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Pictures from Borders Penn Plaza:

Thanks to Kara of TM’s for sending me this picture of our venue… this is just the front of the room, guys!

We just want to remind everybody that you DO NOT HAVE TO RSVP attend the event! Pre-registered attendees are entered into a special T-shirt contest, but we will have plenty of other prizes to give out to general attendees, including the autographed movie poster! If you can make it at the last minute, please come and join us! You will be given a door prize ticket when you arrive to be eligible for the poster drawing.

Win a poster signed by the cast, Catherine Hardwicke, and Stephenie Meyer at our live show! This is not a replica or a scan — it is an ORIGINAL Twilight Movie poster that was personally signed by Cam, Edi, Rachelle, Kristen, Rob, Catherine, and Stephenie during Comic Con 2008 — it is a one-of-a-kind original! All you have to do is show up and you will be entered to WIN this amazing prize! Thanks to Summit for providing us with such a great oppourtunity!

Come meet TST Founders Kallie and Kassie and staffer Becka! Our live show is going full steam ahead!

Hosted by Kallie Mathews, Kassie Rodgers, Becka Grapsy, Bailey Gauthier (nomoremarbles), Jen Lamareoux (Be My Escape) of Twilight Lexicon, and Lisa Hansen of TwilightMOMS. Guest Panelists include Maggie Parke (blogger ScullingOnScuam) and Kim Stolz (MTV).

August 1st, 2008

Start time promptly 12 noon

Borders Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York City

Dicussion, debate, theories, trivia, and prizes.

MTV will be providing media coverage. (can anybody say Twilight Tuesday!?)

Live show Question of the Week :
‘Do you think anybody will find out about the vampires or werewolves? Who?’

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  3. Mel says:

    Y’all are going to have so much fun!
    Yay prizes!

  4. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    I’m so jealous! Too bad Boise isn’t anywhere close to NY!

  5. Tiffany says:

    is this going to be posted as an actual podcast? that was what kinda confused me…

  6. Erin(: says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! come to UP STATE NY!!!!!!! it is way cooler! and ps to all people who live in TEXAS! plzz stay safe!!(STUPID HURRICANE OWNER!lol get it??)

  7. Kat says:

    Wow! This thing is pretty huge! I hope this will be posted as an actual podcast… or can we listen in live…? Maybe? I dunnoe.

    P.S. Definitely gettin’ through that hurricane, but I live in Austin to attend college (I’m originally from Dallas). All we got right now is a lot of rain and big dark clouds. Kind of feels like Forks without all of the coldness. LOL

  8. Kia Gregory says:

    YAY! I am so excited for you! What a great opportunity.

  9. Michelle says:

    I think that Charlie an/or Renee will learn about the vampires or werewolves. It’s about time one of them come out of the dark. I think it would help them understand why they wouldn’t be seeing Bella again, if she is turned into a vampire. It would give Bella and both of them closure because if she is changed she may never see them again. With the wedding coming up, it gives great opportunity for both of Bella’s parents to be around the Cullens and the wolf pack.

  10. Sarah L. says:

    Umm… one of my good friends is dead set that Charlie and Renee will find out. I totally dissagree cause then they will be a target for the Volturi (remember the rules in New Moon??) So no, I dont think anyone will find out. BUT IT WOULD BE SOOOOOO COOL IF CHARLIE OR RENEE DID!!!

    Sarah L.

