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 Twilight Lexicon has posted something very interesting! You really must click here its so cool! (Are you still here?!? Click on that that link! LOL)

 Edit: I would like to say to everyone that Lexicon has done nothing wrong, they have asked permission to post this and was given just that! The case could have been that Rob was ready to come out of the shadows about this, and if he was not and states that then we will gladly pull the link. Please keep this in mind. Thank you!  We now have found out that ontd_twatlight on Livejournal  was the first to post about the MySpace page.

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  1. Joanne Maria says:

    It’s awesome!!! combination Dylan & Springsteen

  2. Kristen says:

    At the beginning of “Broke”, you hear a woman in the audience say, “Officer, arrest that man!” lol I wonder what that was about!

  3. edwardlover says:

    beautiful voice.
    it’s really him.
    i can’t believe it.
    and he added the real profiles of TOM STURRIDGE ANDD MATILDA STURRIDGE. (:

    but, i’m not going to add for the sake of his privacy.
    i’m pretty sure he didnt put his real name up for a reason and i hope him the best for his music career. 😀

  4. Jessica loves Edward says:

    Ok that sounds a lot better than the video! But honestly, i would never have guessed it was him! it’s really good!

  5. edwardlover says:



    O______________________O ?????

  6. edwardlover says:


    ANY IDEAS ?!

  7. Kelly says:

    woah! i have no idea i wanna know! I didnt even relize that

  8. Kelly says:

    yes….. also i cant beleive thats him its so diffrent but interesting!

  9. edwardlover says:

    yeah i know.
    its so strong its hard to believe its coming from him

  10. edwardlover says:


  11. Kelly says:

    ok ok im sorry but does any one else find it funny that he says hes a 104? sorry just thinkin of edward!

  12. edwardlover says:

    where does he say that ?

  13. Kelly says:

    i found it when i clicked on videos

  14. edwardlover says:

    oh hahahahahah

    he’s really getting into the character. 😀

  15. Jenbarn76 says:

    He could have used her computer to upload the music, that is possible.

  16. Tina says:

    wow, that youtube video did not do him justice!!!!!
    he’s got a great voice! It’s not what i’d expect from him at all though… I thought it would be all soft and britishy (stereotype, i know). Its good though 😀
    i wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but you ladies just keep finding more ways to make me love him more!!

  17. Jenna says:

    His voice is really great! It’s not a typical “pop voice” which is why I like it! He has a different type of sound which is what works for him. And you can completely tell that he’s passionate about what he sings. I would love to see him live. There is NOTHING like seeing someone/a band singing with that type of passion. It’s completely moving. Wow….

  18. ashley says:

    Boo. I’m kinda upset that this got leaked everywhere. in a Livejournal community we found this two weeks ago but didn’t tell anybody for him to have privacy.

    and don’t anyone tell me well he put it up on myspace so we can find it if he want

    he deliberately put it under an alias and only put one jumbled picture up so people wouldn’t really know it’s him. the views jumped from 5000 views to over 40,000 in only a couple of days. this is bogus.

    he’ll probably end up deleting it now. but the stupid lexicon is the one that leaked it to everyone. I’m pissed at them.

  19. Briannax0x0 says:

    Wow his voice is so unique.

    I didnt add him cause I have a feeling that he didnt want his profile to be leaked. =/

  20. Jane says:

    I’m really glad we got to hear songs he actually put up for people to hear. He sounds really good. Very different, a unique voice. Then again, I find him to be a very unique person, so it’s fitting.

    As far as the privacy thing, I think the video (that is still up), is a breech of his privacy because he did not put it up for people to see. However, I don’t think the MySpace is because the Lexicon cleared with his management first. He put it up for people to listen. I agree that he put it up under an alias, so people should not friend it if they are not legitimately interested in the music (not just interested in him). Either way, the video got leaked, and I read a LOT of really horrible undeserved comments. At least with the MySpace people can now hear how his voice sounds when he’s not doing some impromptu show that he never intended to end up online.

