Wolf Pack Casting?

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This week we have an OUTSTANDING Question of the Week!

We want to know who you think should be cast in the role of your favorite WOLF!

We know they will have to cast for all of your favorite Quileutes, so feel free to let us know who you think should be playing Leah, Emily and even Claire!

In addition to our Question, we have a little something for your to Speculate about…

Do you think Leah will ever find love, and with who?!?!?

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225 Comments to “Wolf Pack Casting?”

  1. Kiana says:

    I don’t have an answer for the actors but as for Leah I don’t think she would find “true love” anytime soon. Not because she doesn’t want to but more because she’s just not ready and she may never be ready. After what happened with Sam she was really hurt and then becoming a werewolf and being able to know exactly how connected Sam is with Emily just kept her wallowing in the pain from it all. But then when she leaves with Jacob it’s like she can finally think about things clearly. Then when she makes this new friendship with Jacob and he makes her his Beta she finally feels like she’s worth something. If all the supernatural creatures didn’t exist Jacob says that Bella and himself would be soul mates and that’s the same with Sam and Leah and she’s not redy to let that go. Not yet anyway.

  2. Tara K. says:

    I don’t have many ideas for the wolves, or anyone else in La Push, but I just looked on http://www.imdb.com (International Movie Data Base) and it said that TAYLOR LAUTNER will still be Jacob Black!!!!! Yay!!!!

    Hope that this is as good of news to all of you as it is to me!!!


  3. saily says:

    i think leah will eventually imprint or fall in love with some one

  4. rara314 says:

    Don’t hate me! But though I LOATHE the werewolves, I’ll participate. Maybe Luis Armand Garcia as Seth. (Seth is the only werewolf I’ll EVER like). And I don’t care about Taylor as Jacob because I HATE Jacob! I don’t see what the problem is with Micheal Copon though for him. TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!

    I want Breaking Dawn made into a movie! I NEED to see Renesmee on the big screen!

  5. Ashley A says:

    michael copon as jake, definitely. i can’t stand taylor lautner… he’s just one of those actors that bothers me, know what i mean?

    and Q’Orianka Kilcher should without a doubt play leah. i can definitely see that! she can be a total BRAT but at the same time, i’m positive she can pull off the somewhat sweet side! 🙂

  6. Allie says:

    Q’Orianka Kilcher is a fantab actress and a wonderful person. Krys Ivory is a pretty good singer (is this the one I’m thinking of?) and the Sam and Embry picks are great!! (Solomon!!!)
    Quil – someone unknown.

    This is just a stupid me, but I some reason always pictured Seth as being blonde and kinda like Mike Welch with very spiky hair. LOLOLOLOL

    <3 the show ya’ll!!

  7. Kami says:

    Hey! So, taylor should so be jacob! I also believe that lean needs a happy ending! Say imprint on Sams cousin! LOL.

  8. Megan a.k.a Bella says:

    i dont know any actors so i cant comment on that but…… leah has to find love! and if the series keeps going i think she will.. since stephenie has called herself a hopless romantic i think she wants all her charecters to find love! but who is definatly the big question! there are several choices i have been thnking of! first of all it would be hilarious if she imprinted on jacob! they never said she cant imprint on someone who already imprinted!! and stephanie is one for love triangles… or she could fall in love with MIke! this would be a great way to bring him back into the story! i have no doubts that leah will fall in love but for all we know it could be with a totally new charecter!

    happy podcasting! and puhleeeeeze PICK ME!! haha lol

  9. TwilightLover says:

    Hi there!! I just want to check if this works..

  10. Lucy says:

    OH i agree with 140 and 141!

  11. Samantha says:

    I’m sooo Team Edward – but Taylor makes an excellent Jacob, he has that big beautiful smile, I can see how he could be someone’s sun.

  12. Rebecca says:

    ^^yeah exactly so y should he b recast!? he shouldnt thts y lol!