  11. Michelle says:

    Sorry I had some typos. It should be



    one of them comes* out of the dark

  12. Laura says:

    Hey ladies! I absolutely love your show.
    Anyway, I think that Charlie will find out about the werewolves, but not the vampires. If he found out about the Cullens being vampires, first of all, he probably wouldn’t even believe it because it would seem extremely far-fetched (Bella is just very unique that she would immediately accept the fact that the Cullens are vampires) Secondly, finding out about the vampires would lead to Charlie being singled out by the Volturi because humans aren’t supposed to know about the vampires. The Cullens would then have to turn Charlie, also, into a vampire to keep Bella and Charlie’s happiness. However, in turn, Renee and others would notice the sudden disappearance of the Swan residence and would result in a Domino effect of finding out about the vampires and being turned into them (sorry if this is badly worded…).
    However, I do think that Charlie will find out about the wolves because the wolves are taking a bigger role in protecting society and are coming out of La Push more often, and being noticed by others. For example, Charlie often talks of hearing wolf cries. Since Charlie is so close to Billy, he will be believe him, though may feel strange for being friends with mythical creatures, leading to Charlie accepting Edward more, and pushing Bella away from Jacob.
    I know this may not happen, but I just like the idea of Charlie pushing Bella away from Jacob and towards Edward more. Sorry Jacob fans! 🙂

    Sorry this was so long- I couldn’t contain myself!

  13. Kelly says:

    I think so, maybe the Volutri about the werewolves

  14. Jena says:

    I think that Charlie will find out about the werewolves. I also think that the Denali clan and the Volturi will meet the werewolves. For some funny reason I think that Mike Newton is going to find out about them as well. I have no idea why, it just seems like he is so close since he was in several of Bella’s dreams when the werewolves appeared.

  15. Sa'Misty says:

    hmmmm… Baised on the Breaking Dawn Quote when Alace and Bella are talking:

    Alice: “No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you.”
    Bella: “Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood.”

    I think her Renee and/or Charlie will probably find out about the wolves. Charlie is so worried about Jacob that somehow he is bound to find out. 🙂 They could possibly find out about the Cullens, but I think it is more probable (and safe for them) to only find out about the werewolves 🙂

  16. Kiran says:

    I believe that the Volturi will find out about the wolf pack for a couple reason. First, the wolf pack has started to cooperate with the Cullens by protecting all the vicious vampires who want to destroy Bella lol. The Volturi are keeping an eye on the Cullens to see if Bella will in fact become a vampire; which, makes me think they will have a good chance of discovering the wolfs. Second, we know the Volturi will make an apperance in Breaking Dawn but arent sure of how big of a role they will take (personally, i believe that they will make a big impact in the novel; which, again, gives the Volturi a probable chance of discovering the treaty with the werewolfs.) I dont think the Cullens would make another trip to Italy. Therefor, the Volturi would have to come to Forks & thus, once again, having a better chance of finding out about the pack.

    People have mentioned that they believe the Denali clan will discover the wolf pack too…but they already have. I just finished reading Eclipse (in anticipation of Breaking Dawn) and somewhere in the story Carslie calls up Tanya for help with the newborns. However, they wont help because Irina has a grudge against the pack for killing Laurent. So they obviously know something about them.

    Im also torn between whether or not Charlie will discover the werewolfs. On one hand he is close to the Blacks & constantly aware of there presence (always hearing of sightings & howls) so then it just seems easier for him to be informed of them. But then again, I think that would lead him to know of the vampires & i just dont see that happening.

    As for the vampires, I think it would be hilarious if Charlie or Renee found out about the Cullens but not likely. I don’t think there would be enough room in Breaking Dawn to show how they cope with it (remember, Bella was oddly acceptable about the vampires.) It just doesn’t add up to me but who knows…

    Sorry I got too carried away. I hope this makes sense.

  17. Kirsty says:

    Charlie will Definatly find out about the wolves!! and i think its going to be Sue clearwater who tells him. because steph said he would find love and sue is the only women we actually know really im not sure if he will find out about the vamps though.

  18. Kirsty says:

    I really wish i could’ve been there but i dont have QUITE enough money to get a plane out to America (from Scotland) why cant you do stuff here (or anywhere closer really i would so be there :D)

  19. Gloria says:

    I think Jacob or Billy will tell Charlie about the werevolves and vampires. Whomever will tell Charlie the same legend that Jacob told Bella the night that they were on the beach in La Push in Twilight, but then that person will reveal the exact identities of the vampires and werewolves.

