What’s your BEST Supporter Speculation?

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Next week we are going to read the BEST Supporter Speculations!  We want you to let us know what you think is going to happen to the Twilight Gang!

So, what’s your BEST Supporter’s Speculation?

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138 Comments to “What’s your BEST Supporter Speculation?”

  1. Meg says:

    Hey guys! So, My favorite characters in the whole series are the Volturi. They just fascinate me. Because of that, I wanted to do one about the Volturi. I believe that Marcus is going to find out about Aro killing Didyme (I’m pretty sure the pronunciation is Die-di-may) Even though he will be outraged, he will stay in the coven, thanks to Chelsea. Jane will start to get therapy or something, because seriously, that girl has anger management issues. Alec will help 😀 Love the show!


  2. Cedar says:

    I luv the Volturi and this is really bothering me!!!!!!!!!! What happened to Gianna? is she a vampire? or is she dead? or is she still human?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Catherine says:

    Cedar, i think Stephenie Meyer answered that somewhere (the lexicon perhaps) and said that she didn’t make it lol. i think 🙂 i would pronounce didyme did-ee-may but i don’t know what it is supposed to be. I don’t have any supporter’s speculations of my own but i love to hear what other people think, and kallie and kassie i love the podcast! i think you chould definitely do a video one 🙂 And Kassie, i totally agree with you about taylor’s teeth. they are just so unnaturally white and i know what you meant by it is unlikely that someone on a reservation (not that i know anything about them, being from new zealand) would have teeth like that! Anyway i just wanted to comment so i could feel involved lol and i can’t wait for your next episode!

  4. Joshua A. says:

    okay first off i think that Renesmee and Jacob will be a couple and that Renesmee will love Jacob so much because he was there for here from the beginning despite his hatred of vampires. Bella and Edward will go to Dartmouth and finish two years of school there just to make sure Renee isn’t suspicious of anything. During their absence the rest of the Cullens will move to another place that is rainy like Forks. Renesmee and Jacob decide to stay in the cottage that used to be Bella’s and Edwards and they will stay there untill Bella and Edward finish college. Then they will all join back up where the Cullens are staying. Alice and Jasper decide to get away and plan a joint trip with Bella and Edward so it leaves Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle to themselves. Rosalie and Emmett decide to get married AGAIN. When all of a sudden a huge group of vampires take down half of the Voultori before being slain. In the Voultori’s struggle more vampires join up and attack in the next week killing all of them except Aro who surrenders. With no “vampire police” all the major covens decide to meet once every two months in a disclosed location. SO the Cullens meet up and become one big family again along with Jacob and Renesmee and they lived happily forever after 🙂 the end. O yeah Jacob still continues to shape shift so he and Renesmee can be together forever.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I think in the 5th book (if there is one) that Renesme and Jake will get married and the story will be in Renesme’s prospective and the book will be about…
    1. how Jake and Nessie will get married and their stuggle to have kids (haha same plot as Breaking Dawn)
    2. a time-machiny-thingy-that-travels-into-20-years-in-the future-machine and how its a stuggle for Jacob to still change cuz he wants to be with Nessie
    4. how the Voultori get in trouble and the same people who stood against them a year ago with the Cullens have to come and save them

    …. by the way Kassie love the party pooper song!! haha

  6. Mikayla says:

    This may sound odd, but I honestly don’t want another book written after Breaking Dawn. I did not like that Renesmee was born… I think she’s just too spoiled (a.k.a… has a soul mate set up for her as soon as she’s BORN, she’s just soooooo charming and EVERYONE loves her… need I go on?) and it just honestly ruined it for me. And Bella was TOO perfect as a vampire. I would’ve liked to have seen Bella as the world’s only clumsy vampire… hah! Also in BD it seemed like there wasn’t enough of the Edward and Bella that I loved before, and all of their relationship had become purely, er, physical. BUT, I would love it if Stephenie came out with maybe a compilation of short stories about maybe going more into detail about how the Cullens were changed, maybe from their mate’s POV or even their own like when they were meeting them, like Alice and Jasper meeting. Also, Emmett’s and Esme’s pasts were never gone into detail in the books, and though we know a little about them from interviews with Stephenie and stuff like that, I’d love to hear even more about them. I do not really want more of Renesmee and Jacob, though maybe one or two things about them would be cute, as long as people are over just how “perfect” she is and all that. -_- I want to maybe see more short stories or whatever of the Volturi and all the witnesses from Breaking Dawn. Sorry about all my ranting about Breaking Dawn… I just love to voice my opinion on that matter. ;D BTW I love the podcast! Keep up the podcast-ing or whatever you’d call that! x] Bye!