    Either way, the damage is done. The site has been revealed. Now, all we can do is be respectful. Don’t friend unless you are legitimately interested in just the music, don’t spread the link around to places that will abuse it, and stop spread nasty comments around. He doesn’t need to have awful comments about his music when he hasn’t released anything that is officially by him. RESPECT, overall, is the key thing. Let’s show Rob how respectful and supportive the Twilight community is.

  21. Kelly says:

    I must agree with Jane…. I have only added him as a friend because i was truly interested in the music! And he prob knew that performing in public could be troublesome and probly wouldnt have unless he wanted to…. please try to not be so negative about this, as i posted this i had no idea how much negative this would cause. and please remember he is very talented and we and Lexicon have posted this for you to give him support!

  22. paola says:

    i have to agree with jane…

    and i think he has something going with nikki reed….

    he probably didn’t intend for twilighters to find it so i guess he saw no harm in name the albulm that or naming something after her…..

    and if you guys are wondering what the heck i’m talking about, when I downloaded the stray dog…it said nikki reed….

    intresting isn’t it???

    and lol about the 104 =D

  23. edwardlover says:

    YOU SEE IT TOO PAOLA ?!?!?!?!

  24. G says:

    Dupea = Robert Eroica Dupea, a role Jack Nicholson played, so I think it’s probably in tribute to him, since Robert admires him as an actor.

    I don’t think it’s a breech of privacy if it’s a myspace page and fans of Robert’s happened to find it. Additionally, the response to his music is overwhelmingly positive, so how can that be bad? Myspace music pages are made to be heard, too; if you wanted to keep your music to yourself, you wouldn’t share it online. I genuinely like the music featured on his page. Like someone above said, the youtube video did not do him justice at all. Oh, it’s so hard picturing this voice coming from him, and I prefer not knowing what performers look like because I generally don’t care. But really, how is this big voice coming from shy and lovable Robert?

  25. Leah (SWACM) says:

    We should all just stop freaking out about this. I totally agree with Jane. Maybe he wanted people to know about this site. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t even care.
    All we can do now is be respectful (and that includes the Nikki Reed-thing too).

    I personally really like his music. He’s a very talented musician and I’d really like to hear more.

  26. Briannax0x0 says:

    He logged on today but he actually deleted some of his friends, he used to have like 50? Now its down to 30. Weird… and I guess he isnt accepting new requests.

  27. Mel says:

    He has a great voice!
    Very Van Morrison-y.

  28. edwardlover says:

    yeah he did delete some of his friends.
    like tom, arthur, and matilda sturridge. o_o

  29. Mel says:

    Or kinda Jeff Buckley-ish.

  30. Briannax0x0 says:

    Im thinking he deleted the famous ones because Im guessing its their private ones that they didnt want anybody to see.

  31. Becca says:

    To quote someone from the Lexicon:

    “If Rob wanted this kept quiet, he wouldn’t have posted it on MySpace!

    I mean honestly, who says, “I think I’d like to start a career in music. I’m going to post my music online on one of the most famous sites on the internet, but I sure hope no one sees it! If they do I’ll be mad!””

    He must have known what he was getting into when he put this online. And the site has been up for almost two years now, always under the alias name, so it had nothing to do with the Twilight movie or the fans. Anyway, it’s been said a hundred times, but I’ll say it again: the website has been leaked. it was going to happen eventually, no matter how hard he tried to keep it a secret. There are some seriously creepy people out there who would’ve found it anyway. My point being, all we can do now is either choose to listen, or don’t.

    If he wants to make it in the music business, he has to get used to people listening to his music. And even if this HAD been recently made, and under an alias to avoid Twilight fans, once he got popular just by his music, people would start listening to him because of Twilight anyway. It’s inevitable. Some will listen for the music, some will listen for the guy, no matter how it gets out.

