What’s your BEST Supporter Speculation?

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Next week we are going to read the BEST Supporter Speculations!  We want you to let us know what you think is going to happen to the Twilight Gang!

So, what’s your BEST Supporter’s Speculation?

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138 Comments to “What’s your BEST Supporter Speculation?”

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ll post my speculation later, but I just finished listening to “Whats In The Name?” podcast, and I have to say I loved it!! 😀 Kassie, you’ll have a great week I’m sure of it. I wanted to give you girls my opinion on a video podcast….100% SUPPORT!! haha but seriously that would be really awesome.

    Love your podcasts,

  2. If there is a 5th book i think that the Cullens will move to a rainier place with Jacob, Leah, and Seth. Jacob and Renesme will continue to be together and when Renesme will be old enough she and Jacob will probobly go out and probobly get married..i mean he IMPRINTED on her!! and in that new city esme will build edward and bella a new cottage. Edward and Bella will all stay together with Renesme in their house with them and they will probobly run into the Volturi again because another problem like a werewolf with a vampire or something. Rosalie and Emmett will adopt a baby and change it into a vampire. Alice and JAsper will…well i dont know what Alice and Jasper will do..they are unpredictable :)) Carlisle will be a doctor in that new city and Esme will take care of Renesme when Edward and Bella cant. They will all live happily forever after ;]

  3. dani says:

    ok, so just wanted to say that most of these ideas are really good, STEPHENIE NEEDS TO WRITE ANOTHER BOOK!

  4. Amanda G says:

    Ok, I don’t know if anyone else has written this yet but here I go: ok I think it should be in Renesmee’s perspective and Jacobs. first in Renesmee’s, she finds out that she doesn’t love Jacob when Nahuel -the other half vampire- tells her he loves her. So they run off lol. And then it goes to Jacobs perspective and he’s all depressed and about to go kill Nahuel when Leah stops him and tells him that maybe this is a way to break the imprinting thingy, Jacob aree’s and then they all live hapily ever after.

    Somthing like that, sorry I might have spelled some stuff wrong, and I don’t know how good of a book this could be… But oh well!
    Love your podcast!!!

    -Amanda Gugle (:

  5. krissi says:

    Hello Kallie and Kassie, I love your podcast!!! All my friends here in Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Estonia (where I’m from XD) love your podcast too ;P
    I love the twilight series, and this is what I think should happen in the 5th book (if there’s going to be one =])-
    Rosalie would really want to be human, and Carlisle is doing research to find an ‘antidote’ to turn her back because she’s getting really depressed and crabby and goes berzerk when she actually tastes human blood, and Jasper’s powers suddenly start to fade away. Alice sees her dead. Jacob would get tired of Nessie and imprint on me. Only kidding XD. Leah should imprint on Jacob, and there would be this weird love-triangle-thing, and Renesmee would get really jealous and do something to Leah and Jacob would be all upset and turn into a wolf and run into the woods and never come back.
    Billy should have a heart attack and in the funeral Jacob should come back as a wolf, people would be all confused and Charlie might try to shoot him and Bella jumps in the way of the bullet and as she’s bulletproof, she has a lot of explaining to do to.
    And then BANG Carlisle finds an ‘antidote’ for the vampire thing, and Rosalie will turn back into human. BUT THAT WAS THE LAST OF THE ANTIDOTES so Emmett can’t change back into human either so he tries to do what Edward tried to do in Twilight (try to get along without sucking her blood) BUT he ends up sucking her blood anyway and he ends up being depressed and joining Volturi.
    And being upset (wow this book is SAD), Esme disappears at the end of the book!!
    Sorry for the very long anwser XD