  7. Brystel says:

    What I Would Love Is A Book Nobody Else Wants. I Would Enjoy A Book Written From Charlies Perspective Of The Whole Saga. He Loses So Many Dear People And Always Sees Things W. Billy We Never Have.I Want 2 Read His Expression On Edward, Nessie, And Jake As A Werewolve. What He Felt And Saw During The Months Bella Was “Gone” I No Many People Wil Disagree But That Is My Speculation On A Book!

  8. Jen says:

    i know this is kinda irrelevant…. but guys i just feel so gloomy and sad…. after reading several insults about twilight saga from freaking absurd blogs and sites… i just can’t help but be sad, it’s tormenting, they don’t get to appreciate how unconditional the love between Bella and Edward is… they regard Breaking Dawn as a trash… with all the pregnancy stuff. and they even make clips which are totally hideous and insulting, representing Renesmee as an alien-like-specie-microorganis- whatsoever. (like the one in slither, the movie if you know what i mean).

    i was just trying to widen my knowledge about the saga, so i’ve visited some blogs and sites. Twilight Lexicon is really helpful with all the personal correspondence ( i’m advising you guys to read those )…. more googleing…. then i stumbled into a link which now i greatly regret ever clicking…….. hay, it just makes me feel sad. it totally busted my day..

    considering that i’m searching about twilight than doing my work here inthe office… i’m just so sad…

  9. Kaylie says:

    i like Joshua A.’s version of the next book and i think that there should definitely be some more bella and edward time if there is another book which i really really hope there is and breaking dawn is one of my favorites in the series because its soooooo cool when bella becomes a vampire its like amazing and it makes me wanna be a vampire! anyways haha yeah see joshua’s for what i think is going to happen if stephanie writes more books!! (pleaseee do!)

  10. teresa3607 says:

    Breaking Dawn was my least favorite of the saga and, personally, I’m just not interested in seeing more in the Jacob/Renesmee vein. As I mentioned before, I’d love to see a prequel, focusing on Alice. I think there is a lot of story that could be developed there before she is changed, how James found her. (We already know that he thought she smelled better than Bella.) Maybe even have a pre-vampire type love interest with James to show the contrast between how James handled the “attraction” and how Edward did with Bella. At the same time, chapters could be written from Jasper’s perspective on what was happening in his life at that time, all culminating in their meeting.

  11. Angie Campbell says:

    I totally loved Breaking Dawn and would love to see more of the story continue for all of the characters, and I especially love Stephenie’s penchant for combining sci-fi elements with her own vampire mythos. I think Renesme would be the main character although we’d still see the others as supporting characters. I think the next book could pick up years later with Renesme acting like a “typical teenager” trying to deal with her love for Jacob but wanting to be independent from him, her parents and the Cullens. After all, she has to deal with both human hormones (i.e. puberty) and her vampire tendencies, which might make her somewhat unstable and irrational, unlike her mother at that age, and she feels like no one understands what’s she going through since she’s pretty unique in both the human and vampire world. Meanwhile, I think Aros and the Volturi have been watching the Cullens and Renesme closely to see how she develops. Aros, still angry by the shapeshifters’ stand with the Cullens, has been experimenting over the years with vampire DNA or possibly just Renesme’s DNA trying to come up with a biological-type weapon to use against the wolves and any other enemies that stand against the Voltouri and instead has accidentally created a fatal virus for vampires, slowly killing half the Voltouri clan. Aros pleads with Carlysle for help in creating an antidote, and Carlylse, Esme, Alice and Jasper go to Italy for that purpose. Edward, Bella, Rosalie and Emmett stay behind because Renesme’s wild streak has them all worried. I think Edward, Bella, Rosalie and Emmett have re-entered high school alongside Renesme as her pretend siblings, which drives her crazy because she wants space to be herself. Not to mention she loves Jacob but also doesn’t want to be stuck in a pre-destined relationship with anyone. Plus, I think Bella and Rosalie fight a lot because they both want to be Renesme’s mother, which, let’s face it, could lend to some funny scenes between the two while putting crazy stress on Renesme, who loves them both. When Esme and Jasper become infected with the virus and become sick, Edward and Bella have the idea that there might be a vampire out there with special healing powers and make the decision to leave Renesme in Jacob’s care while the rest of the Cullens search for such a vampire. Renesme gets angry about being left out of the search and goes off on a search of her own with Jacob chasing after her. Its Renesme who finds a vampire with super healing powers, thanks to her lifelong friendship with the Amazonian vamps, and of course, Renesme is attracted to the new handsome vampire, which drives Jacob crazy. Jacob, Renesme and their new vampire friend rush to Italy to join the others. Since Bella is and always will be a danger magnet, I think she will have also been infected at this point and has to bury the hatchet with Rosalie, who sincerely promises to take care of Renesme if Bella doesn’t survive. Seeing her mother and loved ones at death’s door shocks Renesme out of her wild streak, and she realizes she only wants to be with Jacob and a part of the Cullen’s closeknit family. Fortunately for everyone, the healing vamp is able to save everyone infected and Carlysle uses Renesme’s unique blood to create a cure.