    Motives of why these people would spill the beans:

    Jacob: He might still have feelings for Bella and wants Charlie to talk Bella out of getting married to Edward.

    Billy: Charlie is his best friend and he should know about the Cullens b/c Bella is marrying into their family.

    Anyway, I love the podcast!

  20. Bree.J says:

    No I dont think anyone will find out due to the Vampires( Volturi’s) laws..They would have to killl however knew if they found out…But I could be wrong if you factor in the werewolves, but they are guarding of who they tell there secrets to too..So no no one should find out .

  21. laura h says:

    It’s a bit of a wild one but i think that Charlie will find out about the werewolves/vampires but the twist being that i think he’ll already know about some if not all of it.

    he is a detective so he has to have some credit given to him; c’mon how many “strange events” have to take place in one town without the police getting a tad curious. I think that he’s more likely to know about the werewolves than vampires but it’ll come down to Bella having to tell most if not all to Charlie when she needs his help and then him shocking her when he is calm about it all.

    this is just a wild theory i’m throwing in the pot and i don’t believe it 100% but its a neat idea all the same!


  22. Angie G says:

    I don’t think anyone will find out. It has been so difficult for bella since she has found out and she does not want to put anyone else in danger. I wish Renee and Charlie found out just so Bella could stay close to them.

  23. madi says:

    renee- because she kinda realized something was up in new moon when bella and edward went to florida.bella accused her mom of reading to many scifi books, a new fad in renees life.renee has a history, though, of not really sticking to a certain hobby for too long so if she stops reading scifi and still sees something going on shes going to realise it wasnt just the boks she was reading that had her seeing things

  24. Lauren says:

    I think that Renee and Charlie will find out what Bella will become/what the Cullens are.

  25. Jon Cullen says:

    I think if anyone will find out, it will be Angela. Not because I think it will actually happen, but because she is my favorite “supporting character”. I’d hate to see her be distanced from Bella 🙁

  26. Cynthia A. says:

    This is my theory on what might happen:
    Stephanie did mention a conflict in Breaking Dawn, most likely between the Vampires and the Werewolves. I have a feeling this will be brought upon by other Vampires coming into Forks. In example, the Volturi coming to check on Bella, or the Denali Clan attending the Wedding. While in Forks, these vampires might discover the werewolves and not like the fact that they maintain a relationship with the Cullens. These other vampires will most likely oppose the La Push werewolves in a supernatural showdown. But there is also the possibility that these other vampires and the werewolves will make a scene at the wedding, exposing their secret to the good people of Forks. But even if this theory does not play out in Breaking Dawn, I believe either Renee or Charlie will find out about the Werewolves and/or the Cullens, because they have been very perceptive in the past three books.

    Sorry for the long post. Great Show Ladies, can’t wait to hear the podcast and your thoughts on Breaking Dawn.

  27. Erin says:

    I think that there is a good chance that Charlie will find out because of his relationship with Billy Black, and the constant strain that he is aware of between Bella and Jacob. I also suspect that Renee’ will also figure it out, because she was so perceptive during the visit to Florida in Eclipse. I think that the werewolves will be a bit of a surprise for the Volturi. And of course, I think Mike will find out a few things due to the fact that he’s been so prominent in Bella’s dreams, and the Breaking Dawn quotes. I am also pondering the role of Angela in all of this.
    On a side note—in anticipation of Breaking Dawn’s release I am re-reading Eclipse–and Bella had a dream while staying “prisoner” under Alice for the weekend–“When I did sleep, I had a nightmare. I was crawling across the dark, cold stones of an unfamiliar street, under lightly falling snow, leaving a trail of blood smeared behind me. A shadowy angel in a long white dress watched my progress with resentful eyes.” (pp 168) So what does that mean? Could it be Alaska–i.e. the Denali Clan? (snow?!) Perhaps. I thought that this was fairly telling, since it was a short description, but most of Bella’s dreams have been some what foreshadowing the future. I’m also pondering her dream in Twilight that involves Mike, Jacob and Edward.

