A Christmas Present From Novel Novice

Dec 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Novel Novice Twilight has a special Christmas treat for its users!

Novel Novice Twilight has a Christmas gift for you!

To say “thank you” to everyone who’s visited Novel Novice Twilight this year, we’ve made a special gift – a downloadable, desktop wallpaper calendar for 2009.

We’ve created 12 original desktop wallpapers – one for each month in 2009, including some of your favorite Twilight photos, plus a calendar for each month. Just visit Novel Novice Twilight to download each month!

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9 Comments to “A Christmas Present From Novel Novice”

  1. sarah says:

    my bday is may!!!! and its my fav pic from the whole movie

  2. Merry X-mas! says:

    i like the may-pic best too! it’s so romantic… *sigh*
    unfortunately i’ll have to wait until january to watch the movie as i live in germany : (

  3. CullenCrazy17 says:

    THATS AWESOME! idk if i will do the who calender but my bdays in october so ill prob use tht one
    but i love all of them!
    ^& i agree about may^ *so sweet* and august too! <3

  4. team jacob kicks team edward's butt says:

    how much stuff is coming out about twilight
    didn’t ya’ll just like it much better when it was just a few of us fans?
    like, the twilight tv show. how sad is THAT?
    and a twilight MUSIC BOX?? come ON!
    edward bed sheets….pathetic
    all this publicity is driving me nuts

  5. Michy. says:

    “team jacob kicks team edward’s butt” ur right it was funner when it was only a few of us. I would ride the train to work and if i saw someone reading i would tell my husband “look! someones reading twilight too” but i also remember how frustrating it was to not be able to find much info on it. and waiting and waiting for the next books then the movie and i love the fact that most of my girlfriends are into it and we can all talk about it like its the most important thing in the world. plus in all honesty I used twilight to get myself distracted from some hard times i went through 8 months ago. what i do is i just ignore the hype and focus on what i love most about it. the books! all the other stuff is just fad and it will pass in due time!

  6. Jacob's Girl says:

    I love the backgrounds! I just downloaded them. I also agree with “team jacob kicks team edward’s butt” they are starting to get too much twilight out into the world ….. not that that is bad, but, well, yea.

  7. SarahM says:

    ooooooh this looks awesome!!!!

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