What did you think of the movie?

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This week our question is simple!

We want to know what you thought of the Twilight movie!?!?!

How many *’s would you give it? (5*****’s being the BEST!)

So, be honest!ย  Don’t forget we may read your answer on the next show!

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487 Comments to “What did you think of the movie?”

  1. phoenix says:

    As usual the book is better than the movies. Acting was like a cast from a high school play. The characters just didnt connect with the characters in the book. No suspense, no emotion, not believeable. For movie #2 need new actors to bring to the screen the suspense and passion needed to give credibility to the book…but keep Edward.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    I think the movie deserves mabey 4 *. Robert was my favorite actor in it–not only cause he’s smoken hot–but because he did such an amazing job bringing Edward to life. I read somewhere that he tried to put a little bit of himself into the character and I could totally see that. My favorite scene has to be when Edward was sucking out the venom and looked like he was going to cry and the line he said and the song in the backround!!! lol. As you can tell, i love that scene. Some people don’t like the changing in the movie, but i think it was necessary. If they had word for word stuff in the movie from the book, it would be very cheezy and over the top and weird. It did flow very well in the book, but it deffinately wouldn’t go well in the movie. They tried to make it more modern and teenagery. Overall, i loved the movie and was not dissapointed. Love the podcast! You guys are so witty and fun! <3 Kenzie,13,Iowa

  3. Holly says:

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was great the way it was, I mean honestly you can’t put every detail from a book into the movie, or it would be too long. I think the entire cast did a great job portraying the characters. I give it top stars all around. I’ve seen it 3 times now, and will probably see it even more.

  4. Rachel C. says:

    in the first week it was out, i saw it 3 times… it was amazing

  5. Hannah says:

    I LOVED the movie! I did think that some parts were a bit cheesy but I mean come on, its Twilight. The movie rocked in my opinion and I can’t wait to the the next movies. I do have to say that for those that say that Twilight is the next Harry Potter, they are wrong, Twilight is soooo much better than that series will ever be.

  6. Elizabeth Self says:

    I honestly thought that the movie would be horrible , but it wasn’t. I’ll admit, there were differences that I didn’t appreciate, however, the movie didn’t butcher the book like I figured it would. I was worried how they would depict certain scenes, but it was great. I can’t wait ’til New Moon comes out. YAY!!

  7. Jayy says:

    I thought the movie was good! I give it 4*’s. but i didnt really like Jacobs character that Taylor Launter, he didnt really seem Native or the way he talked, it didnt sound native at all. And they made him look like all wild or all rugged like a native. it just didnt match. they could have got a native american boy that grew up on the rez . ๐Ÿ™

  8. Gina says:

    Thanks Alex Tea for answering my question!!!!

  9. Laura says:

    People go on google video an you can download TWILIGHT!

  10. Bagels says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    i was just looking at the first trailer again where they have the scene w/ the van and you see emmet talking to edward and he’s just like “she’s not one of us”
    i just noticed that’s not in the movie!!!!!!!
    (not that i’m complaining, it doesn’t really fit emmet’s character)

  11. jolie says:


  12. Hazel says:

    I thought the movie was, all in all, faithful to the book. i mean, no movie that’s a literature adaptation can be as good as the book, right?
    so, the sparkling effect was lame; it looked like he was sweating. and there were a lot of problems with camera angles and stuff. the movie had it’s funny parts, but it was really awkward. i know that in the book it was also awkward for edward and bella kind of sort of, but in the movie it was like, both of them staring at each other with smoldering eyes through the whole thing! and it was a little weird to see the vampires wear lipstick. for the girls, it was fine. for the guys? uh, no. and the whole deal with jasper and how he was “in pain”, i felt they totally ruined jasper’s whole image in that movie. he didn’t have any lines, and it just frustrates me cuz jasper’s better than that! one last thing, i think the whole deal with robert pattinson speaking so weirdly and looking as if he was constipated was weird. i mean, it was like he was having a hard time speaking properly, what with his natural british accent and all and how he had to force an american accent.

    to conclude this rant, I think they did better than i thought they would, and I would give them 3 1/2 *’s.

  13. ashlyn says:

    i liked it alot!!!
    i love JACOB!!!!!
    but they left out one scene i wanted to see!!!
    but i gave it a 10!!!

