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This week we are asking you to post a question for us to answer!  This is an opportunity for you to ask us what we think about anything Twilight!  We are looking forward to reading your questions, and answering them on the show.

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  1. Carey says:

    Do you think that the young adult readers had (are having) a hard time identifing with married Edward and Bella and having a child? Would you encourage them to not forget the series and reread Breaking Dawn once they had experienced that part of life for themselves? Being married and a mom I loved the ending and glad Stephenie created Siobhan (wishful thinking and of course a woman so almost no one got hurt).

  2. Chelsea Y. says:

    Hey TST girls!

    Ok, my question is whether or not Renesmee can reproduce. I mean, she’s a vampire, so she can’t, but she’s also a human, which means she can. And even if Renesmee could be impregnagated, could she have babies with Jacob since vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies? What about with one of her own kind (cough cough, Nahuel).

    Love your podcast, keep up the good work!


  3. Rachel says:

    hey kassie and kallie! i love the podcast, u guys can always make me laugh! keep up the great work!
    ok so i have a couple questions for u:

    1. How did u feel about how Rosalie defended Bella and the baby (only because she wanted the baby and didn’t care what happened to Bella) when Bella was still pregnant?

    2. What was your favorite part of the Breaking Dawn?

    3. If there was one thing about the book you would change (if you had to)

    4.Did you like the roll Alice played in the book?

    5.When did you first notice Bella was pregnant? What was your first reaction when you found out?

  4. Dani from Fangless says:

    Hey there Ladies!
    My question to you is why do you think Jacob imprinted on Renesme. I mean we all know that imprinting is uncontralable and just happens but why do you think it was Renesme. Personally I think that what happened was always suppose to happen, but what if Jacob had an attraction to Bella because Renesme was a product of Bella… That is my question/theory/not sure what it is for you!

    Thanks and phenomenal job with the show!!

  5. Cecilia Guerrero says:

    Hey girls,

    I posted a comment on this a few days ago and now I want to know what you thing…….

    We learned – when we thought werewolves were werewolves and not shape shifters – that Quil’s mom was thought to not be a Quilleute. Descendants of the first alphas turned into what we thought were werewolves and because Quil’s mother and father were thought to not Quilleutes then how did he become a werewolf? We also learned that when Quil did become a wererwolf that somehow he has to be a descendant and Sam and Jacob wanted to know if they were related to him in some way.

    Well here’s the point….

    I wanted to know how do you think Quil became a werewolf – if what we learned still applies?


    If it stiil does, who do you think is related to Quil – Sam or Jacob? And why?

    That was it….love your the podcast!

  6. Cecilia Guerrero says:

    Ha thought of another question

    What do you think will happen to Leah Clearwater?

    And I read somewhere that SM – if she could/wanted to – might write books from another character’s point of view…one of which she said Leah Clearwater.

    If SM did write a book from Leah’s point of view would you read it? Why or why not?

  7. Adrianne says:

    Hey guys! I totally feel like I know you already just from listening to you guys talk every week. I’m totally not a podcast person so its totally awsome…and a little wierd. (Hope you don’t scratch me off as some crazy fan…which i bet you get a lot anyway…lol)

    Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many questions just floating around in my head right now that even my brainiac twi-hard friend cannot answer. It’s driving me insane! (so feel free to pick just one) : )

    Personally, I thing Steph totally ended Breaking Dawn on an “open” note, i guess you could say. All of the people I have talked to and I feel like the story did not completely end, as in there is totally no closure (which I’m pretty sure has nothing to do from Twilgiht withdrawel). It just doesn’t feel like we’ve heard the last of the Cullens or Forks for that matter. I also heard, and truly pray, that Steph was considering writing another book but from a different person’s perspective. Which character do you think she would choose and why? I am leaning towards Renesmee because 1) she was practically just born, 2) she is an incredible character and her special abilities and, well, uniqueness opens many possibilities for a intresting future, to say the least, 3) growing up in a vampire family as a half-human, half-vampire is a very intriguiing thought, and 4) she is destined to be with Jacob, a wolf-spirit…thing (I forgot what the Volturi called him, sorry!) the only creature she is not half of. LOL But that’s my personal opinion.

