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This week we are asking you to post a question for us to answer!  This is an opportunity for you to ask us what we think about anything Twilight!  We are looking forward to reading your questions, and answering them on the show.

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  1. Bagels says:

    Okay, this was probably like the first question you got, but I’m to lazy to read them all!!! 🙂
    Anyways, if you had to choose between vampire, werewolf, half-breed, or human, what would you pick and why?

  2. Ainsley says:

    My Question would be ‘Would Bella and Edward ever go back to Forks Highschool due to living forever? Would they ever repeat there last couple of years just for fun, when Nessie had grown up?’
    I hope you like my question. i love listening to your show. It always cheers me up.
    Thankyou! 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    I have come questions here that you might like to do your show on.
    1. If Stephenie Meyer was doing another book about Bella and Edward, what do you think it will be about and what would happen.
    2. Of Edward wasn’t named Edward, what name would he have been called?
    3. What would Jacobs and Nessies wedding be like, when they get married?
    4. What was ahead for Leah? Would she find someone she could imprint on?
    5. If Edward took a Job to earn money, what job do you think he would take and why?
    Thankyou very much and i hope you enjoy them
    i also love ya guys show. its super cool. you guys are the best!

  4. RDL says:

    it may not be a good question due to possible spoilers, but if you read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun (legally from her site is how I read them, and I’ll still read the book no matter when she decides to release it) what did you guys think? If someone has asked already, sorry for the repost.

    Thanks guys, this is my one of my favorite Twilight podcasts 😀

  5. Alex says:

    Ok So I Was Doing My Health Homework 2day, and They Were Talking about Down Cyndrome, and How It Was Caused By An EXTRA Cromosone, Well Normal People Have 23 and Jacob Has 24! Wouldn’t That Mean He HAs Down Cyndrome, I Know Thats Very Mean But I HATE Him So I About Died When I Figured This Out. Anyway Wat Do You Think About The Chromosone Thing? Please Respond!
    Sincerly The #1 Edward Fan In America,
    Alex Cullen!

  6. Sarah. J says:

    first of all, i absolutely loove the podcast, its like one of the hilights in my week!!
    my question is, (or are)
    what is youre fave jacob bella moment (sorry kassie)??
    what is youre fave edward bella moment??
    any other favorite moments??
    also, what have been youre favorite quotes thruout the series, and lastly,what was youre fave blonde joke??

  7. Sarah says:

    Hey, I love the podcast and I was wondering if you were in Bella’s position in Eclipse if you would have gone with Edward or Jacob. I’m 150% team Edward for Bella, but I was never really sure what I would have done in her position because I really like Jacob’s personality as well as Edward’s.

    Thanks for all the stuff you guys do, you’re podcast is awesome.

  8. Amanda says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    i love ur podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok, here are my questions (probably asked before…)
    when you found out that Jacob was a werewolf in new moon, what was your first reaction?
    also, out of the whole wolf pack, who is your favorite and why?

    You guys are AWESOME! I cant wait until your next podcast!

  9. Hazel says:

    Hey, it’s Hazel again. And I just wanted to say that, after reading four chapters of midnight sun and feeling the guilt, I CANNOT READ IT! i’m not going to read any more until she has completed (IF she ever completes it) and publishes it. just saying…umm okay since i’m posting i might as well put another question…okay. if you could change renesmee’s name to anything else, what would you change it to? i personally love the name, but i wanted to know if you feel another name is better for her…thanks!

  10. Twilight obsessed fan!!! says:

    Hiya! Kallie and Kassie, your podcasts are super amazing.
    my question is…
    1. what are your thouhgts about twilight the movie?
    2.what did you think when you heard Katherine H. decided to add a Cullen flashback?
    3.Do you like all of the actors and actresses they chose for the movie? Breaking Dawn, how did you feel when jacob went and told/showed charlie about him being a werewolf?

  11. Kayla says:

    hey! i was wondering how you felt about Stephenie Meyer directing a music video?
    if stephenie wrote twilight, new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn from another character’s prespective, which book and which character would chose.
    hope that isnt confusing…id probably chose Eclipse form Edward’s

  12. Jasmine says:

    Hey Girls, just wanted to ask you guys How do you think Jane and Alec became vampires and why were they turned so young and also how old are they really in human and vampire years?
    you girls are awsome keep up the awsome work!

  13. Angie says:

    i have a question about the whole werewolf thing:

    –we know that werewolves (shape shifters) don’t age as long as they shape shift from time to time…So, my question is that if werewolves can be “immortal”, what will happen to their mates? The women who are the object of their imprinting (Emily, Claire, Kim, etc…)?? Do they age or do they become immortal like the wolves?

    BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast…Keep it up!

