Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella

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In Breaking Dawn, Bella is turned into a vampire and we want to know what you think about that!  Next week we are going to discuss what we like and don’t like about the drastic change from “simple” Bella to “SUPER” Bella.  So, help us out by answering this week’s question, and we may read your answer…

Do you like the new VAMPED up Bella better?  Why or why not?

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136 Comments to “Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella”

  1. Jessie says:

    I do like the new Bella. She gets to help out a lot and she is super confident. I just didnt like that she seemed a lot less interested in Edward. There was a lot less talk about him and how she feels about him and that sort of thing, I really like hearing about Edward. Im still hoping for a Midnight Sun 🙂

  2. Sidonie Clearwater says:

    Hey Ladies! Let me just start by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast.
    So, about the question. I personally like the SUP-AH Bella better. When she’s human, she’s kind of whiny and self centered (and by ‘self’ I mean Edward and herself.) Now, in Breaking Dawn, she’s less whiny and more focused on saving the day. I’ve also been waiting for her to become a vamp since the beginning.
    Thanks girls,
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Tina says:

    I prefer the ‘simple Bella.’ I thought she was alot easier to identify with and her voice was stronger before she had Renesme or before she became a vampire. even though i LOVED LOVED Breaking Dawn, it confused me a little and made me ask myself ‘where’d Bella go….?’ She was alot more human and emotional than i would have expected (or than she expected to be), but i could not picture Bella looking any different than how i’d pictured her before…. In my mental picture, Bella was kind of was the same, only taller (i don’t really know why…), and her face was kind of a blank. I don’t know if i’m making sense here… I also liked her fragility, because it makes Edward show how much he really really cares for her because he’s so rediculously careful. He does’t need to show that when she’s a vampire, and it kind of eliminates alot of sweet little moments 🙂 To sum it up: I like simpler Bella because she’s got a stronger, more relatable voice and she’s easier for me to picture, and there were more cute Bella-Edward moments when she was human.

  4. Mallory says:

    Like many other people, I’m torn. Before Bella changed, I felt I could really relate to her. Like her clumsiness. When Stephenie Meyer took that away and replaced it with gracefulness, her writing seemed to change. I didn’t enjoy that as much. Don’t get me wrong, I love that super Bella could love Edward without having to be cautious. I am also LOVED Bella’s power. The fact she could shield others rather than just herself amazed me. I hope Stephenie Meyer continues to write. The Twilight Saga is truly addicting. 🙂 So is the podcast! Keep up the good work guys!!!

  5. Samie says:

    I like super bella better. Now dont get me wrong here, i like simple bella but we read 3 and a half books from her prespective, so it was awsome reading from thing different, like a differnt side of her, and we learn more about the vampire world, and simple bella was so, whiney at times, but this super bella, knows what she has to do, she has a kid and has matured. and she have edward forever.

  6. KellyTST says:

    Thats a hard one for me! It took some serious getting used to! But in the end I am extremely happy! But at first i was sad and it was odd cause Ive always been provamp! But when her narration changed a bit I was sad. But like I said, I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy she is vampire and can be with Edward forever and ever and ever! (LUCKY!) 🙂

  7. Kam says:

    I liked Simple Bella better. Don’t get me wrong I was glad that she was more confident and wasn’t the damsel in distress anymore. It’s just that she lost her relatability. The fact that she “forgot” how to be human after two days really pissed me off. I’d always liked the fact that Bella tied this whole story to the real world, and now with highschool gone and Bella having super powers it all felt too fantasy-ish. I actually almost started crying when I re-read it because I realized that I really missed Angela. 🙁

  8. Tracy says:

    I really love super-Bella! I was hoping from Twilight that she would change. Also I hope that Breaking Dawn will not be the end. I just cant deal with leaving either of them either!!!! It should go on forever as far as i am concerned. Thank God for Stephanie

  9. Sarah L. says:

    i really liked the new and improved super bella, to be totally honest bella was always not my favorite character i mean i always loved her but i thought that she was getting in the way a lot and basically just causing trouble for edward. her only saving grace for me was the fact that edward loved her. but once she was a vampire i really liked her so much better. it made me really happy to see her feeling so joyous and confident all the time. i really liked that she wasnt worrying about herself not being good enough for edward. but i just loved breaking dawn and everything about it i thought it was an amazing book and i just loved how everyone ended the book as happy as they could possibly be!

