Questions for Christian?!?!?!

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Do you have a question that you would like to ask Christian Serratos?

(a.k.a Angela Weber!!!!!)

This is your opportunity to get an answer!  TST has scored an interview with Christian, and we want to make it good.  Your questions are the best way to do that!  The interview will be conducted via email this week, so hurry and leave your questions (by MONDAY night) in the comment section or send them to

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  1. stephANIElove says:

    Oh my gosh I think everyone has asked everyone question I was wondering so lets hope nobody has asked this ones:

    .Any funny stories while filming the movie?

    .Who is the nicest person on set? the funniest? the quietest one, the “profesional” one?

    What are your thoughts about midnight sun being on hold after a rough draft of it was leaked on the internet?

    Do you think us twilight fans will be satisfied with the final product of the movie?

    Did you get to meet Stephenie Meyer? If so, did you asked her about any advise on how to portrait Angela?

    ok im done…by the way…I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST ANGELA OUT THERE :]

  2. Michaela says:

    What is your favorite scene with twilight?

    What was it like working with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewert?

    What was it like to be Angela Webber?

    Was acting in Twilight fun at all?

  3. Alicia says:

    Who was the clumsiest person on the set?

  4. Anu says:

    What is your favorite theme that runs through the twilight series?

    How did you relate to Angela?

    Were there any other roles in the movie you were auditioning for?

  5. Danielle says:

    Do you read the Twilight Series?
    Anything good to dish about the FIGHT SCENE?
    Have you met Stephenie Meyer?
    Is Rob even sexier in PERSON????? jk you guys don’t have to use that one xD

  6. vero cullen says:

    okay Christian…so u go from Ned to be the best friend of Bella Swan…well,i’m not going to ask wht do u prefer but i’m going to ask u what would u change about ur carachter Angela?would u put a little bit of Susy or did u put a little bit of Susy in it?now say the truth…are u team Edward or Jacob?what is the actor that u have a crush on him…?Taylor Lautner?or Robert Pattinson…or the Cullens…?
    thank u if u are going to ask my questions…

  7. Marie says:

    What was your favorite book in the Twilight series?
    How close are you with Kristen Stewart? Robert?
    Have you read the Midnight Sun partial draft??

  8. Kisha PIo says:

    Any crushes on set?
    What’s the vibe between the cast?
    Did you like Breaking Dawn?
    Do you think everyone will remain close friends?
    What do u think of Stephenie Meyer?

  9. stephanie says:

    which scene of the four books do you want to see come to life the most?

    which guy on set dazzles you?

  10. Carlow says:

    Hi Chris!
    Have you made friends with Robert and Kristen on set? Or some other actors you especially liked working with?

  11. alma says:

    If you would be able to pick who was going to play her part who would it be and who would u like to play?

  12. luz Gabriela says:

    who is act whit all that great actors? mostly kristen & Robert ♥

    How is to interprete Angela?

    Ho is your favorite book of twilight?

  13. hal says:

    what was your favorite scene in the movie?

  14. Do you think angela is like you in any way?
    which book is your favorite?

  15. Jamie says:

    It seemed like they might have minimized ANgela’s character in the movie. Do you think she has a good sized role in the movie?
    DO you think Angela is correctly portrayed in the movie?

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  17. Shelby says:

    What do you think your favorite part of being on the cast is?

    Who is the funniest person on the cast?

    Would you rather be human, vampire, or wherewolf?

  18. JesseBee says:

    Have you read the books or herd of them before you auditioned?
    Team Edward,Jake,or switzerland
    Have you read all the books yet?
    Do any of your friends read the books, what do they think you being in the movie?
    Any other characters you love?
    Whats you favrotie scene in the Books?( any book)
    Faveorite Book(in the saga)

  19. Carolyn says:

    What is it about Twilight that made you want to do the movie?
    I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of Twilight fans coming up to you in random places; what’s the craziest fan story you have?
    What’s it like working with Catherine Hardwicke?
    Did it take a bit of getting used to the rainy (and snowy and cold) weather while filming Twilight?
    What advice to you have for young actresses wanting to “make it big”?
    Peter Facinelli really got into character by dressing like Carlisle every day; what have you done to get into character for Angela?
    Thanks so much Christian, can’t wait to see you in Twilight!
    -Carolyn K.

  20. Katelin Victoria says:

    What made you want to play the role of Angela?

    Are you a fan of The Twilight Series, If Yes What’s your favorite book/part?

    How did you get into acting?

    What was it like for auditioning for the role as Angela?

    (I am sure we all have similar questions, haha)

  21. Jessica says:

    What was it like to work with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson?

  22. Erica says:

    Oh wow everyone has asked like every question i had!!