  28. AJ says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the Question of the Week, and I’m a super newb to the podcast, so I just had to ask this question, because I don’t know if it’s been covered yet: Will TST stop after the movie comes out? I was just wondering, because after that there’s really nothing left to theorize about. We’ll already know how Midnight Sun ends. I just wanted to know.

  29. Vanessa says:

    I think that if anyone were to find out, it would be Charlie or Renee, only because once Edward bites Bella (he better!), the treaty is broken, and Jacob or Billy could tell them everything about the Cullens.

  30. Katie S. says:

    Charlie definetly will. And Renee already has some suspisions. So yeah drama time!

  31. Joanne Maria says:

    I think the Volturi might find out about the Pack.

  32. Caitlin says:

    hi, this has nothing to do with the question and it’s most likely crazy but it’s been driving me crazy all day. While I was watching Penelope, and as everyone knows, there’s a Twilight exclusive on the DVD. Well i noticed in the movie that Penelope and that poker guy (his name escapes me right now) were playing chess and they were talking about the queen and how the king is useless once the queen is “dead”, after I saw that I was wondering why they would have the Twilight exclusive on Penelope, other than the fact that its a Summit production. I haven’t gotten any theories about what it means or if it means anything, I just thought it was interesting.

  33. Jessica loves Edward says:

    I think that the Volturi will definitely find out about the pack of werewolves. What better way to start the drama?
    But I believe that more than one person (or group) will find out.
    I also think that Charlie will find out. How? Well, I think Bella will tell him. If she does indeed turn into a vampire (I hope), it will be hard for her to just leave Charlie hanging, not knowing what happened to her. I think she would want to tell him, and explain; hoping that Charlie would understand. You can do it, Bella!

  34. sou says:

    I hope Charlie finds out. It would be great for him to not be in the dark all the time. He has a right to know. And honestly, i don’t think they would have any problems w/ the volturi, as long as everyone can keep a secret. ^-^ lol

  35. harper says:

    I think that in breaking dawn charlie will find out about the werewolves but not the vampires. I think this because Charlie and Billy Black are such good friends Billy will be forced to explain why is not worried about Jacob running away. The Volturi already know about the wolf pack because in Eclipse after they have the fight with the newborns the werewolves have to leave because the Volturi did not like the werewolves.

  36. Linsey says:

    I will be in NYC too! See you guys then!

  37. Jessie says:

    Ok so first Im trying not to read anyone elses’ just yet so that I dont start stealing anyone elses’ idea.

    So I think that if anyone is going to find out about that vampires it will be whoever is at the wedding, and it will be because Bella is so accident prone and may get hurt. Or they could find out about the werewolves because its possible that Jacob gets really mad about Bella and Edward getting married that he wont be able to control himself.

    Also I think that it is possible that the Volturi may find out about the werewolves. Anything could happen where on of the werewolves get angry while the volturi are checking on Bella’s mortality, and Bella’s immortality may be the reason the werewolves get so angry. So thats my theory, and I cant wait for the book.

  38. Zoe says:

    I personally think that Angela will find out… Just think about it. She knows Bella very well and she notices things that other people don’t. That afternoon Bella spent over at Angela’s, there was a lot of conversation about the Edward/Jacob problem. She knew there was more to the story, but Angela being the polite girl that she is decided not to butt in. She will either find out through Bella or possibly a relationship with Jacob. I don’t think that Jacob has seen Angela since before he was a werewolf. It could be possible. I think that Angela is just too darn smart to stay completely out of the loop.

