What WOULD you do?

Nov 2nd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Question of the Week

This week’s Question of the Week could be easy to answer or hard?!?!?  But, we want to know the truth!

To what lengths would you go to get to the Twilight premiere?

*Note:  We do not suggest that you do anything crazy!  This is purely hypothetical!

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  1. Sriji says:

    i live in orange county so i am really close, but i cant drive. I would ditch school, get in serious trouble, beg, cheat, lie, sky-dive out of a plane, and basically do anything to attend the twilight premeire.

  2. Cyndi says:

    i live like 15 minutes away from were the premiere is gunna be so idk???
    1)i’d convince my dad to take me get to the premiere (i always get my way with my dad)
    2)i’ll probably dress up as valet or something drive someone’s car to the parking lot (hopefully Rob’s)
    3) Knock down the security guards with pepper spray or something, Get into the building and find a restroom
    4) Change my clothes into something super beautiful
    5) Sneak into the theatre and pretend i reserved a seat near where the actors will sit
    6) Take pictures like CRAZY!!!!!!!

  3. Nikki says:


  4. XxTammyxX says:

    I would get together all my friend that are twilight fans (a lot of people) then we’d steal some tazers and get on a plane, attack the gaurds, probably kill someone in the process, then go in looking awesome and WATCH THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!

    Twilight is awwwesome!!!!!

  5. Haley says:

    more reasons!!! (Got enough of me yet?)

    1. Get in a bracelock with Mike (hypothetically, if he had braces, and if I had braces, but u know what I mean).
    2. Bite a vampire. (can someone say “broken tooth”?)
    3. File all my nails into sharp points then run them against a chalkboard, while I sing “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” (in case u can’t tell, one of my talents is randomness)

    to tell the truth, i’m posting so many times to c if u guys will read one of my three (or is it four?) lovely comments. if not, i won’t be sad, but i will put on a puppy face, and NO ONE can resist that.

    peace, love, and Twilight
    Haley (your stalker)

  6. Jonathan says:

    I would sell my soul to kristen stewart!! Ha Ha just kidding. I would propably eat something gross like monkey brains, or make a fool out of myself by doing something in public.

  7. Angel Marie says:

    I live in VA so I would use up the last of my savings to buy a plane ticket! Thank god I recently turned 18 cuz then I could crash with friends I have near there and OMG securtiy is gonna be a pitfall but I think the best thing to do is show up looking a million bucks and try playing like Im a minor BIG deal and try and get in. Or get kicked out before even getting anywhere close to the premeire. All else fails…….just go see the movie like 8 times at my nearest movie theater. Nothing says devoted HEALTHY fan like supporting the movie with ticket payments!

    Im so glad they are doing the whole series. Smart move Summit.

    Ps Omigosh I love you girls!!!! Especially when Kassie does her singing!!! Muah!!!

  8. Gianna says:

    I WOULD DO ANYTHING I CAN TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT AND I MAY BE SO OBSESSED ITS BAD FOR MY HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( =

  9. Gianna says:

    Oh and I forgot I would just stalk Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast and become their friend in the process and they’d have to let me come with them right?! ya….. o and if they don’t take me well…. I’d hypnotize them with my bff Erika and we’d go with them… if hypnotyzing dont work we’d just threaten them or somethin like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay me!


  10. Ashley says:

    I would pay a lot of money. well i cant cuz my parents wouldn’t let me. i would also dress up as the press and get in like that. but, they would think i am too short. i would give it a try though. i live in california so yeah

  11. Andie R. says:

    *well i own a moped and the closest theater to my house is about five miles i am also 16 years old and i would take my best friend who is afraid of mostly anything so that would be an adventure

    *also the library of my school is doing this contest that if we take a test on the book we can go i got a perfect score i hope i can make it because suddenly everyone wanted to go watch the movie i bet is just to miss school (they would also be going on the 25)

    * and the most unexpected, so i was eating some Mickey D’s and listening to the radio then i heard that if someone was caller 19 they would win 2 tickets to the midnight premier so i just call like whatever thinking its me i never win anything and then to my surprise i won the tickets it so amazing and i also sounded like a complete retard on the radio because i wasnt even calling on serious bases lol

    so thats my story

  12. I woul sell all my organs. I am totally the youngest reader ever if she was born before June,3,1998. My fav. new character is Garrett. I like Garrett because he is such a character! Anyway,I totally love twilight. It is awesome and I will love it for eternity. Edward is soooooooooooooo hot! Keep on twilighting Kallie,Kassie and Lindsay!


