New Moon Casting Call

Jan 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Spoiler TV has the casting call sheet for New Moon, which begins filming in March in Vancouver!  It says they are casting for Sam though, so I don’t know what this means exactly, or if this is 100% accurate.


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21 Comments to “New Moon Casting Call”

  1. Heather D says:

    Aww i hope they aren’t recasting Sam. I liked the actor.

  2. emma says:

    AAAAWWWW! no solomon trimble???! i loved saying his name!!

  3. zynyl says:

    i love twilight i hope theres no recasting i love the characters specially bella i love the story its full of romance and love i will surely wait for the new moon movie coz twilight was awesome its amazing.

  4. teen14 says:

    Does anyone know exactly where and when they will be filming I know they start filming in March but when will they be in Portland?

  5. Melissa (melissaturkey) says:

    Does this mean they’ve cast Aro already? he wasnt on the call sheet.

  6. CullenCrazy17 says:

    nice i like it! im just glad jacob doesnt have to b on this list anymore!!! YAY TAYLOR!

  7. Wray says:

    I may be late to the party, but does this mean they aren’t filming in Oregon or Washington? Bummer for those little towns.

  8. alex tea says:

    aww man! i liked the actor who played sam!!!!!! they should not change the actors they have right now because it would make the movie not as good.

  9. Bella J. says:

    is it just me or is Aro not on that list?

  10. Mikayla says:

    Wait… they’re recasting Sam and Embry? Nooo! They can’t! And also, Aro isn’t on there… so is he cast already? I heard Ben Barnes (from Prince Caspian) was going for the part… And… no Seth and Leah!? They may not have big parts yet, but their dad is on there, so you’d think it would make sense for them to be on there too… Also, I hope they don’t cast an adult as Jane, no matter how short she is. I always picture Jane to be the size of… I don’t know, like.. a ten year old or something. I dunno.

  11. Kim says:

    Ugh! This is frusterateing! I really need to know WHEN and WHERE I can find an open call for Jane… It’s my dream role!
    If anyone knows, email me:
    Or go to my friend Kat’s site:

  12. obsessed twilighter says:

    ugh! first they were going to recast jacob but they didnt which is great…but now they want to recast embry and sam? they are perfect!

  13. Allison R. says:

    What!? does that mean Krys Ivory isn’t play Embry again!!!

  14. Luna Eclipse says:

    well dang… I can’t exactly play sam…

  15. mia says:

    hey does anyone where is the casting i wanna tryout for jane

  16. Brenna Piper says:

    Ok so if you were interested in being cast as Jane would you contact the Italy casting agent???

  17. Nicole says:


  18. Lily says:

    ya they are recasting sam cuz i met a friend of a friend of mine and he said he was auditionin for his part.

  19. Cinthia Rodriguez says:

    can some oe please help me on how i can additon for a part i have brown hair brown eyes im about five foot five om fifteen and my complextion is fairly light and my ethincity is mexican if someone can please help me i would really appreciate it thank you and you can contact me at or at

  20. Chrisitna says:

    Jacob better be Taylor Lautner!!!!!!! I luv him!!!!! I want to be Jane in New Moon, but i have slim chances

  21. Lexy says:

    Ok I have a couple things to say…
    1.Robert Pattison better be still playing Edward so I can make fun of him more!
    2.I love Ashley Greene if I met her I would probably faint!
    3. I’s here any extra spots on the movie?
    4.I’ve read all the books and new moon is my favorite book of all!
    5.Just to rub it in I know the special effectes person who could maybe get me a part and audagraphs!

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