  13. TwilightLover says:

    hmm.. this is a hard one… I would like to see America Ferrera as one of te girls.. I’m not sure if some of them has a native look, but sh is a wonderful actress and has the native look.. ,aybe as Leah. Or I know this is a small part but as one of jacobs sisters in the 4th movie which they have to make!
    and.. I know this must sound strange.. I have always thought of Emily like Alexis Beldel. + the scars of course. She would be the most perfect emily. Beautiful and careful under the scars.
    And I really hope Leah will find true love. But I don’t think she will impint. Just find a cute guy she wants to share her life with, and be happy.
    So that’s my theory..

    I’m looking forward to your podcast..
    Keep up the great work..

  14. TwilightLover says:

    does it work now?!

  15. Tara K. says:



    Go on http://www.imdb.com for yourselves! Serch New Moon, and there it says that Taylor Lautner is Jacob!!!!!!

    🙂 I may be Team Edward 100%, but Taylor makes THE best Jacob. So way to go Summit for keeping Taylor for New Moon!!!!

  16. Tara K. says:

    I meant Search “New Moon”. sorry for the spelling mistake.

  17. Elizabeth (Indiana) says:

    Referring to #165 & #166
    That means nothing because as long as you have an account on IMDB you can change the information. So although we all love supporter speculation, that’s all that is. Sorry.

  18. Massie says:

    I won’t watch new moon if Taylor is not casted to be Jacob Black. I have the word of over 300 girls (ages 10-17) that they won’t either. Taylor Lautner is an incredible actor, and it is absurd that you should even consider replacing Taylor. I am gathering even more supporters of what I am stating as I am writing this. On behalf of Taylor supporters, I say that we will not watch new moon and spend our money on your merchandise if Taylor Lautner is not given the role of Jacob Black in new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. I sincerely hope for your sake that you listen to our protests and cast Taylor Lautner in his rightful role. Sincerely, The Jacob Black Fan Club

  19. Luna Eclipse says:

    Here’s the thing: I know I will offend alot of people by saying this, but I don’t care who plays Jacob… as long as it’s NOT Michael Copon.
    KASSIE AND KALLIE: I really think that you guys should read the interview with Michael Copon that you posted a while ago an your podcast. It’s important for everybody to be aware of how in danger the film adaptation of their favorite series is.

  20. minju park says:

    i think zooey deschanel would be perfect to play leah

  21. bonnie says:

    Q’Orianka Kilcher is such a favorite for leah or emily, But I’d have to say I’d prefer her for Emily, i just can’t see her with Leah’s attitude. I am also loving Tyler Posey as Seth! I think Krys Ivory will make a pretty great Embry – even though we barely saw him in Twilight. I really did love Taylor as Jacob, and like Cassie, I hate when they change actors mid series….but i think it would be silly to have all the other wolves played by older, bigger guys and still have Taylor be smaller and just much younger looking. It’s a tough call. Maybe they could use him for the first half of the movie, and find someone who looks strikingly similar to become his transformation eh? Longshot I know. Quil- I just cant find or picture any actor who looks kinda stocky and musuclar like him, and yet still native. Ok, Really cannot remember distinct faces for paul or jared, Anywho i love listening to your podcast on my way home from work in ridiculous traffic! Thanks for the entertainment!

  22. Jessica Miller says:

    definately Q’Orianka Kilcher for Leah. She has the qualities about her that would be perfect to play Leah.

  23. Abbey says:

    First I just want to say that I love your poscast and that u guys are so funny! I think that maybe Cazzy Golomb or Tina Casciani should play Leah. They are kind of unknown and in New Moon Leah doesnt have the biggest part (she really comes in in the next 2 books) so they would fit well. Everyone is mentioning Q’Orianka Kilcher, and she looks the part pretty well too. The casting directors just have to make sure that whoever plays Leah can play it right-and play it right awesomly! Leah is this tortured charectar who lost her love to her cousin! She is mean and harsh and nobody wants to be around her – i think whoever is cast as Leah should be able to portray her difficult charectar which might even be a challenge considering they have to play the mean part of her but also the sad inflicted pain she is always in.
    Moving onto the second topic, I would love for leah to find love! For years she has dreamed about sam, and i think its time for her to move on! she wouldnt be in so much pain, if in any pain at all. I think it would take a burden off her pack as well. As for who, thats difficult. I think dont think that she should imprint on someone, but that a pack member should imprint on her! It would be a cool twist on things, I would probably want Embry to. He is one of the only older wolves that has not imprinted and I think it is time!