  13. Please read my comments! EDWARD CULLEN+ME=LOVE<3


  14. Rachel C. says:

    Well, although i love the books and i want to see the movie REALLY badly, i don’t perfectly know why people would go to such great lengths to see the movie when its going to be shown everywhere a couple days later.
    So, I can tell you some things that I know i wouldn’t give up. I would never give up the Twilight books for any amount of time, i do know that (for me giving up those books would be like asking to die). I wouldn’t give up my ipod. I wouldn’t give up all my other books i own (and man, i have a lot, because i really LOVE to read). And i wouldn’t run 20miles to potentially hurt myself to go see something that i could see in a matter of days. Im sorry if i come off as mean and everything, but I AM NOT TRYING TO!! Im sorry if i offended anyone out there, but i’m not trying to. Also, people may think that i am not a true twilight fan for saying this but trust me, I AM! keep up the great work girls, i love the podcast!!

    rachel c.

  15. Mekaila Cobb says:

    i would to ANYTHING to see the Twilight Premire….nothing too extreme though…I <3 EC

  16. katherine says:

    Hey girls i really love the show and i listen to you all the time. my science teacher says that i sound like i have a southern accent. (even though im from toronto, canada) so i must be listening a little too much!!
    Anyways… I would do ANYTHING to get to the premiere. I love all the cast and would kill to see them in person. well maybe not kill but id deffinately push people over if there was a race for tickets. i was thinking of stocking rob when he was in toronto and sneeking myself into his suitcase. i entered all the contests to get there. Oh well…. im going on thursday night with my friends and well just have to make the best of the cardboard cut outs of rob. Love the show!!! xoxo Katherine

  17. Shannon Swart says:

    I live in australia and unfortunately cant go to america but what i am trying to do is go the first screening in sydney. i live in broken hill so that may be hard. we live about 18 hours away. But to go i would do anything even wash mybrothers feet (that is desperate) i , at the moment , have a twilight folder with all the characters in it-i am a sad person- most people think i am past obsessed and even to advanced for stalker. the truth is i would just do anything to see the movie asap my best freid is only on stalker so maybe she would come to!

  18. Joanna Mariscal says:

    I’d skip school….i’d never done that…(i know, how lame is that!!?)
    I’d beg my mom to buy me the tickets…give her my future 3 paychecks!!

    anything (not strip tho)lol

    I love yor show!!

    so awesome!!

    i’d listen to your podcasts while cleaning the lobby at Burger King!!

    You guys are so funny!!

    and pretty cool to hang around with!!!!!!

  19. Latasha says:


  20. Courtney says:

    i would probably do about anything to some stander i mean it would be my dream to meet Robert but i don’t want to ruin my chances at a good college. But u know what they say “Hot guys can make girls go crazy”

  21. Marcia says:

    If I could go to the premiere I would give out crocheted inspired Twilight hats that I am making for me and my friends.

    Or two I would drop everything and go just see the awesomeness of Twilight come to life.

  22. RyRy (Ryan) says:

    well, when I read this question, I got a James Bond, Mission Impossible thing going on in my head…you know, running on trains, jumping out of airplanes, basically anything! It’s twilight! But Actually, it looks like I’m going to have to go while still recovering from pneumonia! Seeing as the I’m going to the midnight show tomorrow, and I still can’t breathe as of right now. Don’t worry, I’m not contagious anymore, I just cant breathe…some scientific stuff where bacterial membranes have attached to my lungs and are keeping them from moving! 🙂 So yeah, that’ll be fun! 🙂

  23. I would probably cut my arm off if it meant going to the twilight premiere!

  24. Dear ryry sooo sorry to here that! Hope you feel better!

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