Rob and Ashley out on the town

Oct 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News has pictures of Rob and Ashley walking together on a night out on the town! See them in their gallery!

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9 Comments to “Rob and Ashley out on the town”

  1. Madison says:

    Wow I love Ashley With Short Hair

  2. Jasmine says:

    do you think their going out……??

  3. Shteff! says:

    his head looks big XD! Hey hey, they’re linking! I mean, I link guys, but HEYLOO! Is this new???

  4. Nicole says:

    I like her with her long hair! She is so pretty either way though. I wonder if they are dating…

  5. major obsessed twilighter says:


  6. Jordyn says:

    W.O.W. are they dating now??????!!!!!!! thatd be a little wierd for future movies. haha. can you picture edward going out with alice…hmm weird thought. anyhoo what’s with the beard rpattz? clean shaven is much better on you. lol. jk hes sexy with anylook. toodooles

  7. Meghan F. says:

    If they are dating I have one thing to say…

    Ewwww… are going out w/ your sister! And you are leaving Bella….wow….
    I am sad.

  8. vicky says:

    Has anyone besides me noticed that:
    1) Rob parties a lot
    2) It is always with girls (DIFFERENT girls, i might add)
    3) The new gross beard he’s sporting

    Just checking cause I think I may be seeing things. Or just being obbsesive.
    It’s definently the second one. 😀

  9. sasha _uk says:

    just bcos theyre hanging out doesnt they have to be dating people!!!!

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