Happily Every After! ~ Week #32

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This week, if you can believe it, Kassie finished reading Breaking Dawn! Yah! Linsey, Kassie and I spend the evening discussing Chapters 27 through the “Happily Ever After”! In addition to talking about BD, we answer a few of your questions from this week’s Question of the Week! Our music is a special treat from The Bella Cullen Project! They have allowed us to use their song Bella’s Lullaby along with answering some of your questions under Exclusives on our website!


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34 Comments to “Happily Every After! ~ Week #32”

  1. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    Yay! It’s here! I’m speachless!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Um . . . I tolerated you guys bashing Russle Brand, the host,(that’s his name btw) but when it came to putting down Katy Perry and Ashlee Simpson I got PRETTY annoyed. I am a huge fan of Katy Perry and I thought her outfit was really cute . . . so I felt kinda insulted myself . . .Especially when talking about her not having enough curves to pull off the outfit (Talk about CATTINESS) I think you guys should just stick to the on-topic stuff. Sorry, I hate to be a downer . . . I’ve had a bad day and I’m pmsing . . .

    But yeah, I was just wanting to relax and listen to you guys talk about Twilight . . . not the VMA’s and how Britney looked like a zombie. (btw I didn’t think she did . . . the age old questing . . . why don’t ppl just leave britney alone?)

    I just really hate people bad-mouthin


  3. KT says:


    Im just listening to this episode. Im 15mins in and had to comment about Russell Brand the comedian on the VMAs. I haven’t watched the show yet so I don’t know how he came across. I listen to his radio show and he is funny, he has been in movies and that. He does let his mouth run off sometimes and tends to insult people without realising. However you said he was nervous because he was talking fast and walking around alot – that is the normal him. I was in the US earlier in the year and alot of people I spoke to in Texas has a very similar opinion of your president. He is obsessed about sex aswell.

    Great show, can’t wait for the movies to be released.

  4. Chloe says:

    Russell Brand the comedian, He das a radio show on BBC7 on saturday’s. He use to be a TV posenter on MTV in UK too.

  5. mommytrish says:

    Thanks for posting the next podcast and take care of yourselves during “IKE”! I hope you are not near the coast!

  6. CarolineDup says:

    Humm.. Bella is quite amazing in that book.
    But Jake’s the best 😉

  7. Lori says:

    Hey am I the only one who can’t hear the whole podcast? it ends at about 22 minutes in.

    Also — Kallie, please read Midnight Sun — it is fabulous and it will make you ache for more. I can’t imagine that Stephenie would leave this manuscript unifinished. I absolutely feel it will be the most loved book of her series — it is amazing!

    Love you guys!


  8. Dani says:

    Linsey was talking about how Bella’s third book wasn’t that good.
    I completley agree. I think the reason for that is because Bella and Edwards relationship was always because he was vampire and she wasn’t. I mean I’m glad she is a vampire but I think that it changed everything about them. I didn’t really like it. At all.
    Love y’alls show,

  9. amy ex says:

    i have to agree with melissa up above. it really bothered me listening to you guys talk about the vma’s (more specifically, lindsey talking about them). i didn’t watch them so i don’t know what exactly russell brand said about george bush, but i would like to say a few things about it. first of all, the analogy lindsey used about it being like someone outside your family insulting your mom is not relavent at all. believe it or not, the president of our country does not just affect us, but also plenty of other countries throughout the world. it’s completely legitimate for someone from england to have negative feelings toward george bush. would you be so critical if an america spoke to people in iraq and said bad things about saddam hussein? i highly doubt it. don’t misstake what i say and think that i’m comparing things george bush has done to things saddam hussein has done. i’m simply trying to make a point.

    second of all, i doubt that he was trying to say republicans are “not okay,” as you put it. i’m not saying he might have said it in the best way, and again i don’t know since i haven’t seen it, but i think you guys took it a little bit too personally. i can understand if you didn’t like the comment about bush being a “retarded cowboy,” but i don’t doubt that there’s many people in OUR country who would completely agree. thirdly, the outcome of this election will have a substantial impact on this country’s future, and it will have an affect on the rest of the world as well. he was probably just excited about obama, as many young people are, and trying to get the word out. this election has brought to the polls a substantial number of young people, the most apathetic, unlikely group of voters. clearly people are responding to his positive energy and his dedication to change. did you hear about the time obama spoke in berlin? thousands of german citizens went to see him speak. how often does a presidential candidate, someone who has not even been elected yet as the leader, obtain such widespread popularity in a country halfway across the world? clearly obama has had an affect on people of other countries as well as those of our own.

    sorry to get into such a political debate, but after listening i was pretty fired up and felt the need to say something. other than that little rant, i love your podcasts! and go obama!

