USA Today Interviews Stephenie

Jul 30th, 2008 | By | Category: Site News

USA Today has an amazing interview with Stephenie Meyer that features some pretty interesting insights:

Details are scarce, but Meyer, who says she finds it hard to keep secrets, has released a few.

The most startling: Her editors asked her to tone down the violence in Breaking Dawn, which she did, and discussed putting an age warning on the book, which she says she supported, although it didn’t happen.

“I was for an age limit of 15 or 16 and a warning,” says Meyer. “I think the content is just a little harder to handle, a little bit more grown-up for really young kids. I have 9-year-old readers, and I think it’s too old for them. Some of it’s violence, and some of it’s just mature themes.”

14 Comments to “USA Today Interviews Stephenie”

  1. shina says:

    why didn’t they do the age limit thing?

  2. shina says:

    oh no, ‘that’s when all the trouble starts’?

  3. Tava says:

    I’m thinking they FINALLY go all the way. Yeah!!!

  4. Meagan says:

    i read her small spoiler on and started hyperventilating!

  5. Tina says:

    oooh this makes me happy! i’m glad stephenie’s not holding back any juicy details for fear of being ‘innapropriate’
    only 1 more day (well, technically 2 days and 58 minutes…. close enough)

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  8. Kelly says:

    thats crazy! i hate when people say have to read this or you cant read that! its like my biggest pet peeve! I mean really- she her self read Jane Austin (sorry I know thats not spelled right) books at a young age, and usally that book is for collage students! She shouldn’t put an age limit just cause ‘its alittle heavers material’ I mean seriously how can she just dump younger fans! Thats outrages! Im sorry, that just what I think… 🙁

  9. Kate says:

    Im 14 and I would have read it anyway lol! Hopfully they “try”!

  10. Bree.J says:

    I think thats great….the books dont need to be toned down..the more details the better and they shoulda did the age warning…..

  11. sou says:

    I agree with what she said about her, “younger readers.” Honestly, the age should be cut off at like 15. I mean eclipse.. lol defiantly not 9 yr old material. I soo didn’t know people that young read this stuff! wow that’s a little… w-o-w. But.. hahaha no worrys for me I’ll be 17 on Aug 2. xDDDD Happy Birthday to ME!! 🙂

  12. sou says:

    @tava– lets all hope so!!!!! xDD

  13. twilightlover35 says:

    I’m confused. I don’t understand the age limit thingamabob. someone explain please it would help me alot!

  14. kez says:

    would i be able to get? in im 14 im very confused!! =( some 1 help me!

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