Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella ~ Week #34

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This week we have a great time talking about Bella before and after her transformation.  So many of you had different opinions on this, and we really enjoyed dicussing everything you had to say!  This week’s music is All These Sounds by Jody Shelton.


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10 Comments to “Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella ~ Week #34”

  1. Rozie says:

    Hey, You guys are really good. I’ve been looking for a Twilight Podcast and kept running into a whole bunch of children goofing off instead, so you guys are seriously like a breath of fresh air. But about this weeks topic, I’ll have to agree with the two teams. I liked simple Bella for starting off the story. I was extremely akward when I was younger, tall for my age, skinny and clumsy. But it was seeing myself from other peoples perspectives that had me seeing these things. Not until I was forced to see myself and my positive attributes that i started feeling a bit more comfortable in my own skin. And I am sorry to say that it was a boy that showed that to me. it shouldn’t have taken that for me to see myself, but sometimes others people views influence you enough where you start to believe it, and when someone, anyone, tells you different, it’s hard to change that view of yourself. Edward did just that for Bella. All the expieriences that they went through together, forced Bella to mature at many different levels, although she was extremely mature for her age as it is. But she grew in the areas she was lacking, like her self confidence. So, as the story grew, so did Bella. With the final book, came the final change. She prepared herself so completely for the transformation, that her humanity remained in tact. While the akward aspects of Bella’s character changed to match her confidence, her personality remained the same. So in the end I loved Super Bella. She just saw herself that way Edward always saw her, just (and i’ll use Edward’s words) a bit more durable. I also had a comment about Bella being protective of her baby almost instantly. Well I have three kids that were not planned. I also had them very young, so I was not the happiest person in the world when I found out about my kids. But i will say that I had complications at the beginning of all my pregnancies. But the one that helps me understand Bella’s situation the most was when I was told for my third pregnancy that they could not find the baby even though all my tests reflected that i was indeed pregnant. I was told that there was a possiblity that the pregnancy was ectopic and would have to remove the fetus. I had taken a pregnancy test a few days prior to this news and was not happy about the pregnancy. Although I had two kids that were 2 years old and 8 months, and was NOT prepared to have another one so soon, the moment I was told that I might have to abort my child, I instantly felt the need to protect him. My heart was crushed and I began to cry uncontrolably. At first I thought, why am i crying, I’m not ready to have this child anyway, but the overwhelming sadness didn’t go away. As I was being wheeled to another room for an ultrasound, my mind was racing as to what I can do to save the baby. When I saw my baby on the screen with a strong heartbeat and was told that everything would be okay (the baby had attached itself really high up, making him hard to locate during a regular pelvic exam), the happiness that ran through me was immeasurable. So I can completely see Bella’s need to protect her own. I just loved the whole story from beggining to end, and you guys are just doing a great job, sharing your views with others. Keep up the good work and I listen to you every opportunity I have. Thanks guys.

  2. sierra says:

    yeah this book turned into movie is going to be awesome because kirsten stewart has a lot of experiance with the different types of movies that we have in the world right now so hope you put on a good role kirsten/
    love your new fan sierra whitman

  3. Kayla says:

    well i personally like the old bella more because she is more fun to read about . but the super bella is awesome 2 because of her kool power .. tho it would be cooler if she had a bubble instead of a sheild … lol .. well anyway i like the old bella more because more people can relate 2 her ( or at least they wish they could) . so yeah i totally love your show ..


  4. Sarah says:

    I think with Bella becoming what she did in the end it showed a progression through what she’d been through and now shes as such reaping the benefits. Stephenie meyer said she liked the metaphor of the cover showing the pawn and the queen, saying Bella had gone from the most useless piece on the board to the most powerful and that was a great way to look at it.
    As a female who only dreams of a romance to compare to this epic i could relate so well to Bella as her former self, clumsy, shy but strong. She pulled herself through (admit there was some help) from having her heart broken and I’ve now managed, somehow, to pull myself through the same thing twice concerning the same guy, and i loved him like my own Edward.
    I’m so glad she got her own happy ending, even though this is only a fictional book, its something that has struck so many chords with so many people, and it is certainly something that i will enjoy reading over and over.
    I really hope Meyer chooses to continue with Midnight Sun, the partial draft was amazing (i just couldn’t resist a peek and then ended up reading the whole 12 chapters).
    In response to the debate, I like them both, because they are both the same Bella. the only thing that changes is that she is what she wanted to be, and not what she had to be. And Edward loves her either way. 🙂

  5. Megan H. says:

    Hey girls, love the show! I just thought I’d point out that Eleazar is pronounced el-ee-AY-zar. Jut FYI.

  6. lariza says:

    as always you do a great job………it’s always worth hearing on your podcasts…….
    and basicall this whole story started with bella as a human and it wasn’t until the middle of the final book she’s a vampire…..
    but the fact is edward still loves her no matter what even when she’s old……even though she is a vampire….she’s still bella to her father, jacob and others…..

    always a great podcast

  7. Constance says:

    I believe the only true difference between human Bella & vampire Bella is her durability. She got stronger. But Edward still loves her. Jake is still her friend(of course, only because he imprinted on Renesmee), and she still can talk to Charlie, who accepts her after she’s a vampire, even though he can tell something’s different.
    I love Bella either way, and so do most people, I think.

    Love your website, by the way.


  8. Evelyn says:

    I always thought that Bella, in the beginning, was missing something. Not like she was incomplete as a person, she was always a wonderful character. In a way I think that she was born to be a vampire. There were so many special abilities hidden within her, it makes sense that in becoming a vampire, she unleashes them. She could never fit in with others, apart from her parents, and a very few people. The two guys she could have ever been with weren’t human, to an extent. She wasn’t meant to live a normal life. Even as a human Bella never followed the regular habbits, she was different from everyone else from the beginning. It’s the things that make her unique that draw Edward to her in the first place. (I’m not saying they are the only things, Edward and Bella were meant to be.) It makes sense that she fell in love with a vampire, it’s in immortality that Bella belongs. And, strangely enough, I thought that the one thing missing would be a child, because I could see Bella and Edward becoming such wondeful parents, and let’s face it, Alice would be the most amazing aunt there ever was! But that gap was filled in too! That’s why I love Breaking Dawn so much, the ending leaves nothing unfinished. Even the last moment is perfect. I don’t think anyone could have written a better ending. Bella can still see Charlie, she and Jacob will know eachother for all eternity. Edward and Bella will be together for every second of forever. And now they have a beautiful child to share that with, and even the child aready has someone to be with. Jacob, who will take care of her and love her so much. And in a sense the human Bella and the ‘SUPER’ Bella are opposites, but I think that’s simply the obstacle Bella needed to overcome. You are what you love. Bella began to change and grow, she began to get ready to change into a vampire the very moment she knew what Edward was and that she loved him… Anyway, I’m really glad I found this website because I’ve always loved reading what people think about the books and the characters. It feels special because on these kind of websites (the ones that are dedicated to the Twilight Saga) everyone already has one thing in common, one thing that connects them. Their love for the characters and their passion for the books. I think I better stop writting now.. Sorry I tried to make it as short as I could…Evelyn xxxxx : )

  9. siyouneh says:

    I think most girls are able to relate to the human Bella and therefore become so attached to this storyline because just like her, girls confidences increase or decrease in parallel to how other’s judge them instead of being their own judge. So we see her confidence progress as Edward reminds her of her beauty, but she is still alwaysss comparing herself to him and saying that she is dull compared to his beauty. She doesnt seem to understand how extraordinary she already is!

  10. siyouneh says:

    where is this podcast???

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