  32. edwardlover says:

    i agree with you Briannax0x0.

    what a good friend he is.
    hahahaha (:

  33. Inah says:

    OME OME OME OME OME OME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is AMAZING!!!!….

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for finding this….!!!!

    i’ve been searching around for his music but i havent seen anything by him anywhere….
    he is (once again..) AMAZING…
    i never thought that Robert Pattinson could sound like this!!!

  34. Kelly says:

    It says Niki Reed bc she downloaded one of his songs and put it in her album along with other cast memebers–it doesnt mean they like eachother.

  35. edwardlover says:

    how do u know that she ws the one that uploaded it ?

  36. Kelly says:

    I know that they were with him and that she isnt the only one that uploaded the song. thats all i can say. sry

  37. Kelly says:

    If you dont believe me you can hear kristen saying “dude” in the background around 2:50

  38. Kelly says:

    oh btw this is a different kelly then the one up there ^

  39. Dayna says:

    I only looked for this after watching NoMoreMarble’s responce. I am sure many others will and have done the same.

    I agree with Becca way ^ there.

    If he didn’t/ doesn’t want anyone to see it. Then he could set it to private.

    I think that its pretty cool that he has his music and everyone should fully respect it.

  40. Elliot says:

    well, his voice wasn’t at all what I expected…but good nonetheless ^^ like this rough sound.

    I admire everyone respecting his privacy by not befriending him or posting stupid comments on his site. You should see the comments on his sister’s myspace, Lizzy Pattinson. It makes me sad to see that soo many so-called fans annoy the artists by posting rubbish.
    I too didn’t befriend him, I simply listened to his music, and I’ll download one for my i.pod, but that’s all. It’s not our concern who he is friends with and anything.

    But, one thing annoys me to nooo end: now that I’ve heard his singing voice, I simply can’t wait for the Twilight movie and hear, if he actually plays and sings Bella’s lullaby… ooooh the anticipation….

    Oh, and I think I found Jackson Rathbone on myspace, too…. but that’s for everyone to find out by themselves 😉

  41. edwardlover says:

    i heard kristen hahaha.
    well, thanks for clarifying that to me. (:
    mucho appreciated.

  42. Kelly says:

    wait wat song can u hear her on??????? i know at 2:50 but wat song?

  43. Kelly says:

    Stray dog

    and to clear up any rumors about Niki and Rob. she has a boyfriend.

  44. Kelly says:

    SWEET! I heard it! thats was cool! thanks to the other kelly! LOL!

  45. edwardlover says:

    oh really ?
    who is she dating?

    i seriously love the song “stray dog”

    its soothingg.
    i listen to it on my ipod before i sleeep. (:

  46. Karen says:

    I was so impress omy! his voice is beautiful. he’s a real talent for music! a completly diffrent sight of him. the songs are lovely. he plays the guitar soo well. wow. I had goosebumps.

  47. Kim Kelley says:

    Not what I expected at all. Folk mixed with blues. A bit Bob Dylan (maybe even Jakob Dylan)-Jeff Buckley-Bruce Springsteen kinda sound. Watcha think? Not really my taste in music, but he has a really nice voice. Good for him for being so stinkin’ talented! Really can’t for that LULLABY now!

  48. Kelly says:

    She has been dating DJ Qualls for a long time. He’s been in a lot of movies like The New Guy, but he is going to be ine the movie Familiar Strangers, he just got done filimging All About Steve and he is filming a movie now called Dark As Day.

  49. edwardlover says:


    dj qualls ?!?!!?!?!


    but i just think she can do better because after all, she’s playing “the most beautiful girl” ..

    andd i searched some pics of them together.. and
    she seems to outshine him extremely.
    but its not my business or anything..
    just stating my opinion..

    i’m probably going to get some hatred responses for this. =x

  50. Kelly says:

    haha aw, ppl shouldnt hate on you for your opinions.

    Niki isnt going to read this anyway.

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