  12. Karo says:

    I love the Volturi too – i thought i was the only one =D – and i’m curious about Aro’s, Caius’s and Marcus’s past and future; how were they while still humen, what happened to them and what’s still going to happen! They’re the oldest vampires ever i think and what if everyone was mistaken and they find out that vampires don’t live forever but only extremely long (like 2.000 years lol) and after some 3.000 years maybe they start to age again or something,
    or what if the vampire wars in the south will become unmanageable so not even the volturi can stop them and the humans find out and there’s a worldwide crisis with the vamps ; )

    I guess Jake and Renesmee will become a couple a few years after BD (when renesmee is 14 or something like that) and the volturi will come to check on her and visit the cullens etc.

    And maybe someday Carlisle finds a way to change vampires back to human and Edward insists that he and Bella change back 2 human and they do change themselves and Renesmee and Jacob stops changing into a wolf and they life like normal humans until they die… or something.


  13. Sarah Madge says:

    I am desperate for the next book to be in Alice or Jaspers point of view! I think their relationship is so awesome and I would want it to be set before Twilight, that way we could get a backstory of Jalice, as well as the Cullens and Voluturi.

    We could also see how the family reacts to Edward and Bella, and we could see a pre Lambed Edward (lol) a bit of his misery so that when Bella is introduced it would be amazing and epic and would lead in perfectly to Twilight.

    I realise it is meant to be after the series but I would love to see before more, other wise it kind of makes a lot of the end of Breaking Dawn pointless.

    Love the podcast and on a sidenote Twilight is now HUGE in England. I was the only one who had read it in my year and now absolutely everyone is obsessed with it!!

  14. Amber Pederson says:

    The end of Breaking Dawn definitely made me think that the Volturi would eventually try again. Since I don’t have my book with me at the moment, I went to Twilight-Quotes.com and found this:

    “They’ve been seriously shaken; their confidence is shattered. But, yet, I’m sure they’ll recover from the blow someday. And then… I imagine they’ll try to pick us off separately.”
    Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 39, p.743

    I have this theory that they’ll start with Renesmee. She would probably be the biggest blow to the Cullen family’s support — she’s the youngest, the most inexperienced, and possibly the most treasured. If they could get Nessie away from her family, an out-right war would break out.

    Of course, they’ll be spending most of their time until their attack PLANNING how they’ll do this. Attacking the Cullens would have been difficult before, with Alice’s premonitions and Edward’s telepathy. It’s going to be even more brutal now that BELLA is a vampire. Her shield means that any power that is psychological will not work on her or anybody that she’s protecting.

    I don’t think Marcus, Aro, or Caius would do the dirty work (ie kidnap Renesmee) themselves. They’d want to remain diplomatic in the eyes of the vampire community. During Breaking Dawn, they had reason to go after the Cullens because they were under the assumption that Renesmee was dangerous. They were proven wrong, though, and so they backed off. If they were to just attack willy-nilly without probable cause, then the other vampires would see how unjust they were. So I think they would lure Bella away somehow and send Renata and some new uber-cool vampire Aro has collected to finish off the vampire.

    OR — and this is so much more simple — they could falsely accuse the Cullens of some terrible deed. Maybe they’ll wait until one of them slips up so that they can parade it to the vampire community and have a ‘reason’ to destroy them.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too fanfic-y… Even though I’m writing one about it, it seems REALLY plausible to me. 🙂

    And YES! DEFINITELY do a video podcast!