    Keep up the good work ;]
    xoxo Krissi

  6. Devin and Rachel Cullen says:

    Here is our theory, Edward will be out hunting with Bella and Renesmee. Bella and Renesmee just start wandering off without Edward and one of the Volturi gaurds capture both of them. As Edward was drinking the blood of a deer, he hears the thoughts of the Volturi gaurd and runs to try and save them. Edward knew that he’s never gonna make it that far and eventually goes to his family for help. Alice sees where the Volturi Gaurd take them. It ends up not being in Volterra but somewhere Alice doesn’t know but has a clear visual picture of where. Edward and the rest of his family try and find information on what Alice saw. They find out that its somewhere in London. They go there and try and find Bella and Renesmee. Edward and his family ended up fighting with most of the Volturi Gaurd. In the end they win but one dies trying to save Bella.
    Sorry for the long speculation. And we have no idea who should die because its too hard to decide. U guys rock!!!

  7. Corwin says:

    hi, first off i love your podcast it is really amazing what you can find out on your show. I just have a question “Can Renesmee have a child i just do not know because she is half vampire?” I personal think that there should be a next book after Breaking Dawn and i think that would be an excellent twist in the story. And i would like to say thank you for putting together this podcast and website.

  8. soccerchic#2 says:

    I think the Volturi will continue to play a large part in potential sequels. they just have a specified purpose in this series, the books simply dont exist without them. The Volturi will do whatever it takes to overthrow certain Cullens’ will to succomb to the Volturi. I really don’t want the Volturi to cease to exist, because then the conflict will become plain romance and drama. If there was another book, i hope it would pick up when Renesmee is 17, that way we can have more than one soulful romance. Not trying to be hypocritical but l love romance too. The only thing I wish that doesn’t happen, is that the only side we see of Bella and Edward is wise and caring parents. I still want to feel the pational intimacy between the them, not only the wisdom they now share as an eternal couple and parents. I really hope Stephanie considers writing another book to the series. They are truly amazing. Kassie and Kallie are too!

  9. Lola says:

    if there were a fifth book, i would want one if not all these plot points in it…

    1. showing Renesmee growing up and trying to be a kid, kind of
    2. showing her trying to then be a teenager, and falling in love with Jacob
    3. I think it would be awsome if the Volturi came back to check on Renesmee, but I wouldn’t want it to be a big production like it was the last time, and the fear od death to be in the way
    4. I think a human boy should fall in love with Renesmee and there be a love triangle like there was between Edward, Bella, and Jacob. (but that would be awful for Jacob to have to go through again so of course he would win in the end)
    5. like I just said, Jacob would win
    6. I would want Alice to find out more about her family, and maybe talk with her niece that is still alive. It’s mentioned in New Moon a little and since I love Alice i would want her to figure out more about her past.
    7. I also think it would be cool for all the Cullens to move and then have Bella and everyone else to go to highschool again.

    Yeah those are all the things I would want to happen if there were a fifth book. Btw I love the podcast and you guys are amazing!!

  10. Emily says:

    Leah imprits on a dog! i think it would be funny 🙂
    Im trying to think of something that no one else has done so it could start a good conversation. Well yes renesnee will grow up and blahh blahh but what else could happen…
    O!! didnt one of the wolves dad not from the tribe.. meaning its like not his real dad.. i want to know whos his daddy
    There seem to be alot of new baby wolves, whats going on with there lives.. and i cant wait to hear who leah imprites on!!
    O dont want to sound mean or anything.. i just wanted mine to be a little diffrent, but i would love to hear about how renesnee grows up
    i love you guys and thanks 🙂

  11. Tatiana says:

    First off I have to say I totally and completely love your show. Thanks for doing it my friends and I get a blast out of listening to it every week and debating over your topics! (P.S. I am totally like Kassie ‘Edward all the way’ and my best friend Kim is like Kallie loving both Jacob and Edward)

    I really like the Twilight cast (in the book) and I think that in the next book (if there is one) I think that Carlisle and Esme will always be the same sane couple they were before so not much would change about them.

