More Reaction To Rob’s Haircut

Dec 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News has a new poll out on whether you like Rob’s new hair or not.

MTV also wants to know what you think of his new ‘do!

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53 Comments to “More Reaction To Rob’s Haircut”

  1. Janie says:

    His long hair – when it was clean – was to die for… er… no pun intended… It totally blew this ordinary look away!

    Yes, the new cut is sharp in a Brad Pitt way, but I prefer Brad with his hair longer too! It is a good cut – for anyone else – but Rob is special and needs his magical unicorn forest hair back!!! Just a bit cleaner…

    Really, this makes Rob look like any other handsome young man with short hair. Imagine seeing him on a street… he would be hot, but he would look… normal? Ordinary? You know what I mean!

  2. Leticia M says:

    ok so everyone is saying that Robert hair looks really hot! i dont exactly agree. go ahead and shoot me for saying it i doant care. Its not that i have a problem with it, and i doesnt look bad … at all!… but i just am worried that he’ll keep it like that for the movie, i doubt he will, or they will let him, but i do like it alot better. Before the new haircut, he looked very distinct, especaily with the signature, Edward messed up, tossled hairdo, but now, well i think he just looks like one of the senoirs at my highschool. Do you know what i mean? Well thats it, and thats what i think anyway…not that it matters, its just my opinion

  3. iamme says:

    i don’t like it. glue it back on 🙁

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