  24. Alissa says:

    I think Taylor Lautner needs to be replaced. There’s no way he can measure up to how Jacob is described in New Moon. He will probably NEVER look 25, or 6’5, nor do I believe he can pull off “menacing” as his face is just too sweet. He was good as Twilight Jacob, but he just isn’t New Moon Jacob. As far as the other wolves are concerned, I’m excited to see who they are, but don’t have any preference. I’m just happy they are considering Michael Copon as Taylor’s replacement. Come on girls. Taylor will have other roles. He’s still a baby. He just doesn’t have the mature looks necessary to pull off our favorite monstrously huge werewolf!!

  25. Amanda D. says:

    I think taylor could do menancing…its called ACTING. I still don’t know why they are even considering not using him. THIS IS FREAKING HOLLYWOOD….PEOPLE ARE PAID TO MAKE ACTORS LOOK DIFFERENT. Its called make-up and visual enhancement. Taylor’s already added on 20 pounds and has agreed to add 10 more. An extra 30 pounds of taylor would be more than enough. This drama is ridiculous…IF ROBERT CAN BE A 22 YEAR-OLD PLAYING 17 YEAR-OLD FOR 2 MORE MOVIES THAN TAYLOR CAN BE A 17 YEAR-OLD PLAYING A 16-YEAR OLD WHO LOOKS 25! ROBERT DOES NOT LOOK 17!!!

  26. TaylorLautnerssexy says:

    I dont know who should play people but i do know that i will kill the people who manage summit if taylor lautner isnt jacob (I will litterly kill them) and i know people who not even with a pound of makeup on (like Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, and Micheal Welch) wont look like native americans 1st of all that will be confusing cause it says that only the Quiletes turn into them and their native americans and 2nd itll just mess the entire movie up.

    I think Leah should find love but i dont think she should imprint because all that imprinting does is tell you that your supposed to be with that person i think she should meet somebody and fall in ove with them the old fashioned way but not by imprinting.

  27. Valentine Cullen Black says:

    Hi Kallie & Kassie c=

    I think for Seth Clearwater – Johnny Simmons, he is what i imagined my cute Seth would look like and i love the idea of maybe even Beau Mirchoff as Seth. As for Emily i kind of like the idea of having Camilla Belle or Ashley Newbrough, i think they could definately pull it off; from seeing Camille in 3000 bc & i could see Ashley with that scar. haha. I also think that Dichen Lachman would make a great Leah Clearwater. I loved who they chose for Embry. I’m not sure about Paul & Charlie, but i do like Sheila Tousey as Sue Clearwater, that’s probably exactly what i’d imagined her to look like. I love Steven Strait, i personally think that he looks way better with long hair than short hair so he definately needs to be one of the wolves or take over Jacob Black. Also, i think that Garret Hedland could definately portray Quil or maybe even Jacob Black or one of the other wolves. I love Taylor Lautner to death, but i can’t see him being Jacob Black in New Moon that much, even though i thought he was fine in Twilight, but if he was still Jacob Black in New Moon i wouldn’t really mind as long as he does a good job, seeing as i am a Jacob Black fan too as much as an Edward Cullen fan. 😀 Btw – i LOVE your podcasts, keep it up (Y)

    Love Valentine <3 x.

  28. mrs.edwardcullen says:

    om stephanie meyer.com she said someone from disney channel will play leah clearwater but i dont think that would be very good i think a new actress someone who isn’t well know that people can fall in love with (or hate) 🙂 works for twilight lovw your show thanks keep it going 🙂

  29. Valerie says:

    Well I’m not really sure who should play anyone but i was looking thought the comments and i agree with Tyler Posey to play Seth, Tonantzin Carmelo to play Sue Clearwater, and as for Emily i kind of can see Camilla Belle as Emily but I’m not even sure she will consider even trying since she went out with Robert Pattinson. Although that really shouldn’t matter. As for Leah, thats going to be a hard one for me to deiced because she is such an important character in new moon. That one is going to be hard but there are talks about Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah and I can kind of see her playing that role but I won’t rout for her but if it was down to her and Brenda Song (I would rather have neither) but i would go for Vanessa Hudgens.