    I think that Rosalie and Emmett will grow distant because Rosalie is so obsorbed in Renesmee. I know this next one is kind of far fetched but still it would be a little interesting. I think that since Jacob and Rosalie actually have a lot in common they will become closer in that sort of ‘I love to hate you way’. I mean if you compare them together they really do share a lot of the same intersts. They both really like to work with cars, they both really love Renesmee, and they both love to hate each other. It was funny to get a glimpse of that in Breaking Dawn with the blonde vs. dog jokes. Yes, I know that is kind of pulling on the newly found Rosalie and Jacob relationship strings but I just thought it would be interesting.

    Alice and Jasper something might happen to them. Like Jasper will actually get better with being around people so he wont be the odd one out anymore with the blood thing since Bella really doesnt have a problem with being around people. Alice I dont know Alice is Alice anything can happen… if she sees it first!

    Bella and Edward there really isnt anything more that could happen to them. What more trouble could they get in? It’s like the Pirates of the Caribbean thing with Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner nothing else after the third movie could happen to them. Maybe Renesmee could get in some kind of danger and dashing daddy Edward could come to the rescue.

    Jacob and Renesmee would probably be the main characters just because Jacob had to go act all weird and imprint on her. I honestly dont think there relationship would work out because she is half-vapire and he is a werewolf so that could possibly make there relationship awkward if it did turn into a love relationship. I mean they could be good friends but I really dont see anything there besides frienship.

    I seriously like Nahuel and think I think he will make a surprise appearance in Renesmee’s life. At the surprise birthday party Alice plans for Renesmee maybe? There again will be competition on Jacob part against another vampire. Renesmee will feel closer to Nahuel because he can relate to her in ways Jacob will never be able to. Edward of course will most likey take Jacobs side because he thinks of Jacob as a brother/son but Edward most likely wont say anything about it. Then Renesmee will tell Jacob ‘in her way of telling stories’ that she doesnt like him like the way he likes her and he will HAVE TO back away with his hands in the air waving his white flag because of the imprinting he has to be WHATEVER is best for her.

    I totally want to see Jacob and Leah together just because in the Jacob part of the Breaking Dawn that was the vibe I got from there conversations and things like that. But if that doesnt happen and Jacob ends up with sweet innocent Renesmee I really am going to La Push Jacob Black off a cliff!

    Really love your show


  12. Victoria says:

    This doesnt really have anything to do w/ the QOTW

  13. Victoria says:

    I just wanted to know if yall could put together one freakishly long episode all about The Host. Go over every single chapter, discuss your fav charactors, what you think the next two books will be about, ect…
    You dont have to record it all at the same time time, just do like 30min at a time then when yall edit it and seem it through and post it as “THE LONGEST PODCAST YOU WILL EVER SEE FROM US CUZ WE WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN SO DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!!! (ALL THANKS TO OUR AWESOME FAN VICTORIA AKA. MRS.JACOB BLACK!”
    seriously consider this!

  14. Jessica R. S says:

    Personally I would love to have more stories written on the Cullen family and how they all became vampires and became a family and all that jazz. But another book that I would absolutely love is the stories of all the other vampires. The ones that we were first intorduced to in Breaking Dawn. I would love to hear more about the coven of the Amazon Vampires, and the entire story of the half human half vampire boy and his family and life. But the Volturi would also be an interesting topic. We (as readers) still dont know how the Volturi came into existance. We know why, but not how exactly they got to be at that kind of rank. That would be a cool thing to learn about to.

    Whatever Stephanie does i hope that the next book she writes does not take the place of the Twilight Series, just enriches it so we have a better understanding of how all of the other covens came to be.

    Thanks love the show!!

  15. The Youngest Reader Ever! says:

    Omg. Love this question.

    I would love it if Stephaine did a entire series on the wolf pack. By that i mean not the whole Jacob. I just want to see what happens with the wolves. Who goes back to being a normal human? Who imprints? And stuff like that. I’d love to see the relantionships build between Embry, Quil etc and their loved one. I also hope that Stephaine finshes Midnight Sun. If not a seires about the wolf pack. Maybe a pre-qual to twilight such as a seires on Jaspers way to the cullens. Or maybe about the Denail Clan and their mother. I don’t really care aslong as another book comes out. I really hope that Stephaine does a seires on the wolf pack.

