Vanessa Hudgens Auditions For ‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’

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MTV has a new report about Vanessa Hudgens auditioning for the part of Leah Clearwater!

“Just last week, we asked Twilighters on our Movies Blog what actress should play Leah, including Hudgens and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” actress Brenda Song as two poll options. The actresses tied at 31 percent of your vote, with “neither” being the most popular choice at 38 percent.”

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128 Comments to “Vanessa Hudgens Auditions For ‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’”

  1. NERD. says:

    no way! nicole lee smith doesn’t look native american.
    it doesnt matter if the actress is native american becuz what matters more is if she looks native american.

  2. just lizzy. says:

    Really Summit?
    Are you serious?

    Q’orianka Kilcher all the way!

  3. Lola says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I don’t think either of them are right for this part. Plus I really don’t care too much for HSM. Leah, along with the rest of the Quilute’s (don’t think I spelled that right) and wolfs need to be Native American, and last time I checked neither of them were.

  4. NERD. says:

    Q’orianka Kilcher is such a good choice!

  5. lizard says:

    you people calling brenda asian are being racist.

  6. lizard says:

    oh whoops. i meant that you saying that brenda was asian and that was the reason she could not be leah are being racist.

  7. Michy says:

    Um i think that Brendas features are too defined and she just wouldn’t look the part of a Native American, vanessa on the other hand might be able to pull it off. I still think they need to look at some other prospects. Im sure there are better ones out there….

  8. alana says:

    i like vanessa but a vampire movie??!! i dont think shede b ok 4 it =(

  9. Michy says:

    Q’orianka Kilcher is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. meganthenoodle says:

    shit. we’re screwed.

  11. Erin says:


  12. Tiffany C. says:

    well, there goes my hopes for New Moon being amazing. I already don’t like Taylor Lautner as Jacob… if they cast Vanessa Hudgens *or* Brenda Song I’m not sure I’m going to be seeing this movie and liking it… they need to get some new blood in. Someone not known. Someone original. Both actresses have been known for Disney… not dissing Disney or anything, I’m a big fan. buuuut… this would not be good. Disney people aren’t good actors…. at all.

  13. shannonbeans says:

    NO. Yuk. … for either VH or BS….Plain and simple. If she’s Leah, I’m not watching the movie … and neither are any of my N/A friends. They don’t like the idea for several reasons.

  14. Bella fan SUPREME! says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (no afence 2 people who like them) I do agree that they r both talanted, sorta… its just I dont 1st, see them in the vampire world, 2nd, i didnt imagine Leah 2 look like either of them,and 3rd, I just hate them both… sorry. And, Brenda is asian, not native american so i think that it kinda ruins the story if they just get a cast for the wolves that arent native american when really they (the wolves)r…

  15. Brandi says:

    Lizard, it isn’t racist to point out a fact, fact is she is Asain (nothing wrong with being asain!!) BUT the characters are NATIVE AMERICAN (INDIAN!!!!!!). There for someone of a differant ethnic background just wouldn’t work. I am sure it wouldn’t look right if a character was written to be Asisn and someone from oo say Scotland who doesn’t look to have a bit of asain descent would be weird and I wouldn’t (being of scottish descent) be offended if anyone said I wouldn’t be right for the part because I am Scottish!! NOW RACISM is the act of rediculing someone based on their race. IF I were to say Brenda just couldn’t act at all beause she is Asian then THAT would be RACIST! BUT I am not saying that. I like many others are pointing out the fact that Leah and Emily were written to be Native American characters, that need to be played by Native American actors.

    Ok, just try to picture VH with Solomon T. !!! It would look weird!!! ST needs someone who looks more mature for both Leah and Emily! I am ok with Brenda in general, but she is asain and looks asain!! Which for obviouse reasons WONT work. Out of all Disney kids Brenda is the only one I can imagin in any role for future Twilight movies, EXCEPT a Native American!!! I am gonna guess that maybe these rumours are just that, rumours!! What better way for a hater to send our world into a fizzy!!!!

  16. Brandi says:

    # 1. Lizard, simply pointing out a fact isn’t being racist. Brenda is Asian (a fact!). RACISM is the act of hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. We are not intolerant to or hate Brenda based on the fact that she is Asian, we are simply saying that she shouldn’t portray Leah or Emily. FACT IS Leah and Emily were written to be NATIVE AMERICAN!!!! NOT Asian, therefor need to be played by Native American actors. If there is a part written for someone who is Asian, then I believe we all agree that, that character should be played by an Asian actor.

