Questions for Christian?!?!?!

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Do you have a question that you would like to ask Christian Serratos?

(a.k.a Angela Weber!!!!!)

This is your opportunity to get an answer!  TST has scored an interview with Christian, and we want to make it good.  Your questions are the best way to do that!  The interview will be conducted via email this week, so hurry and leave your questions (by MONDAY night) in the comment section or send them to

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  1. eliroxxmysoxx says:

    how was it like working with Robert and Kristen?

  2. Lexie123220 says:

    What is the difference between the sets, actors, locations, etc. of Ned’s Declassified and Twilight? Were there things you had to get used to or were you pretty comfortable with what changed?

  3. lexi says:

    If you could be a vampire or werewolf (or witch as Bella added sarcastically Eclipse) wich would you choose?

    Did you have any strange, funny, embarrasing experiences while filming? Are you similar to Angela in any way?

    these are my questions but everyone else has already asked them hahaha


  4. Roxane says:

    I suppose you read the books. right?
    if yes; which one is your favorite?

    &What were you doing when you weren’t filming?

    thank you for answering questions from fans.
    you’re awesome.
    much love.

  5. Amber says:

    1. Did you read the books before you got the role as Angela?

    2. Alot of people, including me love Angela because Bella and her just click better than Bella and Jessica..did you know what you were getting yourself into?

  6. Amber M. says:

    Because Angela is portrayed as Bella’s only true human girlfriend, how did you feel when you were cast as her? Angela is such a sweetheart and I’d love to have her as my best friend!

  7. Siham Salah says:

    Are you excited to make eclips because you have more lines in it?

    Who told you about the twilight adittion?

    In eclipse who would you choose as your favourite, Fire or Ice?? (Jacob, Edward)

  8. Who had you grown the closest to while on set?
    Who do you feel you had the best chemistry with onscreen?
    What duo (out of Kristen & Rob, Jackson & Ashley, and Kellan & Nikki) do you think had the best offscreen chemistry? Onscreen?
    Had you read Twilight or even heard of it before the casting call for the movie?
    How was it working with such versatile actors like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?
    What do you look forward to in future films?
    How do you think they will make the fourth book into a movie if they do? Split it up? What will the rating be because of its contents?

    -Krystina Christiansen

  9. Lizz says:

    So, Edward or Jacob?

  10. Taylor Morgan says:

    How did you feel scoring the role of Angela?
    Did you audtion for another role for this movie?
    have you read all the books?

  11. Jessica Liebeno says:

    What was the most memorable moment for you on set?
    What was it like working with Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Peter Facineli?
    Of all the scenes you did, what was your most favorite to shoot?

  12. Karly says:

    If you could choose Which one would you like to become a vampire or a werewolf ?

    Who do you think the funniest person on set was and why?

    What scene did you enjoy filming for Twilight?

    What character did you originally try out for in the audition?

  13. Jessica Liebeno says:

    Did you have and on set nick name?
    If you have read all four Twilight books, which was your favorite?
    Have you gotten to meet Stephenie Meyer?

  14. Jessica Liebeno says:

    Who played all of the jokes on set?
    Who did you hang out with the most on set?
    How did you get the part of Angela?

  15. Sirley Salk says:

    Hey, so this is my question:

    How did you get ready to play Angela’s character? Did you have a special method? And was it hard or were you able to relate to her in any way?

    Thank you

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  18. Laura says:

    What’s you life’s philosophy?

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  20. Corgi (a.k.a. Kate) says:

    Are you nervous about the fans reactions?

    Is there good onset chemistry (please answer truthfully)?

  21. Hannah says:

    Where you a fan of the Twilight series before you heard of the movie?
    What are some of your favorite parts of the books?
    What is it about the books that you think makes them so popular among teens.

  22. Jena says:

    Congratulations on a great part!

    Who would be your real life Ben Cheney?

    Has there been a Ben cast in the films?

    What would you like your next big role to be?

  23. Chelsea says:

    1. Who was the funniest on set to work with?
    2. Do you think Angela knew that there was something odd about the Cullens?
    3. What was your favorite scene to shoot?
    4. What did you do on set when you weren’t filming?

  24. lalalala says:

    Not being one of the primary characters, I imagine you had a lot of “down” time between scenes. What did you do in those periods?

    Did you get to see much of Portland while you were there? Have you ever been to the Forks? Are there any differences between the places to you (real or perceived if you haven’t been to the Forks or surrounding area).

    I understand there were a lot of new scenes added to the movie that did not appear in the book (i.e. the greenhouse scene). How do you feel about having a book that is so clearly loved reworked when presented on the big screen?

    Are you under contract or optioned to appear in any other twilight film? (we all hope so…)

    What were you like in highschool – populuar, reclusive, athletic? How would you have related to Angela if she had been a classmate?

    Being in a movie that is garnering this much attention already, are you afraid of being typecast going forward in your career?

    Were any of the principal actors “method” actors? If so, how did they go about getting into proper character when these characters are purely fiction (i.e. I don’t think warewolves and vampires acutally exist…….LOL)?

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  26. Nila says:

    Was their any off screen chemistry between you and the other actors?
    How did you get the part of Angela?
    are you on team jacob or team edward?

  27. Rakey says:

    Do you feel that you and Angela have a lot in common? If so, what? If not, how are you different?

    Who is your favorite character in the whole series?

    Team Edward, Jacob or Switzerland?

    If given the choice, would you become a vampire?

    What has been your favorite scene to film?

