Is True Blood the Adult Substitute for Twilight?

Sep 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Film School Rejects has an article speculating on the appeal of vampires to all age groups.  They are also posing some questions for fans.

“What do you think? Did you catch “True Blood” this past week? If so, do you think it can capture that same “Twilight” magic for adults?”

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9 Comments to “Is True Blood the Adult Substitute for Twilight?”

  1. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I want to see True Blood soooo bad! Unfortunatly I don’t have HBO at the dorm, mom tivoed it though, woohoo! I’ll tell ya how it is, although im expecting great things, that show is also based off a book series that I happen to own ^.^

  2. Misty says:

    I have read all of the Charlaine Harris books and love them. I would not compare them to the twilight series except for the fact that vampires are present. The rest are your typical night venturing, fang bearing, blood sucking vampires. She is funny though. Extremely funny! Stephenie Meyer is in a world of her own and her books can’t be compared to ANYTHING!
    I watched the 1st episode of True Blood and look forward to more! 🙂

  3. ReturnedSecrets says:

    I loved True Blood, but you can’t compare it to Twilight. The only thing they have in common is vamps and romance.
    this show is definitely for the mature audience I watched the episode with my daughter and I have to say that the sexuality is stronger than I expected though I shouldn’t have been surprised considering this is Allen Ball produced.

  4. If you have direct TV they are doing a free preview of HBO this week! that’s how I got to see the first episode of true blood. I thought it was pretty good. It got kinda NC-17 in a few parts and I wouldnt recemend it to people under oh say 16 or 17 but other than that I loved it. I just really really want to read the books now!

  5. Miss Viet says:

    i watched the first episode of True Blood and i found it different from Twilight, except the vampires and Sookie’s ability to read people’s mind… it’s not the same universe nor the same story.

  6. Amanda says:

    well i would never say that true blood knocks twilight on its rear, especially after only one episode
    but i didnt like the (as elizelizer puts it) NC-17 stuff that went on
    i LOVE the fact that SM’s books are totally sexy and make me swoon without becoming completely disgusting, morman values or not
    i love true blood so far but im not really interested in the books
    but i will ALWAYS love twilight the best
    i prefer northern vampires
    named edward cullen XD

  7. Anna says:

    umm anyone see Time Mag’s article about True Blood? i havent seen the show, but the article totally made it seem really similar to Twilight. (it even mentioned Twilight at one point)

  8. Alex says:

    Hey, I have seen the first Tru Blood and it is great! but… this is HBO so it is to be expected but it is severly sexual like i’d say a soild 13 mintues dedicated to it in the first episode, so be warned if you are younger fast forward even i (17) and a friend (22) found it a wee bit over the top sexual and not with the main people, its Sookie(Anna) brother so be warned sex WAS a big factor in the first episode

  9. i don’t think so, but thats just my opinion!

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