New Merchandise

Sep 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Movie News has some photos of new Twilight keychains and buttons from Hot Topic!

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12 Comments to “New Merchandise”

  1. Peeves says:

    Ya more twilight stuff!

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  3. hal says:

    thats awesome. i need some of those to go with my team edward shirt.

  4. Mei.J. says:

    TO THE MALL!!!!

  5. Brinkley says:

    What I wanna know, is where the heck is all the Jacob merch, huh????

  6. major obsessed twilighter says:

    i’m with Brinkley
    i at least want a jacob button or something

  7. Tina says:

    ok… all this merchandise is getting rediculous!! They’re all cool looking and the pictures are super sexy and all, but its getting waaaay too comercial! the movie isn’t even out for another 2 months…. just relax….

  8. mercy says:

    I wish they would make some Team Switzerland Merchandise.
    But I do agree with Brinkley. They are blowing the merch thing
    way out of proportion. We’ve got a way to go.

  9. sou says:

    YEAH!!!!! more twilight stuff!! XD awesomeness!! <3

  10. ashley says:

    i agree…they should have jacob merchandise cuz jacob is also awesome

  11. edella(edward-bella) says:

    hey are they available in the philippines?

  12. arianna says:

    hey are these available in philippines? i so need to get them!!

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