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Stephenie Meyer has now spoken out on the leak of her book, “Midnight Sun.” Please go and read her entire statement here.

Stephenie: “So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn’t like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.”

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91 Comments to “Stephenie’s Statement”

  1. Robyn says:

    What about starting a TST “PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN, pretty please?” campaign? I’m dying to have this book!

  2. Dishearted_twilighter. says:

    I understand how she feels, but this happens all the time, for her to take it out on her adoring fans is so uncalled for. If anything else this leak would make ppl want Midnight sun even more. I don’t why she should punish her fans. I’m absolutely P.O. with not only the person who leaked it but also with Stephanie’s reaction.

  3. Nia says:

    I’ve read the leaked Midnight Sun. And it really is fantastic – I think it may even be better than Bella’s book. If people wanted to know, then no, it does not contain the meadow scene. And while I agree that it wasn’t right to post it online, I agree with ‘Dishearted_twilighter.’ – Stephenie should at least try to continue writing, and not put the book on hold indefinitely. This leak will just boost the sales as the copy finished before the meadow scene – so all the action is yet to come.

  4. Devon =[ says:

    This sucks! I’m really upset now. I am not going to read what’s been put on the website, because it’s unfinished and a rough draft. I really hope she does continue to write it, because i was so excited to read Midnight Sun :'(

  5. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone leaked midnight sun, Now stephenie is mad, and she’s not going to finish midnight sun! AAAAGGGGHHHHH! i’m so mad right now! how could she do this to us? i understand she’s upset, but this is such an overreaction! . she just posted the first 12 chapters, and left it at that, that’s it, nothing more is coming! 🙁 I’m mad at whoever leaked it, but i’m even more mad at Stephenie! I mean, why?
    (lots of screaming and crying!)

  6. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    Now that i’ve got that out! When you think about it, this leak is actually a good thing. While it was wrong to post it like this, the only thing it’s doing is making people more excited about the book, and gotten people who wouldn’t normally buy it, to see that they will like it, by giving them a taste, it just makes them more excited than ever! How could you do that to me Stephenie? how could you do that to us?

  7. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    Ok! Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m starting a petition, for those of us who have been loyal to Stephenie from the beginning. Sign it if you still want to her to finish Midnight Sun, and we’ll show her we love her still and we still love twilight. Untill I get it up,just leave your name in a post below this, and I’ll add it! Later, I’ll post the link!

  8. Dishearted_twilighter. says:

    here someone already started a petition,

  9. kelseyyy says:

    so shes really not finishing it? so thats it for the series forever???

  10. kitten says:

    I think that Stephanie is a great writer and we have to let her say her peace, but I think that she is unfairly punishing us. To take a stance that will never let us see what she wanted us to see is rather strangne. There was an early release of parts of Breaking Dawn and she didn’t overreact this way. I hope that she allows the situation to defuse itself and she gets back to the business she chose, which is writing, and allows us to see the side of most everyone’s favorite character. I know how much is stinks to have your information stolen from you, but she had to have known it was a possibility when she handed out the manuscripts in the first place. What it boils down to is that it stinks for us, the readers!

  11. Bagels says:

    No words can express how irritated I am at whomever posted the Midnight Sun chapters, so I will focus on the positive (yes, there is a positive!). And that is this:
    Stephenie Meyer did a great thing. She had no obligation whatsoever to post her first bit of Midnight Sun considering what happened, but she did anyways. She was able to be perfectly honorable when the situation involved dishonesty. All I can possibly say is, Thanks.

  12. Amanda says:

    aw that stinks
    i really wanted chapter 13
    why do some people have to ruin it for others?
    poor SM
    maybe she’ll just post other things for enjoyment
    of course, i dont want her to have to be petioned to do it, its not up to the fans
    so we still love you SM!

  13. sou says:

    ::is crying::
    This isn’t fair!! UGH!! How can people just disrespect SM in this way???
    I have not, and cannot read the MS leak. Even if it is on her website.
    This really sux, and this just totally destroyed my weekend.
    I really hope she develops the courage to finish MS sometime in the near future.

  14. lindy says:

    Yeah someone leaked it this way I can read it sooner so thanks to whoever leaked it you’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. lindy says:

    read the draft…’s really great

  16. kayla says:

    I LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))} hate catherine… EDWARD AND TAYNA WERE DATING BEFORE HE MET BELLA:}

  17. Naomi says:

    I’m really mad at whoever did this. im not going to read that draft either. i really hope stephenie will someday change her mind. i just found her books and i have read two of them in the last three days. now i just need to get the other two.

  18. Marci (major obsessed) says:



  19. Nicoru says:

    Ok so no offense to Meyer but, umm this is well this is absolutly insane…. She is sad because her book, which we already know the ending to, has been leaked…Sorry some of it has been leaked… Wow.. To me, don’t get me wrong I like Meyer’s books, this is makes me think a few things; A) it’s a publicity stunt for Midnight Sun B) Meyer doesn’t want to write it after the mixed reviews of Breaking Dawn, meaning this is her way out of writting another book from that series avoiding more critisism on the Twilight series C) she is honestly sad about it and making a mountain out of a mole hill…

    My response:
    A) Not bad… Its original thats for sure… Much better that the midnight parties and the small bits of info released for Breaking Dawn. I’m really impressed. If this is a stunt there will be another anouncement in 1 week- 3 months.. after 3 months people lose intrest.