  10. Kara says:

    well simple human bella was ok but she was kind of predictable and boring. im not hating on her at all because i still like reading about her and her different ways of thinking, but i just think that the new super bella was so much more fun to read. im so happy that she FINALLY became a vampire so she can be with edward forever and i think her new vampire life is so interesting, especially her super cool power. i also think its awesome that she finally sees herself as a beautiful person and has a little more self confidence. its also relee cool to read about the times that bella goes through this entire thought process and decision making that takes up like two pages but then we find out that that entire time only took up about a half a second. i think that super bella is absolutely amazing and i think stephenie did a great job in writing that part of BD 🙂

  11. Nikki C says:

    Hey Everyone!
    hmm….. Super Bella or Human Bellaa???? thats pretty tricky…. the thing is that both sides of bella have their strengths AND their weaknesses. what i LOVE about simple bella is her attitude…. constantly blushing and having a level of insecurity that reflects her childhood with never being able to do a ton for herself because of constantly helping renee and charlie (totally twisted if you ask me). the thing i DO like about SUPER BELLA is that she AND EDWARD are HAPPIER!!!! once she becomes a vamp she is not confused about her relationship with jacob which always made her unhappy in past books, edward is much more comfortable and is able to let loose with bella instead of constantly worried about crushing her (which is a plus for bella, too), and she is able to be more in-the-know with what’s going on in vampire land as i like to call it :] it also relieves edward the worry of his family…. uhh…. in niceish words…. draining her… anywayy….. i was happy that bella got to be turned into a vamp even though she lost some of the human qualities i found unique about her.
    sorry this has been so long but i had a lot of thoughts to let out.
    totally <3 the podcast!!!!!!!

  12. Bagels says:

    i like simple bella because – for obvious reasons- she easier to relate to. it makes the whole book flow better when you can better understand what it’s like for the character. but, ever since the outcome of new moon, i’ve been anticipating bella’s change and i knew she wouldn’t be as easy to relate to. not that it made me dislike BD because i knew that because she was becoming a VAMPIRE, the story probably wouldn’t read the same.

  13. Belice says:

    I know there has been a TON of discussion on this, and I’m so glad you guys picked it for your Question of the week!
    Okay so as cool as supah Bella is, I have to admit that I really do prefer the “simple” Bella. Here’s why.
    Bella in the first three books was a vivid and unique character, one that many people (including me) could relate to. I personally feel that in Breaking Dawn, a part of Bella was lost when she became a vampire. While I understand that vampires are graceful creatures and Bella was bound to be cured of her klutziness, it just doesn’t feel like Bella to me. I also think that Stephenie was so focused on writing Bella’s life (learning how to be a vampire and taking care of Renesmee) that I think she didn’t give Bella’s character/personality as much “life” as she could have and as was in the first three books.
    I am a romantic so I was a little bummed when Bella became supah Bella because she wasn’t a damsel in distress anymore and Edward didn’t need to run around saving her all the time. Not that I’m anti-feminist but I just loved how Edward was Bella’s big, strong, sexy vampire protector (don’t deny you all wish you had one-I don’t).
    Although I did like seeing Bella’s super power and seeing her kick Emmett’s butt at arm wrestling, I miss simple Bella and the clumsy, accident-prone Bella will always be the one I love.

  14. maeve says:

    hey girls! i first want to start off saying that i recently started listening to you guys and you are AWESOME!!!! sooo anyway i would have to say that i like SUPER Bella better because she isn’t whiney and insecure anymore. with that said i still like simple Bella because she was funny and easier to connect with compared to Super Bella. by the way i wanted to run an idea by you guys do you think that Jacob was so in love with Bella because she had his true love inside her the entire time? just a thought i had when i found out about jacob’s imprinting. you girls rock!! yayyyy!!

