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Click to listen… UPDATE…we have a transcript too!  We were honored to be included in an interview with Robert Pattinson and several other fan sites!  We each asked Rob one question, and TST got to go first!

Thanks to Rob and Summit!


I have to admit that my recording is pretty bad, but I am including links to and, because their sound quality is really good!

Here is a transcript, thanks to!

TWILIGHT SERIES THEORIES Q: How has going from a normal teenager to a heartthrob in the US changed you? A: Um, I hope it hasn’t really changed me at all. I don’t feel like it has. I don’t feel any different than I did before. I guess my friends would have to judge me. But, I don’t think that I feel any different. Q: Well, that’s good. How do you keep yourself grounded? A: I guess I’m kind of a hypercritical person. Yeah, I mean, I guess I have a lot of ambition, which I didn’t realize when I was younger, so everything that happens to me kind of pales in comparison to my ambition.

EVERGLOW Q: Are you totally exhausted from doing all the publicity? A: A little bit, yeah. Q: A lot of our visitors want to know about your music. Can you talk about some of your musical influences? You know, your favorite bands, and how you like to discover music. A: I guess I like a lot of old blues. I really love Van Morrison. I’ve been obsessed with Van Morrison for years. A guy called Terry Reed, a 70s singer. How do I discover music? I don’t know. I very rarely discover music. I just kind of – by fluke – a lot of my friends are musicians so I listen to their stuff a lot. I find them and I know I like them, so I stick with it. TWILIGHT

LEXICON Q: We have a question about the stunt work in the film. From all the promotions that we’ve seen, there seems to be a massive extent of stunt work. We were wondering if you could share with us your favorite stunt or the most difficult stunt you did for the film personally. A: There’s one part during the ballet [studio] scene where – which it was actually my idea – which I liked, which was, there’s a point where me and James kind of have this mid-air collision. I don’t know if it’s been shown yet in any of the clips. I like – there was a shot in “Alexander” by Oliver Stone where the elephants rears up against the horse, and I kind of wondered, and I thought I’d like that shot with Edward and James. So that was a kind of complicated set up. That was kind of fun. Some of the stunts were really dangerous, so they didn’t actually let me do some of them. That was probably the coolest. The hardest one was just doing the running because it was so painful and very difficult to make it look real because I’m not the most coordinated of people Q: Why was it painful? A: Because you’re balancing your entire weight on two straps, like in your crotch, and also being pulled at 35 MPH and pretending to run, which makes it chafe against everything. It was just really, really unpleasant. And to make it real, you really have to go into the most painful position. Like if you try to do anything to ease the pain, it makes it look really fake. So it wasn’t really fun.

THE DAILY SNITCHER Q: Assuming that there’s going to be more Twilight films, do you think that this series can do for you what Harry Potter did for Dan Radcliffe? A: How do you mean? You mean, like I guess the same level of fame? I don’t know, maybe. I mean, people are really obsessed with the books like they are for Harry Potter. But it’s actually a different kind of obsession. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that anyway. I think it is a possibility depending on how well it does, I guess. Q: Are the Twilight fans crazier than the Harry Potter fans? A: I don’t know, because I didn’t do too many promotional things for Harry Potter. I did a lot of press junkets and stuff, but not a lot of actual kind of confrontations with the fans, like I’ve done with this. I’ve done quite a few with this. So, I’ve never really seen the extent of this, like what I did at the premieres, which is what I expected. But with this I never expect anything, I mean people just scream, they scream at the trailer, people just go nuts. So, it’s a new experience.

TWILIGHT MOMS Q: What, if any, characteristics to you share with Edward? A: I think, not that many, but I’d like to think I was quite humble, which I think he is. Another thing I was thinking of recently is his singularity, and his affections and how seriously he takes his emotions. If he doesn’t feel something 100% then he doesn’t trying to pretend to anyone that he does. I guess I’m kind of similar to him in that respect.

ROBERT PATTINSON ONLINE Q: In a recent interview, you mentioned that you’d like to be a writer. Is that something you’d still like to do in the future? A: Yeah, definitely. I think a lot of actors want to be writers. I think that’s because you have so little control over the way you play parts and the way you’re allowed to play them. I think it helps if you write. I wanted to write before I did acting. Yeah, I’m definitely interested in writing.

