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Quote #20 is here!

Jacob: “I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!”

And don’t forget to catch Stephenie on Good Morning America tomorrow, as well as on the cover of the ‘Life’ section of USA Today.

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  1. Nikki says:

    HOLY CROW!! ahhhh!!!!

  2. billieB says:

    is he threatening Edward?? omg one more DAY!

  3. Sarah says:

    Yes! first! o yeah, the quote. um. if edward leaves again *cringe*, ill die. literally. ahhhhhh..o jeez, jacob comes back. o joyyyyyy

  4. Tava says:

    Oh NO!!! This is a biggie!!!! What do you all think?

  5. Michelle says:

    I think it can basically be anyone. I mean any of the Cullens, especially Edward, Bella, Leah, Seth, the list keeps going.

    I’m not really taking it too seriously.

  6. Jo says:

    he’s talking to bella! noooooo! i was hoping jacob would get over it.

  7. Anne says:

    oh poop.

  8. Maria Cullen says:

    i am not kidding when i saw this i started twitching and hyperventilating. WOW!!!!!!!!

  9. Christy says:

    OME OME OME OME! This is worse than yesterday quote on freaking me out! Obviously i’m thinking of Jacob saying this to Bella. Since he previously said something like this in Eclipse. But I don’t think he would be able to live with himself if he did that, so i’m confused and frustrated! Anyways, if he didn’t kill himself; Edward would. TEAM EDWARD!!!

  10. mayra says:

    noooo whyyy jacob!!! hes talking to bella!

  11. Amanda says:

    omg omg omg
    so we know jacob appears somewhere
    but where?
    1.it might be him trying to talk bella out of turning

    2.he might be talking to someone else, like leah for some reason. maybe whoever it is he’s talking to is doing something metaphoraclly (forgive my spelling!) suicidal like telling someone something they dont want to hear.

    3. he might be joking?

    well whatever it is, we’ll just have to wait!(dang it!)

  12. The REAL Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    Yay, first comment!

    Any way….


    I think, it may be a joke. Since Jake sees Bella becoming a vamp as her being killed, in a moment where she is telling him about it, he offers. A joke. *nervously laughs…*

    YAY JAKE…. I love that wolf…..

    xoxo, Sorry, J, still Team Edward.

  13. Tava says:

    You know what I think? Why is Jacob in the books at all. He just gets in the way and he’s really starting to annoy me.

  14. Maria Cullen says:

    my eyes can’t focus on anythign now.

  15. Bree.J says:

    OMG….1 Day………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Alexa says:

    Ooooh i know….pick me, pick me. Jacob comes to bella and edwards wedding and edward lets them dance together and when bella accidentally reveals that she and edward are going to get it on on their honeymoon, he shakes bella, which makes Seth and sam try to pull him off bella as edward makes his way over and jacob says this to edward.

    Whadda think? i have a ton more theories about this quote.

  17. RAY says:

    hey, why wasn’t my theory posted? i didn’t give away any spoilers and i’m not going to 🙁 i’m not like that… *sniff sniff*

  18. P_M says:

    well…at least now we know for sure that he’s coming back right? is it just me or does it sound like he’s trying to convince himself? has someone implied that jacob was going to have someone else kill whomever he’s speaking to? because he said “i’ll kill you myself” not just “i’ll kill you”

  19. Katie says:

    I actually started shaking when I read this quote.
    I’m Team Jacob, but I really hope he doesn’t do something to make me hate him – I just made my T-shirt… :]

  20. Misty says:

    Jacob is sooooo immature! 🙂 Only 1 more day….

  21. Alexa says:

    Bella tells jacob that her and edward are going to get it on during their honeymoon and he yells this at edward…

  22. Emily says:

    WOW. This is intense.

    I just picture him saying this to Bella to stop her from choosing to become a vampire. He would rather kill him himself than have Edward ‘kill’ her.

  23. April, love. says:

    He could be talking to anyone!
    The one thing im really sad about is that Jacob is back :[ But hey, like none of us saw this coming haha!
    Im still worried though, but hey guys we only got one more day!!
    can you believe this day is almost in our grasp!!! 😀

  24. Nat says:

    I really don’t think this is a joke.. ‘

    Jake might be talking to Bella, he already hates the fact that she plans on becoming a vampire and he has told her before that he prefers her to die then to become a vamp… I don’t know this is really scary… it sounds like he’s responding to someone about something they said… I really doubt its to do with the cullens, I imagine it could be most likely be with any of the wolf pack, i could definitely see him saying this to sam or seth or any of his friends. Leah fits into it the best, like maybe she threatens to bother Bella because she’s so sick of her constantly being in Jake’s thoughts and then this is his response…

    OMG we’re almost there guys!!!

