Who are you most excited to see in the movie?

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This week our question is very complex, but we think that you can handle it!  We want to know who you think is the best actor for their character… We also want to know who you will have the hardest time relating to in the movie…  So here goes…

Which actor are you most looking forward to seeing portray their character in the movie Twilight?  Why?

Also, who are you going to have the hardest time relating to as they play your favorite character from Twilight?  Why?

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165 Comments to “Who are you most excited to see in the movie?”

  1. Allison says:

    Which actor are you most looking forward to seeing portray their character in the movie Twilight? Why? I am most Excited to see Both Taylor play Jacob and Peter playing carlise. I think Taylor fits “twilight jacob” so much because he just has that smile, and is happy and just seems very easy to talk to. Which is exactly how jacob is in twilight. I honestly think he fits his part the most. Then I also cant wait to see charlise becase he seems so into the movie, by dressing up and all that even when he wasnt on set or anything. He is also a dad just like his character……so you get what I am saying.

    Also, who are you going to have the hardest time relating to as they play your favorite character from Twilight? Why?I think it might be hard to see jasper being played, he is my favorite character and you know how sometimes you can have a certain image of him in your mind. But I have a lot of confidence in Jackson. He seems like he is doing a good job, I just dont want him to over do andthing, like the acent or the quietness. I am also worrited aboiut Edward, because I mean who isnt. He is supossed to be perfect and perfect is just so hard to be.

  2. Ava says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Rob and Kristen. The comments from Comic-con have left me more than curious. (wink.) Come on, Edward wants to kiss and kill Bella in the same moment….it’s gonna be awesome. I am a little skeptical about Sharkboy playing Jacob. He’s great for Twilight but can he pull off the sequels? They’ll have to make them so we can decide. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see it! Over and over again….

  3. Courtney W says:

    Im going to be completley honest I love the books but Im seeing the movie so I can stair at Robert Pattinson for however long the movie is. Maybe the other male vampires too.

  4. Brittany-Boo says:

    I am SO looking forward to seeing Robert’s portrayl of Edward!!!
    I think in the trailers he seems the most like his character. And just like Edward he has “unreal” beauty to him. I thought he was pretty in Harry Potter…Shame he had to be killed off!

    As for the character I don’t really care much for seeing…I just don’t think Esme is up to par. Elizabeth Reaser was in Greys Anatomy and I thought she was a wonderful Ava, but I just don’t see her as a loving vampire. Call me crazy but from day one I haven’t been thrilled about her movie role in Twilight. I just think Esme could be improved upon. But hey she may completely change my mind. Not that she is a bad actress, but I just think Esme needs to be like kate beckinsale or something.

  5. kaylee says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing the chemistry that rob and kristen are going to bring to the screen portraying edward and bella! Their relationship is so full of innocence, danger and suspense, and i know that everytime i read in twilight that edward touched bella or kissed her i got massive butterflys in my stomach and wished that i could be bella!!! i just hope that when i watch the movie that they can bring about those feelings all over again. but from what i’ve read in articles and seen in interviews i dont think rob and kristen will dissapoint! and anyways how hard can it be to make chemistry with someone as hot as robbert pattinson! he’s not extremely goodlooking but he has a certain charm about him, plus his accent is dreammmyy!!!!

    Also, who are you going to have the hardest time relating to as they play your favorite character from Twilight? Why?
    hmmm thats a hard one i think all of the actors who have been cast for twilight are perfect for their characters and i really dont think i will have a hard time relating to any of them but i will be extremely jealous of Kristen Stewart!!!!!

    p.s i love the podcasts girls!! keep up the good work!!


  6. Miss Viet says:

    i’m looking forward to see Kristen plays Bella ’cause she is a really strange character to me x) I think she is so… weird ^^

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  8. charlotte says:

    The character that i am the most phsyced to see in the movie is definately jessica, she is not the ideal actress i would have chosen but i would definately like to see if she turns out just as i imagined and is as bubbly as her book character. I only have one worry and that is that the film people will have sofened her nature ad chucked her completely jealous and spiteful side out the window…….this i think is what makes her character in the book and i hope she is as loveable to hate in the movie.