  16. Lithia says:

    Okay, so first of all, I love the Twilight series. So people, don’t hate me for this.

    I don’t think that there will be another twilight book besides Midnight Sun, (if it ever does come out, but back to that later). If you look at books in general, there aren’t really any book series that are continued after they are ‘over’ – especially in different points of view from the original books. It just doesn’t happen. The fact of the matter is, the book series ends where it does because that is the point in time when a.) The plot has resolved itself (check – Bella is a vampire) and b.) the author wants to move on (check – Stephanie is working on OTHER projects). For instance, we all (or at least I) love Harry Potter. But are there any theories and hopes about it being continued? No, because people know that it is over. The Twilight Saga is so short (only four books) and came out so fast, people seem to be having a hard time letting go.

    And finally, a quick note about Midnight Sun – I don’t think it will be coming out any time soon. It was never supposed to be published in the first place and Stephenie was clearly hurt by it’s illegal posting on the web. If it ever did come out, I think it would come out several years in the future, maybe coming out with a special event, like the ten year anniversary of Twilight. It’s at least obvious that her feelings on the subject aren’t going to change for a while, or she’d have started back on it already.

    I only recently started listening to your podcast, and I just wanted to say that I love it so much, especially your accents. I’m from New York, so I love hearing people talk from the south. Lol, so now that i’ve written practically an entire essay, I think i’ll stop.


    p.s.- since you seem to have such difficulties with pronunciation, it’s Lith-E-ah.

  17. Lisa-Sophie says:

    Ok so the fifth book should start like this.

    6 Years later…

    Because I really want to know what happens to Nessie and Jacob.
    Is she really going to fall IN LOVE with him, or just love him like a friend or brother.
    Would Nessie be able to have kids?
    And if, what would Jacob and Nessie kids be like. Shapeshifter-Vampires???

    It would be soo cool, if Nessie and Jacob would be deeply in love with each other, but the Volturi would have something against them being together.
    Because that never has happend before, right?
    Or at least nobody has heard of a couple like them before.
    And what if Nahuel, get’s all jealous of Jacob and a new love triangle begins.

    Is Nessie allowed to go to school?
    Are they still moving a lot?
    Is Jacob moving with them??

    I would like to read, that the Cullens continue to live as a big family.
    It would also be really cool to read more about Rosalie and her attempts to fill the gap in her life.
    You know how much she really wanted to be a mum. She’s an aunt now but maybe that will not really fully satisfy her for ever.
    Because sooner or later Nessie is going to look older, maybe even older than her parents, which would be really funny.

    I could go on and on about this forever.

    Love the podcast.

    Greetings from Austria,


  18. Rachel luvs team jacob says:

    i really dont like the idea of renesmee…. i just cant ever picture bella as a mom, but thats just me. i really would like to hear more about leah! you just got a taste of her in breaking dawn, so i REALLY really really want to hear more about her and see if she ever imprints on anybody! it would b really cool if like sams long lost twin brother comes into town on a vacation, and then they like totally meet and sam gets united with his long lost twin. then leah would be happy again and she maybe wouldnt be as protective of seth and leave jacob alone or something! its a win win situation i think. ok enough rambling!!! i totally LOVE your podcasts and i would totally watch a video podcast thing of you guys! and i totally love the party pooper song 🙂