  15. Lynnie says:

    I really believe Bella was always meant to be a vampire. When she was human she was klutzy, although that was a funny quirk, and self-conscious. She was also clever, witty, brave, and protective of others. I feel like when she became a vampire Bella left those negative traits behind but kept the positive. She’s still clever and witty and definitely brave, as she shows when she asks Edward to teach her to fight. She is also still extremely protective of others as her new-found power shows. The fact that she exhibits such self-control as a new-born is amazing, like Edward says on page 517, “All that worrying over being a newborn, and then you skip it all together.” (Sorry I’m in English essay writing mode.) My favorite quote about Bella becoming a vampire is quite a long one, it’s actually two paragraphs but I think it really shows that this is who she was always meant to be.

    “It was a strange feeling–not surprising, I supposed, since everything felt strange now–this BEING A NATURAL AT SOMETHING. As a human, I’d never been best at anything. I was okay at dealing with Renée, but probably lots of people could have done better; Phil seemed to be holding his own. I was a good student, but never at the top of the class. Obviously, I could be counted out of anything athletic. Not artistic or musical, no particular talents to brag of. Nobody ever gave away a trophy for reading books. After eighteen years of mediocrity, I was pretty used to being average. I realized now that I’d long ago given up any aspiration of shining at anything. I just did the best with what I had, never quite fitting into my world.

    “So this was really different. I was amazing now–to them and to myself. IT WAS LIKE I HAD BEEN BORN TO BE A VAMPIRE. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I HAD FOUND MY TRUE PLACE IN THE WORLD, THE PLACE I FIT, THE PLACE I SHINED” (524). (Haha sorry with the parenthetical citations. Again, english essay writing mode.)

    P.S. I love the podcast. You’ll probably laugh at me but your accents make me feel really comfortable. Haha I know that’s weird. Thanks for taking the time to make this podcast, it REALLY helped pull me out of my post-twilight depression. 😀

  16. Avee says:

    It’s hard to say. I think we “know” human Bella better. She’s been with us for 3 books, so we kinda get her. Vamped up Bella is an acquaintance…Human Bella is a friend. I do like parts of Vamped up Bella. I like that she has so much control as a new born. I think she brought a lot of her humanity with her to her new life, and that makes it easier for her to resist those vampire instincts. If only we had a couple more books to get to know new Bella…*sigh* keep hope alive, I guess.

  17. Angel Marie says:

    The thing about Simple Bella was that she was relatable in her being human. She was unique and had quirks and we got to be with her through it all. Stephenie said herself that part of the reason Bella was human for so long was that the moment she turned vampire she would lose the relatability and some readers wouldnt be able to follow well. I love Simple Bella and the person she is But if we’re being honest she was always different. Too unique. And she had never been a normal teen.

    I love Super Bella more becuase finally she was herself surrounded by people like her. And normal became extraordinary. Becoming a vampire didnt change her. It reflected her true self. It made her finally equal to Edward.

    I love the show and your sisterly dynamic. Plus…you guys just crack me up! Love it if you chose my answer for the show!!!

  18. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I felt like I couldn’t relate to the new Bella as much, but I loved that she now looked perfect and was perfect at everything she does. Don’t we all wish we were perfect in everything we do. I think she was brilliant. I also loved as the simple Bella cause she remind me of me, clumsy and all.

  19. Katelin Victoria says:

    I really do enjoy 67’s response.

    I most definitely enjoyed Vampire Bella. I am glad she became strong and beautiful but I am more happy because she became what she wanted to be. And I always wanted that for Bella. I don’t think all her qualities went away, she is still Bella, she still thinks the same but with an advanced mindset to her original self. Which I kind of feel goes along with the way she wanted to be. I liked her being able to protect everyone and being the key ingredient to the happy ending. At the same time though, I related to Bella as her original self. I loved how she could have those human imperfections and still win Edward. I did feel that Edward and Bella didn’t show much of their old characteristics. They both sort of changed, But that’s reasonable because Bella changed pretty much the outline of who she was and I think Edwards character needed to adjust to her change as well. But at the same time so much of a new wonderful Bella was revealed. I think what make people choose the original Bella definitively is that they’ve known that Bella through the first three books. So people were used to her. Bella just went through the change in one book. If there were to be another book I’m sure people would fall equally in love with the Vampire Isabella. The only thing that made me sad was that Bella left me behind when she change. Ultimately becoming the definition of who I want to be. And I couldn’t share that with her because I know I will never be able to have those little perfected vampire qualities.

