Chris Weitz offered New Moon director’s chair?

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Deadline Hollywood reports that Golden Compass director Chris Weitz has been offered the big job of directing New Moon. He is reportedly still considering the offer.

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39 Comments to “Chris Weitz offered New Moon director’s chair?”

  1. jennn says:

    No!!! I saw the Golden Compass and it was bad!!!! Ahhhhhh, that was a book adaptation, too, wasn’t it??

  2. Sam says:

    i remember liking the golden compass..but i never read the book so idk how the translation from book to movie was…anyone read it?

  3. Skye says:

    OMG. For those who thought Twilight didn’t stick to the book enough, that would be nothing compared to Weitz if he does the same thing he did with Compass. Summit should look at the directors fans want.

  4. Bagels says:

    okay, so i have read and seen the movie of About A Boy (i saw the movie first), a movie he directed. both were amazing. though it’s a completely different story, the acting and directing was amazing. it remains to be one of my favorite movies. i’m gonna miss catherine hardwicke (who isn’t??) but i’d just like to put a good word in for this guy 😀

  5. Hannah from the UK says:

    Id be very dissapointed if Chris got the job. The golden compass ripped the Northern Lights book to shreds. Terrible film. Another director please!!!

  6. Samie says:

    wow i do think a girl be way better to dircted! he might not get it as well! ahhh… and i agree he did a bad job on the golden compass!

  7. Kelly says:

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! golden compass sucked!

  8. Maddison says:

    I liked the Golden Compass. I don’t think we should judge to harshly. I’m just excited for New Moon because of Taylor Lautner *drools*, can’t wait till he delivers that famous line ‘does my half being naked bother you?’ Ahhh yay!

  9. Robby says:

    Oh wow! I was just thinking and hoping the wolves in New Moon (because that’s what I’m mainly concerned about, despite the fact that I’m Team Edward/ Team Switzerland fan) would be done as awesomely as like the animals that were done in The Golden Compass!! I saw the movie and thought it was great, although I haven’t read the books before so I don’t know how good the movie was as an adaptation…but the movie sure made me want to read the book (I swear I will!)

    I’m torn at the thought of us losing Hardwicke (I’m happy because I’m scared she’s going to focus a lot on Edward and add more breathtakingly beautiful but unnecessary scenes; sad because despite it all I expected her to improve…plus I absolutely adore her passion for the books and her work)…it would be awesome if somehow she can atleast co-direct the movie..that’ll be great!

  10. Jasmine says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The golden compass was super cheesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!! I WANT YOU BACK CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!

  11. CullenCrazy17 says:

    hm well i nvr read or saw The Golden Compass but from the previews, i didnt want to because it didnt look that good. then again is really the directors fault if it isnt exactly like the book or the screenwriters? im not sure all i know is that as long as they can find a way to the werewolf stuff look real i will like the director because although i absolutely adored Twilight some of the special effects kind of stunk. so i dont know i just hope that if it is Chris it still looks good and not totally fake and inaccurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CullenCrazy17 says:

    PS comment #8 i totally agree about taylor!!! cant wait to see him with no shirt for like most of the movie *faints* 🙂

  13. heather says:

    The Golden Compass as a movie was good, if you didn’t compare the book to it. I read the book, and the movie adaptation of it was ok at best. You have to remember though, most of that is not the directors doing, it is the screenwriters. They are the ones who tweat the plots in order to make a 400 page book fit into a 2 hour time slot.
    As a director he did a great job. The CG was amazing and that is what is going to be needed for New Moon in order to have the werewolves look real and not like Teen Wolf.
    In my opinion, I think he would do a good job.

  14. Kate says:


    Ugh, the movie will be awful if he directs it! GC was crappy!


    hmmmm hey I read the book and saw it a VRY long time ago so if u want I can read it again and see if it was a good adaption k?just check back here later!! Tell me if u guys r interested…

  16. Wray says:

    Yeah. And the reviews for Golden Compass were definitely worse than Twilight WITH 180 mil budget…

  17. Haley says:

    I loooved Golden Compass!! It doesn’t make sense to the people who haven’t read the book, so wouldn’t that be good for Twilight?