  15. Amber Pederson says:

    I mean that they would finish off the FAMILY* Sorry. 😛

  16. Joanna Mariscal says:

    IF there where to be a 5th book, i’d like to see more of the realtionship of “Nessie” and Jacob, and i’d be really funny or (really serious on the other hand) Nessies’ relatinship with Charlie, and his reaction of how fast she’s growing. I think maybe Bella would try to tell Charlie somewhat of the story, because Charlie in Braking Dawn sort of already speculated something freaky was going on. I mean, with jacob phasing in front of him, surely Charlie thought that what’s been going around in the Quileute tribe about the Cullens is true., he even says to Bella ” What have you got yourself into?” or something like that.

    Also, i think Stephenie was brewing up something between Charlie and Sue, i smelled something fishy about the way that C. and Billy Black where mad and i think subliminaly, Stephenie was trying to show us some sort of love triangle between those 3.

    I think i’d be awesome if Bella tried to reason Edward into turning her family into vampires or something like that, because i think she would not like seeng her family die in front of her eyes, she said something like that in New Moon, when Harry Died.

    Anyway or the other… being a 5th book continuing the story or any other book from anybody’s point of view…. i’ d still read it!
    i really wnat Steph to take out Midnight Sun… !!
    so annoying!!
    i think i’m gonna read them all over AGAIN for the 6th time!!
    Can’t wait to have the movie in my hands!
    love the show, cracks me up!
    Joanna Mariscal1!!

  17. CullenCrazy17 says:

    omg…i dont have anything of my own…but i love comment #4…Joshua tht is a great idea (except its Volturi not Voultori)!!! i love it! evryone elses is good too! great job guys! im just not tht creative haha : D

  18. Shteff! says:

    *looks at my endless list, rubs chin and frowns*
    To note, nothing makes sense in which I type, speak OR write.
    Ask anyone.
    You see, if you’re reading this, you’re already wasting your time since I have no idea what I’m typing. It’s giberish!
    If I must (Well, technically SHOULD) write something connected to the question, I’m going to guess the plain and simple from after book four.
    Jacob and Renesme are going to have a difficult getting together romantically, since Renesme see’s Jacob as more of a brother?
    Or minature father figure ;-).
    May I also say, Edward and Bella aren’t going to be so liking of the prospect of their baba doing the naughty with Jacob! Seriously!
    Hmm….for everyone else, I do believe Alice and Jasper will dissapear, Emmett and Rosalie will get rid of eachother (I wish >.< joke of course), Nahh, they’ll both probably have another million and one honey moons off in Africa.
    As for the Fork’s gang, Jess gets pregnant with someone elses kid XD! Poor Mike.
    Yeah, you can SO tell i’m winging this WHOLE section of junk and gunk and shiz and miz…and…chips?
    Oh CHIPS! yum.
    So yeah, Want any more rants poke me and I’ll appear all “CARLISE’S GOING TO RETIRE!”
    XD! LOL!

  19. fally wally says:

    Kay First of all I know this wont happen but it’s pretty sweet. So,…
    It would be in Bella’s POV. The Volturi come back like 12 years later so. Billy and Sue have a kid. Renee and Phil have a kid. And Renesmee’s almost all grown up. This time they gather all of the Vampires in the world that they can find. For the past 12 or so years the Cullen’s have been living in some remote place in Alaska training the vampires. The main reason for the training is so when the Volturi come back they’ll be ready to fight and take down the Volturi. This would happen in multiple books. Like one 5 years later and another 7 years later. Leah will imprint on Renee and Phil’s baby boy when they come up to visit Bella and meet Sue. And Embry will imprint on Charlie and Sue’s baby. Jacob will continue to phase to stay with Renemse as she grows up. HTey home school Renesmee because she grows so fast. In the End theay ll live happily ever after. The Cullens would of course take down the Volturi because they’re so incredibly awesome. Ohh and one other thing… Renesmee finds out she can have children and has a half vampire half were wolf baby. Long shot isn’t it. well hope ya like!! Peace out girl scout Fally wally

  20. C. Cullen says:


    I have a lot of theories, but here are the top five things that need to happen in the Twilight saga
    5. Jake and Renesmee get married once she is fully mature so that they can be together forever
    4. Edward and Bella spend the rest of eternity destroying cottages and visiting isle esme 😉
    3. The Cullens never grow apart, and can always be one big happy family
    2. The Cullens take down the Volturi so that they can live safely and not worry about interference
    And number one….is that we get to see it all play out in terrific movies courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer!