    Another reason why I think the book isn’t completely closed is because there was that whole ordeal with the Volturi and how a couple characters at the end saw how threatened they had felt. I can totally see the Volturi coming back for revenge or another group of vampires banding together to rid the world of their injustice now that it has been made clear to all parties. The fact that there were many unsatisfied feelings after the “fight” on both sides really makes me believe that something is going to happen in the future (hopefully the near future). Does this make sense, and is this something you agree with?

    When this book is made into a film, what parts do you think will be left out? It was a VERY long book, and even Steph said so herself. It got pretty gruesome too. Do you think they’ll leave in all the blood and guts (the birth scene) just the way it is? That would be interesting to watch, but I don’t think many people will be able to stomach it. But its such an important part though…I’m so torn. What are your thoughts?

    Ooh, and what about the were-wolves, the so-called “Children of the Moon” that the Volturi were tlaking about? I mean, I’m probably not the only one saying this but I was completely convinced that that was what the Quileute wolf pack was. Now they mention a WHOLE NEW side of the fantasy world the readers, along with most of the characters, didn’t even know about. Do you think Steph put this in near the end to introduce a whole new set of characters taht could possibly pop up later on? Because I don’t think she would have mentioned a new concept just for the fun of it. I could be wrong thought. What do u think?

    And I don’t think anyone is finished with Edward yet…its just too hard to say goodbye :’ (

    I know I’m late but KASSIE, I competely know how you feel and it didn’t even occur to me that Jacob had imprinted. I was totally lost in the story to actually think about it. All of it was so overwhelming anyway.

    Love you guys! Have a blessed week and hope to hear from you soon. You guys rock!
    P.S. I think it’s totally awsome that yoou mentioned you went to church on your podcast; I just thought that was neat. Glad to hear about opinions about Twilight from a Christian perspective (you’re Christian right?) Rock on…in the name of the Lord! haha : D

  8. Janelle from the Philippines says:

    Hello Kallie, Kallie and Lindsey!

    I wanna exercise brevity so my questions are:

    (1) What was the main draw of the Twilight series to each of you? What (or who) lured you to gobble the whole thing up?

    (2) Do you agree with the observation that Twilight is actually about sexual awakening in its purest, most chaste from?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  9. Albert says:

    I was wondering if yall think there will be a fifth book that continues the story. i think it would be interesting to see how bella deals with Charlie eventually asking to many question and finding out that she is a vampire. im also interested to see how she deals with jacobs and nessie relationship once nessie has grown up. i also wonder how she would deal with charlies and renees deaths. I hope she would write another book.

  10. Gina S says:

    Hey! I love your podcast. It makes my work week more enjoyable. So thanks for all your hard work. Here are a few questions:
    1. What is your favorite Edward quote from the books?
    2. What was your favorite scene to read from each book?
    3. Favorite Jacob line?
    My answers:
    1. Sleep Bella my love (page 195 of Eclipse)
    2. Twilight: Meadow scene / New Moon: When Edward tries to convince her he is really back and loves Bella / Eclipse: Between Edward and Jacob talking in the tent while Bella half slept and The proposal of course on page 460
    3. I’ll keep trying. (When Jacob kept trying to tell “Blondie” jokes she hadn’t heard). It was so funny when he said I’ll keep trying. It just was so Jacob. Immature but funny.
    Well, hope you let us know your favs.
    Thanks, Gina

  11. Gina S says:

    Oops! Just reading all the different questions and saw one that really is bugging me to get other people’s opinion too! Do you all think that Rosalie was protecting Bella and the baby and loved the fact that Bella wanted the baby or was she in it more for herself to get the baby? Of course, we only got Jacob’s point of view and he felt as if Rosalie didn’t care about Bella at all, do you think that was really true or just how Jacob saw it? Hmmm…
    P.S. Glad you have joined Lindsey, I enjoy your input! Esp. with the Host too!
    Thanks! Gina

