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Jun 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Site News

Ok, so I have gotten a few emails about our tempermental Suporter’s Speculations  page!  I have pulled something together while I work on cleaning up the page… a new page!  I have a link on our Theories page, and a link right here!  You can go Speculate on a fresh clean page! 


BTW, we are currently working on a forum for you to discuss your Supporter’s Speculations!  Thanks to Jenna who is heading this project up!

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  1. LeeO says:

    You guys rock! Love the podcasts!

    OK, you were referring to Breaking Dawn perhaps linking to two (2) stories; Mid Summers Night Dream, and perhaps Jane Eyre.

    Well, just a quick point you triggered in my mind about the parallels between what could happen in Breaking Dawn and the arc of the story of Jane and her Edward (couldn’t resist that one) — anyway at the end of Jane Eyre Edward suffers a great loss and disfigurement. We have been told by the narrative throughout the Twilight series of books how Edward’s *perfection* consistently stuns Bella anew each time she see’s him. Well, makes me wonder if they are perhaps related as impacts how Breaking Dawn will end.

    Remember, Jane’s narrative was also in first person, and *Reader, I married him*. After Jane becomes more of an equal and Edward is humbled through loss and pain (physical and the year of separation).

    So I’m thinking that perhaps Aro and the Volturi does something horrible because Edward won’t work for them. The Volturi will be the catalyst on how the narrative will progress and conclude in Breaking Dawn.

    Of course, I hope I’m wrong, but with so many excellent theories bouncing around, and as Jane Eyre is my second favorite book 🙂 . . . . . .

    Thanks for the podcast. You guys are awesome and look forward to more Supporter Speculations that make me think!

  2. Kelleigh says:

    Hey, my friend will be on the Today Show Friday(Fourth of July) and she’s going to hold up a Team Edward sign! lol! I’m so excited to see her, but she will be on the background..
    Anyway, I was thinking- what if Bella becomes a vampire and is allergic to blood? Because it makes her so sick, what if she gets hurt when she drinks it? that probably won’t happen but still….

  3. Casey says:

    I am new to this podcast and I am listening to your old podcasts. I love your randomness. I was listening to the “Jalice” podcast and you were talking about jasper feeling you pain. If that is true, does that mean that he could feel Bella’s pain when she was changing? If he can feel pain, can he control the pain and make it disappear? And if he felt her pain, wouldn’t Edward be able to read his mind and know Bella is feeling the pain? You’re the best!

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