  30. Nat says:

    to start with… hi kallie and kassie… major fan of you guys :D:D

    happy 2009 :D:D

    well firstly… i love leah to bits… she’s reaaaally funny, so she’s my favourite werewolf… cause she’s representing the female population :P. I think it’d be cool if that girl who plays rory gilmore in gilmore girls played her… she’s fab :D:D

    secondly… aw poor leah… i would love for her to find love someday and for that reason i think it’d be so cool, random and so out of league type of thing if she imprinted on a vampire because it’d be like a love/hate relationship y’know… i can just imagined the type of couple fights they would have like “dude you stink…” hehe

    well… much love and keep you the amazing work!!!


  31. Anthony says:

    Well I’m new to the Twilight Series and i kno i’m in the minority being a guy that loves the series….Anyway i was watching The George Lopez show last night and i though Bryan Fisher who plays Jason on the show would be a good pick for Paul….He has the short hair look already and in the episode i was watching he was taking steroids and therefore was having ‘roid rage which reminded me of Paul’s short temper….He’s also pretty athletic and tall which also helps

    I really like what you guys are doing and am so happy i started reading these books and am now a part of this universe

  32. tay says:

    i dont think solomon is cute enough 2 b sam. sorry dont hurt me. But he did play the part well. i guess. ://

  33. Gabby says:

    She really will ruin the movie I think and ill be so upset!
    She cant play Leah becuase Leah is a strong and feisty character and even if Vanessa Hudgens COULD act she wouldn’t be able to pull off this role.

    Also this random woman came up to me when I was running, and she was like “do you read the twilight series?” and i was like “yes…” and then she was like “their making the new movie for new moon, do you act?” then i was like “no…” and then she was like “you’re exactly how I pictured Leah Clearwater!” and i was like “okay…” then ran off. Firstly im Australian and im no native of any country, so I don’t know where this woman was getting her thoughts from.

    When I heard Taylor was coming back for the part of Jacob I was soo happy! I just couldn’t stop smiling!
    Poor boy, everyone was taking a hit on his self esteem by saying he wasn’t big and buff enough. I mean, he IS a person with feelings!

  34. Jen says:

    Theres this kid on myspace auditioning for Seth.

    his name is Koa or something?

    but hes all over the Twilight forums on myspace

    and his myspace url is


  35. Leila :) says:

    I think that Q’Orianka Kilcher would be PERFECT for the role of Leah.
    Also think Taylor Lautner HAS to keep playing jacob black
    i think it would be really cute if leah imprinted on jacob haha (not very original :|)

  36. Maddy says:

    Well I personally cannot think of any people to play the role of any of the wolves, but I do think they could have done a better job in casting Sam, Jared, and Paul (who I believe were seen in Twilight.) When I thought of any of the wolves, I pictured big, buff, gorgeous men with defined muscles and a tough aura. In my opinion, none of the guys the casting director chose fit any of these qualities. If anything, I would hope they re-cast the role of Sam because Soloman just doesn’t look like a werewolf.

  37. Nelly nicole says:

    I think Natalie Nicole Lorio should play Leah because Leah has an attitude and Natalie Nicole gives that. Contact her at
    or her myspace

  38. C. Cullen says:

    i’ve heard rumors of vanessa hudgens and brenda song from disney channel being considered for leah. these girls would be a HUGE mistake. for one thing, neither of them are native american and for another, they wouldn’t be content with the small salary they would receive. hope this isn’t the case.

  39. C. Cullen says:

    and in response to maddy–solomon is amazing. keep him.

  40. C. Cullen says:

    Q’Orianka Kilcher would be PERFECT as leah

  41. Ashe says:

    So…they’re re-casting Sam and Embry =/
    Dammit! I really liked Solomon and Kry as Sam and Embry! Ahhhh!

    Well…I guess here’s my dream wolfpack cast:

    Sam Uley – Rudy Youngbood

    Jacob Black – Taylor Lautner :] (WOOT! IM SO GLAD HE’S STAYING!)