TWILIGHT TEENS Q: What was your craziest fan encounter on and off set? A: On set, I guess the weirdest thing was that someone gave me their baby to take a photo with it. And off set, I think, probably, ComicCon, when I went there and there were so many people screaming. That was pretty intense.

HARRY POTTER’S PAGE Q: I understand that you wrote a journal when you first arrived to Oregon to write down your thoughts as Edward. Can you give any details on what you wrote? And if you had, or you could have, written one for Cedric Diggory, what would you have written? A: I don’t know where this journal thing came from. I mean, I just wrote tons and tons of notes. I mean, I had four or five different version s of the script. I mean, just because, when you look at the character from an outside perspective at the beginning, when you’re trying to figure out how to play it, it just seems totally and utterly impossible, and so, I kind of – it just took me an very long time to actually figure out how to humanize it. If I just played it as this kind of enigma, then it would be really boring. So, I was just trying to write down the exact meaning of every single line which he says in terms of subtext, and with Edward, there’s so much subtext. I can hardly think of anything specifically for Cedric. What would I have written for Cedric? I don’t know…with Cedric, I just felt very natural doing a lot of his stuff. I guess because it was my first really big thing, I kept telling myself, ‘It’s not a big deal, it’s not a big deal, it’s okay if you make up a line or something.’ Q: Do you feel you related more to Cedric, then? A: No, not really. I mean, I knew a guy just like Cedric when I went to school. I was thinking of him a lot when I was doing it, but there’s bits and pieces, but, uh, I relate to a lot of stuff with Edward’s character as well.

TWILIGHT LIVE Q: How do you get into the mindset of playing a character like Edward, who’s not human, and has these non-human abilities, and with mindreading, and has skin like marble. How do you bring that to the screen? A: I guess, once you decide to play something, you have to say, these are the facts of the character, and you just have to commit to a belief in them. So, if it says ‘you’re reading minds,’ he’s reading minds the entire time, so I was trying to get that into my head. Most of the time it was a question of humanizing it. Like, it’s every little aspect. Like, how would you, as an individual, behave and think, for instance, if you were a thousand times stronger than a human being or a thousand times faster, and it suddenly came out of nowhere. You just normalize everything, and that’s what I tried to do. So, I guess that’s what I tried to do. Just try and make it relatable to some aspect of myself.

HIS GOLDEN EYES Q: What is your favorite dinosaur? A: What’s my favorite dinosaur? Let me think…probably a diplodocus. I can really relate to a diplodocus.

TWILIGHTERS ANONYMOUS Q: Since you prepared so early for Twilight by going to Oregon ahead of shooting, how will you prepare for “New Moon” since it’s so much darker and more emotional? A: I think, I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ve started to begin to have ideas about it. It’s annoying to not knowing for certain when it would start shooting. I don’t really know. Because I already did Twilight, and there’s definitely an element of the character inside you. I definitely planned on doing at least New Moon and Eclipse, and so I kind of have an idea. A lot of things which I didn’t do in Twilight I think I can do in New Moon. I don’t really know how I’m going to go about preparing. I think his mage will be very different. Q: Do you think it will be easier for you to prepare for New Moon since you’ve already been so connected to the character of Edward? A: I hope not, because anything easier is boring. I don’t know, I mean, I would treat it like it was a completely separate thing anyway. Because he’s so different. So much of his façade of mystique is cracked in New Moon, in my opinion, so he’s a very different character.

BELLA AND EDWARD Q: How did Midnight Sun influence your portrayal of Edward and can you tell us any scenes from Midnight Sun that are in the film? A: There’s not a huge amount. In a general way, I was thinking, why was this guy be so attractive? And also how can you seem as attractive as you can to people who don’t know the back story to the book? Just to general people. I was thinking there has to be, especially for girls, I’ve always found that girls are more attracted to a kind of, the dangerous, like the wrong…so I wanted to plan as much of the dangerous aspects of Edward’s state into the performance. So, kind of, there’s a very … he’s tightly wound in a lot of places, there’s a fury or a rage which he has very little control over. A lot of which was in Midnight Sun. The only thing I needed to know was the extent of his reaction when he firsts meets Bella, which is in the first chapter. You know, when he’s very much considering killing, or weighting his options, on killing an entire school so he can kill her and there’s no witnesses. And he’s saying that, not like it’s a very distant possibility. He has to make his mind up about the whole situation in a matter of seconds. I kind of wanted to take that more into the performance.