  9. Christina says:

    I’m most excited to see Bella. Because I’m anxious to see how well Kristen can portray Bella’s clumsiness! I also can’t wait to see how Ashley plays Alice. I love Alice, and want to see just HOW bubbly and friendly she is in the movie!

  10. J-Bird says:

    Edward. Enough Said

  11. Meghan F. says:

    I think I will give you a 1-10
    1.Edward- Yes, I know everyone says him, but after reading all the books I kinda forgot about his struggles with being around Bella.
    6.Bella- I put her down here because I have already seen Kritsten in a alot of movies..But I still LOVE you.
    7. Jasper
    10.Charlie-Cheif Swan…*snickers*
    14.Lauren-Be jealous honey because Bella got what see wanted…EDWARD!!!!!!
    17.Renee- I am sorry that I put you ALL the way down here but We don’t get to see you alot in the movie.

    And If I forgot somebody I am sorry.


  12. Lauren says:

    I am excited to see all of the Cullens come to life (and Bella!) and I am confident that they will fit the parts. I am most excited to see Jasper because he is my favorite male Cullen. He was always in the background, yet the little things he did demonstrated his character. It was so cute when he told Bella, “I can feel what you are feeling now, and you’re wrong, you are worth it.” (They were getting ready run from James). It’s his subtlety that I love, and I really think Jackson Rathbone can bring it to life.

    On the flip side, I am hoping that Jessica’s Stanley’s actress can fit the part. When MTV showed the greenhouse seen, she was too bubbly, almost annoyingly so. It isn’t fair for me to judge her entire presence in the movie from a few lines, but I really hope she can pull it off.

  13. Tori says:

    I’m most looking forword to Solomon Trimble as Sam because a kid in my spanish class’s sister dated him! And I want to see if you can tell if he is a wolf or not or at lest be able to see if there is a difference between a werewolf and human when their in human form.

  14. Isabella aka izzy says:

    I sure that every one is going to be able to pull of any of the parts, but im most interested in seeing how Rosalie is portraid. In the book she was complete snob towards bella and i cant wait to see that.

  15. Tori says:

    hardest time, taylor Lautner because jacob is soposed to be about 6’2 by the end of the book and taylor is shorter than Rob!

  16. The REAL Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    ROB. I am dying to see him perform. I’m intrigued about Jackson because he’s one of the only ones out of the cast who I haven’t grasped his ‘vibe’ or his personality. Just excited to see everyone as a whole. I am sadly dreading Kristen’s performance. I really don’t like her as an actress. I have seen her in other roles and she doesn’t convince me. Rob was great in HP but that was a bit part… I want to see him step up and be amazing, hopefully.

  17. major obsessed twilighter says:

    i really want to see JAcob and alice and… Edward …lol
    also…i really want to see the meadow scene….i’m also curious how they will make Edward all sparkly…
    but i’m SUPER excited for the whole movie!!!!!!!

  18. Jasmine says:

    I Think that Robert is going to be an amazing Edward he just sees like the type of actor who could take on this character and the depth of this charater I mean Edward is a really complex guy and to be able to understand him is a difficult task and I think Robert has been able really understand Edward and understands where he’s coming from. I think that the person who is going to have the most dificulty with growing with there character is going to eaither be Kirsten of Taylor because each of there charaters grow soooo much from where they started in Twilight. I think Kirsten will have a hard time because she has to really start to become bella in a certian way Bella is not a girl you can easily undertand she is just as complex as Edward in certian things and especialy when bella becomes not only a vampire but a mother i dont know how shes going to be able to show how much Bella has grown in those few short days I mean as if its not difficult enough that shes ahs gone through a amazingly difficult pregnancy but also going through the pain of becoming a vampire and all the mental and physical changes of this process I think personaly that is going to be really difficult to portray on the screen. And as for Taylor having difficulty he is going to have to show the change Jacob goes through from becoming a boy into a man and how deeply he loves Bella within such a short amount of time as if Jacob doesnt have enough to deal with. with the whole becoming a wearwolf he also has to deal with the love of his life being in love with his ememy a vampire and with her getting married to him and then to top it all off having a kid oh and we cant forget the best part he imprints with that child. Jacob also becoming alpha and doing all this growing up at ine time would make my head explode if i was Taylor. I mean i hope to become an actress one day but these are some seriously difficult characters to play. as i was say Taylor and Kirsten are going to have the most difficult time with the next movies because there characters grow immensly within a short amount of time thats what i think and by the way I love your guys podcast keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. Emmets Lover says:

    ONE WORD……… EMMETT CULLEN!!!!!!!!!

  20. Teri says:

    Well, I think it’s obvious that most people are going to be looking at Kristin, Rob, and Taylor to see how well they can pull off Bella, Edward, and Jacob. I am a part of that group. However, I think some of the side characters are awesome. Strangely enough, I really like Kris who is playing Embry, even though I know his role is small. (Ok, maybe it’s because I have a crush on him, lol.)
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing Solomon. I think he’s a really cool guy and he really seems to get the character of Sam based on the interviews that he’s done. It seems like he has great potential and I can’t wait to see him on the big screen. I think the cast for this film is great. Going back to Taylor for a moment…I think he’ll be good in Twilight. When he has on the wig, he really looks good as Jacob, in my opinion. However, I’m worried about him playing Jacob in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breakding Dawn. The character of Jacob changes so drastically and I’m having a hard time seeing Taylor adapt to those changes.
    Additionally, the woman playing Esme, she just doesn’t look the part to me for some reason. She isn’t how I pictured Esme. There were other characters that I thought didn’t look right at first, but they grew on me. She just hasn’t grown on me yet.

  21. Jessica S. says:

    Well I think that Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) was best casted. She is beautiful and although she is young and doesn’t look like she’s aging (of course shes a vampire) she seems very sweet and mothering. Like she can understand a lot. I think they did a great job casting her. Also Carlisle. I think they did a great job. The two people I don’t think they did a good job casting are: Kristen Stewart, even though shes got the brown eyes, and brown hair, I think shes got a unique look, and I think Bella has a very ordinary look, I think Alexis Bledel or maybe even Leighton Meister (Blair from Gossip Girl) would have fit the look of Bella better, I dont know who else could play Edward cause hes so perfect but Rob doesn’t seem right. Sorry for all the complaining I still love the books and the movie, I wish she’d finish the series. I’m a big Rosalie fan. Love the podcast.

  22. Monika Whitlock Hale says:

    Well, I’d have to say I am most looking forward to Rob portraying Edward and Kirsten Portarying Bella, mostly because they are the main characters of the book and i can’t wait to see if and how they pull it off. So far from the previews and such, i think Rob will do a great job of playing Edward. Though i must admit i still can’t see him as my Edward but thats probably just me. Kirsten is okay i guess i just don’t feel the right emotions coming from her when she speaks. (like that line in trailer she says “I’m only afraid of losing you.”) I don’t know i guess i’m just weird. But i’m trying not to judge before i see the movie because well… just because =]

    I have trouble relating a lot of characters to there parts because i did read the book before they started making into a movie and i had a clear picture on what all the characters looked like. So far most of the actors have grown on me but i still retain my origanal characters in my head. There are only two people i’m having a hard time picturing in there roles; Taylor (Jacob) and Elizabeth (Esme). Taylor for me doesn’t look… Native enough… i guess is what i mean. My Jacob was indian in my mind to a certin extent. (No offence to anyone.) And we havn’t seen anything (except for a couple promo pics) from Elizabeth so she hasn’t really given me the chance to relate into my version.