  20. I actually really enjoyed her being Super Bella…it was great to know that there was another dynamic part to her character. I loved her abilities and the way that her and Edward could truly be together. I know that a lot of the fans weren’t really huge fans of Bella in the first place because she was ‘anti-feminist’ needing Edward for everything. But I liked that in her change, she became a person that could stand on her own. She saw that she didn’t need anyone to support her and she could handle herself. Simple Bella, for me, was a great character but I always felt like she was waiting for the next thing to go wrong….most of the world has come to accept that as a way of life now (the other shoe to drop) but with Super Bella; it’s like we were all growing with her.

    I may be crazy for reading a little too far into it but I truly think that as we’ve all read these books and come this far with Stephenie; we’ve also grown with the characters as well as Steph.

    Any one agree? Or have I lost my mind to the Twilight world yet again? 😛


  21. Christina says:


  22. Sherry says:

    I loved all things Bella, from Human Bella as the stories proceeded learned and grew right through to Vampire Bella where she grew even more as a mother and protector.. I think that it would have been a shame if Vampire Bella had retained all of those things that bothered her, the awkwardness, self-consciousness, the story would have slipped, so she needed to “grow” again with these new supernatural abilities. She’s “still” Bella—just different through all of her experiences and circumstances.

  23. Elise says:

    I liked super Bella the best. I have been waiting for her to become a vampire since the first book and I was excited to see how that turned out. Truthfully I was somewhat annoyed with human Bella and how she didn’t assert herself that much. Super Bella was more assertive not only in life but in her relationship with Edward. I especially liked seeing how they could love each other equally. It was quite poetic in a sense. While I admit I’m sad I can’t relate to Bella anymore, I liked this new side of Bella and how her character grew.

  24. Serena says:

    Hi guys, I just want you to know I love your podcast. To answer your question I have to say I am very torn between the two different Bellas. Although the human Bella has some imperfections she is such a unique and interesing character. She is also very unpredictable when she is human you never know what her next emotion is going to be or if shes going to be turned into a vampire, but when she turns into a vampire and we find out that she’s a shield you know she is going to be rational about the upcoming events and is also not going to be killed by another vampire because she is so strong and powerful. Although turning Bella into a vampire was the key element for Edward and Bella to stay together and for her to live I still have to say I miss the old Bella too.

  25. jade says:

    I actually like both Bella’s… The simple and super versions of her. It’s like watching your sister mature or change for the better. Knowing her transformation gave her happiness which also led to keeping her close to all the people that she really loves, you would just feel so happy for her. Although I miss the old her but seeing the great outcome of her struggles make me love both sides of her.

  26. Gothgirl says:

    i like them both:

    simple bella: edward is always saving her and that is cool
    super bella: she can finally keep up wtih edward, without being on his back! that would be cool!

  27. Gayl E. says:

    I probably would have liked Super Bella if Renesmee hadn’t come along. Sorry, I know you girls love Renesmee but I DO NOT LIKE HER AT ALL. Yeah she’s cute and all with her curly locks and blablablah, but she’s such a boring character. Seriously, all you can say about Renesmee is that she’s cute. That’s about it. (Then again, she’s still young, but whatever) Anyway, think about it. (Okay, moving on) Throughout the series, we have come to love the Edwella (even Jella), but when Bella became Super(vampire mom), it seems all that she cared about was Renesmee. There was even a line where she said that the most important thing in her life was Renesmee (umm, Edward? boohoo) See, it kind of moved the focus from E/B to B/R. And not everybody understands that relationship, nor relate to that. And of course, the pull between E/J was gone. We also loved that struggling relationship, but when Bella became Super, you know, that relationship went through the gutter. I think that Simple Bella is a dynamic character, where Super Bella is more of a static character. While reading Book3 of BD, it felt kind of awkward because we’re reading from this “new” character’s POV. It’s like she’s not Bella anymore. It’s like reformatted Bella. Yes, the thoughts and other stuff and her concerns are still there but reading it makes you go “Where the **** did Bella go??”