    Thanks girls, love the show

  21. Judith says:

    I think that the things we don’t typically get to see in the series will go on after the books. For instance many fans were disappointed that Bella got everything she wanted but in true reality, I think that her happily ever after is not going to be so happy. I think that when it gets to the time where Charlie and Renee are in there final days, Bella is really going to struggle with it, and try to turn her parents into vampires, since she had a positive experience with it. I think she’ll have a struggle similar to the one in Tuck Everlasting. Also I think when Renesmee is full grown there is going to a shuffle of authority and she will see her parents as more of an older brother and sister due to the closeness in age.

  22. Carly says:

    oooh, i’m not sure here…i’ll get back to y’all on that one…


  23. Caroline says:

    I really hope that there is a new book telling about what happens after Breaking Dawn. At the end of the book I felt the vampire drama was over, it was kind of a hapilly ever after. The werewolfs packs story didn’t feel tottaly complete. Being a total wolf-girl I felt many things were still yet to be told. For example a more indepth view on Charlies change of world and his new realationship with Sue Clearwater (Yah). In my opinion this new realationship will be hard on Seth and Leah. Leah might walk out and go to the Makah reserve ( were Emily was from) and fall in love with a Makahnnative not imprint to show the stress of wolfness can be relived. In eclipse there was a mention about Embry’s real father. The whole breaking dawn I was dying to find out, my thoughts are it might have turned out to be ( just for the sake of drama) Billy. Jacob will be a yet another infuriated teenager and run off to live with the Cullens. Seth will have no pack because his sister has fallen for a Makah and of course Jacob is really p.o.ed at his father. Seth will rise to power and be the alpha to his own pack untill Sam gets him back in La Push pack. At the end Jacob will be in a solo pack but spend most of his time in human form to chill’ with Renesmee and Leah will unfold the loophole and become pregnant (YES). Both of them will finally overcome the wolfness that so destroyed there life earlier. Love the podcast can’t wait for next week. How many times will Kassie Sing SUPPORTER SPECULATIONS???? Kassie I love your voice!!!

  24. Judith says:

    I think that J. Jenks, after seeing Bella is going to get a little suspicious about the Cullens and what makes them all so beautiful. I think he’ll do some research and like Bella find out that the Cullens are vampires, and he’ll think that he’s in denial. I think that he’ll end up in a pysh ward and will go completely mental. Then the Voulturi, fearing exposure will try to interfere and kill him, but they won’t know about the work he does, so the cops will check out J. Jenks while investigating his death and find out the work he was involved in, this will expose the Cullens and show that they don’t have any real documents, also giving the Volturi reason to interfere(again), and they will try to get rid of the Cullens. By then Bella’s power would of gotten so strong that the Volturi wouldn’t be able to do anything and the Cullens will take care of them once and for all. But I don’t know what will happen now that they have been exposed maybe it will be like the show True Blood and the vampires and Humans can live together. Or many the Humans will rebel and the Cullens, not wanting to start drama, will leave. Who knows.

  25. sandy says:

    i think that charlie and sue will get married and have a baby boy. when that boy grows he gets attatched to jacob and starts spieing on him. then i think that the little boy will start to find out more about vampires everytime jake visits the cullens. one day when he’s following jacob, he nears the the cullen house and hears a painful scream that he reconizes as jacob. he runs to the house and just barges in. inside it was jacob who cried out and the volturi will be in there. the boy will start to blurt out how he knows that they are vampires. then the volturi will kidnapp him because he knows that vampires exist.they just busted the door and flew. bella and the cullen family will go on the search to find him before anything bad happens.
    ok that’s pretty much all i can think of. hope you like it. love the podcast kallie and kassie! you guys are so funny!

