New Picture of Kristen

Jul 30th, 2008 | By | Category: Site News

Entertainment Weekly has a new photo of Kristen Stewart taken during their Comic Con chat!

13 Comments to “New Picture of Kristen”

  1. Maria Cullen says:

    hah lol

  2. Sydney says:

    I really don’t think she is pretty. Sorry.

  3. jsam says:

    she is so gorgeous and she seems to have the talent to pull off a great performance as bella in the movie. here’s hoping that the movie lives up to the book 🙂

  4. Kelly says:

    wow shes talent

  5. Twinerd says:

    I think Kristen will be a perfect Bella because in this picture we can see that she is wearing the same clothes as she was at the Comic con but somehow she manages to make it look amazing, its a very natural beauty..not to get all fanboy-like…

  6. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I don’t like the shirt she picked out for comic con. She looks way too much like a tomboy. And can that girl ever wear eye makeup (mascara at least). I think it will really bother me in the movie that she has to be sooooooooooo plain…………

  7. jen says:

    she’s supposed to be plain though because that is how bella is portrayed throughout the twilight series, i had my doubts at first about kristen stewart and robert pattinson but now i think they will do a great job bringing the book to life!

  8. kayla says:

    I think that Kristen is so pretty and will doa great job in the film. i like that she doesn’t wear much make up. she is perfect and will do great in the movie! ( p.s. i’m obsessed)

  9. nicole says:

    I think kristen is incredible. i always loved her, even before i found out she was bella, which made her even more awesome. n i think its cool that she doesn’t wear too much makeup and dresses like a tomboy. i myself am a girly girl. but we need more people like her in hollywood. she shows that natural beauty and being an individual is best. so go kristen! <3333

  10. rosieg says:

    i hate this color hair on her.
    she isnt suited for anything dark hair colors.
    im so glad she doesnt have this color hair anymore.

  11. ona says:

    I think Kristen will do a good job as Bella. Does anyone know what shirt she is wearing haha? I like it.

  12. Tonight lis THE night that will see Twilight come to life!!!

  13. lilia says:

    i like her haircolor what is it …its like black but hint of purple

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