Kia & Nicole at Comic-Con ~ YOUR Question of the Week!

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Kia is going to Comic-Con ,and so is Nicole who helps run the TwiTube at TST!   On next week’s podcast we hope to get the low-down on everything that happens during the big day, but we need your help!  Each week we have a Question of the Week for you to answer.  This week we are switching things up!  If you are not able to be at Comic-Con and you have a question for our correspondents to ask the cast of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer or Catherine Hardwicke, leave it here in the comments.

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  1. Chloe says:

    To the Cast: Have you guys read the books? Do you connect with your character/ share any traits? If not, which character do you most identify with?

    To Catherine: What was the most challenging part of filming the movie and why? Also, who was the funniest on set?

    To Stephenie: As the Twilight Series from Bella’s point of view comes to a close, what was the best part of the whole experience (from the point of when you had the dream to when Breaking Dawn was done being edited)? The worst? What is your most memeralbe experience? Most memorable fan? Do you feel sad?

  2. Christy says:

    For the whole cast: What scenes do you most look forward to filming, if New Moon and Eclipse come to the big screen?

    For Robert: Would you ever date someone who wasn’t in the same career as you?

    For Catherine: What advice do you have for someone who no acting experience at all, who is interested in it but doesn’t know if they have any talent as an actress. Lives in a small town.

    For Kristen: What could you see yourself doing, if you wern’t an actress?

    For everybody: Was it harder or easier to play your character when they were already established as to who they are and what they are all about? Rather than to start from not knowing anything about them and just creating who you thought they should be?

    For everybody: Are you dating anybody wright now? Who?

  3. Ris says:

    I believe that you once said that your intended audience for Twilight was not necessarily young adults. Do you ever think about how the story would have unfolded (differently) if Twilight was set during college (or later in general) rather than high school?

    For anyone on the panel:
    How much do you think you would be willing to give up to be with the person you love?

    If on the brink of death and given the choice, would you choose to become a vampire? If no, why? If yes, what special powers would you bring into that life (i.e., not qualities that you think would be interesting to have but your own strong personal characteristic that would be enhanced)?

  4. Mrs S. Ransom says:


    Did you tell the makeup artist you didn’t need any glitter for the meadow scene because you already sparkle?

  5. karly says:

    to be more specific. Kristens autograph. I’m her biggest fan.

  6. Halle says:

    Did you all get along pretty well even with all of the vampire/werewolf/bad vampire hostility. When you are finish the scene does the mood of the scene still kind of linger after its finished?


  7. Katie says:

    Catherine: What are you looking forward to shooting in the New Moon?

    Stephenie Meyer: Can do vampires have a form of imprinting like werewolves?

    When Emmett had venom flowing through his system he was physically able to deal with the pain because he could see his ‘Angel’. When Bella had venom flowing through her she chose to deal with it mentally by concentrating on the sound of Edward’s voice. The reason I bring this up is because a lot of people think that Bella is a very mental/intellectual person and Emmett is obviously very physical. Do these classifications have any impact on how long or how painful the venomous transformations can be?

  8. Elisabeth says:

    What is your theory for Breaking Dawn?

  9. inlovewitheddipuss says:

    For Stephenie: In one of the scenes you took out of twilight called, “Emmett and the Bear,” Bella says she and Emmett had a shared common ground because they both were chosen to join the family as humans. Bella makes it sound as if before Rosalie, Emmett had never been loved by a single person in his life. If that is true then Rosalie would be that one love of his life, even for the brief moment that they had met before he died.

    Does that mean that vampires were capable of finding their soul mates the same way that werewolves are able to find theirs through imprinting? In other words do vampires have some equivalent of imprinting that allows them to find their soul mate?

    For Cam: What was the hardest scene through this movie?

    For the vampires: How are you dealing with the lack of a substantial back story for your characters? Does it help that what little is known about the characters is from Bella’s perspective?

  10. Kimmi says:

    I know that the entertainment weekly cover was very controversial, I was just curious if Kristen and Rob felt like it wasnt quite “twilight” while they were shooting it, or if they still stand behind it. Just curious what their views are considering most fans didnt like it.

  11. Elaine says:

    What was your favorite scene to shoot?
    What do you think will be the best scene in the movie to watch?

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