Rob & Kristen on French Talk Show

Dec 8th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Here are some videos of Rob & Kristen on Le Grand Journal in Paris!

Le grand journal Twilight partie 1
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Le grand journal twilight part 4
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Le grand journal twilight part 3
Uploaded by Lizziekovac

Le grand journal Twilight part 2
Uploaded by Lizziekovac
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11 Comments to “Rob & Kristen on French Talk Show”

  1. Alexandra says:

    In part 2 of this trailer …..Kristen is asked what is Rob’s “secret”….I’m not sure if they are referreing to Rob’s appeal or Edward’s. Listen closesly and watch how he looks at her and says “it’s a woman”. He’s referring to her. She knows it and puts her head down in embarrasment. Did anyone else notice this too?

  2. blah says:

    i only picked this up after reading other peoples comments from another website. but, does anyone else notice how kristen is always stealing glances at rob. and how she seems to be looking at him with admiration and maybe *love. hahaha. the could be a chance after all!

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  4. Amy says:

    I thought he said that Edward’s secret is that he is actually a woman.

  5. someone says:

    I’ve seen a movieclip when he actually addmites that he kind of likes Kirsten, so I think that’s what they’re talking about? but I really dont know. Kirsten has a boyfriend though

  6. ... says:

    “I thought he said that Edward’s secret is that he is actually a woman.”


  7. ... says:

    oh and btw, the videos dont work 🙁

  8. Bagels says:

    it says ‘content deleted’

  9. Shteff! says:

    lol it’s been deleted XD! the odds

  10. 123456 says:

    i think that rob just says that stuff about “being in love with kristen” becuase he thinks its funny. there was an interview with kristen and she was saying how he just says that to make her life difficult.. who knows. but in the same interview, she also says that rob acts like he doesnt know whats going on all the time on purpose, just because he finds it entertaining or something. i could believe it. i dont know. but i dont care, i love him regardless. =]

  11. CullenCrazy17 says:

    yeah ok so um why does it say “content deleted”?
    this does not please me lol! 🙁

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