It’s pretty 🙂

  16. Adele says:

    Oh, and do you guys have a Myspace?

  17. kymesha says:

    I dont know if anyone else has said this…

    But now that I think about it, I think that in all the covers, the white represents good and perfection, and the red taints it. Edward and Bella’s love for each other is perfect, but the vampiric [is that a word?] habits sort of screw it up. The black represents all the secrets kept from everyone.

    With that being said…. The white queen is true love between Edward and Bella. The red pawn messes it up. But a queen, being the awesome chess piece that it is [and me, being the chess freak I am] can take out a pawn easily without putting herself in danger. So, true love will conquer all.

    Twilight–Finding True Love
    New Moon–Loosing True Love
    Eclipse–Choosing True Love
    Breaking Dawn– Binding True Love

  18. THT (Twi- Hard- Teen) says:

    Chess, for me, represents choice and strategy, right?
    Well, one thing I really don’t get is that I remember a person said something about:
    Twilight being about FINDING love,
    New Moon LOSING true love,
    Eclipse CHOOSING BETWEEN true love,
    And now Breaking Dawn choosing between true love again? Maybe it’s not about Edward and Jacob but something to do with family.
    ” When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options.”

  19. kymesha says:

    Oh, I just thought about it.

    I say now–I am a chess geek. But I suck, so don’t expect much from me. But I looked at the cover again, and noticed the possible moves.

    The pawn–the evil vampire habits–are screwed. The pawn has only one move, and that is to go one space forward, in a place where the queen–who moves in all directions–can take it out. So, going with what I said before, once again, True Love conquers all.

    Oh, and about the pieces being Edward and Jacob, while I would love that to be it, it can’t be. They would have to be more equal–say a rook and a bishop–because nothing is equal to a queen. [unless the pawn had found a way to the other side of the board–then it is equal to a queen–but that is highly unlikely. just saying]

  20. THT (Twi- Hard- Teen) says:

    EPIPHANY ALERT!!!!!!!!
    I think the preface is talking about Bella losing her human life to the Vampire life. Read it from that pov. Sorry if someone already said this.

  21. Alexandra Landers says:

    I still think that whatever move the white queen makes will cause a retaliation from the red pawn. But, THT that sounds like a possibility; i have just read it from that POV and it makes perfect sense. However, from what we have read in the previous books, Edward doesn’t want to take away Bella’s life. In fact, that’s the last thing he want’s……. I’m guessing that their will be a war between two sides, one representing the white and one the red team; whether that would be the Culen’s vs the Volturi, or the Vampire’s vs Wolves, or Edward vs Jacob or even humanity vs vampirsm. But one thing’s for sure, the results of the war will change Bella’s life dramatically.

  22. Gabby says:

    The white queen is Bella as a vampire, strong and powerful, the red pawn is her befoe the change weak and likly to get hurt. This makes me sure Bella will be turn into a vampire in breaking dawn so thats one less thing we have to worry about for things that could go wrong.

  23. kathryn says:


    its sure nice!
    it was spoiled last week when someone put that pic as

    “roumored cover for breaking dawn”

    on a myspace bulliten so i had a hunch that this could have been the cover

    its nice tho! 🙂

    i agree with the Edward/white Jacob/red theory
    so hopefully…TEAM EDWARD
    is gonna win! XD



  24. Kate says:

    I agree with MML. That’s what I always thought about Bella, and the red pawn is someone who will be used seems very likely

  25. kirsty says:

    I think it will be about conflict between Vampires and warewolves becaue of the black/white board

    but also the new found strength of vampire Bella because the white Queen is so much more superiour and large then her inferiour red pawn (human life)

  26. kirsty says:

    It reminds me of Noughts and Crosses cover has anyone read that??

    but thats about the conflicts between white people and coloured people so i dont think that is going to be anything big

  27. Halle says:

    I think that the Queen will definitley represent Bella. It is the queen. The most powerful, strongest, and most sought after piece to get rid of. Maybe it represents Bella as being the most powerful but it is making her a beacon for danger. I agree with Erica on that the red pawn represents Bella’s former self. I’m so excited im getting that book in like 5 minutes!