  14. Nikki says:

    Hey! I have an IMPORTANT question about Midnight Sun.

    ok…. so i’ve read all of the statements from Stephenie Meyer on her website about Midnight Sun being postponed indefinetly, :[ and i was wondering what you guys think about her writing and release decisions, and also what you guys think about her releasing the first 264 pages of her draft online… hmm…. i really want to read it but i’m still decisive about whether or not i should wait…. what are your plans??? anyway, i know this has been kindof long but i thought i would leave you guys some ponderisms (yes i did made up that word) feel free to use it anytime. :]

    oh, and by the way… i totally didnt see the whole thing with jacob imprinting on renesmee when i first read it…. maybe i skipped a page…. :]

  15. Amber says:

    Does anyone else miss the old Bella? I am happy she got what she always wanted….essentially eternity with Edward, but since the time she becomes a vampire I don’t feel the same connection with her. I miss the dynamics of her and Edward’s relationship when she was imperfect and human. Sometimes I don’t feel like there is enough left of that endearing Bella we all grew to love. Anyone else feel the same?

  16. Sasha says:

    Quil and Claire or Jacob and Renesmee? Take your pick.

  17. Wendy says:

    My question is….
    How would you improve Breaking Dawn?

    Here’s what I would do:
    1. I would separate the book into 2, stopping where Jacob imprints on Renessme, except, perhaps to include the first chapter of Bella’s second book where we see her as a vampire. Things wouldn’t feel as rushed in certain places and perhaps the things that weirded a few people out would have made more sense.
    With the book separated, we could go into more detail about certain topics such as:
    2.more of Bella’s sorrow in missing her mother.
    3.the pregnancy from Bella’s point of view, as well as more of Edward’s feelings about the baby when he starts hearing her thoughts.
    4. More about Edward’s relationship with Renessme.
    5. A chance to get to know Renessme more intimately.
    6.More about what happens with Leah
    7.More details about Bella’s first few weeks/months as a vampire.
    8. Hear more from Alice–her feelings while Bella’s pregnant, Bella and Alice together (there is very little conversation between the two even when Alice is still around, and also, perhaps hear more about her adventures in South America.
    9. Get Emmett’s story, etc.

    What do you think you would do?

  18. TeamEdwacob says:

    Hey Twilight Series Theories! First of all, about the name…if Stephenie can combine names why can’t I?? (Notice I put Edward first Kassie!) Okay moving on to my question! (Actually two)
    At the end of Breaking Dawn, Leah’s story was left kind of open ended. She was happy being the Beta in Jacob’s pack, but Stephenie never really said what happened to her. I looked on Steph’s site under FAQ on Breaking Dawn and I saw my question, but she never really answered it. So I guess my question is what do you think happened to Leah? Did she imprint on someone? If so, who? Did she choose to remain a werewolf or did she give it up to live a normal life? Why did she make the choice she did? Okay on to the next question…
    Do you think the Cullens remained in Forks? Or if they didn’t, did they come back after the people who had known them had died? If they remained, do you think Renesmee would go to Forks High School when she “grew up”? (I can picture it now…Edward listening to all of the thoughts of the people in the school when Nessie arrived and hearing exactly what he heard on Bella’s first day-if you know what I mean)
    Thanks and keep up the great Podcast!

  19. alicefanclub says:

    Great Podcast Girls! okay heres my question.

    Stephenie said she might or might not continue the Twilight world (besides Midnight Sun). If you were in her place, would you write another book in the series? from whos perspective? or would it be someone COMPLETELY different- like the Romanian vampires in breaking dawn? would it involve the characters we know, or involve completely new ones? let me know what ya think- but please dont just say “of course i’d write another one” just because we all love the series and never want it to end (well…im speaking for myself here lol) thanks a ton, love the podcast!

  20. Lauren says:

    Sometimes the situations in Twilight seem so dire that you can’t imagine a fitting way to end the story with the light at the end of the tunnel, but the Dawn Breaks (so to speak) and we get what we want for our beloved characters. I loved the series because of these endings. Which novel ending was your favorite why? Similarly, what was your favorite novel beginning in the series?

  21. Rayanna says:

    I have a few questions I would like to ask-

    -I have read a couple articles about fans returning Breaking Dawn because the didn’t like the message it sent.When I read this I really felt like saying the author wrote what she thought would be a good ending to the series and you shouldn’t get all mad over something as silly as I didn’t like it. I will say I would have liked a little more action but I’m not going to return the book over it. Do you think I’m being too harsh and that there must be an explanation? I loved this book and I was wondering what you think about this.

    -I have read the entire Twilight Series and the only thing that I felt a little deprived of was what Edward was thinking. Now I know they do have a partially complete Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer’s website but I would have liked it while I was reading the book. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Jacob Book in Breaking Dawn but I wanted an Edward Book. Do you think Stephenie Meyer should have written a part in any of the books in Edwards point of view?