TWILIGHTERS Q: What made you want to audition for the part of Edward? A: I don’t know, I mean, I’d seen “Into the Wild” and I’d seen Kristen [Stewart], and that was my major thing. I really thought I wasn’t going to get it when I went in anyway. I had absolutely no idea. I thought it was kind of silly even going to the audition. But, I don’t know, I just thought it was the way they were doing the audition, with the director, at the director’s house, with the actress. I knew Kristen was good, so I just went as a normal audition, and then I really liked the way it went so it changed my mind about the whole thing. Q: So, basically, Kristen was the main reason you wanted to do it? A: yea, pretty much. Especially after the audition, I just, I don’t know, I went in having no idea how I was going to do it. I thought I was going to just stand there and pose. Because I had thought that the most important thing about this character, the way I saw it at the beginning, was just the way he looks. Because it said ‘he’s so beautiful, he’s so beautiful.’ So, I thought I’d go in trying to look as pretty as I can. That was my only idea when I first went in. But afterward, my mind changed about everything.

TWICON Q: What do you find most enjoyable about doing appearances – is it meeting other cast members, face time with fans, media exposure – what is most important to you when making your appearances? A: I don’t really know. For one thing I want to do whatever I can do to make the film successful. So, I really do want it to be successful. For one thing so the sequels can be done. I don’t know, it’s just still so bizarre for me to go into a room where everyone is screaming. Like it’s literally every single time there’s an appearance. It’s kind of nuts because the film hasn’t even come out. But it’s exciting at the same time, even though it feels completely surreal. It’s like Mexico City where thousands of people come and know who you are. Like even to the extent where people have seen interviews you’ve done and stuff.

TWILIGHT GUY Q: From your experience getting into the character, what are some things that you think real guys can pick up from Edward Cullen? A: I definitely think that not revealing too much about yourself is a good thing, especially in making yourself more attractive. He’s good at being silent, and that’s always a good thing for someone not to talk. There’s a lot of things. His humility. Before he was a vampire, he was a normal, just a good guy. He was just very, very aware of his conscious. Even after he’s a vampire he really needs to respond to his baser instincts, he still always fights against that for his own sanity and morals. I think it’s always good to have a good set of morals. Q: Do you think in that way that Edward changed you in any way? Do you think it made you a better person in a way by getting into his character like that? A: Maybe. It was strange, because you never know what you are giving a character from your previous life or your life before the movie and what you’re taking from the creation. But when I came out the movie I did before Twilight, feeling very confident. When I was doing Twilight, and just kind of preparing for it, I had a lot of self doubt, which I think Edward has a ton of, and I started doubting myself in a lot of areas in my real life as well. Which, uh, I don’t know if that makes me a better person or what. Yeah, that’s what kind of changed when I was shooting.

SNITCH SEEKER Q: Have you ever recommended the Twilight books to any friends? I’ve recently read an article that Potter co-star Rupert Grint had a bet with you, and from losing that bet, you bestowed upon him reading the Twilight books himself. Is that true, can you elaborate on that? A: (laughing) No, that’s not true. Q: It was the weirdest rumor. But, have you recommended the books to any of your friends? A: Uh, I don’t have a lot of friends, to be honest. I have like two friends. I mean, they already know I’m doing it, so it would be a (unintelligible) if I said to them, “Hey have you heard of these Twilight books?” I think they’d probably – they may have already read them. I know my family have read them. Q: What role was easier for you to play throughout your film career? Which one would you relate to the most? A: There’s been pieces of each – some characters, you like playing, because they can take you away from something. In a lot of ways, I like doing Edward, because he has this, like, quiet confidence about him, and being able to play that all the time, it kind of leaks into your life. A lot of different things. I relate to Salvador Dali on a lot levels, surprisingly. Q: Cedric? A: Yeah, Cedric as well. I looked at the part, and when I was doing it, I had no idea how to act, so I was kind of doing it off the cusp. I don’t know how much of it was acting or how much of it was just reading the lines. So, a lot of things. There’s this one thing I did called “The Haunted Airman” like that – there were a lot of things.

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