  10. Daylet says:

    yay!!! I could not stop coming to your website, to find out when it came on.

  11. Wray says:

    Russell Brand (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Penelope”) is a comedian. Clearly he was asked to host the VMA’s because he would say something outrageous. Nothing new there! And skewering public figures is just typical fare.

    Actually, I am surprised at how much press has been given to his interrupting Rob. Don’t get me wrong, it was a bit rude, but I doubt Rob lost any sleep over it.

  12. Ann says:

    I agree Amy Ex . . . Lindsey was the main person I had a problem with. Who are you Joan Rivers??? I’m sorry but when is it okay to make fun of a pregnant woman for looking ‘huge’ Here’s a picture of Ashlee from the VMA’s . . . just so you can see how critical Lindsey was being. http://evilbeetgossip.film.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/55662071spasulka97200884407pm.jpg It dosn’t look like a comforter. Harsh a little???

    and here is a picture of the beautiful Katy Perry . . . She is a fasion leader not a follower and I guess some people will always ‘not get it’ and talk smack. http://www.drownedmadonna.com/public/katy_perry02.jpg Take some fashion pointers girls.

    Looks like you guys have offended quite a few people.

    And HOW many times did it have to be said that you didn’t like the ending . . . it was repeated CONSTANTLY when all Kallie was wanting to do was talk through each chapter . . . Kallie . . . you shouldn’t have to put up with people like that.

    God just suck it up and stop whinning!!!!

  13. Teri says:

    I agree with all Amy X said.
    I think the political rant was a bit…inappropriate for the podcast just because not everyone is going to agree with what was said (I for one). So now, I apologize, but I’m going to go on a rant of my own in response to what I just listened to.

    What Russell Brant said about the Jonas Brothers was out of line. But I’m sorry…I’m not at all upset about what he said about George Bush. We saw Jordin Sparks get up to defend the Jonas Brothers and the purity rings, but did anyone say anything to defend Bush? I didn’t think so. Bottom line, most Americans agree that he is a horrible president. Just because someone is from a different country doesn’t mean they can’t have an opinion about Bush because just as Amy X said, his crappy decisions are affecting more that just the U.S. George Bush is nobody’s mom being insulted…
    And uhm…yeah, about the Obama endorsement (WOO-HOO! Go OBAMA! Right on!). I guess you can see my opinion on that, lol. And while Linsey(?) thought it was inappropiate for Russell Brant to say something along the lines of how Americans needed to vote for Obama and not be racist… well, Russell had a point. No, I’m not saying that Americans need to vote for Obama just to prove they aren’t racist (they need to vote for him because he’s a great leader who understands what the country needs), but Russell Brant was just bringing to the forefront what is indeed a problem in American society. Like it or not, race is playing a big role in this country and unfortunately, there ARE people who do not like Obama just because he’s black. And that is absolutely absurd, which is the point I believe Russell Brant was trying to make. I mean, just a few weeks ago, two white men were arrested for participating in a plot to assasinate Obama because he was black (yes, they actually said it was because he was black). Do Americans need to stop being racist? I think the answer to that is a big fat YES. Is it inappropriate for a foreigner to come into the country and call people out on racism, or to endorse an awesome man’s run for presidency? Not in my book.
    I don’t think Russell Brant was saying all Republicans are horrible. It’s just the Republicans currently in office(*cough* Bush & co. *cough*) have ruined the country and not many people (in the U.S. or any other country) are pleased about it.
    Russell Brant was out of line with a lot of stuff he said at the VMA’s, but as far as his “political commentary”…I think he just said exactly what was on a lot of people’s minds in blunt terms.