  14. #1fan(dont care what anybody else says its me people) shaela says:

    WOW…that was one of the worst movies ive ever seen! i was sooooooooo mad! it was horrible! they left out Jaspers talent, laurent was BLACK, they 4got about the day every1 asked her 2 the dance, they hardly showed the meadow, bella didnt talk in her sleep, jaspers hair looked like it was attakd by a giant angry cat, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…ROBERT PATTINSON is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it makes me want 2 puke every time i look at him! how could this happen?

    so in conclusion i HATED it…stars-0

    P.S. Robert Pattinson SUCKS!!!

  15. Charlene says:

    I give it 2 1/2 **
    I had no expectations for the movie. I have been disappointed so much in the past from book to movie projects, that I just have to know that it is not my vision.
    First off, I have never thought Robert Pattenson was good looking. They really should have got somebody different. Plus I didn’t think his acting was all that great.
    That being said
    I totally enjoyed the movie, it was fun, entertaining and super cheesy.
    I didn’t like the flashes of Carlisle changing them into vampires.
    but as I said, no expectations, so I had a ton of fun watching the movie. The books were the same way for me, entertaining, enjoyable, and super cheesy.
    I am sure New Moon will be better because they will have a bigger budget.
    Go see it, enjoy it. Buy it when it comes out. Come on I still watch the Labrynth and love it!

  16. Charlene says:

    btw, Hannah, this is so not the next Harry Potter, not in the same category.
    HP will never be touched. Book or movie. Movie’s aren’t the best but seriously……

  17. Bethany Hale says:

    I’m very new to your show and site, but I wanted to say you girls do a lovely job!
    Even though I was somewhat disappointed in some things of the film, I loved it! (As of today, I have seen it 5 times, and plan on seeing it at least 2 more times) Of course there were things that could have been done better, but no book-to-film is ever perfect. I do wish that they had added in a few things like Bella cooking for Charlie, for instance. And more involvement of Alice would have been nice. But I understand that it is an adaptation, and also had a time limit.
    Overall, the movie is a **** (4) for me!
    I really cannot wait to see New Moon, but I am curious to see how they can pull off all of the depressing stuff without making the audience want to leave in the middle.
    Love the show, girls!

  18. Crystal says:

    I thought the movie sucked, especially the part of Edward. In the book Edward had more swagger! It was so cheesy that it didn’t look like the actors even read the books at all. Some of them were dead on. I agree that Jessica and Carlisle nailed it and the casting director did a good job casting the “looks” of the actors. But the directing was horrible and there was no cohesiveness in development of characters and story. Hopefully new moon will be better but I saw the wolves in the ending credits and they appear no where close to the appearence of the wolves describe in the book. I guess that would be hard to do anyway.

  19. Crystal says:

    Once again, after reading some of the other comments, i failed to mention that I gave the movie a 2 1/2. I also wanted to mention that Laurant being BLACK gave the movie some much needed complexity (FLAVOR) and was a nice element !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we not have any back vampires now?

  20. Pauline says:

    I have to be honest. I am a huge fan of the books, and I even am a fan of several of the actors in the movie, but overall I felt disappointed in the movie. Partly because things were rushed along so I felt that the intensity of them falling in love was lost in translation, but also party due to some bad acting. I think all the actors in the movie have real potential and can learn from their mistakes in this first movie and really step up to the plate in the next movie. I am also hoping that since this first film did so well financially that the next film will be given a bigger budget and then the special effects, etc. will come across as much more believable. I also question whether the director from Twilight is really a good fit for this type of genre of movie. She tends to do more low budget/indy films…while this film should be more on the level of say…Harry Potter. So like I said, I was let down by this film but I have high hopes for the next three to come.

  21. Pauline says:

    One last thing…I have never seen Kristen Stewart in any other movie…but she seemed to portray Bella in the same way she presented herself in interviews. She seems very serious, but not in a good way, almost in a snippy/uninterested way. That is how I perceived her in the movie. It was hard for me to believe she was really in love with Edward when it seemed like she was never smiling or happy and couldn’t really care less. I mean Robert Pattison did over act a little bit but at least he was showing genuine interest in the character of Bella. Kristen just seemed bored and miserable a lot. She needs to stop playing Bella as “herself” and needs to alter herself into Bella as written by Stephanie Meyer.