  12. valerie(aka grape jelly) says:

    oaky…i’m gonna tell you how i came up with this…
    first me and my bff cassie were hanging out and…
    since all we ever talk about is the twilight series…
    she mencioned that there was an unrated version to breaking dawn and
    i wanna know if you guys have heard anything about it???
    lots of love…
    #1 fan(#2 acording to cassie)
    valerie(a.k.a. grape jelly)

  13. Lauren says:

    I have a couple of questions. Feel free to use them together or by themselves. These questions pertain to any or all of the four books.

    1. What is your favorite Edward/ Bella moment? Why?

    2. What is your favorite line?

    3. If you could have part of the stories narrated by anyone other than Bella or Jacob, which character would it be and why?

  14. Chelsea says:

    We know that female vampires can’t reproduce, but do you think Nessie would be able to? And if so, what would your reaction to Human/ Vampire/Werewolf hybrids be?

  15. Fantwilight says:

    What did you think was the other mystery book that parelled with Breaking Dawn? Breaking Dawn left me with more questions then answers. What about you guys did it answer all of your questions or leave you with more then ever like it did for me? Sorry for the spelling misakes!

  16. Fantwilight says:

    I have another one! Do you think fish, ect tastes different then on land animal’s blood does?

  17. Fantwilight says:

    Last one! Sorry! Ok you know how it says that the bigger animals taste better because they are carnivores well then do you think that means dinosaurs like t-rexs tasted really good? (((Yes I know they are extinxted but still vampires might have been around back then. xD I could so see Emment fighting one.))) Oh and sharks!!!!

  18. Britney says:

    What is yall’s favorite twilight moment from like any book like any sceen that sticks out when you think of the Twilight series
    what is yall’s favorite quote from any of the books???

    -love Brit 🙂

  19. lucy sunshine says:

    My question is about Bella’s mom, Renee. Will she get to meet Renesme? Why doesn’t Bella worry about losing her mother? What gives? It just does not make sense.

  20. Britney says:

    another question!!!
    what do yall think will happen with the whole Midnight Sun incident, do yall think she will keep writing it or you think she will just put it aside.
    wich other characters do you think books will be made about if there are other books?

    -love Brit (again lol)

  21. meghan says:

    This is just something I’ve always been curious about, to make phasing easier, jacob only wore shorts and then put them in the cord around his ankle. My question is what does Leah do about wearing clothes, since she can’t walk around topless like the guys?

  22. Amber says:

    my question..
    haha its been too long since i’ve visited.
    BUT this is for kallie.
    please IN DETAIL well as you can i know its impossible…why it is that you love edward cullen.

    for BOTH

    are either of you planning on reading the partial draft for midnight sun that stephenie has posted.?
    since it looks as though midnight sun will never happen.
    no matter the hype.

  23. Barbara says:

    I have enjoyed your podcasts, but I really need to ask – Were you not disappointed by Breaking Dawn? I enjoyed reading the first three books and The Host, but Breaking Dawn did not even resemble Meyer’s usual style. The entire novel (not just the section from Jacob’s point of view, because that was kind of interesting) sounded nothing like her other books. The writing seemed like it was rushed. There were way too many “easy” fixes to problems. I got the feeling that she was trying to wrap up every loose end no matter how ridiculous the solution. Did you REALLY enjoy it or were you just being nice?

    Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you do on the website and the podcast!

  24. Amy says:

    Does a vampire’s hair grow? Can it be cut, or is it super-hulk-strong hair?

  25. Amy says:

    What are the IMMORTAL Cullens going to do when our solar system’s sun turns into a Red Giant (in 5 billion years), thus engulfing the earth in it’s increasing fiery girth. Will Edward and Bella float out into space? They don’t need air, so essentially they could float to Mars. It would be awesome.

  26. Amy says:

    Why doesn’t Edward grow a moustache (think of Rob in Little Ashes)? He would be so haaaaandsome.