    Whew…that was a lot. Good episode, but I think it’s best to keep politics out of it because there are people like me who get worked up about this stuff. And it doesn’t help that I’m willing to fight people with toothpicks if I have to in order to endorse and support Obama and I personally felt like it was being said that it was NOT ok to endorse Obama at a “public event” like the MTV awards. MTV is a huge media that reaches many people. If Russell Brant wanted to make an endorsement, so be it. If someone wanted to endorse McCain and Republicans, they should have said something.
    Now, I am VERY sorry if I have offended anyone.

  14. Jacki says:

    YAY! a new podcast 😀 let’s just say the wait was a tad unbearable (: I am currently downloading the podcast!

  15. Amy says:

    Edward became a secondary character in this book…a shadow. *sob*

  16. Chloe says:

    In the UK we do not have purity Rings. so you see that Russell Brand did not under stand about it. I’m a UK lisener of both show’s, if you tall use a little about the rings for your UK lisens we can under stand a litte better.

  17. Kalo says:

    I disagree that their wasn’t too many action scenes and that the anticipation was a waste ! I LOVED THAT THERE WAS NO WAR AND THAT NOBODY DIED ! I LOVE THAT SHE BROUGHT THIS WHOLE MIND BATTLE GOING AND IT WAS SO INTENSE STILL !

    I’M MORE SAD THAT THE STORY IS OVER 🙁 AND I WOULD TAKE Edward as a secondary character for Renesme any day !!!!! And I think Stephenie Meyer has every right to react that way ! She wanted her fans to enjoy it when it was ready and all of those feelings have went away can you imagine having people read it before it’s done and saying horrible things or maybe an opposite reaction but Stephenie had no chance to fix it or maybe she wanted to change things and that’s horrible and I EXPECTED MORE FROM THE FANS AND I THINK THEY SHOULD RESPECT HER WISHES !!

  18. Kalo says:


  19. Erin(: says:

    Hey Gals(agian),
    I love all of ya for even metioning my comment on the podcast!*HUGS!* I didn’t mean to get Linsey so worked up about how I STRONGLY dislike Jacob(for you Linsey agian:). I just think the reason I wrote with so much hatrid(sorry I so can’t spell), is because of personal isuses. I can relate to Leah(and Rose) alot…I once had a Jacob,but he slipped through my grasp. I really do think after listening to the new podcast all of you(expecally Kallie) have just changed my point of veiw on everything. From the begging of the podcast about the leak(the worst thing ever!) to the end of the podcast about the comments about BreakingDawn… all of yall(<–best word ever besides uber!) really got me to think about what I said. I feel as if I was really judging Stephenie’s work. My heart broke because you were right I didn’t feel like a true Twilight fan anymore. And I have to say I like Jacob…a little(like you need a microscpe to see it(hehe from Twilight)). I loved the blonde jokes(and the dog food)….he felt like one of my friends. I offten get blonde comments even though I have the darkest brown hair ever! But I still don’t like Nessie(sorry Linsey and everyone) because I still think Bella is to young to even have a child.
    Oh and the song of the week….thanks to yall(hehe) got me sobbing! It is so amazing!!! Kassie and Linsey major hugs!!because you picked my small minor comment out of a million other much better ones. And so Kallie doesn’t feel left out….UBER HUGS!!!
    I think you have made me a better Twilight fan and Lots of love<3
    Erin: )
    P.s. Hope that the love of Stephenie’s last in everyone of her fans until death does them part<3…and even beond that.

  20. Sophie Weavers says:

    Hey hey

    Yeah from London, Really sorry about Russel Brand. Here we are allowed to be tht outspoken about just about anything. Besides if 1 of you can over here and insulted our Prime Minister, we would be right up there with you cos’ none of us are fans lol. I don’t think Ron wld have been tht mad, as he is a Brit nd knows what russel is like.

    Ryt now to the book!
    I totally love this book, but its my least favourite of the series.
    From the start till’ the end of Jacobs book, this was brilliant. but once we get back to bellas book, i cant help thinking that i wanted to hear sum1 elses point of view?
    and yeah it was a total anti climax!! We see every1 gether together…and all i wanted was for Demetri or Aro or sum1 to die!!
    so tht angered me a bit….i spent ages reading pages and pages for “preperation” and just for bella to blow her shield out???