  28. Gayl E. says:

    Added to #77: And you know with what Stephenie Meyer did to Super Bella with her amazing restraint and stuff, it’s actually not believable, (a vampire pregnancy was even more believable) and kind of a let down because we were all wondering what hungry crazy newborn Bella would be like.

  29. michele says:

    definitely simple bella.
    i thought it was just too strange that EDWARD was dazzled by bella.
    its too backwards

  30. Ally says:

    I like Simple Bella the most, Super Bella is okay.

    Simple Bella, is just Simple Bella you got to love a teenage girl who is an accident waiting to happen, can trip over her own two feet, and maybe even trip over the air itself. I can personally relate to simple Bella because well…..I….am……a…….KLUTZ!! I’m the klutziest person ever and I have 9…..NINE years of ballet. I almost fell off the stage into the orchestra pit once.

    Super Bella is hmmmm how do I put this…….. SUPER! She is strong and well pretty much super. She isn’t herself anymore, she’s graceful like the rest of them and she doesn’t trip over herself. And well she just isn’t herself.
    P.S. I LOVE you’re podcast!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  31. kirsty says:

    I prefer simple Bella because she is relatable! She is clumsy, plain looking, has just moved somewhere new, her parents are divorced, every teenage girl is able to relate to Bella for some reason.but when she becomes a vampire it seems all of these disappear she is no longer clumsy and is now beautiful. I felt that she was a completly different person, and the tone of the last part of the book reflected this, it seemed different to me somehow, still i am still glad she did become a vampire !


  32. Fleur says:

    I prefer Super Bella as she got to appreciate Edward more as she could truly see how beautiful he is and how much they suit each other, I also found there was more humor when she was a vampire because her and edward were competing against each other, with their strength and having races (even though edward is techinally stonger and faster then her, but she’s a newborn!), I found it hilarous, I also found how emmett made their sex lives a joke was funny, as he now can make fun of their sex lives.
    and I love how Jacob smells horrible to her! and then she gets to spend eternity with edward.
    I do miss her clumsiness though.
    I have to agree with Gayl E, Bella cared more for Nessie than Edward, and I felt like she loved her more than Edward. I know I can’t say much as I’m not a mother, and I don’t have maternal instincts, but I never imagined Bella having maternal instincts either.

    love you guys!!


  33. Sarah says:

    I like Super Bella better than simple Bella because to my she just seemed more grown up and adult. In some peoples eyes this can be a bad thing, but I just felt that she understood life more. She was so happy in her life, and the vampire emotions just seemed so much better than the roller coaster of human emotions. If that makes sense. She was happier in her vampire life than in her human life, and she became more “life” smart. She grew up and became a mother and a wife and had more going on in her life. I still LOVED the books of Bella’s human life I just thought she understood more about what life is about. I know a lot of people are gonna trash me about how she was just a high school grad and now she’s a vamp mommie/wife and I’m ok with that. I just liked Bella better.

    But I still LOVE human Bella.

  34. Christi says:

    Hey Kallie! Hey Kassie! You guys ROCK!!!!

    I love the simple, funny, human Bella, because whatever she did was HILARIOUS!!! But I love the SUPER AWESOME VAMPIRE Bella, cuz she’s graceful, a mother, AND CAN BEAT EMMETT!!!! YEAH!!!! Stephanie Meyer is a GREAT author the way she described EVERYTHING in ALL the books! Your guys’ podcast ROCKS! Luv ya!!!