  27. Amy says:

    Do the Cullens ever donate their stuff to museums when they are done with them? Think of all their clothing, cars, instruments, furniture, underwear, potatoes, fingernail sunglasses, Edward himself…

  28. Amy says:

    Does Edward Cullen have a favorite cartoon, yo?

  29. Amy says:

    What’s Edward Cullen’s favorite movie genre.

  30. Amy says:

    If WWIII happened, and the world (its vegetation and mortal life forms) was decimated by nuclear weapons, what would the Cullen’s do? All the animals would be radioactive….or dead…so no food….

  31. Daylet says:

    If there was any aspect about The Twilight Saga that you could change what would it be?

    Ex: Book Title, Cover, Characters, Plot…etc.

    I love your podcast, keep up the good work.

    I think Lindsay mentioned this, eggs don’t give that many people gas 😉


  32. AMY says:

    If it’s so hard denying the urge for Human blood, why don’t the Cullens snag a couple of samples from the blood bank? Hm? They wouldn’t be….killing anyone, maybe denying a few patients some donated blood, but who cares ’bout those foos anyway?

  33. AMY says:

    Blade (Wesley Snipes) v. Edward. Epic battle. Who would win!?

  34. AMY says:

    If Edward was to drink the blood of an animal with rabies….would he have get rabies?

  35. AMY says:

    Edward has super-duper hearing…. pardon me for this question. SO, with his super-duper hearing….how did he avoid listening (was he listening?) to Bella when she was having a “human moment” in dah bathroom. I’m just sayin’….it’s something you have to wonder about…

  36. AMY says:

    If Edward was struck by lightening….would he die? I mean a simple bonfire seems to do the trick for vampires, why not a beam on electricity five times hotter than the sun?

  37. AMY says:

    Do you think all James needed was a friend? I think so….

  38. AMY says:

    Would the Cullens make good astronauts….because they don’t need all that air. I mean we could just launch them into space via rocket, them strapped to the top. NASA would save so much freaking money. The Cullens don’t eat, don’t breathe….

  39. beth says:

    hey its beth
    i just want to know if edward can get hot or cold? does he swet?
    what would happen if renesmee was venomos and she bit jake? what would happen to him?
    do like how jake looks in the movie? i think that his hair looks really bad!!! i got the twilight calender 4 my bday yesterday and it has a pic of bella, charlie, jake and billy i it and i don’t like his hair it really annoys me!!!!! what do you think about the very last part of breaking dawn?

  40. Leslie says:

    Hey Guys!
    I usually don’t like to chose characters in books but I love Alice! She is the character i most relate to and she is totally awesome! Did you think it was a good choice for her to run away so Aro wouldn’t steal her gift? Either way i love how jasper went with her! Such devotion!(Sigh)Also something I found nice was that Renesme missed Alice and how everyone else did too!

  41. Mariah says:

    I was wondering… what do you see happening to the publishing of Midnight’s Sun?
    There are a few sides to take. The people I know say that it isn’t fair for Stephenie Meyer to stop writing. She got our hopes up and tore them down. I think that we all love the books and we all owe that to Stephenie. She created another world beyond our, mere mortal, imaginations. Someone shared something, that she obviously took pride in (who wouldn’t though?), without her permission. I think that we should let her write on her own time, so she can broaden our understanding about books that hold a story which is more than just ink and paper to some of us.
    PS You don’t have to share my opinion or agree with it, I just thought I get it out there
    PPS Your podcast is AMAZING!!! I’d do offer to do something to help with the site, but I’d probably ruin it. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts:)

  42. Wow, this is such a cool change! Can’t wait to hear all your answers to our questions!
    1. What was your first reaction when you were reading the Breaking Dawn quotes? (before the book came out) (The Mike one in particular, as a personal favor)
    2. What were your different reactions to the quotes when you saw them in the book’s content? (Again, what about the Mike one, which appeared in the first chapter, I think)
    3. How many hours a week do you guys spend working on TST? For example, on the podcast, updating the site, etc.

    You guys are awesome!!