    However, this is a vital part, and there is certainly tension there, especially when edwards is summoned to Aro and when Bellas places Nessie on his back.( sooo sad). It was also a nice touch when Alice came back with the other Hybrid…it gave the solution.
    Despite it faults it was a cracking book nd the last scene with bella and edward…i just sobed for hours after reading it…1) it was soooo sweet and end with the perfect sentence and 2) cos’ it was the final ending 🙁

    Now all we can do is re read them all over again!!
    Thanks for the posts!!
    all the love from London
    Sophie xxx

  21. Sophie Weavers says:

    sorry….thts Rob** not Ron*** lol xx

  22. anoshka says:

    hey im a new listener and i wanted to start listening form the very first episode
    do u know how i could get my hands on those cos my itunes episode start from episode 9 and i can only find episode 6 as the first one here


  23. Barbara says:

    First of all — I hope that you and your families were not hurt by the hurricane. I could not remember what part of Texas you were in, so I was worried about you during Ike.

    Now, in regard to Midnight Sun. I understand that Stephenie was hurt by someone who betrayed her confidence, but I think this will end up better for everyone. If you are not reading the MS pages on her website because you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t worry. We already know almost everything that happens in the story. In spite of her statement that she was tempted to end it differently, there is no way that she could. She has already told this story and is now filling in a few details. So what is the “ending up better” part? I think that she should (whenever she feels motivated because you can’t rush inspiration) finish the story and put it on her website. This book is not really for the general public. Only people who read Twilight and really enjoyed it would appreciate or even understand this story. I do not think that it would stand on its own. By finishing (whenever she is ready) and posting it for free, she would be giving her loyal fans a very special gift. It would be a wonderful way to thank them for all their support. If she posted a chapter at a time, everyone would have so much fun anticipating the next part of the story.

    So, the next time you talk to Stephenie, suggest this to her.

  24. Hill says:

    I have some comments about Renesmee. Kallie has said she has trouble understanding why anyone can be so defensive and/or scared of a baby and I’ve heard this from other people as well. In my opinion Stephanie set Renesmee’s story up very well. The story of the mother of the Denali’s in the first book totally sets up the third book. Carlisle mentions how the babies can take out a village in a temper tantrum but I think the reason everyone is so afraid of the babies is not there fighting skill but because of the Volturi. If the Volturi find an immortal baby they take out anyone who cares or evens knows about the baby (remember ignorance is what saved the Denali sisters) And Carlisle also mentions that anyone who meets the babies can’t help but love them, thus Bella’s instant love for Renesmee and the fear of the vampires upon meeting Renesmee. He also says that that whole covens are decimated because they won’t leave the babies defenseless and they would fight against the Volturi knowing that they would die. That’s why the vampires meeting her are afraid. They felt like they had to get away immediately before they could feel that need to protect her. If they came to love her, which is inevitable with an immortal baby if you take the time, they would then feel the need to protect her and be held accountable by the Volturi. (I’m not sure if all the immortal baby lore is true with Renesmee but it doesn’t really matter at this point because they all initially think she’s a straight immortal baby anyway which serves it’s purpose for the book) So those are my Renesmee thoughts. Thanks I love the podcasts!

  25. Gaiash says:

    Hi I thought I’d say something about your comments about Russell Brand. Now I don’t find him funny and often he will say something that is offensive.

    However I think you are being a little too defensive about what he said about George Bush. From what I’m aware his insult was at Bush himself, not at the title of president or America.

    The thing is plenty of people (myself included) think Bush is a bad president and make jokes about it but that doesn’t mean that we are insulting America. In fact there are plenty of Americans that insult Bush all the time so it doesn’t seem fair that we are accused of insulting America when Americans insult Bush too.

    Also we insult our own political leaders too. Back when Tony Blair was prime minister we insulted him all the time, same goes for Gordon Brown now. So if we are insulting America we’re insulting England too.

  26. Gaiash says:

    Oh one more thing. I agree what Russell Brand said about the Jonas Brothers was out of line but thats nothing new for him.

  27. Lulu says:

    Hey guys!

    I don’t know if you know this, but in the September 8, ’08 issue of People Magazine, page 90, there is a one page article on Stephenie Meyer. Also in the movies section, Twilight is featured! 😀 I know this might be old news, but I just wanted to give y’all a heads-up.


