Question of the Week ~ Bella’s Super ‘Powah’!

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Let’s get down to business!  We want to know what you think Bella’s Super Power will be!  But, we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, so here is the FULL Question of the Week

Who will bite Bella?  Where do you think Bella will be bitten (on her body)?  And, what will be Bella’s Super ‘Powah’ when she is changed?

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  1. megsterbooklover says:

    I think Bella definately will have a superpower. We already know that Alice has seen Bella as a vampire at least once. I think she’s had that particular vision a lot, and Aro saw it. So, both Aro and Alice know what her superpower will be. That’s why Aro wants Bella in the Volturi.
    So, I think Bella’s superpower is going to be to block and absorb other vampires powers. She can already block mind powers, and looking through the book she tends to think about a persons power when she’s with them. (ex. She thinks about people’s thoughts when she’s with Edward, the future when she’s with Alice, people’s emotions when she’s with Jasper) That might just be curiosity, but maybe its something more.
    In addition, she might possibly be able to block vampire characteristics, ex. bloodlust and grace, to go along with it because she is so unattracted to blood and ungraceful.
    I might be totally wrong though. Especially about that last part about the characteristics, because I just came up with it now.

  2. megsterbooklover says:

    whoops, I totally missed the first two questions there!
    Ok, so I think that Edward will change her. That’s been discussed too much for it to change. I also think she’ll be bitten in several places, close to her heart. I don’t know where I read this, but I thought that I heard that the closer the venom is to the heart the faster the change. I think that Edward would want to make it as quick and painless as possible.

  3. Stacy says:

    Bella the trouble-magnet. What other possible power could she have except vampirical spider-sense? If any of her friends or family are in emminent danger, her power will be to sense the danger and redirect it to herself. Supah Powahs amplify talents that are already there, right?

    The other thought that keeps poking through my mind is Bella’s incredible lack of self-esteem. In Pheonix, she was used to being invisible. She was completely shocked when Mike and Tyler expressed interest in her upon her move to Forks. And she has said on more than one occasion how plain she is compared to Edward and his family. That state of mind has stuck with her and has become such an ingrained part of her self identity any vampirical mind power used on her is rendered useless. If Bella truly feels invisible, then that is how her mind is projected to those who try to get into her head. Although lack of self-esteem is not exactly a talent or quality that would be considered a strong point, it may very well be the reason she is immune to mind tricks.

    As for the biting? Edward on the wrist covering James’ bite mark so Bella has fond memories of her scar.

  4. Sarah C. says:

    I’m fairly certain that Bella will be bit by Edward and I’m certain that it will be close to the heart. I think biting the neck is pretty cliche so I’m hoping that Stephenie will be a bit more inventive. And I’m also hoping that Carlisle will have plenty of morphine on hand. Bella is so dear to me that I’d hate to see her suffering that unbearable pain.

    As to her superpower, I’d like it to be something telepathic because her brain is on a different wave length. I think, however, that she may be able to cancel out other people’s powers completely. Like Jane, when she hurts Edward, I think Bella could stop it even if it wasn’t affecting her. If she’s in the vicinity she could stop it.

    If not that then something to do with her distaste/dislike for blood. Perhaps she can stay strong without it or maybe she’ll just have a much easier time adjusting to the new life as she won’t crave human blood.

  5. Danielle says:

    I think Edward will bite her just because Bella married him which was one of his conditions that she had to marry him for him to bite her.
    But if it is something that is like a life or death sisuation then I think it will be the only vampire that is around.

    I think that they will bite her where james bite her just so that she won’t have another scare. But maybe it will be close to the heart. Not on her neak that would just be so typacil. But… I say maybe on a main vein just so that is will go faster. I don’t think Edward could see her in pain.

    Now on bella’s super power I think it might be something that would effect other people’s power. But I don’t think that turning will change her brain, I really don’t think Edward will be able the hear her thoughts. Maybe she will have the same power as edward just because she is always wanting to know what people thought. But I think it will be like she can read all their thoughts that has ever crossed their mind just she won’t have to touch them.
    I think something along that line

  6. Callista says:

    Ok I do not think Edward will be the one to bite her. I think that would make everything too perfect. Yes they will get married, yes they will “do the laundry”, and yes she will be bitten but not by Edward. That would just be too many things going right in Bella’s world. I think another Cullen may do the honors and in a sticky situation. Where? I don’t know I am thinking it will be in a couple places.