    Okay- Who is the closest person you were to on the set?

    How are you and Angela alike?

    What is the funniest moment you or anyone else has had on or off set?

    Who do you really want to work with again?


  23. Heather Hobbs says:

    Have you read Breaking Dawn? If so, what was your favorite part and what part do you think will be hardest to portray on screen?

  24. Annie says:

    Are you already signed on to do the other movies IF they are made?

    Do you know if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are signed on to do the other movies IF the are made as well?

  25. Annie says:

    Do you think Robert Pattinson is HOT?!??!! Haha.. yeah… uhm..

    When you weren’t filming who from the cast did you hang out with most?

    Who did you think had the best acting skills out of the entire cast?

  26. Abbie S. says:

    What was your favorite scene to film?

  27. Abbie S. says:

    How was it filming with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?!

  28. Abbie S. says:

    Do any of the other actors call Robert Pattinson Spunk Ransom?!?!?!

  29. if you got to pick who you played, who would it be?

    if you had a chance to go anywere in thw world were would you go?

  30. kaylee says:

    who do you reckon was the hottest male actor on the set of twilight? personally i love robs charm but taylor is soooo gorgeous!!!

  31. Chelsea says:

    Had you read the book before you went for the audition?

    Which actor/actress do you think is most like their character?

    Have you always wanted to be an actress?

    Who on the set have you become good friends with?

    Are there any “divas” on set?

    How can other young people get into the movie industry, does it take alot?

  32. Lori Vue says:

    do you feel lucky that you are part of the twilight movie??

  33. theresa says:

    how was it like when you discovered that you got the part of Angela Weber?

    Do you have any advices to kids that want to become an actor but dont know really where to stary?

    how was it like working with the cast of twilight?

    what are somethings that you are hoping that your audience will feel about your character and the entire movie?

  34. anah says:

    how was your life before twilight?

  35. Tracy N. says:

    hey christian! how do you think your character [angela] feels about her friend bella?

  36. Which character from the series do you admire the most and why?

    If you could play one of the vampires, which one would be and why?

    Which actor/actress did you admire the most?

    If you could change the actors and put them into another character that could fit for them from the movie, which ones would be and why?

    Which of the guys do you think is hottest?

  37. Nicole says:

    1) how do u relat to angela
    2) how is your experianc on the set of twilight
    3) did you know about the twilight world befor the movie
    4) did you expect fot the movie to be this big befor you signed up for it
    good luck with the movie
    love ya’ nicole

  38. Leah says:

    What was unique about filming Twilight…and what would we be surprised to learn about your fellow actors?

  39. Alexis says:

    Were you a fan of the books prior to casting?
    Are you on Team Vampire or Team Werewolf?
    How do you relate to Angela?
    Who is your favorite character from the series?
    What’s your favorite scene from any of the 4 books?
    Are you eager to be involved again if there is a sequel?

  40. Andrea says:

    Where there any on-set crushes, that u knew of?

    Can you relate to Angela?

    Did you like Breaking Dawn?

  41. Jesi says:

    Do you think you’re past acting experience on the show Ned’s Declassified helped you play the part of Angela?

  42. caroline says:

    what’s your favorite scene in the movie?

  43. Julianne says:

    First off just gotta add that you are an amazing Angela! You don’t even know how excited I am to see you in Twilight!
    Ok back to business.
    Since people have always commentated on how Jacob should imprint on Angela, would you agree with that? And…
    Was there ever a time in any of the books ( or the movie ) where you wished Angela would do something else, or say something else, instead of what she really did?

  44. Michelle says:

    Did you audition with Kristen Stewart?

    Any funny moments on set?

    Are you excited for the premier?

    What was your favorite scene you shot?

  45. Elena says:

    hey angela, you look like the angela in my head.
    anyway, do you like the character your playing in twilight?

  46. Katherine says:

    How do you relate to Angelina at all?
    Have you read Twilight?
    If you could play one of the vampires, which one would be and why?
    Does anybody call Rob Spunk Ransome or Rpattz on set?

  47. Cshelle says:

    What is your favorite Twilight moment?

  48. Heidi says:

    Do you think the movie is close to the book?
    What is your favorite Edward & Bella scene?

  49. Nika says:

    Hey Christian!
    How is it like working with robert pattinson?
    Which group do you think you belong to Team Edward or Team Jacob?
    Do you know where the Twilight premiere is going to be held at?
    Did you know the the twilight series before or after the movie?
    Lastly, is there going to be a 2nd movie of twilight (new moon)?

  50. melodi d. says:

    How many times have you read the Twilight Saga?
    Oh- and is Spunk really high or what??

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