    Thanks. Love the Show. <3

  23. Jacob's Girl says:

    I am super duper excited to see either Jessica or Jacob brought to life in the movie. Jessica isn’t the biggest character in the books, but she was Jessica’s best friend. So, I want to see how well Bella and Jessica click together, and then later see Jessica turn to the “dark side”. I never could visualize perfectly how Jessica acted towards Bella and Edward and so I am excited to watch her. Then, I am excited for Jacob because … well … I AM A DIE HARD JACOB FAN!!!! Taylor Lautner is PERFECT for the role of Jacob, and I really love how Jacob progresses throughout the books.

    I am going to have the hardest time watching Elizabeth play the role of Esme. Esme is so delicate and kind-hearted, and this actress just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t know why, but I don’t think she looks like Esme at all. I don’t know … maybe I’m just crazy.


  24. mauraalovestwilight says:

    such a simple question…yettt soooo hard to answer..haha. i kno you guys have read like a 100 “i cant wait to see robert play edward”comments but…i really cant wait…edward to me is everything that robert gives off(tht makes no sense but w/e)edward is very complex and different(and hotttt but thts besides the point)robert is very…to me…complex and different. not in a bad way dont get me wrong..but i sense a little of the edward cullen darkness to robert….idk its really hard to x-plain.edward is i guess is depressed about the whole situation at first(yes i have read midnight sun…it is ah-mazing)and robert has that quality to his preformance…robert understands the character soooo well…i just can not wait to see him in this movie;)
    Also, i really dont kno how taylor lautner is going to do…i think hes anawsome actor and everything but to me he seems way to articulate and i dont want to call jacob dumb but,smart….and hes to cleancut(is tht 1 word?)sorry but…i just pictured jacob differently(i like the guy who they originally casted as jacob,who is now playing embry)sorry but thats just the way i tought jacob to be.

  25. Katie L says:

    Although I am looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson, I think I am most looking forward to Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. Rosalie is so mean to Bella in Twilight, and I definitely want to see how her Actress pulls it off. We don’t hear much from Jasper in Twilight, and I also want to see what his personality is. As for Emmett, I absolutely LOVE him! His easygoing happy, content nature is perfect for Rosalie, and I also want to see some of his sense of humor.
    Anyway, I can’t wait for Twilight to come out!

  26. hannah says:

    i want to see kellan

  27. morgan says:

    i am so looking forward to seeing ROB play EDWARD. he rocks my socks.

  28. Sarah says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great Question this week. Well the Twilight charcters I am mostly looking forward to are Taylor Lautner (because I am a Jacob fan SORRY GUYS BUT HE IS JUST BETTER), and yes Robert Pattinson first because he’s really hot and second he is a good actor NOT because I like Edward. okay side note: I was reading an interveiw with him on seventeen.com and he said that he would be unemployed after this movie! Wouldn’t that be horrific? and he said that he dreams about Kristen Stewart isnt that cute? here is the link incase you are interested in reading the whole thing! http://www.seventeen.com/dating/17-questions/robert-pattinson-17q-0508
    The charcter that will be hardest to put with his charcter is Charlie. He is supposed to be a young moderatly handsome guy. but insted they get this actor who i think can pull it off at first, but then they add a MUSTACHE thingy that people wear in like Canada (no offence Candiains I love you guys). So think that they casted him wrong to start with then they just made it worse, he is almost a joke!
    Keep up the good work ladies, I love to listen to your podcast every week!

  29. Sally says:

    I’m going to steer clear of saying Robert because that’s obvious.
    I think the film has been cast terrifically and I can’t wait to see it.
    Even in the brief clips we’ve seen I think everyone embodies their character really well but there are moments where you think ‘oh that’s Rob PLAYING Edward.’ With Cam I can’t even see an actor there – that’s James! I really want to rip that guy’s head off and that’s brilliant acting on Cam’s part.
    I’m not sure about the Charlie/Bella relationship. I pictured Charlie with more of a friendly face like Dennis Quaid or something but I think the actor cast matches the book better anyway. I think the relationship between Charlie and Bella is one of the most important in the book as it establishes a lot of key points in the story. It will be hard to portray how close they are while also showing how quiet and introverted they are.
    With most of the characters now, when I’m reading, I see only the actors and that really reassures me about the film and how well the actors suit their roles.