    Bella’s power is something I have thought long and hard about since I started reading the series and I can’t ever figure out what it is going to be. I do think though that she is going to be extremely powerful, like even more than the volturi. I think she has been the damsel in distress for too long now and is going to come out as one of the most powerful woman in book history . I could so see Stephenie doing that since she has gotten so much slack from people about Bella always needing to be saved. She would be like “Ha what now?”.

  7. paul says:

    Haven’t put a lot of thought into my answer yet but I’m not sure when this is coming out so I guess I better give you what I got. So the most intriguing or distinguishable characteristic of the human Bella is that she is in complete control of her mind so her “Supa Powa” has to be some extension of this gift, right? Maybe it will increase to the point where she is in control of other people’s mind too and not just her own (like brainwashing or the imperius curse or however you want to think about it.) She is also very perseptive to what other people are thinking so maybe she will share a similar gift to Edward & Aro or maybe she will be super gifted at reading body language instead. hopefully she wont carry over the clumsiness or else a lot of humans will die. I can see her walking in front of a car and it getting crushed…kindof like the train in the Hancock trailor. Also, she gets bit in the neck by Edward…how cliche!!! Would you really want it any other way though?

  8. Jessica says:

    i think that Edward will change Bella. its been dragged on for 3 books so it better happen! also i heard in an interview that jasper will have a much bigger role in breaking guessing after bella is changed she will be able to relate to him the most because he struggles the most. also about the chapter with no dialogue, i bet its the 3 days that she is being changed and when she first becomes a vampire and experiences it.

    I think shell get bitten close to the heart or the wrist…the neck seems to easy to get out of control. i also think that they will try and use morphine to help with the pain…i think it will help till about half way, then when she becomes less human it will stop working.

    Her powers will be a connection with Edward. they are already so finely tuned in with each other that it will be enhanced. they will be able to know how the other one feels, thinks, and is doing. also the ability to use other powers when she is around them. another power i WISH she would have is the dislike for blood because it would be soo much better for her but i dont feel like that would happen.

  9. Alexis says:

    Okay, I think Edward will bite Bella (I hope he does!)! I think Edward will bite Bella’s neck only because that’s traditionally the case in all vampire legends; Edward will bite in a place where he will not be able to see so he won’t ever regret that he turned Bella into a vampire.
    I think Bella’s Super Powah will be… … … … … (thinking)… … … … ummm…. … … this is a tough question…. … … ummm… maybe the ability to be invisible to others powers… since Bella’s mind already works that way I think she might not even get a power but be invisible to others… that and prone to drink, human blood… I guess that’s all I can think of, so yeah… sorry for the dots and somewhat pathetic response…


  10. Jami says:

    Although I loved the theory from “G” you read last week, my theory is quite different.

    I think that Edward will definitely bite Bella and I think that it will be on her neck. I think that this will take place either close to the end of the book or at the end. Once Bella is bitten the conflict between a human loving a vampire will be over. In my opinion, that is why Breaking Dawn will be the last book. With this being said, I don’t think a special “Powah” will be brought up.

    However, if I am completely wrong and she is bitten earlier and we do actually get to see her as a vampire, then I agree with all of the listeners who think her special “powah” will have something to do with her mind.

  11. Barbara says:

    Do we actually know that Bella will have a “super power?” When Edward was telling Bella about his mind reading, Alice seeing the future…, I think he said that what ever qualities or special abilities a person has as a human will be magnified when they become a vampire. The only extraordinary quality that Bella appears to have may be her dreams. This special ability seems too much like Alice for Stephenie to use again. Besides, the fact that people like Bella so much is because she is ordinary. It is so easy to identify with her because she has so many of the characteristics that plague us all. If she becomes some “super creature” then she won’t be Bella.

    Besides, if she does become a vampire, I believe that it will be late in the story so we will not really know that much about her after she changes.