  19. Ashton ..Ireland says:

    Ok ive benn kicking around this idea ever since I finished BDAWN and I wrote some fan fiction .I think BD left alot of unanswered questions etc and the fact the Volturi just backed off like they did ..even tho alot of people have stated its a LOVE story I do not believe the volturi would be brought up and stephanie not to use them…So I got writing and I wrote out a main character to make way for a major plot to open up a real battle scenerio.. but im afraid to post it incase fans get really ticked off but as a writer myself a sacrifice should have been made …so i continued and found myself writing Renesmee being kidnapped by Volturi but the cullens think she joined them ..and this caused a riff in the cullen house and between Edward and Bella since the death of the main character is more ainful for Bella then anyone…But anyway..Some covens were picked off one by one and I went for a battle scenerio in Italy..I didnt really want a BIG HUGE massacre or battle its just that BD made me want more so I wrote myself…..If u guys wanna look at it..I could sent it on….lol

    BTW kassie should totally come to Ireland lollol

  20. carrie c says:

    hey. i just started listening to you podcasts. so here is wat i think is going to happen next…i think that renesmee will grow very fast and be old enought to date jacob which she does. bella will be a little weird about it at fisrt then get better about it. her and edward’s bond will be closer then ever and they will go on a trip to esmee isle with the whole family for a few weeks then they go to south america and nearly escape the weird lady that cleans esmee isle. they run into some of the friends from a new clan with some new vamps in it . so they have to bolt before the other vamps get a wiff of renesemee. they go back to forks and then emily gets pregnet and the whole cullen clan come back together and have a party for renesmee’s 4 year birthday. i cant think of anything right now but when i do i will post it more. haha

    ithaca ny
    new (kinda ) twilight fan
    about to finish bd

  21. Alexandria says:

    I really wouldnt like to see another book. Personally i Cant picture Edward and Bella as parents, and i cant picture Jacob acting that mature. I think i would of loved BD alot more if Renesmee would have been a boy, to me it just seems like she has the perfect life planned for her. Although i would read it if maybe she didnt love jacob. hehe but thats just me, i like drama! Love the podcast!

  22. Miahley says:

    Ohkay, so here is what i have to say: First of all, i really hated the fact that it was one big hollywood style happy ending. Personally, i hate that every thing ends like that. I really would of love love loved it if bella had chosen to remain a human, b/c then there would be the possibility of more books. But now that shes a vamp, its like, whats the point? I mean the whole idea was that she was a human and he was a vampire. I personally think BD gives off a bad vibe. ex.) a girl should give everything, including her own family for a guy. really, its a bit much. My personal favorite book is Eclipse, because of the whole love triangle thing. Breaking Dawn to me was to Disney-ish. Does that make since? Well what i mean by that is how there was a big conflict, but everything was fine and dandy in the end. Come on! i know we all wanted a big fight scene! well i am done with my rambeling now!

    Peace. Love. And Twilight!
    P.S. my odd name is pronouced (MY-Ah-Lee) Its like Miley but has an “ah” in it. Yah i dont know what my mom was thinking

  23. ashleii says:

    okay…..i would love to see the next book written about carlisle and esme’s past and future and present alll under the perspective of esme!!! how the meet , how they fall in love . was it like bella and edward love. she was human when she was married to carlisle, so it says so did he want to kill her like edward wanted to kill bella for her blood or what im soooo curious about my theory!!! !!:)i know i am weird for wanting this to happen but i would love it too. i love yalls podcastt it is awesome!!!:)


  24. Kiwi says:

    Hi Guys, I love listening to your podcast, this is not a supporter speculation bit kind of a question and I didn’t know where to post it.

    I was just in my local bookshop and a couple of mums and the bookshop owner were having a discussion about Twilight, I couldn’t help but prick up my ears,the lady of the bookshop knows I love Twilight so asked me my opinion on their discussion. How young is too young to read Twilight? I am 35 and have a 5 year old son, apparently one of the Mum’s in the conversation had a nine year old son who had been encouraged to read it and she was irate as she said the book was too adult in story for children. What do you think? It is always spouted as a Teen/tween book and people always laugh at me when I say how much I love the books (I have just got my best friend into reading them though), is it because it is always parralled with HP that young children want to read them?