  26. rosie from team Emmet says:

    HEY!!!! i am soooooooooo curious about marcus cause theres nothing much about him and i want to know what his special power is cause in the back of the breaking dawn book it has that little index thing and it says that the names with stars beside them are the vampires with special powers and his name has a star beside sooo i was wondering what his power was its not really a speculation but i really wanted to put somthing down. i love your show you guys are awesome!!!!!!!
    Sarah rose

  27. Danielle says:

    so, i think there definitely needs to be a book written about Alice’s past. I can see how people would the story to go in a jacob-and-renesme direction, but that doesn’t really interest me. Anyways, even after reading all the books, i was still questioning alice’s past, she doesn’t remember her human life and therefore we don’t read about it. I think stephenie should write a book about alice when she was human, about her visions, and how she ended up in the mental institution. Also, we need to know more about the vampire friend of James’s, who worked at the mental institution and was killed by james. Who exactly was he? Did he have any powers? Alice is described as his “pet” does that mean that she knew about the vampires? Was that another reason they thought she was crazy? James said that his friend was too weak to change her, did he mean emotionally or physically? What if Alice loved him before she was a vampire and loved jasper?? I think all this would be soo interesting to find out, because it goes way back to the first book and it was all left blank.
    now i just wanted to say, i love the twilight saga, and i love your podcast!!!

  28. Brandi says:

    I like a lot of these answers!! I personly don’t really care how or who a next book would be about. I would love it. Period. I do really like the character Garrett though. And I can’t stop laughing at Sarah’s “Lambed Edward” LOL that was great!!! Oo t-shirt that says “I was Lambed” haha sounds kinda sick, BUT FUNNY nonetheless!!!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Okay, so I hope I can explain this pretty well, but I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I wonder if it could ever happen. The werewolves never age until they are strong enough to stop phasing. I believe of course now that Jacob has Renessme he won’t age anymore so they can have a happily ever after, but the werewolves are only there to protect against vampires. Since the book had a happily ever after where everyone become friends, with the threat of the vampires gone, would the werewolves stop phasing? I think that since there’s no danger from the Cullen’s there will be no more new werewolves and the need for them will go away so the pack can’t phase anymore and then Jacob will start to age again. With that happening and since he imprinted on Renessme I think ultimately they’ll change him into a vampire so he can be with Renessme forever. Now I know everyone will hate this speculation and not agree and think it’s way too out there and personally I doubt it would happen, but it gives you something to think about.
    BTW-LOVE the podcast

  30. jessica says:

    i dont have my own idea, ive just been reading through and i like #26 and #27. we need those answers!

  31. Cedar says:

    I am changing mine I want to know if charlie ever gets the whole story about werewolves and vampires?

    love the podcast
    keep up the good work

  32. Rikki says:

    Ok i loved the Podcast. I would love to see Kallie and Kassie do a podcast. It’d be HILARIOUS. i have my own webshow. but were funnier physiclly than vocally. Because sometimes me and my friends talk with our hands and stuff. SO that would be a YES!!!

  33. Kaytee says:

    I think that I would like to see more about Marcus, Alice and well most of the Vultori, I would like to see how they came to be and get into more detail on the back grounds of the main Vultori clan, I was intrigued by them since new moon, but you never really got to know more about the characters, you just knew to be worried about their arrival. I would love to know more about Jane and her brother..how the became what they are. Alice is one of my favorite characters, who couldn’t love Alice, I would love to know more about her past, we already know that it is dark but what intrigued her creator to make her a vampire.
    Love the podcast. You guys are great.

  34. Kaitlin says:

    Okay so this is more of a random thought than a speculation but here goes…
    WHAT IF….
    In New Moon Bella had (for whatever reason) stayed with Jacob (hang with me here Team Edward) and they eventually got married…but the Cullens talk Edard out of killing himself so they come back to Forks thinking everything will go back to normal and Edward and Bella will live hapily ever after….but they come back to see Bella is married to Jacob…Edwards heartbroken and Bella is, once again, torn. She and Edward have a one time afair…she gets preggers with Renesmee but Jacob thinks its his and Bellas just fragile…the baby comes out and Jacob imprints…..I know theres alot of gaps and needs more detail but thats just how my mind works
    Tell me what you think
    Love the show

  35. Mindi says:

    A LOVED TRIANGLE between the grown up Renesme, Jacob and Nahuel. If you recall in Breaking Dawn, Nahuel is the South American half-vampire/half-human (like Renesme) man who came into the story during the last few chapters. Alice and Jasper brought Nahuel to show the Volturi and the Cullens what Renesme would be like when she grew up. Sounded very much like Nahuel was “interested” in Renesme based on the fact that our Nessie is the only other half-vampire/half-human who is NOT his sister. This would be great story – no? I am sure Nessie would have a very difficult choice and I am sure that both Jacob and Nahuel would fight for her love. And she is definitely worth fighting over. This could be the start of another great series. We can only hope. 🙂