  28. schuyler says:

    i agree with and Erica and Halle from above.
    i think it just means the coversion hmm from being a normal human to being a vampire which would better than a human (no offence)more powerful, beautiful etc just as that move its called “promotion”from being a pawn to a queen i think thas a big change just as bella’s!
    hmm just something like that, but there might be something else and that might include jacob but i dont want to think about that haaving read the first chapter the jacob thought cleared my mind (thank god, i think) i cant wait till agust 2nd!!!

  29. CullenFan1918 (Emily) says:

    I think the chess set is Bella’s life.

    I think it is saying that Bella’s life is a game of chess. That there are many people that are trying to play to get Bella… Edward, Jacob,the Volturi

    I also find it interesting that the game board is marble… could there be someone changing?

    i also find it weird that the queen is on a black space… i think it means some type of trouble but i dont know excatly what it would be.

  30. kelly says:

    not wat i was expecting but AMAZING! also scary in a way because each cover and title in the series have a meaning and this scares me because what will this book bring? still haunting but i love it!

  31. kelly says:


  32. shelby says:

    I am team edward but if you look back at the other books red usually means vampire so the white in the way that i am thinking is either bella or jacob…..i am hoping it is bella and choosing to be with edward

  33. Kim Kelley says:

    Very insightful Lauren! In any case, I think this book will be awesome! And I’m thinking we may not have to wait until the end of the book for some huge elaborate fight scene either. I think it will be a non-stop action fest throughout the entire book. Oh! And Lauren mention something about witches. I believe Bella said something like, “If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too.” ( Ch 6 Switzerland in Eclipse) Not sure if that means anything, I may just be on a fishing expendition there. Anywho, I can’t wait until 8/2/08! And I’m really looking forward to a podcast on this subject Kallie and Kassie!

  34. Kaitlyn says:

    I REALLY like what Lauren said about the whole Queen and surrounded by white, but what I am thinking is a little different…

    Okay, so first of all, I agree that since the piece is a Queen, it represents Bella, and since it is white, it represents her being human. Now i just got the special edition of eclipse today and it sent me into a frenzy. in the book it had iron-ons to put on a shirt, one was team edward, and the other was team jacob. team edward was RED and team jacob was BLACK. i think that since the queen is on a black piece, she will go with jacob and the red pawn is easily conquered, and i think it represents bella choosing jacob instead of edward and leaving him behind because the red could symbolize the blood that edward drinks. bella is also surrounded by white pieces and black pieces, meaning that she could still be able to live with her family and the werewolf pack will like her again.

    I also have another part to add, i read somewhere that stephenie meyer was basing Breaking Dawn off of A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. incase anyone is not familiar with it, it is about four people who fall in love with someone else’s loved one because of the faerie’s spells. I think that Bella and Edward wont love one another anymore and bella will realize how much she loves jacob and edward will find another human to love, because the red pawn is standing on white. What i dont understand though, is the reflection of the red pawn on the white part of the board and bella has no reflection, this has to mean something because they would be able to take out the reflection if they didnt want it in the picture so it has to be there for something. although i DO NOT want bella to end up with jacob (because i am a die hard TEAM EDWARD fan) i think she is going to anyway. i really hope im wrong about this guess, and i also dont know what to add about the chessboard being marble, im uncertain about that, so maybe (and hopefully) i am wrong about my guess.

  35. Elissa says:

    AHHHH THIS COVER IS GOING TO DRIVE ME INSANE!! hahah..ive been reading everyone’s theories and they all sound so oo good and now i just want to read the book even more! i feel like i have been waiting for this moment forever!! I cant wait to read it!!

  36. Twilight Luva says:

    It might have something to do with Bella’s power when/if she turns into a vampire. Also in the third book, Bella was saying how interesting it was to watch Edward and Alice playing chess, because Alice can see his move and Edward can hear Alice’s next move in his thoughts.