  25. ANiTA says:

    HOLA! Kallie and Kassie.
    well for i just got to say i love your podcast. you guyz are extremly funny.lol.

    Well first of all i have to be honest, i personally think i wouldn’t want there to be another book. because i feel like those four books are what i love, seeing Edward and Bella fall and love and have a happy ending.
    If stephanie were to do another book, it would mostly focus on Nessie and Jacob, and i fell in love with the books while Edward and Bella were the main interests. But i would love the four twilight saga books in Edward’s perspective, now that would be amazing. I feel like the 5th book on Nessie and the cullens should wait for awhile.

    well here is my speculation for an incoming 5th book, if it were to occur.
    -The Volturi will seek revenge against the Cullens and their friends for defying their authority. they fear being overthrown, so they decide to separately destroying the competition and to be in the look out for any plan to destroying their powers as well.
    To destroy the Cullen’s they decide to use Gianna. Gianna is turned into a vampire with the condition of spying on the Cullen’s every move. They make her go to the Cullens and make them believe that she wants to Join the cullen’s coven and their style of living. Of course Carlislea allows for Giana to stay with them. Ultimately it turns into a war of vampires.
    -It could also based on Nessie, her developing into a full-grown vampire and her relationship with Jacob. There should probably be a sort of conflict between them, like she probably not being sure if she loves Jacob more as a brother than a husband type of figure.
    -Bella and Edward continue together happily.
    -The cullens decide to go there separate ways for a short time but decide to get back together.

  26. Jacob's Girl says:

    I had this crazy thought: what if Renesmee joined the Volturi? It would be when she is a teenager, and like all teens, she wants to do what her parents disagree on. So she will “run away” and join the Volturi. Then Jacob will tell Bella and Edward and they will come to the rescue. When they get to Volterra, the entire Cullen clan will have found out, and the Cullen family will be there too. Then, to get Nessie back, they will have to fight the Volturi like we have all wanted them too. I don’t know. Just a random thought I had. It sounded cool in my head.

    ALTERNATE ENDING —— Instead of Jacob saving Renesmee, he will forget her and marry me!!! Come on Jake, its time to get real! LOL! 😀

  27. beth says:

    did any1 else notice that stephenie meyer made a mistake throughout the series?
    in twilight when james calls bella alice can’t hear him on the phone so he doesn’t know that it isn’t renee. but in breaking dawn when bella is talking to the guy who tells her where to find j.jenks she can hear every word of the conversation.
    i just wanted to know if any1 else noticed that
    love the show
    p.s can u do another show with imprint?…please, u guys make such a good team

  28. teresa3607 says:

    Beth (post 77),

    I think there were a LOT of inconsistencies in the series. I know I found myself thinking many times “WHY am I reading this???” And yet I still couldn’t stop or put it down. The series is like vampire venom: you may not WANT to like it at first, but once it’s in your blood you CAN NOT fight the obsession.

    Repeat from earlier: Alice’s perspective. More James. More Jasper. Meet Dr. Whats-his-name.

    Love the show. Please NO video podcast. Uses too much bandwidth AND it won’t matter if you are having a sloppy-mom-bad-hair-zit-on-your-forhead day.

  29. Katie, age 11 says:

    I think that the volturi will come back and try to find another reason about war (like the fact that the quilettes know about vampires) and they will try to or force Bella, Alice, Edward, and Reneesme to join them. I have a second possibility to though. I also wonder if in the book Midnight Sun (she might come out with a fifth if you didn’t know) she will have the Denali Clan turn on the volturi and they try to kill marcus but, the Cullens have to try and save them, which might put them on a hitlist, giving them another reason to try to gain the valueable members of the Oylimpic Clan. My third answer is they go down to visit the clan that Bella promised to bring Reneesme to so Reneesme could visit her and on the way they meet a lot of vampires they don’t want to meet. So those are my answers, and I hope you enjoyed a eleven year old who types reports and does all things twilight way to much’s perspective!


