Twilight VMA Reactions

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MTV wants YOUR reactions to seeing Rob, Cam, Kristen, and Taylor on Sunday’s VMAs. To see details and upload your reply, click here!

Also, Geeks of Doom are a little ticked and want to know your reaction as well. They also had video of the event.

Well, did you love it, hate it…?  Let’s hope they saved some extras for Twilight Tuesday.

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17 Comments to “Twilight VMA Reactions”

  1. sou says:

    Wtf. really???!! I wanted to here rob speak!!! >.< UGH!!
    AND AND!! Not to mention that Taylor was like standing in front to Rob. I was like MOVE OVER. what the hell was he doing anyway?? ugh gay!
    AND AND!! I’m so not done yet, what about the pre-show?? No Rob, not Twilight. NOT ANYTHING. Just a bunch of the same bands and crap we can see EVERYDAY on MTV. I seriously thought we would get some special twilight treatment… ugh seriously MTV. let us down. big time.
    And i say again. RUSSELL BRAND is an idiot. seriously. ::rolls eyes::

  2. Sarah in Texas says:

    it was disappointing. Rob gets cut off and the others only get a few words each? i was expecting way more for as much as they hyped but that’s MTV…big hype…major letdown! *sigh*

  3. alexandra says:

    poor rob he couldnt talk, i got so mad, stupid russell

  4. maria says:

    UGH. i agree!
    he said like 2 words and that was it!
    i was literally hypervenalating when they went to him and BAM
    Russel ruins it.

    that guy is a total rapist too. lol

  5. Tiffany says:

    OMG!!! I was soooooo mad when he didn’t get to say his line! I was glad to hear the others but Rob was who I really wanted to see and Russell completely ruined it!!! Not to mention the entire night he kept sticking his foot in his mouth saying crap about the Jonas Brothers and a bunch of others. The entire time i was like “Please stop talking before you make a jerk of yourself!” But obviously he didn’t and this was just icing on the freaking cake!!!
    If i ever see him in person………..

    he better watch out!!! LMAO

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  7. Kimberly says:

    Argh! that stupid Russell Guy had to babble! Poor rob he only got 2 words in and I WANTED MORE.They should of shut off Russells mike and let Rob talk!
    I literally had a panic attack when they came on ,then Russell had to go ruin it with his crap jokes.
    Not funny.
    At all.
    God i can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  8. Gea says:

    Ahhhh, I also agree, STUPID RUSSELL how could he…. I was so mad when he cut off the sexiest men alive… the pre show was not all that either…. No Twilight, NOT GOOD!… I like Taylor, but I hate that he was in front of ROB….. WE NEED MORE ROB….

  9. Kim Kelley says:

    NOT thrilled at all about Rob getting cut-off. So wanted to hear his voice! Extremely put out.

  10. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I was so mad too. Rob was so cute after it happened he just smiled and started swing the mike around like “oh well, I was nervous for nothin”

  11. Alex says:

    I was very put out that Rob didn’t get to speak. I did enjoy seeing Kristen and Taylor. I loved Kristen’s dress. I was excited that they were there but dissapointed that they didn’t get more air time. You have a lot of sad Twilight fans out there, MTV!

  12. G says:

    Yeah, Russ really botched that up; the silly freak just can’t keep his mouth shut. I love the guy, but I have to say, I don’t know what he was thinking – it was almost bitchy the way he did it – I’m sure he must have known Rob had his lines there… Anyway! I think MTV should make it up to fans by giving Rob (and Kristen) an in-depth interview, up close and personal. That’s what the fans REALLY want!!! YEAH!!!

  13. Trace says:

    Okay, so I Ti-Vo’d the whole awards show just to see the cast – I would’ve liked to see them present an award or something – at least then they wouldn’t have gotten interrupted and Rob wouldn’t have been cut-off. Would’ve been awesome to hear HIS sexy accent, rather than Russell’s – he’d already been talking all damn night!

  14. Amanda says:

    russel was intimidated by the MUCH much much sexier brit, rpattz

  15. Jillian says:

    I couldn’t see it live so i DVRed it so i could watch it(over and over again! :]) So I was looking forward to it all day then when I got home….. I was FURIOUS!!!!!! When the cast came on I was so excited! Then as they were all going through saying their lines I was just waiting to hear ROB and his sexy accent!!!!(Ahhh! love him!) But no freaking RUSSEL BRAND!!! You have got to be kidding me! Says Rob’s lines instead. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! He couldn’t keep his mouth shut for like 2.5 seconds. He just had to be heard in the US. Freaking go back to the UK. He was so rude and arrogant! Everything he said was an insult to half the freaking audience!! Ugh! Don’t even get me started on the promise ring thing…. UGH!!! That was so dissapointing!! It was not what MTV made it out to be. It SUCKED! So upsetting!! **sigh**
    I wish the movie was out already.

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