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Jun 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News

The Twilight Lexicon has two stories on their site we thought you might like to read/watch! 


First, the Cullen Family Crest.  They have investigated where the crest was made, and what it means!  To read about it, click here!


Second, a video from the set of Twilight.  There has been a video posted showing the fun the cast was having on the set of the film!  To watch it, click here!

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4 Comments to “Family Crests and”

  1. Tina says:

    lol that video’s so cute!

  2. Jessica loves Edward says:

    you betcha. It’s adorable. I just love them!

  3. sailork13 says:

    I was looking around the web and you can already get jewlery with the cullen crest. One of the websites that I found with the best selection and widest varieties of prices was thats where I am going to buy a pendent necklace with the crest on it. I cant wait to get it!

  4. sailork13 says:

    oops I made a mistake the wesite is actually sorry for the mix up!

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