Operation Catherine Appreciation…

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This project follows what we have seen over the past year, where a scrapbook was put together for one of the actors, only this time it’s for Catherine.  What Twilight Extremists will be doing differently is we will have two parts to this project.

Description: First part is the scrapbook itself.  You send a handwritten letter (which is preferred) with pictures of yourself, or of Twilight – whatever you would like – to me at the PO Box address. The PO Box address will be put up Thursday. If you do not want to send in a handwritten letter, please send an e-mail to ocaproject@twilightextremists.com.  If you go the e-mail rout, please put your picture to go with the e-mail so that when it’s printed off it has some sort of personalization to it. If your e-mail does not have your picture, it may not be used.

Part two is a DVD.  If you choose not to send in a letter, you can send in a video of yourself talking about what you loved about the movie and Catherine – thanking her for her time and commitment to Twilight. Please send the video files to ocaproject@twilightextremists.com.  I may have more directions for this part of the project in the following days.

The overall due date is January 31st.  If it is postmarked by then, it will be included.  E-mails will not be accepted after midnight on the 31st – that includes video submissions.

Include: In your letter please include why you love Catherine.  Let her know how much you appreciate her and her dedication and passion for not only her time on Twilight, but for the series as a whole.  While she will not be working on the sequels, she loved the saga and wanted it to become the best it could be.  You may also include that you will miss her during the following sequels to Twilight.

Also please include your name, and where you live – nothing specific just general area such as the state or country you live in.  If you want, you can include your age (no one will see this other then myself, and Catherine when she receives the scrapbook).

For handwritten letters it is optional to include a photo of yourself, or other images such as fan art, but for e-mails please include a photograph of yourself or a picture of your favorite movie scene.

For video entries just include why you love the movie and Catherine. You can also include that you will miss her during the following sequels to Twilight. They must not exceed 4 minutes in length, and will possibly be edited down farther, depending on number of entries.

Questions and Comments: If you have any questions about this project please send an e-mail to xchella@twilightextremists.com.

To send in an e-mail letter or video for the project, send them to ocaproject@twilightextremists.com with the name “OCA – Letter” or “OCA – Video” depending on what you’re sending in.

For all handwritten letters and fanart, please send them to the following PO Box:


Thank you to all those who participate!

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2 Comments to “Operation Catherine Appreciation…”

  1. Lyncoln says:

    This is an awesome idea! I definitely want Catherine to know how much I and other Twilighters appreciate her work and dedication in bringing Twilight to life. I hate what Summit is doing to her. I’ll definitely be submitting something….

  2. Robby says:

    Instead of creating an appreciation thing for Catherine, I say we should just have a huge petition to get her back on being the director for New Moon and all of the movies, what Summit is doing is so f—ing selfish. I’m really losing my cool, at first I was a bit happy that Catherine wasn’t going to be the director…but when I truly think about it, I’m more upset about it than being happy. I want her back!

    Anyone up for it? I know this seems impossible, but I’m sure we can do something!!

    I swear if Summit is really carrying on with what they are planning (new director + casting for NEW jacob + setting a rushed opening date + probably more crazy things in the future)…I might not see the movie, it breaks my heart to see something I love (the books/story/characters) ripped up to shreds and transformed into this materialistic money making machine.

    I haven’t done a petition before, so if there is anyone interested or anyone who knows how to start one, please contact me! (robbydesu@gmail.com)

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