L.A. Times Interviews + Twilight USA Weekend

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Here are some more features from the L.A. Times:

Interview with Rob

How did you prepare to do it?

The big scene where they try and kiss and he goes crazy, it’s like the climax moment of their relationship. Well, not the climax, but it’s like a pivotal scene in the whole movie. And, actually, a lot of my preparation for the whole character was kind of leading up to that scene.

Kristen was really into Bella being a sadomasochist. …


Wait, not a sadomasochist! I mean a masochist (laughs). She was into that whole thing. She’d say, “Yeah, Bella just likes being hurt” (laughs). “Be really rough!”

Catherine on how they made Edward sparkle.

Catherine on original script.

USA Weekend will also feature a Twilight cover in their Nov 16 issue!

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