    # 2. Can anyone imagin either BS or VH with Solomon T. ???? It just seems weird to me. They need not only Native American actors, but girls who look more mature.
    Personally I would rather eat dirt then to see VH in any Twilight movie. I like Brenda in general, but not really for Twilight.

  17. Brandi says:

    Sorry for repeating myself, my computer locked and wasn’t showing my last post. So I assumed I had lost the post. My bad.

  18. Do u like waffles? says:

    For the love of god NOOOO! I HATE HSM! All of them! Plus I dont think that Vanessa OR Brenda r good actors… at all. When i think of Leah, i think of a strong girl, who knows wat its like 2 be hurt. Plus I imagined that shed be more of a tom-boy… any ways, my point is that I will KILL summit (not really,ill just be insanly mad) if they cast either of them as Leah… But, it might be kinda funny 2 see how much they mess up the movie… but Id rather not because then the whole movie is going 2 be sucky… Hey, u know that scene in Twilight when Bella and Charlie r at the diner? And that guy and lady come up? Do any of u think that mabey that was suposed 2 be Harry and Sue Clearwater? just saying…

  19. Natasha says:

    Gaak! Neither! I already think twilight is somewhat too popular for its own good, but this would just be over the line. I really liked that Q’Orianka person…. I agree with waffles….

  20. Rikki says:

    You know im not against Vanessa or anything i just dont happen to like her all that much. i really think she should stick to her more inoccent roles. The wheels are turning and there no possible way, in my little twilight world i could see her playing Leah at all.

  21. dfbsadg says:

    personally, i think that neither brenda or vanessa shouls get the roles. Neither of them is what i imagined leah to be in the book. i dont like the idea of a disney actor playing a role in twilight. but thats just my persona opinion. maybe they should try casting someone who is native american.

  22. lizard says:

    ok thank you. now i understand. but i still think you misunderstood what i said.
    also…to the other random person.. native americans are not the same as indians.

  23. mistina says:

    how can i put it nicely, NO NO NO NO NO!! i like brenda song but she’s asian, not native amer. and vanesssa HUDGENS? wtf. i’ll die. PLEASE NO PLEAE PLEASE PLEASE. i couldnt even stand her acting in hi skool musical. i dont think she can be mean and leah is MEAN (a majority of the time). i wont watch it if she’s in it i’m so sorry. she’s pretty yes, but i really don’t see any talent. and she’s too mainstream fer twilight. EWWWW

    im sorry i feel strongly about it but i dont wana have to have a reason to cringe when i watch it.

  24. Camille says:

    I personally think that neither Vanessa Hudgens or Brenda Song would be right for the role of Leah Clearwater, because both of them do not have any experience with roles containing any agression or animosity at all.

  25. Hilda says:

    Ladies, head over to the Twilight Lexicon to read the post they have that clears this all up. According to Vanessa’s reps, she knows nothing about any audition. Apparently MTV got it all wrong! Thank goodness!

  26. Laura says:

    This is actually a rumor. Sorry guys!

  27. Amanda G says:

    UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!

  28. gena says:

    no no no no no no no! i cant say it enough! im sorry but there is no way!!!!!!!!!!!! i think yall know my reasons

  29. haylie says:

    brenda could pull it off without the glamor and make up, i could see a leah in there somewhere.
    somewhere deep down… hahaha. lol@vanessa. hsm has put me off her foreverrrrr.

  30. ashley says:

    Vanessa Hudgens is way to girly and not tough enough for the character Leah Clearwater. Plus, does she even have an indian heritage background? I agree with people that think Alex Rice or Kimberly Norris are good choices. I’d like to even see an actress that’s unknown to play the role.

  31. Monika_ says:

    HELL NO!!! thats jsut effed up
    if vanessa hudgens is in the movie i aint watching it. nope

  32. belle says:

    Seriously…vanessa would just be another Summit cop-out!!

  33. Nicole says:

    NOOO!!! BADDDDDD!! D: vanessa is a good singer and all, but I KNOW she would be all wrong for a part in New Moon. Especialy Leah…..I really, REALLY hope she doesn’t get the part

  34. Nicole says:

    Whew! Glad it was all a rumor….

