Stephenie Site Update

Sep 1st, 2008 | By | Category: Book News, Featured Articles

Stephenie Meyer’s website has been updated with the Midnight Sun playlist, as well as the FAQs for Breaking Dawn!

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3 Comments to “Stephenie Site Update”

  1. ... says:

    yay coolnesss

  2. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    It was perfect! It closed up a lot of the gaps, like Embry’s dad and the incubus and all that. Yay, Steph!

  3. Wendy says:

    Anyone else worried that she really is thinking of NOT continuing at all with Midnight Sun now that she has put out the play list?? I know in the past she has held them back because she says the lists contain too many spoilers. We already know Twilight from Bella POV already, but couldn’t we still gets some clues/spoilers on Edwards perspective from this list?? Some one convince me that this is not the case!!! My shattered heart is still hoping and praying for a final published copy of Midnight Sun!!

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