Day 1 (July 31st, 2008)

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Hey everybody…

In less than 48 hours you will have Breaking Dawn in your hands! Are you guys as excited as I am!? August 1st is easily going to be the most insane day of my life. And of course you can expect me to brag about it here!

I’m Becka, and I’m an 18 year old student. I’ll be attending Penn State UPark in the fall, and I hope to major in Public Relations — I’m sure you can see why! I love people and organizing/executing events… I also love books! Before I got into Twilight, I was in the Harry Potter fandom. I spent almost three years working on Podcast Plays for SpellCast, FictionAlley’s podcast. There was a bit of drama there and I lost my footing, and after book 7 came out I kind of got out of the fandom (though I still listen to Pottercast and Mugglecast on occassion!)

I guess my biggest pet project is of course TwilightLive — it’s pretty much consumed my existance for the last several weeks! Kallie told me that I’m not going to know what to do with myself after it’s over, but I assured her I have a much larger and grandeous beyond imagination project racing down the tubes — watch for more information coming soon!

Speaking of TwilightLive… now’s probably a good time to announce that MTV is going to be there! That’s right, every Twilighter’s favorite channel is going to be taping at our podcast, and their New York correspondent Kim Stolz will be taking a place on our panel for a segment of discussion before she pulls the winner to the Twilight movie poster give-away! There may also be some insanity on your Twilight Tuesday involving me, Bailey (nomoremarbles), and a handheld camera that MTV may or may not be shipping to me so that I can begin recording when I roll out of bed at 4 in the morning. Y’know, just sayin’. It could happen.

So I make the assumption a lot that people like to hear me talk about me, which usually isn’t true 😛

Team: Edward (because I’ll take Jacob TYVM)

I’m most excited to see the Denali Clan in Breaking Dawn!

I’ve unfortunately been exposed to a few spoilers through my work with TST and on the internet in general =( It’s really crappy of people to sneak spoilers into videos and comments. But you would never know it from talking to me, and it will stay that way. Promise!

My favorite Twilight actors: Pretty much all the boys, I guess. I have an autographed picture from Rob sitting on my nightstand face down in its envelope because I can’t decide what to do with it! Any ideas? I like Kellan a lot too, and Peter Facinelli was AWESOME to us for TwilightLive, I have a thank-you note for him sitting on my dresser. I’m excited to see Kristen and Liz Reaser as well because they’re both such talented actresses. But I like them all.

I would *love* to have an interview with Catherine Hardwicke!

I can’t wait to meet EVERYBODY at TwilightLive! You guys are going to love it! I’m also really excited to get to go to Sephora, which FYI is on the same floor as the Borders 😉

Love, B

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