    Thanks, I’m a new listener (five or so episodes) and this is my first response to question of the week. Keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing you with the Imprinters on Twilght Live.

  30. Melmarie says:

    I’m most excited to see Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s performances becuase I want to be able to see Bella and Edwards connection that is in the book brought to the screen and I hope that is shown between Robert and Kristen which I’m sure it will be. And for question two..I’m not really sure I guess I might have a hard time relating to Cam as James’ because it’s hard for me to not like him. Even when he was a the bad guy in Never Back Down I still loved his character and I really hate James in the book, but if Cam’s playing him I don’t know how I’ll feel about James. I guess we’re all just going to have to wait to see and I really can’t wait!!!!!!!

  31. Heather says:

    Hi Guys
    I think I’m most excited about seeing the smaller characters in Twilight, but who play bigger roles in the next few books/hopefully movies.

    I cant wait to See Rachelle who plays Victoria, even though she has a very small part in Twilight it will be interesting to see how she portrays Victoria and will develop her in the next few movies. The first appearances of a character shows a lot about the actor and how the believe their character should be like and how they can develop. I cant wait to see the little details such as the ornaments on her clothing.

    I am also very excited to see the boys/men of the Quileute Tribe. Similar to Victoria they have small appearances in Twilight but i am looking forward to seeing how they portray their characters and how they will be developed. I also just love the way the boys all act like brothers and also have fun.

    Billy Burke who plays Charlie i am very excited to see as well, because his and Bella’s relationship is just something i love and I cant wait to see the awkward moments of when Bella first arrives and the expression on Charlies face when he sees Emmett’s Jeep.

    Of course i am very excited to see all the characters but i love the smaller details and characters of a movie because without them movies would be plain and boring. I believe these actors will do a fantastic jobs of portraying their characters and i cant wait to see how they will develop them in the other movies.

    p.s. I love you guys and the Aussie’s support u =D

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve noticed that not many people have said anything about Esme…
    But I think Elizabeth Reaser is the perfect choice of Esme. She just seems to have this motherly aura and nature that surounds her. I’ve seen her in The Family Stone where she plays a mother and being a mother is a good spot for her. It looks so natural and she has this mature, calm look to her. I’m really looking forward to seeing her in the movie.
    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, actually.
    The person I’m a little iffy about is Charlie. The actor is just all wrong for me, he is too young! Ugh! I always picture Charlie as this awkward dad with a little pot-belly and slightly balding. The Charlie they have is thin and his mustache just looks totally fake. He doesn’t have that whole “I don’t know how to disipline you” thing going on. I’m sure he’ll be amazing like everyone else, but I’m still skeptic about him.

  33. Elizabeth Cullen says:

    sorry I’ve been gone for so long, school started-as did marching band-so yeah. still here, still love you guys!

    I’m super excited to see the Nomads and how they relate and react around the Cullens. Because the covens are so different in their ways and beliefs, I want to see that confusion and conflict they feel towards each other. It’s like Islam to Christianity-we have the same God, but we’re SO FRIGGIN’ different from each other, it’s almost the exact same thing.