    AND, I think that Bella is being VERY selfish by wanting Edward to change her. Even if she is dying and he feels that this is the only way that he can “save” her life, Edward believes that he would be condeming her soul to hell and even though she would be with him, he would be miserable for the rest of his existance having done such a thing.

  12. Laura says:

    By the end of ‘Eclipse’, I got the impression that Edward would be the one who bites Bella. There are plenty of twists and turns in the series, but I’m still betting on him.

    At the end of ‘Twilight’, Edward and Bella are standing outside the gym right during the prom, talking about how she thought earlier she was going to become a vampire that night. The book ends with Edward resting his mouth on her throat. As I read that, I was like, “What?! He isn’t suddenly turning her into a vampire after what he just said, is he?!” Obviously, he didn’t, but I think this ambiguity in book one foreshadows where Edward will bite Bella (assuming he’s the one who transforms her) in the fourth book.

    I think that Bella will have a super power as a vampire. In the Personal Correspondences section of Twilight Lexicon, Stephanie Meyer says that there are a disproportionate number of vampires out there with special powers, because when a vampire decides that he/she wants to spend eternity with a person, they usually pick someone who’s unusual and intrigues them. Why Bella initially holds any interest to Edward (besides, of course, her scent) is that he can’t read her mind. We later find out she’s immune to all vampire powers involving the mind, like Jane’s torture. Therefore, I think her super power will have to do with the mind. I think she’ll bring into her vampire “life” the resistance to other vampire’s powers of the mind, only her power will become even more than that. It would be cool if she could control other vampire’s minds, but I think that, unfortunately, Stephanie Meyer wouldn’t let Bella be THAT powerful. It would be too big a contrast from Bella’s passiveness as a mortal. Instead, she’ll probably be able to protect the minds of others from other vampire’s powers of the mind.

    I also agree with people who think that Bella will be immune from the call of blood. I think her revulsion with the smell of blood, something Edward says is impossible for a human be aware of, is too interesting to simply be random and not lead anywhere.

    Well, maybe my ideas are crazy and I’m just reading the books too closely. It sure would be neat if one of my ideas turns out to be right, though!

  13. JeNnY L -_- says:

    Hhhaaaaaayyyy, I love your podcast and wish i could do something this unique and interesting( jealous of on set tour and visit )… Oh i hope that Edward will be the one to change her with maybe the support and the supervision of the rest of the Cullen Family!!!!! I think that Bella will be bitten on her neck which seems to be Edwards favorite part of her body or maybe he will oddly bite her where James did before, it being where he sucked the venom from her before and first tasted her blood. But we all know that Edward wants it to be as fast as possible so he will pick the quickest way. Hhhmmm, well, Bella’s Super ‘Powah’, I am not quite sure, I would think that her mind being on the AM frequency instead of the FM frequency as explained by Edward, that there is a big chance for this to be in the extremes. Her maybe being able to control other vampire minds or to use her power to protect and guard the ones she loves the most and protect her friends. Maybe she would also be able to reflect other vampire powers off her mind to attack the one inflicting the pain. I gosh, i have so many possibilities i can’t pick just one. It’s so crazy, I love what your podcasts are about and how interesting you make them and i hope to here more about your theories and maybe even mine as you read these aloud in your podcasts. Thank you so much!!!

  14. Jessica says:

    Before I theorize, I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you that your podcast is a blessed escape from my work day. I’ve only just discovered your show and am working my way through all the previous episodes. I listen to you on my iPod while I’m working and bust out laughing quite loudly, much to the confusion of my cubicle mate who already questions my sanity. I can’t thank you enough for putting a smile on my face as I slave away at my government job!

    Now, onto my thoughts…I didn’t have time to read all the previous posts, so if I duplicate a theory, I apologize greatly.

    First things first, I think Edward will be the one to bite her, because I believe that the quote on the Breaking Dawn cover is Bella trying to calm Edward’s fears about changing her. That being said, I think that he will bite her in the thorax, which is very near the heart. He wants to make her transformation as quick and painless as possible and choosing this location would expedite the flow of the venom through her blood. Also, if bitten in this location, the wound would be easily hidden, which is important if they intend to continue living in and amongst the human world.

