New Rob Photos

Jan 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

You can see several new pictures of Robert Pattinson from his Teen Magazine photoshoot here at Robert Pattinson Online!

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9 Comments to “New Rob Photos”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hawtie!!!!!!!!!!!!! but there are so many better pictures of Rob than this…

  2. jane says:

    Oh, I miss that wonderful mystical hair!

  3. Michy says:

    jane, me too!

  4. Tiffany C. says:

    ah! the hair! *tear*

    but his eyes are gorgeous.. i love to actually be able to see them! xD<3

  5. BellaEmy says:

    how completely utterly rediculously fantastically amazingly adorable is he?????

  6. CullenCrazy17 says:

    PSH super terrifically rediculously fantastically amazingly adorable!!! lol

    but wat is up w/ those giants As in the middle of the pix??

  7. Lucy says:

    hot hot!

  8. love him to death. looks so handsome in peach. his hair is still longer here.. these must be old. but it doesnt matter, he still is so adorable. he is one sexy beast.

  9. I love those pics, but I want his hair back!!

    I thought that he was forbidden from cutting it in the first place?????

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