    Now here’s my shallow answer,
    But honestly, I just want to see Jacob. In my mind, Taylor Lautner was ALWAYS my Jacob. I had a mini party when I found out he was going to be in Twilight-I just knew he Jacob. *sigh*, he’s so hott!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got the innocence and childlike, yet manly, features of Jacob Black. He’s perfect.

    okay, I’m almost done…
    I also want to see Alice and Jasper. They’re my fav. couple (besides Edwella). Their relationship is so deep and strong that they don’t even need to talk to each other. A simple brush on the shoulder says everything. It’s like a seventh gift with them, I love that.

    sorry, I’m a sap for the good, make-you-feel-sick-with-envy-love. Like “A Walk to Remember” and “Notebook”, no matter how many times I watch them, I always cry. Always.

    keep it up, XOXO

  34. Gemma says:

    I think Robert Pattison and Peter Facinelli suit there characters of Edward and Carlisle the best. and from the advertisement im most looking forward to seeing Edward because he behaves, looks and sounds exactly how i imagined!

    the person i least think suits there character is Elizabeth Reaser. she just doesnt fit the role as Esme at all. i havent seen her play esme but judged on general appearance she annoys me and i think she was a big mistake as the part!

    besides that i am dyeing while waiting for the premiere of this movie!!!
    especially because it comes out a month later in Australia!!!

  35. kristen says:

    i’m excited to see all of the cullens but especially jasper and rosalie.

    jasper because you don’t really get much description of him in the books (besides the obvious) . Out of all the Cullens he seems to be the most downplayed. Also Jasper was the character in the book i could never seem to picture in my head. I just want to see how he pulls off the roll.

    also Rosalie. I am really excited to see how nikki reed potrays rosalie’s perfect mix of salty and sweet without looking too mean. That will just be really interesting to see.

  36. Alice says:

    i am the most excited to see jacob played by lautner… everyone thinks that he is going to struggle with this part… and i am not on the same mindset apparently… if you go to youtube and watch some of these interviews he has just that happy smiling person about him… the next movie i am a little worried about , but in twilight i think he will do amazing!

    i am going to have the hardest time relating to the girl playing Rosalie because she seems a whole lot nicer than the rosalie i always have pictured…

    of course i am looking forward to rob playing edward… i think its gonna he’s gonna be the best actor in the movie (and this is coming from someone who is team jacob, but the movie’s are a completely different thing)

  37. Bailey says:

    i am most excited to see jasper/jackson rothbone and alice/ashley greene they are adorable together and i love their characters in the book i am especially excited for the pheniox hotel scenes those are going to be the highlight of the movie for me

  38. Zambra says:

    I am super excited to see edward. I think his look is really comparable with the Edward i have in my head. I bet everyone who’s read the book has a picture in their mind o how each character looks…. so edward is pretty fine. From what i’ve seen in the trailers, edward looks like he’s adapting very well for his character. So, im looking forward to that.

    I think i’ll probably have trouble with Bella(Kristine) just beacuse i have a complete picture in my mind of how she speaks, how she looks, and her whole personality, that i dont think Kristine projects too well. But i guees thats mine opinion. Ohh, and specially her voice. I think is way to deep to be Bella’s. And by the trailers, she doesnt seem to be well adapted to her character.

    I am SOO looking forward to see this movie. And i hope Stephanie finishes Midnight Sun. Cant wait to read it!

    Zambra G.

  39. Robin* of the Denali Coven says:

    ROSALIE!!! [b4 i continuu i would just like 2 say i luuuurrve ur podacst! keep up the good work! + i’m from Melbourne n i LUV ur accents!^^]
    I know it sounds weird, but Rosalie is my favourite character. After she told her story to Bella in Eclipse, i simply fell in luove wit her character. I like how she protects Bella in Breaking Dawn, and i seriously hated Jacob when he is sure that she just wants the baby and doesn’t care about Bella’s life at all – plus, he thought that she was only protecting Bella so that the baby would live and so Bella dies and she gets the baby…i HATE JACOB by the way (if u hadn’t noticed..)..anyway, Rosalie is a cool character and i want to see her in the movie because i want to see how the actress portrays her..CAN’t WAIT!!!!!! also you don’t get to see any of her in the trailers or nothin’!!!!
    PLUS…i think that the actors for emmett and rosalie are the most accurate in looks (apart from the fact that she’s not beautiful enough)

  40. Tracy says:


  41. Hayley-reigh says:

    Of course everyone is going to say Robert, which I totally agree with. But I’m really looking forward to Kristen Stewart playing Bella. We’re going to be seeing mostly her through out the movie… probably. So I really hope she does a good job because even though Robert is going to be what everyone is looking out for, she’s going to be the base of the movie. And I’m pretty sure I heard that she will be narrating parts of the movie so it will be interesting seeing what she does with that. I think she is a really talented actress so I have no doubt that she won’t do good.