    As for the super power Bella will possess as a vampire, I agree with those would believe it will have something to do with her mind and I share the belief that it might involve some degree of her being able to control the thoughts of others. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that Bella’s dreams are eerily insightful and could almost be construed as prophetic (e.g. the dream in Twilight where she sees Jacob phase into a wolf…the exact wolf, in color not size, that Jacob does finally turn into in New Moon). Her unconscious self seems able to know the truth long before her waking mind is even given enough evidence to arrive at the theory. So, I think it could be possible that as a vampire she will be able to tap into those insights in the form of an internal lie-detector of sorts, where she is able to see the truth of a situation no matter what she sees with her eyes or is told.

    I know this post is already “War & Peace” long but I didn’t get the opportunity to post a theory about the Breaking Dawn cover art before now and wanted to throw in my thought…I think it’s possible that the red pawn represents death itself, because Bella will have to “conquer” death in order to become the “white queen,” or in other words become the powerful vampire that we all assume she’ll become.

    Just one more thought before I wear out my welcome…I thought it might be an interesting question of the week to see how everyone thinks Bella will handle the separation from Renee and Charlie. Meaning, do you think they will somehow fake her death and never return to see her parents again, or wait until they question the fact that she never ages and then try to explain to them what she is? Or would she consider telling them right away? There are dozens of possibilities and I’m quite curious to hear Kallie & Kassie’s thoughts on this as well as everyone else’s.

    Thanks for enduring my spiel. I adore you guys!

  15. Jena (pronounced like Jenna) says:

    I believe that Edward bites Bella, and that the bites are all over her neck, arms, legs. I think there may be multiple bites, as Carlisle states that he recreated his own bite with Edward and that it was extremely painful. Rosalie states that she received mutliple bites and that it was extremely painful, so maybe more bites equals more venom equal faster transformation, but the same amount of pain.

    As for her Super Powah: I think that when she is a vampire Bella will be immune to any vampire with mind controlling properties, e.g. Aro, Jane, Edward, etc. I think she will still be suseptible to Alice, Jasper and whatever powers Alec and Tanya/Irina have. Also, she will be immune to the human blood.

    Side Note: I am still convinced that there will be some sort of witch in the picture, but as to whom, I am still perplexed!

    As Always, I love the show!

  16. McKell says:

    ok i’m a little late here, but there has been some talk of bella being able to kind of “stun” other vampires powers, but i have to point out one flaw in that, and thats that, if bella did that, she would live in a house of vampire, and edward couldn’t take her anywhere, but maybe if she could control it, that would work out, but thats the only flaw in that theory.

    but i’m not here to point out flaws so…

    What if Bella didn’t have a “powa” because, not only is immune to “being thirsty” but is immune to the venom! Because she has been bitten once, what if her power was just to resist venom and all inner mind powers. This is a tough subject, so thats all i could come up with.

  17. McKell says:

    i forgot the other two questions! okay i think Rosalie or Jasper SHOULD bite Bella. I think this because, if Rosalie bit her it would show that she actually cares about Bella, or if Jasper bit her it would show he was strong enough to resist, and so he would be strong. I don’t think Edward will bite her. Okay shoot me for saying that, but he did promise, but he has said, countless times, that he might not play fair, and in the first chapter of Breaking dawn he buys he a missile proof car, so i don’t think Edward has any plans to bite her any time soon. And if they bite her, i think it would be either, where James bit her before, or somewhere close to her heart.

  18. Julia says:

    I think that Edward will bite Bella because in the preface it says that what if the one that was trying to kill you was the one you loved. Bella does love Edward and he would be “killing” her by turning her into a vampire.
    I think that she’ll be bitten near the heart so her transformation would be faster.
    Her power could be anything. Most likey it’ll have to do with something like she can block powers, she can communicate w/ Edward, or she can have a varity or powers.