    -If you had to pick a song that best describes Edward and Bella’s relationship what would it be? I have ideas but I can’t seem tofind one that matches them in all the ways it should.

    -When do you think they should start playing the Twilight Trailer on T.V. ? I think they should do it in about three weeks. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of Twilight Fans but the word needs to get out because whenever I want to talk about it no one knows what I’m talking about.

    I love your podcast and I really enjoyed listening to it after I’d read one of the books to hear differnet opinions. I’m looking forward to this weeks podcast and I hope my questions are answered.

    P.S. My name is pronouced Ray-Anna Both names put together.

  22. Nikki says:

    Hey Kallie, Kassie, and Lindsay!
    I know I’ve already sent some questions/ponderisms a few days ago that i now have realized that pretty much everyone has already asked about midnight sun so i’m sorry for the repeats! i have thought of another question that i think would be great for a good venture back to the past. Ok, my question is related to TWILIGHT!!! yes, the original first book…. i know my question has come a little late but thats ok :]. so, my question is this:

    When James bites Bella at the dance studio at the end of Twilight, she wakes up or is in a kindof daze where she is able to feel an intense burning that we now know thanks to breaking dawn is very similar to the feelings of becoming a vampire. Bella had already been bugging Edward to turn her into a vampire so I want to know why you think she was so persistant about getting the vampire venom out of her system when she could just let it be, become a vampire, and be with the love of her life forever without any disputes about the change? Now, I have taken into consideration the fact that Edward would always be unhappy with himself for letting her go through all of the pain and that it would be good for stephenie meyer to hold her transformation for further books, and it would show how strong edward is around her (wow thats a lot), but Bella doesn’t think about that while the transformation is actually beginning and stephenie meyer wasn’t planning on writing anymore books at this point. What do you guys think about Bella (and even possibly Stephenie’s) actions and why?

    Well that’s about it. I hope that you guys still think about this question even if its not put on the show because i know that only a few will be.

    Oh, and I definetly think that the idea of having a seperate show just for questions is a very good idea :] Luv the show!

    Nikki C.
    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  23. Feathers177 says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m a newer listener, but a die-hard fan, and I wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to your opinions on the twilight saga. At one point I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face. The banter between you three is hilarious and I consider Twilight series theories a highlight in my week. Anyway, I did have a question that I wanted to hear your view on. Have you heard of the petition against Breaking Dawn? I think it is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of but, what do you think they have a hope of acomplishing? Well, I hope this isn’t too off the topic.
    I cant wait for the next show! Thanks for reading my comment. ~Feathers177

  24. Miranda C. says:

    Hey Chica’s the question I have for you guys is do think the Twilight series would be as popular today if stephenie would have put out Midnight sun enough it’s Edwards point of view of things ?

  25. Liz says:

    I heard there is going to be Edwards version of Twilight but that there will only be one book. I think that is so weird because thier are 4 Twilight books and, if there is 4 Twilight books then there should be 4 of Edwards version. What do you think?

  26. OBSESSED!!! says:

    Is there any more news on Midnight Sun?
    Is Stephenie writing more than one book from Edward’s Perspective?

  27. Rose Forester says:

    Stephenie Meyer has said that there will definitely not be another book in Bella’s perspective, but that there might be another book that is in the twilight universe. My question is, whose perspective would you like that book to be in? While I was reading Breaking Dawn it occurred to me how cool it would be to have a whole book in Renesmee’s point of view. What an interesting life she has already had! Do you think that Stephenie Meyer would write from a perspective of a character that we all know and love (Alice) someone we don’t really know that well (Kate) or an unknown character?
    Note: I am sorry if this has alreay been asked or discussed. I’m a new fan.

  28. Chloe says:

    Hi it’s me again!

    1) Do you think about lrina denali who made a mitake was right to be exercuted be the volturi?

    2) Do you think Leah ever imprinted on someone?

    3) The man how is like Renesmee, why do you think that he has vennem and why do you think that Renesmee dose not?

    4) what made you cry in Breaking dawn?

    5) what funny bit did you like the bast?

  29. Terryanne says:

    Hi guys, i just started listening to your podcast and i think that it is the best out of all of them. you rock out loud! i wanted to give you guys some questions on what you thought of the books. here they are.
    1. How did you guys feel when Bella turned into a vampire?
    2. Do you think that stephine will write another?
    3. If you were in bellas shoes how would you have done and why?

    Thanks guys! I love <3 the show!
    Terryanne Babour

  30. Kayla says:

    i cannot wait for your next podcast!!!!! okay, heres my question…
    what was your first reaction when u read that Alice and Jasper had left the Cullens??????

