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Attention to those against spoilers: Bellaandedward.com have reported about spoilers from a book store and on a YouTube video. So beware! Also read more here.

“So… take extra care when browsing the internet. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stick to sites you know, and sites that you know have comments disabled. All major Twilight fansites are remaining spoiler free until August 2nd (at least), which makes them a safe place for spoiler free fans.”

Also please don’t post spoilers if you read them!

And if you find one (which I hope the book isn’t ruined for anyone!) please email it to:


Thank you from Twilight Series Theories!

8 Comments to “Warning!”

  1. Samie says:

    omg so i guess it is true, that at Iowa Wal-Mart sold copies of breaking dawn then. if spoilers are going around! ahhh… thats horriable.. if i saw a copie of breaking dawn at a store before it was relased, i would not buy it..i would run away. i wouldnt even touch the book! lmao! its respect for Stephenie. lol

  2. amber says:

    omg i just saw 30 scnds of the spoiler but i stopped!!!! i will not go on!! this is horryfying thnk god i didnt c all of it!!! omg my brain is battling it self to see it or not!! ahhhhhhh-i need major help!!*hyperventilating*

  3. Kelly says:

    I know! The fact that Twilighters don’t respect SM is just crazy! For the next week (or two!) Im taking precautions such as:
    -not watching fan made videos on youtube
    -not going to the comments section of some sites
    -And being really careful when I check my email
    And also don’t believe everything you here! Some of these could be fake!
    Oh and also I will probably stay away from the internet for a couple days after.
    Just please be careful people! Cause I would hate for this book to be ruined for anybody!
    Kelly 🙂

  4. RAY says:

    OMG every1. i just got off the phone with my friend who called me crying, yes, literally crying apparently she accidentally stumbled upon some “spoilers” i’m not going to post what she told me but if what she read is true, i too will cry. but i will be waiting for the book, just like i told her. last year we stumbled upon the “epilouge” for HP#7. which turned out to be completely false. so until i have the book, i won’t get too upset but if what she told me is true, i think i might have to burn my book.

  5. Sarah L. says:

    OMG!! I am sooo mad!!! Lets just spoil it for everyone!!! come on lets stand together for 4 MORE DAYS!!!!!

  6. Sa'Misty says:

    ahhhhhhhh… In a way… I hate that they couldn’t have done this in Houston! I want it, but I promise I am not the type of person to ruin that book… that is just plain ruid and mean what those people are doing o_0

    *Sigh* Were almost there 🙂

  7. Tina says:

    Honestly, you’re not a true Twilighter if you don’t respect Stephenie enough to exercise a LITTLE self control for like 2 or 3 days! honestly, that’s just stupid. I hate it when people spoil books in general but to ruin the juicy anticipation of this book with (sometimes false) spoilers is just plain insulting. I’m not blaming anyone who came across spoilers on accident, its totally not their fault.
    We’ve only got a couple days left here people! we can do it and it will be so worth it!!

  8. sou says:

    i take a lot of comfort in knowing a lot of spoilers are fake anyways. ^-^ But I haven’t seen anything, which i feel sooo lucky to not have anything spoiled for me. I swear i WILL cry. lol

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