  19. Carrie says:

    Curcumstances under which Bella could be changed:

    Option 1- Desperation
    My guess is that she will be changed by one of the Cullens out of necessity. They could be in a climactic fight against the Volturi, the wherewolves, the Denali clan, or maybe even Maria. Maybe Alice will have a vision that the Volturi are coming, and Bella needs to be changed quickly. She could be changed as a result of the desperation of the volturi, also. They might come to forks and find her human. They would then decide that they had a right to her since she had not been changed by the Cullens yet. They might change her and bring her back to Italy only to have a Cullen, or maybe Jacob, save her.

    Option 2- Accident
    Bella could be bitten by a non-Cullen vampire and then be saved by a Cullen before being fully drained. Also, Edward could go into a frenzy while having sex with Bella on their wedding night and bite her. Another Cullen or Jacob would manage to pry Edward off of her before she was fully drained.

    Bella’s special power:

    Option 1- Reversal
    In the three books, Bella has constantly been changing or defying what was “supposed” to happen in her (or at least a normal human’s) life. First off, she is in love with a vampire and a werewolf. Second, she can smell blood. Third, she is immune to vampire’s talents that have to do with the mind. Fourth, her fate was probably to be with Jacob, but instead she chose Edward. When I reread the books I came across many other examples like these that just made Bella the opposite of normal.

    So, I think that a possibility for her special talent could be an ability to perform some sort of reversal. It could be a reversal of her own fate or the fate of others, or of the characteristics or powers of other vampires, or maybe even the ability to turn vampires into humans (which I hope doesn’t happen).

    Option 2- Protection

    She could have some sort of protective power because she is immune to many other vampire powers. I really have no idea how this power would work, though.

    Sorry this is so long!!!

  20. Bridget says:

    hey there, so, um, i was thinking of how Bella is safe in her mind, that no one can touch her there. It was that that lead me to the idea that maybe all the powers that don’t work on her she could absorb when she is around them. Like, for example, if she was around Edward, she could hear what people were thinking. Or (other thought) she could project that safeness to those aorund her. I could totaly see this happening because Bella is always fearful of her loved ones getting hurt and often sacrafices herself to prevent them from having to experience any pain. So, say if Jane is trying to use her power on Edward, Bella could block it from him like she does herself, just more intentional. Sorry about all the typoes, had to get all that out at once. Love the podcast!

  21. Lorelei says:

    I think Edward will bite Bella. He made a promise and he is the gallant hero of the story so I believe he will keep the promise he made (as long as Bella meets her end of the bargain!)

    I think he will bite Bella on the scar she got from James. She’s always going to have in and I don’t think Edward would want to put another mark on her. This way he can also take something that was done in anger and lust with something done in love. It will be like he’s covering up or mending the past for her.

    I think Bella will have premonitions – sort of like Alice but not exactly. Remember in Twilight she dreams of a werewolf and a vampire meeting on a beach before she here’s the story of the 3rd Wife. She dreams Jacob is a russet-colored wolf before he ever turns into one. She says she doesn’t like garnets anymore when answering Edward’s questions about her favorite gemstone and has no idea that the vampires who eat humans have garnet/burgundy colored eyes. The dreams continue through New Moon (with the flame on the water and Victoria’s attempts to get to her and knowing when Edwards is going to leave her) and through Eclipse (again in guessing who is behind the Seattle murders, etc.).

    I also think this is tied in to how her brain works. I mean she knows from the very beginning her brain doesn’t work normally. But it’s funny that she hasn’t realized what her brain is capable of yet.

  22. Lorelei says:


    She’s always going to have it (meaning the scar)

    Before she ever hears the story of the 3rd Wife.

    Sorry about the typos…that’s what I get for working all day and then making a late post! LOL!

  23. Ellie says:

    I think that Edward will bite her. It would be disappointing after all of this time and anticipation for it to be someone else. The only other people who I could see biting her are Carlisle and Alice. I could see Carlisle because he obviously has the experience and understanding of how to do it. Alice, because she is Bella’s best friend and the closest to her in the Cullen family besides Edward. Alice also mentioned possibly biting her in “New Moon”. It kind of sets up an expectation that it could be Alice.

    I think she will be bitten near her heart or in a big artery or vain. That way, the venom will spread faster through her body and it would burn more veins and arteries along the way.