    -Christi from Wisconsin

  35. Laurie says:

    Yes I love the new Bella. She has finally found a sense of self. As human Bella she could never see herself like everyone else saw her. She always felt that everything that went wrong was her fault and was never good enough and I was so ready for her to get over this. I was so happy to see her happy and feel usefull. Love the Podcast.
    Laurie From Texas

  36. Lauren says:

    I fell in love with simple Bella because she was a normal girl. She was a kind person and her reactions were real. With that said, being a vampire was Bella’s happy ending. I loved experiencing all of the vampire firsts with her: the hunting, the speed, and seeing the Cullen’s through vampire eyes. Most of all though, I loved that she gained confidence to stand with the Cullens, as their equal. While I love both human and vampire Bella, gaining confidence and finally finding her niche made super Bella awesome!

  37. Muna says:

    I personally like simple Bella more because she is what attracted me to the novels, she was klutzy and normal. It made the novels easy to connect to. At times her flaws, such as being self-sacrificing and the damsel in distress, made her irritating but just enhanced the connection people had with Bella’s character. When we met super Bella in Breaking Dawn, I lost my connection with her and was unable to connect with what she was going through like I was when I was reading Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I did like that with super Bella she was able to defend her self and became Edward’s equal by becoming a vampire.

  38. bella-wana-be says:

    I like super Bella, but i’d have ot say that I liked simple Bella better. I loved her clummsyness, when she would blush, and you could almost always realate to her. Pluss I jsut plain out enjoyed Eclipse better than Breaking Dawn, I still liked Breaking Dawn but in Eclipse and the others there was more of a struggle and things weren’t as casual between Bella and Edward. As casual as a relationship between a vampire and human girl gets. Even before Eclipse, specifically before Bella went all “suductrus” on poor Edward, all of the Bella and Edward moments were soo sweet and pure. What can i say, I’m such a hopeless romantic

  39. The Twihard says:

    Of course I like the Simple Bella, she felt like someone you could really get along with, and someone that was real.

    But I also like the Super Bella, I know this may sound stupid and some fans may get mad at me, but the new Bella doesn’t whine like the old Bella used to. Other than that I like both Bella’s the same.

  40. Hayley-reigh says:

    In every book of this series I kept thinking, JUST TURN HER INTO A VAMPIRED ALREADY! And once she did I was so glad don’t get me wrong, we didn’t have to worry about Edward losing her. But once she was a vampire it was sad to realize that Edward was no longer going to have to save her. I loved the whole chivalry and damsel in distress thing that went on in the first 3 books. Every girl wants to be saved at one point or another. But now that she’s a vampire thats all gone. So i think i might like the simple bella more. Soooo that’s what i have to say about that.

  41. Emilee says:

    I like them both. I like simple Bella because I can relate to just about everything she does. Another thing I’m going to miss about simple Bella is that she is always getting into trouble and her knight and sparkling skin, Edward, doesn’t haw to save her anymore which I found very sweet and romantic. I like super Bella because now she got what she wanted, the love of her life to stay with her forever and an added bonus a daughter. I also like super Bella because now she can protect everyone in her family as before everyone in her family was protecting her. She kind of proves that girls can save the day just as much as anyone else. So it’s a tie for me.

  42. Halle says:

    First of all I don’t like the term “simple” bella. I do not think that she is simple! Just human! On to the question. I am so CONFUSED over who i like better. Human bella was so relateable, and I saw so much of me in her. It made me wish I would find an Edward; someone who was a god compared to me. When Bella turned to a vampire, I was happy because I really wanted her to. I loved her power, speed, and the description of her senses. But, she wasn’t the self- centered clumsy normal girl that I grew to love. Its like when your boyfriend that you know, love, and see yourself in breaks up with you, and a glorious, self- assured, beautiful, but unrelateable one takes his place. So confusing.

  43. Leslie says:

    Hey Guys,
    I thought this was a difficult question! I have to say that “super Bella” is my favorite. I loved the sweet human Bella a lot but now she is confident and assured that she can live with Edward forever. Also she has a special vampire power which is awesome! I thought her gift was really neat. Now also she has a daughter who is adorable. But her being a vampire is like the perfect final touch so she can have an absolutely perfect life. And I know reading about the human Bella was entertaining I like the new Bella better. She can now live happily ever after forever! And I really like seeing her happy too!