  22. Katie P. says:

    I give it **. The characters were not as I expected them to look like or act, Edward, Charlie, and Laurent were not at all as I expected them to look like. I also think Rosalie looked much too old, maybe in her late twenties, instead of late teens/early twenties. The only actors and actress I allowed myself to think about when I thought of the character were Billy, Eric and Alice. The special effects were terrible, the fast motions looked like something you could do in a basic version of PhotoShop, and the sparkles, too. Personally, I think Mrs. Meyer should look for a new director, there’s bound to be tons out there, and most would likely do a better job than this. I am very sorry for such a negative review, and I am not a Stephanie-Smasher, but this is what I really thought. Love the podcast, Love the books! Just not going to see New Moon…

  23. SARA says:

    i honestly loved twilight. it is probably 1 of my most favorite movies that i have seen. im usually not into readin but twilight is the biggest + fastest book i have evr read. the movie was great i thought edward/robert was hot! n jacob/taylor looks sexier with his short hair n bella/kristin was gorgeous n the othr charectors were amazin as well. i could watch the movie a million times n nevr get tired of it! the story is amazin n stephinie meyer is a wonderful author. she is probably my #1 favorite now same with twilight is my favorite book. I seriously cant wait anothr second 2 see new moon. im readin the book rite now. the movie to twilight could of been betr cuzz of the effects. yeahh i have 2 agree wit many people the effects were pretty terrible. but i thought the charectors were amazin. i cant judge how i thought theyd look cuzz i read the book aftr the movie. i give the movie *** or a **** but i give the book/story *****+ anywayzz yeahh i loved it. absolutly amazin. ill be waitin 4 the next movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Riku Cullen says:

    **** not as good as the book, but a great movie! (my favorite part was when Alice ripped off Jame’s head ๐Ÿ˜€ !)

  25. katrina says:

    I saw it last night as an early limited release in Australia… Waiting this long nearly drove me insane; especially after hearing so much from friends in the U.S.
    I loved it and hated it at the same time it was true to the book which was great coz I adore them but in some secnes the acting/ directing combination didn’t pull it off and it came off as really creezy. However it did get everyone in the audiance laughing. Especially Edwards reaction when he first gets bella’s scent.
    A little under half way through it all came together and i will definatly go and see it again when it comes out in a couple of weeks.
    I would give it 5 stars mostly because of my totall obsession with the book.

    most irritating thing was that they cut the blood test scene in Biology I thought that was important, but I get things get lost in translation.

  26. rP says:

    im a twiguy and the movie on its own is a 5 out of 5.
    compared to the book its still a 4 out of 5 and is still one of the best book to movie addaptaion ever.
    there are a few things i missed seeing from the book but if they would have made it completely from the book it would have been 4 to 6 hours long.
    i loved it and i cant wait till New Moon

  27. Twigirl says:

    Hey Kallie+ Kassie
    Im going to cut to the chase. The movie was the best movie ive ever seen in my whole life(im not exaggerating). It’s fresh + still has our favriote things (romance, action, drama, and hot vamps) plus some added laughs. But i was dissapointed at the meadow scene because there was alot of moss no running water and overall dissapointing. The added laughs was a good call. And the ballet scene came slightly too soon(or so it seems) .Love your podcast. You rock.

    From, Your biggest fan

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    I am totally gay and i just want to bang Robert Pattinson all night long. so if there are any single guys out there call me. by the way i smoke pot.

  29. Cody Collins in Massena,Ny at JW leary Jr High school says:

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  30. Scarlet S says:

    Wow!!! I loved it so much! I’ve seen it 3 times! I do think they left a little to much info out
    Though, um Edward is HOT!!!

  31. kaitlin says:

    I LOVED it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two thumbs way up. I think the actors did a fantastic job getting into charecter and i really liked how they lined it up for the next movie! P.S. edward cullen was sooooooo hot!!!!!!!

  32. Nicole says:

    I LOVED it!!!!!! I give it ***** ( 5 stars!!!) and two thumbs up!!!!! I loved how they made Edward sparkle! The Cast was AWESOME!!!! Edward is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!! Carlisle was hot too ( but not as hot as Edward)! My mom liked James. My friends thought that he looked scary! My friends said “EWWWW why do you think that the guy who plays the one vampire dude is hot?? Are you crazy!”

  33. tiffany says:

    i loved the move, but it had some downfalls.. other than that i cant wait for new moon!!!!

  34. Cedar says:

    * * * * 1/2(41/2

  35. marisol says:

    I really liked the movie i woud give a 5. i haven’t read the books but i’m going to start reading them because i really liked the movie and i want to read the books!
    in my opinion the mivie was awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  36. suci says:

    I really like this film!
    edward is so cool .
    i like that !

  37. tata says:

    me encanto la pelicula, y no puedo esperar que salgan todas las demas. van a ser increibles y espero que no cambie ninguno de sus actores originales TWILIGHT no seria lo mismo sin ellos.

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