‘Twilight’: Meet Your Dream Cast!

Nov 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Entertainment Weekly has the results of the reader’s choice Twilight dream cast here!

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  2. Taylor says:

    Are all the people in the cast of “Twilight” going to be in New Moon if they are making a moive out of it?? if their not I’m probably not going to like that moive that mucc!!!!!!!

  3. Lyncoln says:

    Taylor….the main cast that was in Twilight will also be in New Moon. The only one they’re not sure of yet is Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

  4. Pau says:

    I like taylor lautner…but as the book says in the new moon he has grown big so how could taylor lautner be that big in new moon if he’s the one who’s going to play the part he has to be someone in comparison with edward cullen like steven strait he definitely look like the older version of taylor lautner.

  5. Tiffany says:

    I thought everyone was always hoping for Steven Strait to play Jacob. At least thats what it seemed like online. I’m surprised that Taylor still got the reader’s pick. I actually think Taylor and Steven look a lot alike (not sure if i’m the only one who thinks that). But I just think Steven looks beefy-er and obviously older. Much like I imagined Jake in the books. Oh well, Taylor pretty good though.

  6. CullenCrazy17 says:

    i thought it was funny how JOHN STAMOS & SHIA LEBEOUF (of whom i am also a HUGE fan) were in the running for laurent and jacob!!! but im glad they picked who they did…they r the perfect cast together!

  7. Faith Cullen says:

    If they change the Cast at all im not going to like the movie very much, i would be very disappointed if they do 🙁

  8. Tina says:

    i don’t see how/why they would change the cast! Taylor does present a bit of a challenge, but there’s so much you can do with camera angles and everything, and if its really not working, they can always put him in platform shoes 😛 that would be a sight to see!
    but seriously, i think they’ll make it work, even if they have to get a new ‘older’ jacob, i think they’ll keep Taylor for the ‘before’

  9. Shteff! says:

    I could only see bella lol

  10. K Schieber says:

    I did not get involved in the early discussions about who would be best cast in each part. In my head though, Jacob always looked and talked like a young Adam Beach when he had long hair. But I got a kick out of the discussion above where many folks seem to agree that Steven Strait looks like an older Taylor Lautner; because a while ago my son (who hasn’t seen the movie yet) thought a couple of the pictures of Taylor were the “guy from Sky High”. We looked it up and that was actually Steven Strait. So when I read this discussion I had to tell him that he definitely was on the same brain wave as the rest of you. I think Steven is taller than Taylor (certainly not 6’7″ or whatever, but they can do a lot with camera angles as was mentioned already), but do you think he could bulk/buff up and run around in cut off shorts and look hunky enough for the later Jacob? One switch in actors is almost inevitable/ mandatory but not more than that.

  11. K Schieber says:

    I also feel pretty strongly that a Native American or First People actor should be cast. I personally visualize and hear a young Adam Beach for Jacob when I read. Yummy!

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