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Personally I love both Bellas just the same, they each have certain charms that draw in the reader to keep reading. Simple Bella was pretty much the most relatable which is why we all loved the books in the first place. It’s also how we loved Edward. If Bella started out as this super girl, then their love might not be how it is now because a huge part of their relationship has always been that Edward was her protector.
    Once she was changed, we weren’t able to relate because she was a different person altogether, but the same as well. It was still Bella underneath, but we also got a different side of her which was only available when she turned. That side was a strong, sexy vampire who didn’t need other people sticking up for her anymore. It also changed her relationship with Edward. He didn’t have to watch over her all the time and in a way they became even more as one with each other. They now have a super relationship.
    Even though I LOVE simple Bella, super Bella is more fun to read about and beacuse she is super her bond with Edward is just that much stronger.

  45. Ainsley says:

    Well i would have to say that i life SUPER Bella more than simple Bella. Because when she was Simple Bella she couldn’t do anything like she did when she was simple Bella like having her Shield. And if she never became a vampire than she wouldn’t be able to spend forever and all eternity with Edward the love of her life, where if she was not a vampire, she would get older by the years and Edward would be left alone again :).
    Also some people have a better relationship with people that are life them, and before Bella was so Different to Edward and Bella didn’t get to see every side of Edward life when he went to hunt, but since she became a Vampire and can go and do it with him, which then she is able to know every side of Edward.

    I would like to say i love your guys show it always makes me laugh and i think Kassie is a very good singer.

  46. graceey cullen says:

    I’m not really sure about this question because i like both Bella’s. I think it would be good if the two Bella’s were , kinda mixed into one. Then, she would still have her clumsiness and her emotions back [woo!]. Then she could also have her power and strength, etc but then about her diet. I think i would rather human bella better! =]

    You Guys Are Great!
    graceey cullen

  47. portlandbella says:

    I love SUPER Bella. As a mom, I wish I had Bella’s superhuman strength to carry my toddler when she tantrums at the grocery store!

  48. Kelli Dub-ya says:

    While I was sad to see Simple Bella go, I was excited for Super Bella to finally emerge! Even in Twilight, I always felt like she was on the brink of becoming who she was meant to be but just hadn’t arrived there yet. Once she became a vampire she started to shine (quite literally, ha!) as the best version of her true self. Who wouldn’t want their human insecurities to melt away and their strengths to dominate?

    That said, I really wish that her “turning” was more romantic. I would have loved to hear Bella’s thoughs right before Edward changes her. Would she had been totally confident going in? Or would she have been a bit hesitant about the painful process? Hmmm…well, I guess we’ll never know.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts each week!

  49. Melaine says:

    I have always liked human Bella although I could never really relate to her. I have always been a very strong, athletic and outgoing individual. Keeping up with the boys was my goal growing up. Throughout the series I never cared if Bella became a vampire or not. I could see the dramatic possibilities either way. Plus, I was team Jacob although I never really believed she’d choose him. In the end I’m happy the way things worked out and I have to say now that I LOVE vampire Bella. She’s someone I can relate to. Her physical strength now matches the strong will she’s always had. She is able to stand up for herself and her family and not only that, but with her super powah, can protact all those she loves from harm! Wouldn’t we all love to be able to do that!!! Plus, as a mom I understand those mom instincts she has which was a big complaint among the teen readers. Rmember, Stephenie wrote Twilight for herself. It makes sense that those of us at the same point in our lives as Stephenie would relate best to this final book. Love the podcast. Keep up the great work!!

  50. Melaine says:

    I’d like to add to my previous post that I also like Super Bella because now she and Edward can have an equal relationship. They are both able to love eachother with the full force of themselves – something Edward was never able to do. They are equal partners which has made their relationship stronger and more dynamic. The possibilities are endless with them. PS – all new mothers are consumed with their babies. It’s nature taking over and does not mean she loves Edward any less. It’s just that Renesme has become her focus. Rmember – she still has every long night with Edward while Renesme sleeps. They still have their focus on eachother even though we don’t read explicitly about it.

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