  39. Amy says:

    Will any of the humans find out about the vampires and werewolves? Concerning the discovery of Vampires, yeah, I hope they do; at least one of them deserves a little enlightenment. Throughout the Twilight series the humans have always been in the background, clueless and the butt of many a joke; it reminded me of how JK Rowling treated the Muggles: as mindless sheep, only there for the wizards’ amusement; and in this case, the vampires’ amusement. I love those vampires…but the humans have been doing pretty well for themselves without super strength or super anything; vampires, pat those humans on the back, they deserve it. XD

    UGH. But back to the question, I believe Charlie will find out about the vampires. This is a stretch, but the Volturi might use Charlie as bait: to reel in Bella & company. OR (a little more believable), Jacob might come back and tell Charlie everything in his jealousy. Poor Charlie, he should know who his baby girl is going to live with, haha!

  40. Kate says:

    I have this belief that Mike, Angela, and possibly Renee will figure it out. The reason I say this is because we know Mike will be in Breaking Dawn and Angela is about as perceptive as Renee is. Part of me believes Renee already knows but purposely is dismissing the facts presented before her.

    I think it would be a stretch for Charlie because he CHOOSES to stay in the dark. There are many of times when things don’t add up, even Edward summed it up nicely by practically stating that Charlie chooses to believe the lies he is told instead of facing facts. Especially where Bella is concerned. At the very least I think he will figure out what has been alluding him since Edward Cullen became a fixture in his daughter’s life.

  41. Erin(: says:

    I so think that Bella’s parents (excluding Phil) will find out about the vampires. I know I need to support my statement, such as one of the Breaking Dawn quotes.
    Quote #11….. Renee: “Alice wouldn’t let us do anything else. Every time we tried, she all but ripped our throats out.” See how Renee says that and #9(Alice: “No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you.”Bella: “Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood.”) HELLO! does anyone see this!! They find out and the Cullens have to cover it up so the Volturi doesn’t go off killing her parents. So Bella will go into depression and never be the same agian….. if that does happen.
    Hope all is well 🙂

  42. *Kinsey* says:

    Hey! Okay I apologize if someone already said this.

    I think Mike will find out about the vampires and werewolves. I don’t really know how or when or why….hah. BUT we do know he plays some part in BD because of the quote from Bella, “Oh MIke! How will I go on?” Maybe he finds out and he is the only ‘real’ person Bella can talk to…I have a feeling Jacob isn’t going to give up on getting Bella. (GRRRR!) Mike will be her sholder to cry on I guess.

    Hope you like my theory! I Love the podcast!!

  43. Mel says:

    I think Jessica will find out about the Volturi and they’ll have to eat her.
    Then she’ll give them indigestion and they’ll convert to vampiric veganism.

    No really, I hope Charlie remains blissfully ignorant during the series, but I think Renee will figure something out, since she is pretty observant, for a flighty, artistic type. Now, Billy knows about the vampires AND werewolves, which I think puts him in a bad spot.

  44. Allie says:

    Hello ladies! I absolutley love the podcast and please don’t stop anytime soon! :]

    Here is my answer to your question (its long, I’m sorry, so bear with me!):

    I do think that some people will find out about the existence of vampires and werewolves. It will of course, need to remain secret within an extremely small group of people. So small in fact, that it probably isn’t even proper to call it a ‘group’. If I had to choose, it would probably be between Charlie and Renee. Charlie is very close with Billy, and is becoming closer to Bella every day. It seems that, with the La Push pack becoming a heavier force in protecting residents in each book, Charlie will eventually become aware of them. At the end of Eclipse, he does show an increased awareness the day Victoria’s newborn clan attacks and Jacob gets injured trying to protect Leah. I think this increased observing might just be a sign of things to come. If any part of Bella and Edward’s plan has holes during Breaking Dawn, I don’t think it will be hard for Charlie to put the pieces together. For example: Edward never eating, the “bear” attacks, howling wolves, Jacob’s growth spurt, him disappearing and Billy being rather calm about it…the facts are all there right in front of Charlie’s face. I think that one slip on Bella’s part might just reveal the secret. If this does happen, Charlie will most likely run to his nearest companion: Billy. Billy, who knows about the werewolves AND vampires will be able to convince Charlie of the truth. This might just lead to further problems involving Bella’s next issue: the Volturi. If they find out another human so close to Bella and the Cullens has discovered the secret, they may not be as lenient as they were in Italy. Any exposure of either creatures existence to Charlie, or any other member of Forks, may lead to a violation and revocation of the treaty; the only thing keeping the two feuding groups civil.