  43. BTW, Amy, Edward can’t grow a mustache…. he doesn’t function anymore (wow, that sounds odd)
    And Amy, I don’t think they know the answers to your questions…. They aren’t exactly Stephenie Meyer, so they could only make up something.

  44. Lorefairy says:

    This question is for Lindsey (I apologize if I spelled it wrong!).
    I was just wondering, first, what your favorite book in the Twilight saga is? And Second, after reading Breaking Dawn, who is your up-most, favorite character (besides Edward).
    I was just wondering, because it’s hard to get everyone’s opinion into the podcasts, and I don’t think you’ve answered those.
    ALL THREE OF YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!! keep it up!

  45. VampShelby : } says:

    When Bella first finds out she is pregnant she knows that she has to keep the baby and her imediate reaction is to call Rosalie. If you were in Bella’s situation do you all think that you would have that strong desire to keep the baby, and on top of that consider calling Rosalie????

    Lovith the show!!!!
    Oh. P.S.: in the previous books we learned that one of the wolfs could be another one’s half brother. I just wanted to know what happend with that…maybe i missed it…….

  46. Chloe says:

    1) How do you feel that Midnight Sun is being sposponed becouse someone put on the net?

    2) what do you think if Charie faned out that these Vampire’s liveing amuncked him and that his Bella is one too now, what would his reachon be?

    3)what do you think if Charie faned out these is also werewolf too Jacob is one?

    On you podcast you said that you did not Know of any half Vampire and half humen babys well there is a comic book and movie called Blade wich tell the story of half Vampire and half humen vampire hanter. there is also a TV show called Angel wich tell the story of a vampire with a soul how helps pepple and in the 4th or 5th season i can’t rememeder Angel and his sier Darla how has no soul had a baby boy called Connor how is also the same. so Renesme is not the only one.

  47. Emelia says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    I was wondering what characters do you think you are most like? or What characters do you think you relate to most?
    and Why did the chicken cross the road?
    You guys are amazing!

  48. Lauren says:

    A lot of people disliked Breaking Dawn because they said Bella was no longer a relatable character when she became a vampire. I personally liked the growth she showed, and I liked experiencing all of the vampire “firsts” with her. What do you think? What were you feelings on Bella’s being a vampire?

  49. Christi says:

    Hi Kallie, hi Kassie. Let me just say that I love your podcast! you guys RULE! (And you dont have to say this, but if you check out my website, it’s not really ready yet, so if you bookmark it or something and keep looking, it will get better, I promise you!)
    So my question is:
    Have you heard that Stephanie Meyer isn’t writing Midnight Sun anymore? Do you think that’s just a rumor, or if it’s the truth! Because I heard it from a friend who checked out the site, and it said so. I also checked out her site, and I was so shocked to see! Please, even if you dont read this, I really need you to look this up! I want to know if the Twilight Saga will continue or not! Because, I am a die-hard team Switzerland fan (at first, because I wanted Jacob for myself, lol!!!) I love you guys! Ur my favorite Podcast, not just Twilight!


  50. Sidonie Clearwater (OBSESSED!!!) says:

    Hey guys! Let me just start by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE your show!

    My questions are the following:
    1) If Stephenie Meyer wrote a Jacob/ Renesmee love story, would you read it? Why or why not?
    2) Do you think that Stephenie should have made any of the other werewolves/ shape shifters imprint in Breaking Dawn? Why?
    3) Do you think that the werewolves/ shape shifters should have had a bigger part in the END of Breaking Dawn?

    By the way Kallie and Kassie (and Lindsay), I am team Switzerland! Kassie, I love you so much but I think that Kallie and Lindsay were right on the whole Jacob imprinting on Renesmee thing. And I also DO NOT like that people have been calling Jacob, Jake. HIs name is Jacob, just like Renesmee’s name is Renesmee, not Nessie.
    Love you soooooo much!
    ~Sidonie (Pronounced Sydney)
    (And I decided I’m going to get married to Seth, that’s why my last name is Clearwater *smiles*)

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