  25. Emily says:

    sorry, kill her not him*

  26. lizzie says:

    ahhhhh I hope he’s not talking about killing Edward…………One more day……………… finally Its almost here

  27. Alexa says:

    hey guys……read my comment

  28. Chelsea says:

    Aahhhh-who does Jacob want to kill? Not good. Not good. Wow-one more quote. One. Tomorrow’s will probably be good.

  29. Alejandra says:

    No, No Jake is totally NOT joking.
    It sounds serious!!!!!!!!
    OME OME!!!
    Yesterdays & Todays Quote just thru me off..!The last quotes are really getting serious there not as happy or joking!!!!!
    (Sorry 4 the spelling)

  30. Sydney says:

    I think Stephenie would like us to think that it is Bella that he is talking to because Jacob has always said that he would rather Bella be dead then be a vampire.

    He could basically be talking to anyone though.

  31. jill says:

    why did jacob have to be in here? life was so much better when he was in canada go team edward!

  32. R Pattz says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Jacob Black is silly. I hope he doesn’t do anything too crazy! But I think there should be an Edward vs Jacob showdown! Edward would dominate!!!!!!

  33. Twinerd says:

    The quotes are getting more stressful! I hope he isn’t talking to Bella or Edward! Perhaps Jane or one of the Volturi?

  34. Katie S. says:

    He is talking to Edward before Edward turns Bella, but after the wedding. Jake doesn’t want Bella to turn and will do anything to ‘save’ her. He just wants to give her time to realize that she doesn’t love Edward and wants to be with Jacob. Too bad Edward would totally kick Jacob’s butt.

    There has to be time inbetween the wedding and Bella’s transformation. Otherwise, what would the book be about?

    ONE MORE DAY!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! I NEED this book!!!!!!!!

  35. Melissa says:

    Omg, I’ve been waiting for a Jacob quote all this time, but not this one!!! This one REALLY freaks me out! When I read it my heart started beating hyperactively! I don’t know what this quote means but it CAN’T BE GOOD!

  36. Janie says:

    I think he’s talking to Bella. Like, if she’s about to become a vampire, he’s yelling this at her. Either that, or he’s saying this AFTER she’s been turned. However, there is the possibility it could be one of the wolf pack if they were bitten by a vampire; we don’t know what happens in a situation like that. I’m not saying that Jacob would yell this at one of the wolves in anger, but in frustration and desperation.

  37. Hayley says:


    what if he’s saying it to bella?

    : /

  38. Ray says:

    i can’t make a theory. i already know what happens 🙁

  39. ? says:

    Ray what do u mean u know?

  40. Ray says:

    my friend found the first half of breaking dawn online and called and told me all about it….then i squirmed all day, not sure if i believe her. so i finally gave in and went over to her house. it looks legit, (the scans) and even had this quote in it. 🙁

  41. Ray says:

    so if what we read was all a hoax, then the person who posted must be one hell-u-va photoshopper and must be psychic…. 🙁 i want to cry.

  42. Krystal says:


  43. Ray says:

    i didn’t post a spoiler 🙁 i already said i wouldn’t.

  44. Christine says:

    Even if somebody did have the copy of Breaking Dawn, it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference because there’s only 1 day left.

  45. Amanda says:

    This one is making me a little scared but I keep on thinking of the bright side……Jacob comes back. I’m Swizterland by the way, so I like both Jacob and Edward. But Bella and Edward will be together and if they aren’t I will be mad!

  46. Ray says:


    i just have a question…what IF breaking dawn isn’t what anyone expected? will u still await for midnight sun and the twilight movie? or will u just drop it? pretend like this series never existed or the series ended with eclipse?

    I am just naturally curious. i mean, i read part of the book. i’m not going to tell u how i feel about it, but i know what i am going to do. my breaking dawn copy will be here on saturday (i preordered it)

  47. Sarah says:

    Honestly I’m okay with Jacob coming back, Bella has to end up with Edward. The books are about them, Jacob wasn’t even very important till New Moon. Now just because he’s back doesn’t mean I’m rooting for him I’m Team Edward all the way!!! 😀

  48. Ray says:

    the twilight script looks good too. kinda long but in my opinion, the longer the better lol.

  49. arely says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob better not kill himself!!!! its just not right!!!

    team switzserland!!!

  50. Alejandra says:

    if breaking dawn is not what i expect i will still not give up on the books.
    And can u please stop being melodramatic about the spoiler thing

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