Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed talk ‘Twilight’

Nov 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

USA Weekend’s Brian Truitt had the chance to interview Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed during the Twilight tour.  To read part one of his interview, click here!

“Nikki: When you have 20 million people reading a book, there are going to be 20 million different paintings in their mind of each character. So believe it or not, even Mr. Robert Pattinson got a really hard time in the beginning. And then once they see you as that, then they become more accepting. I’m not in the trailer, I’m not in any of the promo stuff, so when there were set visits from MTV and stuff and they recorded footage, people seemed to hop on the Nikki Reed-playing-Rosalie boat. You know what, as hesitant as I was at first, I think I make a really fantastic Rosalie and I actually think I look “a’ight” as a blonde.”

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