  36. Emma says:

    Hey luv the website and podcast um my fav is renesme stroy.Its kind of funny cuz my two bfffs and I are writing her book or whatever.But what happens is She starts high school and she meets this dude( we cant find a name for him yet) who she know is odd but cant put her finger on it.He is james vamp son kind of like the cullens kids only he is half vamp and half human.The two end of falling in love and run off to get married only jacob finds out and tells bella and edward. Who grab the rest of the cullens and go after her. When they get to rome which is where the two love birds have gone, the cullens find nessi almost dead in a hotel room with whats his name talking to an old friend on the phone just as edward is about to rip his head off the voturi come brusting in the door and finsh off whats his name off, carlise who has been trying to save nessi during the fight.Saddly his eforts are not working and she dies so he has to change her into a vamp which he dosent think will work . but it dose wrok very quickly .When she comes around she is pissed cuz she only wanted to be normal.But she soon gets used to it.She falls in love with jacob and they live happly ever after.Not but we still havent figured that part out yet but it dose have something to do with a wedding.(nessi and jacob).Any way this is just a quick recap I think it would soooo cool if breaking dawn was writen from edward perspective.

  37. Khyati says:

    The Cullens + Jacob will move to Australia (where I live) and Alice will die and Jasper will marry me 😀
    No. It will be like, 70 years later and they all start at Forks High again, and one kid will have a crush on Bella, and he will tell his grandpa, who coincidentally is no other than Mike Newton, and Mike will tell his good friend Eric about this beautiful girl his grandson has a crush on, and Eric will tell Angela who will tell all her book club members and it will go on until the whole family must flee from Forks before getting discovered. Dun dun dun!!!

  38. my name is not your business says:

    whoa Khyati you think Jasper will marry YOU? not a chance. he’s mine. HAHAHA! i have nothing, but i had to comment here. love the podcast!

  39. Heather D says:

    Sorry if I’m repeating anything, but I haven’t read them all yet, but i’m going to.

    But i think if the next book is from Renesmee’s point of view…

    I think the book could mostly revolve around there being a big show down between Renesmee and Jane. I think Jane will come after Nessie by herself and try to defeat her. But of course Nessie will triumph over Jane.

    I don’t believe there is going to be another Jacob love triangle, poor guy, he’s had enough. But it would be really interesting if one of the volturi members Aro maybe, grows fond of Nessi and maybe that could be why Jane comes after her.

  40. Amy says:

    in Breading Dawn we started to see the collapse of the Volturi and their power and hold over the vampire world start to wane (i think that Garrett’s speech played/plays a huge part in this). I can easily imagine a book about their fall from power and what happens after that, like who replaces them as the vampire poliece force and how this affects the vampire community, especially the guard, the cullens and renesmee as i think she kinda has to play a big part in any future books. But having said that i think the Volturi will lose power i can’t imagine any other vampires who would be able to take on the job that they do, not even the cullens. the volturi do so much for the vampire world like keep the peace, and i just don’t think that anybody else would be able to do this and especially not the cullens, because i can’t see carlisle or anyone else in the family wanting to have the number of guards and Jane/Alec like people as the volturi need to keep the peace in the vampire world.
    sorry if this was a bit confusing i just thought i’d add it on
    love the podcase…you guys are amazing

  41. Amy says:

    sorry forgot to add that i can totally see some kind of conflict with Jacob and Nahuel when nessie grows up….we all know how much stephenie loves love triangles!!! but i think that this would be kindof a subplot.

  42. Krissy says:

    I would really like to Stephanie continue this saga and make the next book be from Nessie’s point of view. The main plot of the story could be how Jacob and her fall in love. How does she feel about him since she has known him all her life? Does she fall in love with him right away or is there some resentment since he imprinted on her? There could be a third party involved to help cause this conflict from another vampire coven member or Nahuel.

    The “big” foreshadowing for a sixth book could be the starting of the revolt against the Volturi. They could have done something that caused everyone to think it was time for them to be destroyed. Whether it is directly to a Cullen member or to another coven that they care about. This was already hinted at the end of Breaking Dawn.

    I really hope Stephanie also does not only Midnight Sun, but the other three books from Edward’s point of view. I am extremely interested in hearing his feelings during the pregnancy and birth.

    Love the Podcast and I hope that we get more Twilight in the future.

  43. Nik(goingallthewayintothetwilight) says:

    hey girls jst wanna say i love your how! i really want the twilight saga to be carried out into another character’s perspective im so upset about midnight sun. but i hope Stephanie carries on writing through Jacob’s perspective because he was so funny in book Jacob or maybe Reneseme that would be really fun!!!!

