Robert Pattinson: Best movies, obsessive fans and the attack of the Paparazzi!

Sep 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

The Movie Fanatic has a great article on Robert Pattinson and what it means to be a true fan.

“He is never conscious about acting. If he’s a nerdy-geeky teen, then he’s just that. If he’s a wizard studying his magic, then he’s actually more than that, he even dares to add certain dimensions to his character.”

They also want to know: “As a fan, do you think you should intrude into your idol’s lifestyle?  What particular Rob movie would you consider as the one you would definitely see, come hell or high water?”

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7 Comments to “Robert Pattinson: Best movies, obsessive fans and the attack of the Paparazzi!”

  1. sou says:

    This article kind of upsets me a little.
    I feel like they pretty much trash ALL twilight fans.
    That’s so stupid the way they just down talk us as a fandom just because we’re passionate.
    Ugh. Yeah, idk i just really didn’t like the tone of this article.

  2. Kelly says:

    No, I feel really bad for him because his privacy is SO ripped off!

  3. Amanda says:

    i wouldnt want to invade his privacy. ever
    for reason 1, i’d be too scared or star-stuck to even talk to him. and reason 2, he’s a human being. no different from you and me. it kind of takes away your dignity when you run up screaming to an actor about how much you love him as if he were jesus or something.
    yes some actors are truly gifted (as rob is) but i dont think people appriciate it when you scream in their face on a normal day on the street, demanding a picture or autograph. (in no way am i condeming people who ask for that. i am condeming people who act like total idiots about it)
    and i agree with sou. yes we love edward cullen so naturally we would want him to be as he is in the book.
    but that differs from person to person. and it doesnt mean everyone will condemn rpattz if he s not “perfect”
    i personally am looking forward to seeing rpattz,i think hes gonna do great.

  4. Cammywamy says:

    I don’t like that article. It’s like they’re saying all of us are like that. Plus, dissing and saying that other fans are crazy obsessive to the point of idiocy! Ugh… >:(
    I mean i would never invade his privacy but to say that many are like that is like insulting 100s of teenage girls who love this series and can’t wait to see Rob in the movie.
    …But overall, great Rob stuff…

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  6. AMY says:

    I want to see “how to be” very-berry much. Concerning Rob’s actions….well, I never expected an actor to be that great in real life…I only watch Rob for his talent, the characters that he becomes on screen, NOT his ACTUAL character; His job is to be someone else; and it’s better…healthier (we as twilighters) to focus more on those other ‘selves’ of his.

    Robert Pattinson is not Daniel. Robert Pattinson is not Art. Robert Pattinson is not Dali. Robert Pattinson is not Diggory. Robert Pattinson is NOT Edward. It’s sad…concerning how close we get to his characters, but that’s the harsh truth.

  7. Elliot says:

    When you just leave aside his job – acting – Rob is a totally normal 22 year old young man. I expect him to have a social life, to go in pubs, get drunk, partying, have different girls (or boys, whatever he prefers…). To me, he’s a young man just like my friends, only difference, that he can’t be himself anymore, because his face is known to media. It’s sad because this way it’s either forget the fun and be mommy’s darlin’ or have fun and live your life in front of thousands of people who comment every foot set wrong. Hell, if I want my car fixed I wont judge the man doing the job by his appearance or his lifestyle. He can have three arms, live under the bridge and smell like a dead cat, only thing that matters to me is getting my baby back purring. And Rob can have a threeway with a business man and a gay barkeeper – doesn’t matter, his work is good, in his “other” life he can do as he pleases.
    As to his films: I definitely want to see all of the three mentioned! 1: I love these movies, like Garden State, The secretary, these “How the hell did I become what I am now? What am I going to do? Need to fix that!”-stories. The focus on growing up and colliding with what your parents and your environment expects of you.
    2: Need to say anything? Am soooo excited to see what Catherine Hardwicke and the actors did to bring our “Bible” to the big screen. Will def be seeing this one more than one time. First time will be like wow, next times is picking it to pieces and analyze my ass off.
    3. Dali. To me, his pictures are most intriguing. I could look at them for hours and still find something new. As you mostly learn about the older Dali in school, it will be nice to see his younger self be brought to life and into the minds of people… fits into my fav. films from no. 1, I think…?

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