  31. Katie K says:

    Hey Girls,
    I love the show and can’t wait for this week’s podcast.
    This is kind of off topic, but after seeing a lot of the interviews between Kristen and Robert I can’t help but think they have something going on off the set. My question for you is “do you think that Robert and Kristen are in a secret relationship?”
    As much as I hate to admit it, I think they are cute together, and if he can’t be with me then he should be with her. lol.

    Thanks guys,

  32. Jessica Martin says:

    First off I love your show I listen to it every week.

    Now for the question:
    We know that at the end of breaking dawn Jacob doesn’t see Nessie in that way, but what do you think would happen when nessie is like 5, so like 17 in physical appearance, with their realtionship and Jacob’s realationship with Edward because of it? Also what do you think the kids would be like if jacsie had them? do you think that Alice will be as forcful on “human” experiences like parties, hair and make-up with Nessie? Do you think that if and when Jacob and Nessie get married Alice will plan the wedding? what do you think Jasper is going to be feeling from Edward ( because fathers are way over-protective of their first daughter ) when Jacob and Nessie start dating?

  33. Brella W says:


    I have not seen any of your pod casts yet but I am intrested and can’t wait to watch. I have a couple questions.

    1) Do you truly believe the transformation of Rosalie? I think given the chance she would snatch that baby and run!
    2) I saw some reference to this on another site, they were discussing Bella as a role model for young women. Whether she or Hermione was the better femenist role model. Your thoughts…is Bella that bad as a role model?
    3) Ok as many already know Midnight Sun is written from Edwards point of view. I love it because with Edwards special ability he can kind of give you a taste of everyones point of view. My friend would rather see a book from Jasper’s point of view because of his special ability. Ok here’s the question if you could pick one of the 4 books or a future book, whose point of view would you prefer to read it from and which book?

    Sorry if any of my q

  34. Brella W says:

    Dang computer cut me off…sorry if any of my question are repeats.

  35. Tara P says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I am a new podcast subscriber and I have to say I love your podcast. Everybody at work is always wondering what I am giggling at. So I have two questions.
    First…. this is a Twilight movie question. If they make the sequels to the movie (which we all hope they do) do you think that Taylor Lautner is old enough or will look right to play Jacob after he makes his transformation? I hear a lot of talk about Steve Strait being perfect for this role. I really want to get your take on this.

    Second….Have you or will you read the 12 chapters to Midnight Sun that Steph has posted on her website. I know myself and a few people have not read it in support of Steph. I don’t think that if you have read it that you are not supporting her, but I personally just can’t bring myself to do it. What are your feelings towards this controversy?

    Look forward to the next podcast and thanks for all you do

  36. sasha_UK says:


    2- BECAUSE OF THE PRESENCE OF NATIVE AMERICANSSSS =0=0=0=00=0=0=0==0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0

  37. Kia West says:

    Try listening to ‘Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion when you read Bella and Edward dancing at the wedding, don’t you think it’s the perfect song?
    Are there any other songs that aren’t in SM’s playlists that you think go with the book ?or just things that you think the characters would do?
    I picture Rose playing “Who let the dogs out” really loud when Jacob is trying to sleep or Emmett and Alice singing along to “Girls just want to have fun” (I know that’s strange but I can see it).

  38. Hey girls!!! I absolutely love your podcast! I don’t have a new fave character, so it is still bella. Bella is still my fave character because I think that I got to know more about her in breaking dawn. I thought she was so positive about her living and that she was strong enough to do it. Then when she changed, she had to go through not being able to see her daughter right away and that must have been hard. And when she finds out that charlie is coming over, she has to face the thirst and she does it and I just thought that it was really amazing. I thought it was really mom-ish for her to freak about kate doing that to renesmee but she still did it and she was able to learn how to let edward into her head! I think that bella is so brave and confident and I love her even more! oh, and, i’m really happy about jacob imprinting, because he can leave bella and edward alone and let them live in peace. I’m not a huge jacob fan (when it comes to him loving bella in that way).

  39. nikki says:

    1. I want to know how old will Renesmee actually be? It says in the book she stops aging 7 years after her birth….but if she grows quickly then how old will she look/be?
    2. Do you think that Stephanie will write a book about Renesmee and Jacob? I dont think she will but i would love to find out what happened to them in the future. Do you think they end up together?(if renesmee is physically old enough)
    3. Do you think that stephanie should write more about the other characters? I really love emmett and his personality he makes me laugh and personally i would love to read more about him and from his perspective. What characters would you like to read about?
    4. Another question about Renesmee but do you think that its possible for Renesmee to have her own children? Maybe Stephanie should write something that explains about Renesmee in detail so we all know what shes cabable of etc

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