    Kassie you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. katie says:

    hi guys! u rock, o.k. so a few weeks ago someone said that they thought jacobs mom had become a vampire because of how pale she was when she “died” and that she died later. well i think she was Marcus’s mate but Aro killed her when he found out she was pretty much a mother in the werewolve clan. i dont know if it’d been said before i was just thinking and if they mentioned something about who Marcuses REAL mate was in the book i probably forgot it even though ive read them like ten times.


  45. Simran says:

    Wow, so much pressure to submit my Best speculation.. Hmm.. Well, I just wanted to ask if you guys think that Bella and Edward will go to high school even though they have a young daughter, Renesmee, at home. I speculate that Bella and Edward will wait 6 and a half years until Renesmee is full grown and they will all go to high school together. How awkward would it be to go to high school with your parents! And, along with the vampires, I believe that Jacob will go to high school with the three of them to finish his education. And after high school, the four of them can all pull of university students so they will all continue their schooling as one happy family. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the school issue.

  46. Judith says:

    I think that J. Jenks, after seeing Bella is going to get a little suspicious about the Cullens and what makes them all so beautiful. I think he’ll do some research and like Bella find out that the Cullens are vampires, and he’ll think that he’s in denial. I think that he’ll end up in a pysh ward and will go completely mental. Then the Voulturi, fearing exposure will try to interfere and kill him, but they won’t know about the work he does, so the cops will check out J. Jenks while investigating his death and find out the work he was involved in, this will expose the Cullens and show that they don’t have any real documents, also giving the Volturi reason to interfere(again), and they will try to get rid of the Cullens. By then Bella’s power would of gotten so strong that the Volturi wouldn’t be able to do anything and the Cullens will take care of them once and for all. But I don’t know what will happen now that they have been exposed maybe it will be like the show True Blood and the vampires and Humans can live together. Or maybe the Humans will rebel and the Cullens, not wanting to start drama, will leave. Who knows.

  47. The REAL Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    Honestly, I think we are done. Twilight is exhausted; its time to put it away for a little while.

    But, if we had to have more books I would like :

    1: MIDNIGHT SUN —- Please. Its amazing. Better than Twilight itselft, in my humble opinion.

    2: Alice and Jasper —- idk. I mean i dont think there is anything too versatile we can do for them since they apparently just met and fell in love in like 8 seconds so who knows. They have really dynamic personalities that could work… maybe.

    3: Denali Coven —— Tanya needs to find love. LMAO. And I want to see more of Kate and Garrett.

    4: Leah ——- Leah needs to find love too. It could be a really interesting story and we could still see a little bit of Jacob/ Renesmee and the Cullens in the distance.

    Thats my opinion, all things considered that I did not enjoy Breaking Dawn as much as I hoped. Whatever. I’m pretty much done with the Twilight Series, but the movies keep drawing me back to the sites to check updates.


  48. C. Cullen says:


    I have a lot of theories, but here are the top five things that need to happen in the Twilight saga
    5. Jake and Renesmee get married once she is fully mature so that they can be together forever
    4. Edward and Bella spend the rest of eternity destroying cottages and visiting isle esme 😉
    3. The Cullens never grow apart, and can always be one big happy family
    2. The Cullens take down the Volturi so that they can live safely and not worry about interference
    And number one….is that we get to see it all play out in terrific movies courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer!

    Thanks girls, love the show

  49. Mimi Lautner says:

    I haven’t read any of the other theories yet so I won’t get influenced my all the other good ideas floating around. I think that if there were to be another book, it should be from renesmee point of view. If not, Bella’s point of view would be fine too. But in the book, I think Stephenie should write about how Jacob and Renesmee’s relation continues and also the romantic stuff I absolutely love to read!! Also, I think the Volturi should still play a role in this book. Maybe it would would be cool if Gianna becomes a vampire and joins the Cullens!!!!!! It’s just a crazy idea but I think it would be really cool!!! Please tell me what you think of my theory. 🙂

    P.S. Love the show!! You guys help me through a lot of boring nights!
    P.P.S. I LOOOVE your voice Kassie!!!!!
    P.P.P.S. Kalle, your REALLY funny! 🙂

  50. Dana says:

    I would love to see the romance with jake and nessie while or if she goes to school. To see the conflicts between their romance but I would love to see edward being protective of his baby girl

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