    B) Fine, but at least say that… Maybe that way you wont lose fans… Hey maybe they will sypathise writting 5 books is tough. Writting 5 best selling books is harder. I would probably stop after 5 to.

    C) Ummm WTF… Sorry but you didn’t see Rowling make this big a fuss when Harry Potter got spoiled… I’m a fan but this is almost childish… Get over it. We know that James gets his ass kicked and Edward sucks the venom from Bella.. Oops did I just spoil it!!! (sorry for the sarcasm… I’m not having the best week…) My suggestion, sue the guy make a zillion more dollars and finish the book! Do it for the fans and to show that you don’t care.

    To end my little rant I would like to say and I hope Meyer reads this… Either publish it all or publish none of it. Don’t publish 264 pages on your site then say. I’m sorry millions of fans but this is all your getting… I would also like to say whatever leaks are very typical of well known and highly popular books. Though I’m angry with the guy, I’m now more angry with Meyer’s reaction. Its a leak get over it nothing has really been spoiled, be happy it wasn’t Breaking Dawn.

    My thoughts..

  20. Maddie says:

    OMFG HOW COULD THEY! i was looking forward to MS! I will never forgive them! NEVER!

  21. thegratefulbrunette says:

    I feel like crying. i know, it sounds really melodramatic, but i’m…. just speechless. i remember going to the ew on-line article and reading the midnight sun post. And i was floored at how people were gloating about how they had read the stolen material. How could they call themselves fans if they go around sencelessly violating the auther’s rights! It makes me sick to think about it. As an aspiring author I absolutly understand the dread that stems from having your work manipulated; it’s happened to me before, and it’s horrid. I would just like to close this statement by applauding the idiots who stole from Stephenie Meyer. Thanks a lot, you’ve ruined it for every one.
    ps- sorry for the misspellings.

  22. sou says:

    Okay I’ve had a few hours to cry, scream, and bitch (mostly cry) about midnight sun.. so here’s what i think.

    First off, I’m not reading any form of “crap” draft whether SM posts it or not.
    Honestly I’m offended, I’m a HUGE fan of her work.
    I’ve devoted so much, and now this??
    She said it time and time again in countless interviews that we would get Midnight Sun.
    She needs to take this back. For the sake of her reputation.

    As a last note i would like to say Stephenie really DOESN’T care about us the fans, if she doesn’t take this back.
    I’m just so upset right now.
    I just feel like she just gave ALL OF US, her utterly devoted fans, the finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Vikki says:

    only one thing to say….


    there was no reason to do this and now i am pissed…

  24. Nicoru says:

    Sou I tottaly agree with you. She did promis and as I said earlier she shouldn’t have posted her “draft”. This whole thing is unfair to the loyal fans who did nothing wrong… I think she cares about her fans, its how she makes her money… Oh and shes giving us two fingers up!

    (I’m not done bitching yet)

  25. anna332 says:

    I completely understand why Stephenie is so devastated about the illegal posting of the draft of Midnight Sun. She has nurtured all of her characters through each and every book in the series. I hate that some people have the irresistable need to ruin things for all of us. Many of us have been anxiously awaiting Midnight Sun. (No matter how long it took) We didn’t feel the need to sneak or cheat to catch a glimpse of an unfinished draft. We were willing to wait for Stephenie’s magic touch so we could enjoy the book in all of it’s glory. Now that will most likely NEVER HAPPEN! I don’t have any ill will toward the author, my ill will is for the so called “fans” who illegally posted it. I truly hope that Stepenie will reconsider after she has had a chance to recoil. I am 48 yrs old and my daughters 28 and 15 got me to read the series. We all enjoyed the Breaking Dawn Midnight Parties, we are eagerly awaiting the midnight show on the 21st of November of Twilight and were so excited about reading Midnight Sun. I will not read the draft of Midnight Sun because it was not as Stephenie had intended for us to enjoy the experience. Stephanie, please reconsider for the sake of Mother/Daughter bonding.

  26. Emily says:

    I’m so sad. I just want to cry. I’ll also be really mad about this, but not until later. Sorry people ruined it for you Stephenie. I still love you. :'(

  27. Britney says:

    ugh this just ruined my night, its so stupid tho, what about us fans who didnt read it or even know about the leak!??!
    gah im soooooooooooooooooooooo mad right now, people are so stupid.

    and i hate to say this cause ima huge Stephenie Meyer fan but im really not liking her right now, this is totally changing my view of her.

    Stephenie i love you and your work, but its not fair to do this to your fans who have been totally loyal and supportive to you.