  35. I do not want either of these people to play Leah. They looked nothing like how I imagined her and Brenda is Asian. I want Leah to be a strong independent person, played by an actor who gives her a firery side. Vanessa is to bubbly and Brenda is not serious enough. We also need an actor who can keep Leah mysterious and totally unleash her in Eclipse and especially in Breaking Dawn.

  36. Keilla says:

    NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! Sorry she doesn’t work for the part! She isn’t a great actress…mostly importantly she doesn’t fit the part. Sorry! But no!

  37. Sriji says:


  38. Tori says:

    New Moon doesn’t need any disney people in the movie. Most of them are really bad actors and actresses. I would rather have Mitchel Copon play Jacob than one of them play Leah (and i hate that guy). I really don’t think that one of them could play a good Leah. They would have to be harppy and mean and i don’t think disney would alow that out of them.
    (Just a tip for summit: Pick people who actually look INDIAN!!!!)

  39. Tori says:

    Does Summit want to ruin this movie? Cause they seem to be trying really hard

  40. Roz says:

    Wow, look at all the hate. Remember she an actress and I think Vanessa has the look of what I think Leah would look like but I see her more as Emily…Sams girlfriend. To me Vanessa is too sweet so maybe playing Emily would be better then the strong willed Leah but then of course do we even see much of Leah in New Moon? It could be for Emily afterall.

  41. Victoria says:

    at least she has a chance of looking like leah as opposed to brenda song…

  42. Brittany says:

    No way shold either Brenda nor Vanessa be cast as Leah. Leah is a very lonely and complicated character and neither of those two have what it takes. For one Brenda is asian. She looks nothing like a Native American and second, Vanessa has the itty bitty little voice and Leah seems to be a strong outspoken girl. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and those two would never even sound right ever! Someone who ceases to amaze me is Natalie Portman. That girl can do any part. Although, she’s not Native American I believe she could pull it off. Ideally though, they should go with a no name Native American actress.

  43. Ash says:

    I don’t think brenda song could be leah coz she’s asian. I don’t imagine Vanessa as leah either because Leah doesn’t seem drop dead beautiful and she’s kinda average but she’s quite hardy. I imagine her as this young girl with brown/black hair and a reasonably average face. She’s confused and determined because she’s the only female werewolf and she’s struggling to not just be ‘a girl’, she wants people to think of her as strong as ll of the boys and because she’s fast boosts her up a bit. I just want some reasonably average girl to play her, it would be nice for them to cast an actress with no name who is just breaking out and Twilight could give her a name that girls would know and think “oh yeah, she’s the one from Twilight!”!

  44. Ash says:

    And I don’t want to be racist with the Brenda Song is asian part. I just mean that she is not asian in the book!

  45. Jena says:

    I agree whole heartedly with TEAM ANYONE NOT FROM DISNEY and in general, I love Disney. Neither Vanessa nor Brenda is the proper ethnic background. I know make-up artists can do wonders and I comepletely understand why both actresses would want to break out of the Disney mold, they are getting to that magic age where they leave those shows. However, Catherine Hardewick worked so hard to keep the script as close to the book as possible (meaning no track star Bella and no FBI, etc.) that I think it is counterproductive to change the nationality of the wolf pack.

  46. Wray says:

    I think the Vanessa Hudgens story has already been debunked. Apparently her agent has been contacted and said she has not auditioned and has no plans to do so at this time.

  47. Alice says:


  48. Twilight Fan(Cat) says:

    I really dont want her to play leah. Have any of u noticed but all the disney actor and actress have been seriously over rated and the films get way too much attention which just completly ruins the film. im sure if someone like summit did high school musical it would be alot better than it is now. So someone from those films would completly ruin the movie with there over rated famousness(dont know if that a word but who cares lol:P)If she does get chosen i will be very disapponted and so will many others as i ave read. SO please please dont chose her it will seriosly become over rated and stupid if u chose actors and actresses from a disney film. anyway they need some one part quilette(i think thats how u spell it)to play leahs part!

  49. IHEARTSETH says:

    OH MY GOD. Next thing you know the Jonas Brothers will be playing Jared and Paul!!!!! (they don’t, but i’m just saying)
    oh, I also heard on a few sites and things that Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) might be playing ARO!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!

  50. Amanda D. says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing vanessa as leah because I would love to see her get an attitude bc that sweet goody goody stuff makes me want to vomit

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