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! NO no no no no no no!!!!!!!!! How lame!!!

  19. Rach says:

    NOOO!!! The northern lights was such a great book and the golden compass didnt stay true to the book!!!!!! WHat if he ruins it!! NOOOOOOOOOOO. THATS PLAIN STPID!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Amanda says:


  21. Heather D says:

    I went to his page and all i have to say is American Pie and Twilight don’t mix!

  22. Jocelyn says:

    noooooo. he totally messed up the movie! the book was so good too!

  23. Charity says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Catherine come back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Monika says:

    Noooo!!! Grr. This is not cool. I hated The Golden Compass!!! Thanks Summit *eyeroll*

  25. Hayley says:

    I agree with all of you, I saw the Golden Compass and thought it was a horrible representaton of the book. It also bombed in the box office. I was reading an article about how Twilight needed a female director, just something about females being better able to adapt the book into a movie. I totally agree. Catherine did an amazing job. Im worried that because Rob and Kristen are mad about this, they may not stay on for Breaking Dawn.

  26. Hayley says:

    Apparently he is really good friends with Summits President of Production….hope thats not the only reason they want him to direct it.

  27. Haley says:

    He did an OK job with The Golden Compass. I read the series (the 3rd one made me angry!!!) and enjoyed them (except for the 3rd one!) The movie was pretty good but the CGI was awesome I thought! Iorek Byrnison (who is my fave character!) looked amazing! (He is the big polar bear!)

  28. Tori says:

    They have to chose a director that the fans will like. We have totally proven that we the fans alone can make a movie big a box office hit. We control the movie’s outcome in a huge way. That means give us what we want and I know alot of us want to have a little bit more Edward in the story and make Jacob more likeable. (That is only what I know about people who live in Portland Oregon. We are a bit cazyer when it comes to the movies because we have been to all of the places they have fimed at. We are a bit more likly to like the movies than other areas)

  29. sou says:

    ew. no thanx. :/

  30. Lauren says:


    i want catherine back…

    petition anyone???

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  32. Amitolane says:


    Please Summit don’t do it!! NOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    THE GOLDEN COMPASS turned out soooo bad! My goodness please don’t let this happen!

  33. heather says:

    OK……Did everyone agree when they cast Robert Pattinson as Edward?……NO…..They did not!
    There were forums everywhere asking then to please recast and blah….blah….blah….

    There is never going to anything good enough to satisy everyone. I know of a whole lot of people that loved “The Golden Compass” .
    Unless we want this move coming out looking like some really bad 80’s “B” movie, then it is going to need a major overhaul. The werewolves are a pinnacle part of the book, and unless it is done right, it will ruin the whole movie.
    We know he can do it…. look at The Golden Compass. The graphics were completely amazing.
    If this is done correctly, it will be an even bigger hit than Twilight.

  34. Kate says:

    I do not think this would be a good match for the Twilight series. I have seen the Golden Compass and About A Boy and let me tell ya they were both sleepers. It completely lacked DIRECTION!!! Nicole Kidman might have done her best in the movie but an actor is only as good the script they are given and the person directing the piece. I am praying that this is a rumor and that Summit continues to look for a new director.

  35. Cccmuffin says:

    NO!! I loved the Compass books and was so excited about the movie! The movie was horrible! Surely they can find someone better.

  36. Tari says:

    Omigosh, Summit can’t have Chris Weitz direct New Moon. It would totally stink. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could get Catherine Hardwicke back? But since Summit is not going to get her back they should get Peter Jackson. I know it’s impossible, but I can always dream.

  37. Johanna says:

    It’s great! The special effects on golden compass was a lot better that twilight.

  38. Julie says:

    I have never seen the Golden Compass, but I have heard that not many people liked it. You have to remember that the movie and book are two different things. Yes one is based off the other but Chris Weitz is the director, not the screenwriter. You shouldn’t look at it as if he wrote the movie. I think that if he is the right man for the job then he should have a chance to prove that he can direct good movies. He is obviously qualified otherwise Summit would not have offered the job to him in the first place.

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