    I think that her super powah will have more to do with her mind than her aversion to blood. The mind block that she appears to have is more interesting and more puzzling than a distaste for the smell of blood. Since she seems to be able to the powers out of her mind, I think that she will have some sort of force field or protection around her. It would it impossible for evil forces to touch her. I also like the idea that she would be able to become invisible or that she would pick up on other vampire’s powers.
    Sidenote: I’m thinking that the honeymoon location will be some remote tropical or sunny island that nobody knows about. It would be a way for them to be alone and themselves around each other and Edward could walk out into the sun freely. Plus, Edward knows that Bella loves the sun and it would be sort of like her last goodbye to it since she can’t go in it anymore once she is a vampire.

  24. Lizabell says:

    I think bella’s super power will be that she is eather reflective and such were she can copy other vampires power and reflect it. another idea is that maybe she is immune. I mean she may not be able to turn into a vampire at all. you know … the poison could hurt her but not change her … if you think about it she may be like a freeky immune person that couldnt be changed anyway but that would just ruin the whole book lol

    no I think that eather Edward OR Aro will change her because Aro wants to know what her power will be and Edward wants to spend the rest of his Quote on Quote life with her. I also think she will be like a missing link of vampires. one with unfortold powers that the world has never seen making a great deal more enimies than she originally bargined for. I do love the reflective power but when I read the book Edward was talking about personaity playing a part in the power so … maybe just maybe she muight have a manipulative power like mind control because she tends to get what she wants with out even meaning to. for instance when she wanted edward to sleep with her before she was changed eventually he gave in or when she was being followed by james… she talked edward into calming down and let her go to pheonix. she has a very manipulative personality even without noticing it. Her power will have something to do with mind because that is where she is safest. or she might be even cooler and be a vampire which can go into the sun like blade … but not likely.

  25. Rachel T. says:

    yeah i have many theories for this so hold on tight!!!

    1. you may have seen my comments on the supporter spec. about bella’s nice mind skills/dreams/etc. if you haven’t, i basically covered my two possibliities about Bella and her dreams:
    – Her dreams show the present reality of things w/o bias or outside influence
    -Bella’s dreams are like premonitions, ie: the dream she first had about Jacob turning into a wolf and attacking Edward

    Then you hafta think about how no “mind” vampire powerscan affect her, like there’s a shield,and how stephenie meyer keeps repeating(in the books) that Bellahas something “wrong” wiht her brain, like a “glitch” or something.

    And of course, you hafta consider her clumsiness and her unique thought process(that edward notices as different than other humans). And she can smell blood and it makes her sick… and she loves edward with the passion of the entire universe, and he reciprocates that, and she’s friends w/ werewolves…

    Ok, so any of those qualities that bella has now could be enhanced when she becomes a vampire. It could be any, none, all, or just one. Most likely one or two, but she IS pretty bizarre, so who knows? (besides SM)

    So….. ON WITH THE THEORIES!!!!! (note: it could be any combination of these)

    1. Bella can sense peoples motives/intentions and thus becomes the ultimate lie detector (also cuz she sux at lying, so this would be fun for her)
    2. She’ll know present reality at all times, not just in her dreams
    3. She’ll be extra sensitive smell-wise to human blood
    4. She’ll be so disgusted by human blood that sshe won’t thirst for it, she”ll thirst for animal blood from the start.
    5. Her love for edward creates an ultimate bond where they can both read each other’s minds no matter how far away they are, however, this is not from edwards gift but something totally BELLA! so maybe she”’ll be able to block him out if she wants.
    6. She becomes totallly immune to ALL other vamp. powers(shielded)
    7. she can shield OTHER vamps from certain/all vamp. powers
    8. she won’t get the vampire smell, cuz she kinda loves a werewolf(?)
    9. Her clumsiness will be enhanced, the only difference will be that she can’t get as hurt by it.(?)
    10. Her smell will somehow be different….. not sure how, but it seems significant….

    So yeah, those are a few ideas. There MIGHT just be a powah about how she is edwards La Tua Cantante too. we don’t really know cuz it’s never happend before where tua cantantes get turned into vampires. They usually die. So that’ll be important too.