  37. Sabrina says:

    To me, the meaning is crystal clear. My theory about the cover is the following:

    Both chess figures, the pawn and the queen represent Bella. The red pawn symbolizes Bella when she’s still a human. Because red is the color of blood, it could be a sign of being human. A pawn is also usually seen as the weakest figure in chess so that’d be another hint. Edward is always saying how fragile and breakable Bella is to him, so the red pawn would represent that perfectly. On the other hand, a pawn can be a powerful figure if used wisely. If a pawn makes it to the other end of the chess board, it can be TURNED into any other figure… usually, it’s the queen. A hint at the change into a vampire?

    That brings me to the white queen (and yes, that’s a queen. I wonder why so many people here think it’s a king and that it represents Edward O_o). I think that the white queen represents Bella after the change. A queen is the strongest figure in a chess game and wouldn’t that be a perfect hint at Bella being strong and not a “weak human” any longer?

    That’s my theory and although it contradicts the other theories (red is for vampirism, white for purity/humanity), I still think it’s highly possible. White doesn’t always have to be the color of purity and red doesn’t have to mean “being tainted by something”.

  38. Alexandra Landers says:

    I just came up with 2 more theories but there kinda lame…

    Maybe, the red pawn shows Bella as a human and the white one as a vampire since they are white. So, since they are far apart it’s like stages in a chess game.

    Also you can see the letter “K” in Breaking has a long end and is pointing at the queen so the “K” could be “King” for Edward, giving us the idea that Edward wins Bella. Also if you flip the cover around the “D” in Dawn can be a “P” and it reads pawn. So, the title reads Breaking Pawn. Which is intresting, because the red pawn could indicate Jacob & because of the whole Edward = King, might mean the fact that Edward wins Bella, consequently breaking Jacob!!!!!

  39. Kaitlyn says:

    I ALSO HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD THAT I FORGOT EARLIER!!! haha, sorry for the caps, i got excited..

    okay, well the whole title thing, that has been left out with a lot of posts, so what i am thinking is…

    bella always refers to jacob as her personal sun, and jacob mentions “The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse” well i am thinking that breaking dawn will mean that the eclipse has left, and that the sun is starting to shine brighter now, i think that it is either A) bella realizes how much her love truly is for jacob and she will leave edward, or B) edward will find someone else, because edward mentioned in the first book that he asked emmett about the whole bella situation/smell and the strong urge to kill her and emmett mentioned that he experienced it, once STRONGER than the other, i think edward will find a stronger call in someone else’s blood and that will leave bella to love jacob.

    but what i am also thinking is that **small very slight spoiler alert ahead for the first chapter of breaking dawn**

    what i am thinking is that since jacob ran away and he is in canada for the first chapter of breaking dawn, i think he will find the girl he is to imprint upon, and i really hope i’m right, so that would leave bella to love edward forever and more certainly.

  40. Alexandra Landers says:

    Maybe the Denali family will be visiting Canada and he runs into them, and Jacob imprints on Tanya! *shocker!*

  41. jill says:

    I definitely think the red pawn is Bella as a human (blood= red) and the Queen is the vampire Bella (white= pale) which is obviously in front meaning Bella will FINALLY become a vampire (just the thought makes me SUPER EXCITED.) I really liked Alexandra Lander’s comment about the “Breaking Pawn” and K for King Edward (that name sounds soooo HOT!) I can’t wait until August and I hope my prediction comes true!

  42. Tori says:

    I actually was a bit disappointed by the cover art for BD. Well, I think the red and white chess pieces symbolize Edward and Jacob. I think Edward is the red(vampire) and Jacob is the white. But the white is closer. Does that mean Bella pushes Edward away? (If she does, can I have Edward? hehe) Or does it mean the whole Jacob-Bella-Edward love triangle will be like a game of chess? Stupid love triangles.

  43. Klair says:

    i’m sorry if someone has already posted this, but I think both chess pieces represent Bella before and after the change.
    the red pawn is when bella is a human. red meaning blood. the pawn shows that she is weak. The white queen is when bella is a vampire. white being the coldness and color of her skin. the queen shows that she is powerful.

    one thing though, if it was a game of chess and it was the red’s turn to move, the pawn can only go forward. white wins.

