Can You Resist the Temptation?

Jul 30th, 2008 | By | Category: Site News

MTV has searched far and wide to sink their teeth into that Twilight Godiva chocolate bar we have all heard of.  They have proof of its existence here!

4 Comments to “Can You Resist the Temptation?”

  1. Maria Cullen says:

    omg i am buying some at the party with my friend lauren!!

  2. April, love. says:

    ome! I want one so badd!
    I won’t eat… well maybe a lil nibble, but the rest im saving! Barnes and Nobels here i come!! 😀 <3

  3. Sydney says:

    dude. i will like freeze it and NEVER eat it.

    okay…ill eat it but save the wrapper.


  4. Tonnya says:

    I got one Tuesday at my local B&N. It was 4.95 but it is a 3.5oz bar of chocolately goodness!! And of course, I saved the cover-sleeve : )

    If only Spunk’s face would have been on it, I would have wiped them out!

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