    Love the podcast, you guys are amazing! And if you guys put this on the podcast you have to call me ” Tarwater” LOOOOOOOOOOONG story, but yeah, that would be pretty cool if ya did!

  26. Caroline says:

    Hi Gals 🙂

    I think that Bella will be bitten by Edward. The Preface that was released with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn sure makes it seem like it’s about her getting changed – though I wouldn’t put it past SM to suprise us – she is a good author. If Edward is the one to bite her I think he will try to do it somewhere it doesn’t show. We all know that it would leave a scar – if he was to bite her on the neck how would they ever be able to blend into society again without her having to wear a turtleneck? – Honestly…….. None of the other Cullen’s seem to have their bite marks in plain site (Jasper Excluded, of course) SO my guess is as close to the heart and unnoticeable as possible. I have heard someone else suggest under the left breast – which sounds great to me. The other possibility is where she already has a scar – or maybe both so that it can go as quickly as possible.

    As for the Super “Powah” I don’t think I am creative enough for that one – I will leave it up to SM to come up with something absolutely fabulous!

    Great Podcast!

    Bothell, WA

  27. Jamie says:

    I think that Edward will so bite her, because I would be depressed if it was anyone different. Ok I could work with Alice changing her, but I would love it more if Edward did. 🙂 She will diffenantly be bitten on her neck. I mean come on where else would you? Unless its in a place no one wants to speek of. Her power, I think is quite ovious what her power will be, She will be able to Know the truth. I realize this sounds a little weird, but there is several times in the book that has Bella finding out the truth, even when no one knows it. For example in Eclipse she knows its Victoria creating the baby vampires. Also she figures out why her clothes where taken, even when Edward didn’t. Sorry its so long, but I really like to talk. LOL 🙂 Check out my group on facebook: Real Men Sparkle!!!

  28. Jamie says:

    Oh I forgot:

    Charleston, WV

  29. *Samantha*Team Edward* says:

    I most definitely think that it should be Edward to change Bella. Im not sure whether that is what will happen or not but if all were to go my way Bella and Edward will get married and have a wedding that Bella is comfortable and happy with. Then they will go on their honeymoon and have the best time. Once they return I would like Edward to change Bella with Carlisle there for help if needed. Then any craziness can come once she has been changed. I think he will bight her in a couple of places to make the process faster along with using morphine. Bella’s superpower will for sure still include blocking other vampires powers over the mind just intensified. I also think she will have an easier time obstaining from human blood becuase she already is sickened by blood.

  30. Christy says:

    I’m hoping Edward bites her just like she wanted, to forever be his by him being her creater. Also I think a life or death crisis will occur, maybe at the wedding or soon afterwards…forcing possibly another Cullen to bite her in order to “save” her. If so I’m hoping it’s either Rosalie or Jasper. Rosalie because she already doesn’t want Bella to become one; and Jasper because he is already considered the weak one when it comes to blood, and I don’t think Edward would then blame or dislike them or doing it. I’m thinking also she will either be bitten where she already was by James or really close to the heart so it’s quicker. But also I’m hoping at the last min. seconds before one of the others bites her that Edward comes in at the last second (hearing it in their thoughts that they are about to do it) and does it himself. I defintly think the Volturi will make a reappearance. Like Caius or Aro and defintly Jane, Demitri, and Felix. I get the impression that Aro would be one of the only Italian vampires to want to turn her into one of them (out of curousity to see what her power would be) rather than kill her. And he knows that if Bella dies then he defintly would never have a hope of getting Edward or Alice to join him. As for her power I think it will have something to do with that fact that she is sickened by blood and the fact that she has a hightened smell for it. Makeing her able to since other things that the other vampires can’t. Also her power will be obviously still blocking other vampires that try to hurt her though her mind. Only she’ll be even stronger now and it will kind of be like in X-Men 3 with the kid that the bad guys were trying to kill for having a “cure”. Where the others powers won’t work if they are around her, but only if she choses. I also want something more to happen with the wolves and the Denali family in Alaska having somekind of conflict with the Cullens. Maybe Tanya and her family trying to kill Bella for the wolves killing Laurent to save her.

