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Oct 5th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Twilight posters are now available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store, including all of the ones found at Hot Topic, plus the Jacob poster. The prints come flat and are wrapped in plastic with a cardboard backing. They cost $12.49 but are on sale for 30% off in this week’s ad. Michael’s also usually places a 40% or 50% off coupon in their Sunday ads, though the coupons are not valid on sale items. These posters are the same size as the Hot Topic ones, so don’t worry!

When I went they had the cast poster (the one on the calender), the movie poster, Edward, Jacob, and the horizontal close-up one with Bella and Edward (where he saves her from the van).

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15 Comments to “Posters Now at Michael’s”

  1. Haley says:

    OMGOSH!! The second I saw this article I ran to today’s newspaper. We don’t have a Hot Topic in town, but we just recently got a Michael’s! I’m sooo happy. I’m going there to buy them ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carla says:

    HA! I went to Michael’s this morning to get frames for my posters and i asked the lady if a 40×27 would fit a movie sized poster, then she asked me what the poster was, so i told her it was a twilight poster………duhn duhn duhn…….she told me that about 20 minutes ago they got a new line of posters labeled TWILIGHT!!!! now use your fangirl imagination to help you visualize my dad and several other shoppers after those news (lets just say those costumers are now deaf)…..

  3. Michelle says:

    My mom isn’t going to be happy that I’m going to send her to a Michael’s. What other posters do they have besides the one featured and the Jacob poster?? I have the real movie poster, and it looks like the Edward and Bella one, so I don’t need that.

  4. Carla says:

    they have the one where bella has on her headphones with edward leaning close to her…..jacob one……. original one….and at the michaels i went to had the trading card ones…… friend went to another one but they didn’t have that kind

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  6. Lauren says:

    I ALMOST bought one @ Hot Topic the other day!!!! I’m glad I didn’t!!!!!! I’m SSOO getting one!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the help.

    I called the Michael’s I’d send my mom to, but they said they didn’t have them. I guess I’ll go with her on Saturday to see for myself because the workers sounded like they had no clue what Twilight was.

  8. Kelsey says:

    OH MY GOSH. Do you think the Michael’s in Canada will carry the posters????????????

  9. Kelsey says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just checked the Canadian Michael’s website and they DO carry them!!! And they’re 30% off, too!!!!
    I’m so going there tonight. Forget Dancing with the Stars!

  10. Courtney` says:

    OMG ! lmfaooooooo. I just sent there my mom there and was liek get EVERY twilight poster there … i hope she doesn’t get the individual ones 😛 /.. if she does that’s liek a lot of money gone ahah.
    I want the cast one and the bella/edward one,

  11. Erin(: says:

    KRYSTAL! can i say i love you….but that’s weird! YOU ROCK i’m on my way to michael’s NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Courtney` says:

    Urgh! k so my mom got back fomr michaeks ..a nd surprise suprise no poster 🙁
    i wanna cry but theres not much i can do .. anyonme have any locations where they are for sure there ?
    i live in mississauga if anyone can help.

  13. Jasmine says:

    I’m sooo buying it!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jessica says:

    Robert is DAMN hot as Edward.

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