  28. Sydney says:

    I am soooo sad!! I was so excited to see into Edward’s mind because I always wanted to see what he was thinking about Bella and see what he truly thinks about her in his head. I am totally gonna cry!!!!! I will never read the draft because hopefully Steph will finish the book anyway!!! 😀

  29. Nell says:

    You got my support Stephenie! 😀 I really, really HOPE that Midnight sun comes out, or any more Twilight books as matters!

  30. Nicoru says:

    Well I have just read the draft posted on Meyer’s website and I must say… NOOO why Stepahnie WHY!!!! Why must you torture your readers!!! My final conclusion of this whole thing is:

    This better be a publicity stunt because this is torture!!! I love Edwards POV its so much better than Bella’s. He has so much more to say. Also so many fans want this book, it was promised then taken away. I am reading the draft since well I’m a spoiler junkie, I read spoilers and thats just my thing. I need to know the ending… So again, this is killing me!

    I really hope Stephanie reconsiders this, I don’t care if its a publicity stunt or if she actually is too sad to finish it. I still think its absurd that she has been so deeply effected.


  31. Jill says:

    OK guys, I have a wonderfully happy petition going on and I’m stoked that 50 people have already signed it!! But I want more, lots more!! The petition is to show our love and loyalty to Stephenie by vowing to NOT read the leaked pages on the internet — instead we’re willing to wait however long we need to in order to get Midnight Sun in print.
    What say you? Who will join me??
    And I promise to mail it to Stephenie myself!!

    Thanks guys!! Now go show Stephenie some love!!

  32. Rachel says:

    noooo! i was sooo looking forward to Midnight Sun! its not fair that she stoped writing it altogether just because of what someone did! i understand why stephenie meyer did it and it wasn’t right for someone 2 do that! now the whole book will nevr b finished, yes some of it has been put on her website, but its not the whole thing and its not finished! y would someone do that to stephenie? it ruined the book for millions of people i really hope stephenie changes her mind and finishes the book and publishes it because its not fair to the rest of her fans that have stayed loyal to her is it possible for her to change her mind and publish Midnight Sun as a whole?

  33. Whitney says:

    I feel like the fans are being cheated even though I understand why she is pissed. I do appreciate that she posted the draft though. Still devastated.

  34. Monica says:

    As much as I love Stephenie, I am disheartened about this news. I have not yet read the leaked draft, nor could I have the heart or the enthusiasm to do so after hearing that it will not come to pass. I have been so excited and anxious to read Edward’s perspective that, for me, it was the only silver lining to knowing that Bella’s POV will be concluded in Breaking Dawn. However, now not only am I saddened at the prospect of never hearing Edward’s thoughts, I am also angry. Angry because ONE person ruined it for all the fans. ONE person took away a wonderful escape that myself and many others had from reality- an escape that we were wholeheartedly engrossed and completely obsessed with. I humbly appeal to Stephenie to not punish her loyal fans just because of this individual’s foolish, selfish and costly mistake. I pledge not to read the leak if it will mean that there was a chance that Midnight Sun might return to production. I’m sure I speak for all the fans when we say, “Please, don’t take Edward and his story away!”

  35. kirkey says:

    This is devastating every way you look at it. My heart goes out to Stephenie. I wish that someday she will find it in her heart to overcome this and finish the book the way it was meant to be.

    I felt that I couldn’t wait to read the book, but reading the leak and not the finished work is like grasping to the image of a loved one in their casket, they are not the same and it will always leave a bitter memory, not a sense of closure. Loved ones should be remembered as they lived, full of warmth and vibrance. I will never read the remnants of something destined to be great like midnight sun.

  36. Emily says:

    Does this mean that she’s not going to ever write the ending? 🙁

  37. alyssa says:

    If the fans knew who put this on the internet, that person would have to change their name and flee to Brazil. Literally.

  38. Sammykins says:

    This is… upsetting. This has been one of the worst weeks of my life. First I become overwhelmed by start of semester and the fact that my tuition was messed up and I had to foot the bill. My scholarship funds aren’t being disbursed… Then I get told my job has been eliminated and I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do about work and how to pay for school without a job. I’ve contemplated sucide at least 20 times in the last two days… I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning… So, I started re-reading the Twilight books and was thinking about how excited I was for Midnight Sun… Then this. Now I have nothing to look forward to. I give up… I really do. I just give up.

  39. Desiree says:

    Wow! Got to say I- am -in -shock! How could she not write it!?!! Oh my gosh, she really isn’t going to finish it!?! Someone needs to talk to her!! You know the book would like sell a ton!! She is really disapointing her fans doing this!! Does she know that!?!! Gosh!!!

  40. Sasha says:

    Like Edward said about Laurent.

    “Damn whoever leaked Midnight Sun. Damn them to the deepest pits of hell where they belong!”


  41. avree says:

    I think this totally sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! she should finish it because her fans didn’t do anything but support her. She should finish it and make more!!!! This is horrible! Her fans, even if they have already read it, will still buy it so they can re-read it and also because we ( her fans) love her and her stories!!!!

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