    Embry Call – Kaiona Kilcher

    Quil Aertera – Kalani Queypo

    Leah Clearwater – Keisha Castle-Hughes

    Seth Clearwater – Tyler Posey

    Emily Young – Q’orianka Kilcher

    Paul – Solomon Trimble

    Jared – Krys Smokey Desperado

    Sue Clearwater – Irene Bedard

    …I’m keeping Steven Strait out of the line-up, only because he’s got too much of a name already 🙂
    I love him, though. He is certainly easy on the eyes…/wink, wink/

  42. Mary Kate Karle says:

    When reading the books, I have always pictured Leah Clearwater as Evan Rachel Wood, the way she looked like in Across the Universe (with long blond hair) But then again maybe she is not spicy enough. My second pick would be Megan Cox. I’m having a hard time putting together personalities and looks that would go with Leah. But I definitely know that Vanessa Hudgens or Brenda Song are DEFINITELY not fit for the part. Leah is very deep behind her mean remarks and is more complex than disney stars. I do love both of the actresses, but they are definitely not my pick and I would be very disappointed to see them. What do you think? Anyways, LOVE your podcast, you guys are amazing and funny. Hopefully we will meat someday.
    Mary Kate

  43. Amber Pederson says:

    I’m really annoyed by the Disney rumors. I doubt Vanessa is going to be cast. Summit is being stingy with their money. They only added, what, 15mil to the NM budget? They’re NOT going to pay for some already-famous girl who’s going to want more money. And Brenda song for Leah? Apparently, a separate casting company was hired to find AUTHENTIC Native American teens/adults to play the roles of the pack. That IMMEDIATELY eliminates BOTH Vanessa Hudgens and Brenda Song. And honestly, who really thought Brenda would Leah? She’s adorable, but she’s WAY too Asian to play the part. It would be weird.

    🙁 I really wish this podcast was up already. *groan* I’m so impatient, Ladies.

  44. Haley--Team Solomon/Krys says:

    whoaaaaa they’re recasting Sam and Embry?? damn!!! since friggin’ when??? ugh!!!

    paz, amor, y Crepúsculo

  45. Sarah belle says:

    Tyler Posey is may have already been casted as Seth
    From Wiki.

    “He (Tyler Posey) was considered for the role of Jacob Black in the 2008 film adaptation of the novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, but lost the role to Taylor Lautner .He was later assigned the role of Seth Clearwater in the Twilight sequel films, New Moon and Eclipse.”
    since its from the wikipedia its may not be true

  46. Leisa says:

    I don’t really have an opinion as for the casting part, except that Solomon should stay Sam, he fit the part so well.

    As for the Leah imprinting part, I think that she will imprint on a vampire near La Push, whether they are passing through or aren’t a vampire yet, it would add another controversial relationship to go along with Jacob and Renesmee. It would enhance the bond between the Cullens and the werewolves.
    These books were so good that my sister, a true blonde that has only read books for school before now, and she is a junior in college. These are the first books that she has read by choice, Stephenie Meyer is a miracle worker!

    Love the podcast!

  47. Taylorlautnerssexy says:

    Hey just wanted everybody who was freaking out know that according to Chris Wietz (director of New Moon) that Taylor Lautner WILL be returning to play Jacob Black in New Moon So you can RELAX NOW and if you want to find out more go to newmoonmovie.com and click on Twilight seuak keeps Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

    Everybody who is a Taylor or Jacob fan YOUR WELCOME
    Taylorlautnerssexy (bye)

  48. Cassie says:

    I don’t care who plays the other wolves (not to sound mean or anyting) just as long as it’s true that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob again because i LOVE him as that character. and don’t correct me if i’m wrong but I kinda saw (or read) something going on between Leah and Jacob………………….. 🙂 idk just a thought. not saying anything in perticular though

  49. Ashe says:

    yes, it’s true. go to stepheniemeyer.com and BAM! It’s right there to read 🙂

  50. Lalalinda says:

    Hi Haley

    Yeah, it’s true. There’s a character breakdown list and both characters are on it which means they are looking to re-cast them =/

    I really hope they both audition for those parts again, though. I think they’re great<3

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