TwilightLive streaming live!

Jul 29th, 2008 | By | Category: Site News

Twilight Live’s TalkShoe Channel can be found here.

TwilightLive is planning 2 live streaming shows!

Show 1(The Pre-Show) is a test of TalkShoe and the capabilities of the site.  This show will be tomorrow (July 30) night at 10 PM Eastern Time with Kallie, Kassie, Linsay, and Becka.  We’re going to be chatting about NYC and Breaking Dawn.

Show 2 (TwilightLive) is the live show, streaming from Borders Columbus Circle in NYC.  The hosts will be Kallie, Kassie, Becka, Jen, Lisa, and Bailey, as noted in the post above.  This show will start at 11:58 am EST on August 1st.  There may be an 11:30 test show from our location, keep watching the site for updates.

2 Comments to “TwilightLive streaming live!”

  1. Sa'Misty says:

    ummm… how does Eastern transfer over to Cantral time?

    If you can email me I will love you FOREVER 😀

    I love TST and want to listen to EVERYTHING… well *hehe* won’t be able to the 2 hours before Breaking Dawn

    anywho… would love the help

  2. Gloria says:

    Eastern time is one hour ahead of Central time. The preshow will be on 9 PM (CST) and TwilightLive will start 10:58 AM (CST). I can’t wait for TwilightLive and just Breaking Dawn in general!

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