  42. Prima E says:

    i’m really looking forward into seeing twilight. the main scenes i’m looking forward to see is when bella meets edward the first time and the meadow scene. i’m also looking forward into seeing rob and kirsten betraing bella and edward!!!!

  43. Lydia Ziegler says:

    For me It would have to Be Rob. Just because at first I thought he couldn’t imagine him. and now when i reread the book that’s the image I have Of edward. I mean He’s perfect!
    Also I really want to see Peter Facinilli (?) I know I just butchered his last name.
    Because I want to a Stephenie Meyer signing, and one of the questions were if Carlisle still had his accent?
    Stephenie said yes and it sounds like Jude laws.
    anyway I really want to see if that’s in there.
    I also Agree with Hayley-reigh.

  44. Fleur says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Ashley Greene who’s playing Alice, because Alice is such an over the top character, she’s bubbly and really energetic, and I can’t wait to see how Ashley acts out when Alice has a vision, it’s going to be awesome. I’m quite looking forward to seeing Jasper too, because he feels other people emotions so it’ll be freaking funny to see and especially how he’s the one who is least in control 😉
    Robert Pattinson is going to be awesome, so is Kristen Stewart
    can’t waittt!
    good work guys! love your podcasts!

  45. sophia says:

    for some reason i really think they will play their parts perfectly. and robert is the PERFECT edward. i can’t wait to see him glare at bella (kristen) or see his face when he figures out he can’t read her mind. also ashley having visions i dont even kno how they are going to do that. also i LOVE JACKSON RATHBONE (jasper) he is so chill (LIK JASPER!) and the fact that he plays the guitar is even cuter

  46. Carolyn Harvey says:

    Hi! Have to say I just love your podcasts, almost as much as I love reading (and re-reading) the entire Twilight series. As to the movie, I’m really looking forward to seeing it, and most particularly anticipating the portrayal of Carlisle. He doesn’t have a long part in the first book, but certainly is the most influential character in that he has gathered a family of “eternally damned souls” (the traditional view of vampires, certainly not my view after reading this series!) who will by the end (end? no, tell me it’s not the end!) of the series be the most powerfully humane vampire family in the world, and probably not damned at all. It will be interesting to see how the movie shows the qualities in him that binds the family together in their committment to protect human life and deny their vampiric natures. Of course, I’m only human, so I also am greatly looking forward to seeing chemistry between Edward and Bella. There has to be a lot of that, and I didn’t see much of it in the trailer.

  47. Haley says:

    Definitely Edward. I heard something about a scene they were doing. There was a girl sitting behind the camera, and during one of the intimate scenes with Edward and Bella, she fell of her chair watching. 🙂

  48. Angela says:

    I know most people will say Kristen or Rob, honestly i think people would still think the actors for them were “perfect” no matter who was casted. Don’t get me wrong I think Kristen and Rob will play the parts just fine, but if there was another guy playing edward the reaction would be the same no matter what hunky actor was chosen.

  49. Sa'Misty says:

    I can’t wait to see Kellen as Emmett, I’ve just always love Emmett because he is SOOOOO funny, plus I think he is the most like his character so he’ll be able to pull it off better 🙂

  50. Julia says:

    The chemistry between Rob and Kristen- Stephenie and Catherine have been talking about it and i can’t wait. I love romantic movies and Edward and Bella’s scenes are my favourite parts of the book.
    However, I am also pretty curious as to how they made “Edward” sparkle. That will be interesting.
    Ooh, and Bella’s lullabye.
    And the rest of the movie.
    Sorry about the fangirl-ness

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