  28. Ella says:

    – What was it like working with Kristen Stewart?
    – Are you signed up for the (pending) sequels?
    – Have you encountered any Twilight fans since filming wrapped?
    – Do you think the Hollywood premiere is going to be chaotic with all the (crazed) fans?
    – Do you have any other upcoming projects?

  29. Ria says:

    1) In the books, Angela is described as the all-around nice girl to combat Jessica Stanley. Would you say that YOU are closer to Angela in that light?

    2) Which minor character of the Twilight series would you say is your favorite? Why?

    3) Angela is one of those characters in the book that you can’t help to enjoy, even thought she doesn’t get as much fan-love as she should because of her minor role. Now that you have ‘walked a mile in her shoes’, is there anything you can save for Angela’s hidden character?

  30. Vamp says:

    How did you get the part of Angela?

    Was that part the first one you tried out for?

    And who is your favorite guy and girl in twilight?

  31. Brianna says:

    If you could play any of the vampires in the book series who would you play?

  32. Alyson says:

    1) What was it like playing a character so down to Earth?
    2) Are you Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?
    3) Who is your best on set friend?

  33. Have you read the 264 pages of Midnight Sun on stephenie meyers website? If so, did you like it?

    Whats your favorite book by Stephenie meyer? ( includeing midnight sun, breaking dawn, and the host)

    How close are the scenes you were in to the scenes in the book?

    Whart do you think of Ben Cheney, from twilight? Would he be someone you would chose as a boyfriend?

    Besides the oveous(Bella,Edward,Jacob and yourself) who is your favorite character and why? Fav vampire, fav shape shift(( werewolf) and fav human?

    Of all the avalable werewolfs who would you want to imprint on you?

    How tall are you?Anglea in twilight is 6ft tall.

    Thanks i really hope that you use some of my questions ( I love u anglea you are one of the best humans ( its between you and Charle)

  34. Twilightfan101 says:

    What is it like to work with Rob?

  35. Marie Teresa says:

    If you could be any character in Twilight, besides Angela Weber, who would it be and why?

    In real life do you, as a person relate to Angela. By means of characteristics and personality?

    If you spend an afternoon with three people, of your choice, who would it be? It could be idols, parents, teachers, friends, poets, writers…etc.

    What is your favorite chapter out of the four books?

    The Twilight fans have been divided into three teams: Team Edward, Team Jacob, and Switzerland. Which team would you be?

    If you were put into the position of Bella of having two remarkable guys that are in love with you, and let’s assume that one of those guys has Edward’s personality and looks and the other guy has Jacob’s personality and looks, which guy would you choose knowing if you chose one guy it would affect and hurt the guy and possibly hurt his feeling?

    If you could re-write Twilight what would you change or what you keep?

    “If you could live forever what would you live for [as vampire]”

  36. jade says:

    if angela were to be a vampire what would be here super power be???

    if angela were to be bella for one day who would she choose edward or jacob?

    anyway good luck in you career chrstian….

  37. Nikki says:

    Do you think Robert Pattinson is really cute????
    Did you read the Twilight series?
    What was your favorite scene to shoot in the movie?

  38. How do you like Angela?
    For fans Angela is one of the nicest humans, do you agree?
    Did you like playing Angela?

  39. Claire D says:

    If you could speak any language what would it be?

    If you could live anywhere in the world were would it be?

    If you could have anything in the world what would it be?

    If you were granted one wish what would it be?

    When you first read Twilight did you fall in love with Edward after the first 100 pages or so?

  40. Melissa says:

    How does it feel going from a t.v. series to a movie with a fan base that is already this big?

    If you could date one of the Twilight characters, who would it be and why?

    How did you feel when you got the role of Angela?

    Had you read the books before getting the script?

    Who is your favourite character in the series?

  41. Esme Logan says:

    The reason why Twilight is so popular is because it has inspired girls that they will find their Edward and, of course, the movie is coming out soon. You being a normal girl, did it inspire you that someday you will have your own Edward ?

    Did you ever have a best friend that was classified as an ‘Angela’

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  43. Jocelyn says:

    Christian, who in the set did you get along with the most and how was it while on the set with them?

  44. Jessica Liebeno says:

    When and why did you choose to be apart of Twilight?
    What were you doing, and where were you when you got your part as Angela?
    If you had the abilities a vampire did for one day, what would you do and why?
    Did you like shooting Twilight better or Ned’s Declassified and why?

  45. Jessica Liebeno says:

    Which book in the Twilight series, besides Twilight, would you most like to see become a movie?
    What was your favorite outfit you wore while shooting Twilight?

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  47. Kitzia says:

    First I wanted to say hi and that I love your podcast and random comments…haha


    When you were finished reading Twilight did you automatically know that this movie was not going to fail in anyway possible and that it was going to be huge ?

    Also, was is it hard to change and expect the unexpected from a kid fan base to a screaming teen/adult fan base ??
    Or have you not gotten the opportunity to experience that ??

    Loved you in Ned’s and will most likely love you in Twilight !! Don’t worry about it !!

    Thanks Kassie and Kallie for this opportunity and don’t stop making podcast !!!

  48. Angel Marie says:

    What was it like working with the cast?
    How have things changed for you since being apart of the Twilight universe?

    Love the podcast!!! <3

  49. Danielle says:

    What was your audition process like? Through callbacks.

  50. Val says:

    Since you’re Team Edward, what’s your favorite Edward and Bella moment?

    Who’s your favorite character?

    Have you had any crazy fan experiences yet?

    What scene are you looking forward to seeing on screen?

    Did any funny moments happen on set?

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