  44. kymesha says:

    sorry, this is my third comment, but…

    Okay. If the red pawn has reached the other side of the board, it could be turned into a queen–this is called queening. So, then, red could be Jacob because he is equal to Edward–but not appearance-wise.

    Just though I’d mention the whole “queening” deal.

  45. Tava says:

    I don’t know what I think of the cover but I just finished the FIRST CHAPTER and I am so mad at Bella!!! She has the perfect guy and she just won’t let Jacob go. Just forget Jacob already. Is this going to be another book of her going back and forth or can she just move on with Edward like she promised? I seriously can’t take much more of it and her saying “The empty seat where my best friend should be” about the wedding? That’s so annoying. Why would you have a man you admitted to loving at your wedding to the man you love more and who you have decided to move on with. I don’t think my husband would be as willing to let me stomp all over him like Edward is being.
    Do a podcast quick, I have to know what you guys think!

  46. Jamie says:

    I have a theory, though not about the cover. After reading the first chapter my mind got pretty creative.

    By the way, the following all happens (in my mind) before Bella is changed, but after they get married.

    Seth said that Jacob is up north, Canada, right? Close to Alaska, where the Denali coven is. I think that Irina will seek revenge on Jacob for killing Laurent, which we all remember she was bitter about in Eclipse. I think that Edward and the Cullens’ will go up to help, and they will have to kill Irina, which will make the two covens enemies. Jacob will be fine, he’ll come home. He won’t be happy about Edward and Bella’s marriage, but he won’t interfere with it. Bella will be changed, which sends Jacob over the edge, so he tries to attack her, forgetting that she is still Bella. That is where the Preface comes in. And then I’m not sure what will happen.

    Yeah, it’s a long shot, but I just had the idea.

  47. Tava says:

    Oh no, now eveyone thinks the chess pieces represent Edward and Jacob. Please let this triangle end. Jacob needs to move on and so does Bella. But I just had to add that the “team edward” and “team jacob” iron ons make me nervous. Aren’t we past the team stuff in book 4? Apparently not.

  48. Alexandra Landers says:

    I guesse not….. But I’m going to have the Team Edward ironed onto my t-shirt….

    It’s not really possible for the chess pieces to represent Edward AND Jacob, seeing that the queen is a female & Edward certainly is not.

  49. Ellie says:

    Well, the title has to mean she is breaking dawn, entering the dawn of a new “life”. As for the cover…
    Well, the queen can’t be Edward- I think it has to represent Bella. So either something is lurking in the backround haunting Bella (her past human self, Jacob, Charlie, Rene, the Volturi, even Tanya), and is trying to catch up to her, and even Bella as a vampire, would feel threatened, even if thier insignificant. Also, we could looks at it more deeply- say Bella, to enter her new life, had to use strategy and make a choice, the only choice that there is open- and that is taking out the pawn haunting her (seeing as the pawn moves forward one.). So the pawn may be Charlie, or Jacob, etc that she has to literally kill in order to move on- that or it could represent human blood- a life she is going to have to take to stay alive- maybe she won’t stay vegetarian.

  50. Chelsea says:

    I think that cover represents Bella actually…like the red pawn represents her as a human because throughout the whole series she’s been the one that’s been manipulated and used (James in Twilight…Victoria sort of in New Moon…and Jacob in Eclipse!) I think that it might represent her transformation into a vampire because once she becomes one, she’s no longer as vulnerable as she was as a pawn. And in Chess, that pawn needs to be knocked out so it’s like she’s moving past her history if that makes any since. I also believe that the cover is all about choices that Bella makes!

    That’s just me thinking!

    *I also have a theory that involves the next book’s title in the series which I think should be–Northern Lights–and I think it should be from the Denali clan’s perspective…but of course this theory only means anything if the Denali clan plays a huge role in Breaking Dawn!*

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