  31. Stacey M. says:

    I think because Bella is so clumsy she will become telekenetic and be able to movie things with her brain. Because she doesn’t “operate on the same radio frequency” she will be able to control things with this secret magic weapon of hers.

  32. EmilyKayla says:

    Maybe Bella wont make it to the wedding.(hint hint:she might die first)

    that would suck.

    i would cry.

    and i would have to go to therapy.


  33. Ellen says:

    I think she’ll be changed by Edward on their wedding night, like she wants, and he promised to do what she wants.
    I also think he’ll bite her on the neck, or maybe the hand with the scar. He might need to, because it might get unleashed by his added venom, and he’ll need to drown it with a direct application of his venom. I just kind of picture in my mind little bubbles beneath her skin or something (since it feels cold) and they could be set off by the chemical reactions.
    As for her power, I listened to the podcast, and I liked some of the theories mentioned. I really liked the one where she can use other people’s powers and/or squelch other powers.
    The emphasis on the not-liking-blood thing gives me an idea. It won’t be her power, but she’ll be like a ready-made “vegetarian” vampire. She won’t feel that need to drink human blood; she’ll just need some kind of blood to stay not-crazy (because the word “alive” wouldn’t apply here).
    That’s my ideas; the only original one is the vegetarian thing, and that may not even be true either (I haven’t read all of them)! I hope what I said makes sense…it does in my mind anyway. 🙂
    Thanks for the podcasts; they’re fun to listen to! 🙂

  34. erika from canada says:

    I think Bella will be…imune to all vampire ‘super pawahs’. for example: Jane from the Volturi and edward can’t read her mind.

  35. Marie says:

    Hey, I love the Podcast!

    Okay, I’m gonna play off of Katy’s and some other people’s ideas. It has been said that she might be immune to vamp venom, so what if she’s bitten, becomes immortal and has a power, but then, it stops. It could be like fighting off an infection and just take time. This way, Edward can keep her, in a way, human, and she can, in a way, be a vamp.

    Now, for the biting. Edward will do it UNLESS he is off somewhere, hunting and whatnot, or just trying to solve the problems that will, no doubt, arise. My best guess is that it will be on the wrist because he likes to kiss her there.

    Her power will be an extention of the “mind block” and she will gain control and learn how to remove and apply it so that she can protect herself. Now, while the mind and the body are indeed two seperate things, good old Stephanie might allow Bella to be immune to physical and mental attacks. I have no clue; I can’t wait until the book comes out and the mysteries are solved!

  36. Amy & Walker says:


    I think Edward (<3) Will change Bella into a vamp.

    Here is why:
    1) He would be upset if it was anyother Cullen (or Hale)

    2) For some strange reason, she might be in a near-death situation, Edward will have to save her, somehow…

    3) Edward loves Bella

    4) He would do ANYTHING for her…

    5) He promised he would…

    But I also believe he will have to leave the room, because he can’t stand her in pain.

    She will still be a accident-prone, but not as much of a klutz. Her power will be…

    1) levitation (because levitation is a fun word)

    2) flight (so she can get away quicker)

    3) she would no longer make the cowardly lion look like the terminator

    4) ya know how Edward said her mind might work on the AM frequincy, and he only tunes in on FM, well, maybe this oddness in her brain will make her totallly immune to other vampires’ powers, the ones that work in the mind, at least.

    5) maybe she will be almost immune to human blood, so she doesn’t attack people. Willingly, of course…

    Well, that’s it…

  37. Amy & Walker says:

    OK, Edward is a fun name….
    So is Cullen…


    OK, I’m Done…

    WI rox!!!

  38. Kalo C says:

    well…. i really really DO hope that Edward changes Bella in a calm kinda place, but knowing the first chapter and the danger-magnet thingy, i’m willing to bet that she’ll probably get bitten in a desperate situation, if u know what i mean.

    as for where… probably on her wrist i guess

  39. Dylan White says:

    i never doubt that mind power can also increase the healing ability of the body.”,~

  40. i do know from my experience that mind power exists and it can be used for our well being~`-

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