    PS: Love the podcast!! TST ROCKS MY SOCKS! 🙂

  28. JC says:

    Okay, I have never heard of Russel Brand until he came over to America and hosted the VMA’S. I didn’t watch the VMA’s(what a waste of time). But I am getting sick of so called celebrities telling us how to vote. Worst still, is having a British celebrity that has a hair style from the eighties, and a wardrobe to match, telling me how to vote.
    Then he insults people like me, that have made a choice to wait until we are married before having sex. They are called morals, and they are closely related virtue and ethics. He seems to be lacking in these areas. Selling out your morals, virtue, and ethics to get a laugh, doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.

    Purity rings=no sex until you are married.

  29. JC says:

    Oh yeah, loved the podcast, other than you guys kind of dogged on BD and SM.

  30. Kate M. says:

    I just wanted to second, third, fourth, etc. some comments above. Please keep politics out of your podcast. You never know who is listening that might get offended. Please keep to the topic of twilight.

    Otherwise a great podcast. Thanks!

  31. Chelsea says:

    Q: Do the vampires have blood in their veins even though their heart no longer pumps? What would happen if they were cut or injured in some way?

    A: Most human fluids are absent in my vampires. No sweat, no tears, no blood besides that which they ingest–they don’t have their own blood. They do sort of have saliva–the venom makes their mouths wet, at least. When they drink blood, it runs through their body and makes them strong. It floods through their old blood ways, though they don’t have circulation anymore. It lightens their eyes* and flushes their skin slightly.

    And since we’re talking physiology…I’ve had tons of people ask if vampires can have babies. The answer is no. When someone becomes a vampire, it’s as if they are frozen exactly as they are in that moment. His or her (and we’ll go with her because it’s more central to this discussion) body no longer experiences change. Hair does not grow, nor do fingernails (if you cut your hair, you’re stuck. That’s why Alice’s hair is so short–it was growing back from being shaved in the asylum). This applies to all changes–so a woman would no longer have any kind of ovulation cycle. If she were already pregnant when she was bitten, both she and the fetus would be frozen in that state. Which would really suck–pregnant for eternity? I’m shuddering at the thought.

    If a vampire were cut, there would only be blood if he/she had freshly drunk blood (and drunk a lot). Otherwise, there would only be a bit of venom. It would be like cutting into granite.

    Taken STRAIGHT from the Lexicon!! So NO, hair doesn’t grow. I think that when Kallie said before that Edward couldn’t have a baby it was because it was assumed that they would be ‘doing it’ when Bella was a vampire. I, for one, did not expect them to get together before Bella was a vampire so that changed a lot of things. Kallie, you are TOTALLY right!


  32. Erin(: says:

    Howls to Chelsea!! HAHAHA! DUH! Didn’t anyone know that?(not in a mean way<3) THATS WHY ALICE HAS CUTE SHORT HAIR?!?!
    LEAH CLEARWATER ALL THE WAY TWO THE MOON!(hehe you get it cause they were called creatures of the night?)
    Lots of love

  33. Jen says:

    I just listen to this podcast… I’m not sure if you’ll check these comments almost 2 months after it aired, and you may have already gotten your answer, but… At the end you were asking questions about cutting vampire hair… This is a direct quote from the Twilight Lexicon, Personal Correspondence #1 dated 3/11/2006:

    “And since we’re talking physiology…I’ve had tons of people ask if vampires can have babies. The answer is no. When someone becomes a vampire, it’s as if they are frozen exactly as they are in that moment. His or her (and we’ll go with her because it’s more central to this discussion) body no longer experiences change. Hair does not grow, nor do fingernails (if you cut your hair, you’re stuck. That’s why Alice’s hair is so short–it was growing back from being shaved in the asylum). This applies to all changes–so a woman would no longer have any kind of ovulation cycle. If she were already pregnant when she was bitten, both she and the fetus would be frozen in that state. Which would really suck–pregnant for eternity? I’m shuddering at the thought.”

  34. John says:

    I quite like Russell Brand and I love the idea of his upcoming stag-do theme, lol: http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk/fancy-dress-news/russell-brand-invites-merry-men-to-robin-hood-stag-party

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