    Another point leading me to believe that Bella will not get away without Charlie discovering the truth is what happened at the end of Eclipse. Bella was so convinced that she could live without Jacob, and a lot of this was because she thought she didn’t love him. After she figured it out, however, she knew she wouldn’t be able to just say goodbye to him. I think this will be similar when it comes to her saying her last goodbyes to her parents before she becomes a vampire. She loves her parents, and was very protective of them throughout all of the books. Bella wouldn’t do anything without making sure she was absolutley positive they would be out of harm’s way. If either one of them are threatened or are in possible danger like Jacob was in Eclipse, I do not think she will be able to say goodbye to them without getting them completely out of trouble. It will probably be hard to do, especially if it involves forces such as the Volturi. This may lead to a telling of her secret, most likely reeking havoc among the all creatures, both mythical and human.

  45. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    I love your podcast! I just recently started listening, but I think it’s great!

    Here are my theories:
    1) I think that Charlie will find out because he is getting close to Billy, and in the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, he is also getting suspicous of Billy and investigating what is going on, trying to find Jake, so I think that He will discover about the Werewolves, and then naturally, the Vampires.

    2) Whoever Jacob imprints on will find out about everything. Yes, I do think that Jake will imprint, but I don’t think it will be on Leah, (Sorry Kallie!) because in Eclipse, (I’m not exactly sure where) It talks about whoever you imprint on is your true soul mate, so if Leah imprinted on Jake, then he would naturally have to imprint on her. I personally think that he will iprint on Angela, just because she’s the only other human who is even halfway decent!

    So, I think Charlie will definatly find out, but I’m cinfused as to what Stephanie will do with Jake! But if he does imprint (On a human) then that person will also know! I thin that’s it!

    Sorry about the length! And I love you show again!

  46. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    OK, I’ve thought of another reason that Charlie will find out! In one of the breaking dawn quotes, It is from Charlie: “Bells, we’re up to bat”. This is clearly talking about baseball, and the only people That Bella would play baseball wit is the Cullens, and th eonly way sh ecould was if she was a Vampire! And if she’s a vampire, and still playing baseball with Charlie, the only way he could play with them was if he was a Vampire.

    What I think happens is:

    Either 1) Bella lets something slip, and, since all the clues are right in front of him, Charlie figures out something is wrong but doesn’t know what, so he turnse to Billy and Billy tells him, and once he finds out, the Volturi make them change him too


    2) after Bella is changed, she misses him so much, she goes back just to see, him, but doesn’t show herself, and somehow Charlie catches her, and so she explains what happens and the Volturi still make her change him!

    Soryy for 2 long comments, but I thougth of this afterwards and just had to post it!

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  49. Amanda H. says:

    Maybe Angela will find out about the wereweolves because she sees Bela running after Jacob or something and he morphs. Why can’t I grt onto the Theories page?

  50. Bailey says:

    Most likely someone will but i highly dobut that they will spill their secerets i belive that charlie will find out about the vampires and the werewolves because bella is his daughter and billy is basically his family as well so i think billy will expose the vampires to try to get charlie after them or something like that to try and stop bella from changing then bella or one of the cullens will tell charlie about the werewolves and either

    A. he will think they are all crazy or it is a practical joke
    B. he will believe them and keep the secerets beacuse he cares about them so much
    C. he will run away like a mad man and get locked up in the loony bin

    just kidding about that last one but i am pretty set on the fact that charlie will know cause how are they gonna keep him from that and hes seen so many weird things going on with both the cullens and the la push gang that it wouldnt be so unbelievable

    hope that helps and love the podcast keep it up

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