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Oct 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Movie News

I found these new buttons at Hot Topic today ($1.99 each). They also had two new hoodies: one with the Cullen crest and another with “Twilight” on the front in a brown script (kind of like the button on the right).

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3 Comments to “New Buttons”

  1. KimCullen says:

    I just saw those tonight! Also, the “I want you. Always” one..

    In addition to the hoodies, I saw two new shirts.. One with just Bella & Edward from the same pose as the group picture.. and the other with that same image but smaller.. with the text from the back cover of Twilight..

    More importantly, the employee there said that in the last manager’s meeting they discussed that the stars of Twilight may be doing signing events at Hot Topics across the country!!! No word as to who would be involved or which stores.. but hopefully they’ll announce that soon 🙂

  2. ashley says:

    ome! i just got back from hot topic! but it didn’t have all that but i have the team edward button! : )!

  3. hal says:

    i have the team edward shirt like that

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