    Katie wants to be bitten.

  30. Tatiana (number 61 AGAIN) says:

    OKay I know I already posted my comment for the week but something came to mind when I was reading Breaking Dawn again.

    Bella mentioned for a brief second that she knew that Charlie and Sue were going to get together. It made me think about Jacob. Is Jacob related to Sue and if so wouldnt it be weird if Sue and Charlie got married then that would already make Jacob some type of relative to Bella and then Renesmee being Bella’s daughter would also be related to Jacob in some way or another. And when Renesmee got older and (MAYBE) started dating Jacob wouldnt it be kind of strange dating your step cousin that was once in love with your mother!

    I know it is kind of confusing but it was the first thing that came to mind when I read Sue was meant for Charlie or something like that. But my speculation would only happen if Charlie and Sue got married

    Really really love your show

    Tatiana (again)

  31. Brita says:

    I think, if Stephenie were to do a post Breaking Dawn book, that she should switch perspectives between maybe Renesmee, Jacob, and Leah or one of the Danalis.

    For a plot idea, I think if there was another conflict with the Volturi, and Renesmee doesn’t want her parents or Jacob to get hurt so she “sacrifices” herself and try’s to solve the problem by herself by traveling to Italy alone. . .

    One thing that I was VERY interested in was in breaking dawn and the part about “The Children of The Moon” aka the REAL werewolves. It could either be like a backstory with Caius or post Breaking Dawn. I don’t know, but i was really intrigued by that.

    Thanks so much for your podcast! Whenever i am not re-reading the twilight saga I am listening to it!

  32. Twilightgirl says:

    If there was a 5th book, I would want more of Bella and Edward and Renesmee! I haven’t got enough! I think in the 5th book steph should bring on a completely new challenge. Like, nothing to do the with the Volturi or whoever else. And put a part in the book where it’s from Edward’s perspective. I think maybe Leah like-likes jacob.(4 what reason i do not know) A 5th book would be totally AWEsome but I don’t think there will be because at the end of breaking dawn there is the 2 words “the end”. Which STINKS because I’m reading the series for the 4th time and I NEED another book! I am totally the youngest Twilight reader. Anyhoo, Thanx 4 reading my post(if you actually do :D) and making an AWEsome podcast!!! 😉

    Peace,Love, and Twilight

    -Twilight Girl 😉

  33. Twilightgirl says:

    BY the way, I’m 10!

  34. The biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    If there was a 5th book I would want there to be tree parts like the 4th one from Edward’s point of view one from Renesmee’s point of view and then one from Alice’s point of view. if it was still from Bella’s point of view it would get sort of boring i think.

    love the podcast
    keep up the good work
    biggest twilight freak in the world

  35. Mel says:

    I would really like to see either Twilight or New Moon written from the perspective of ALL the Cullens. For example chapter 1 could be from Edwards perspective, chapter 2 could be from Alice’s perspective and so on. I think it would be really cool because you could get everyones perspective on the same situation in the same book. I also wouldn’t mind reading a book from Sam’s perspective, we got a bit of info about him but it would be cool to see all the stuff about the cullens from his perspective. I don’t want any more of Bella. (personally she really annoys me but i love the books so much that i just put up with her). Love the podcast, keep up the good Work! Love Mel. xoxo





  38. Karen L says:

    Just bouncing off the ideas from some of the foreshadows in previous books, I think the fifth book will pick up 10 years after BD, and should be told from Renesmee’s point of view. I believe the Volturi will come back and try to disamble the Cullens by “picking them off separately.” – BD p 743. In this case, they’ll have to start with Renesmee, since she is still the weakest link. The Volturi will try to lure her in to their coven and stand against the Cullens by playing into her rebellious teenage angst and introduce a new love interest. Even though Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, Renesmee will want to test her boundaries and in response anger Jacob by making him jealous. This will give Renesmee an opportunity to live “independently” and make mistakes on her own, thus showing her lack of experience and imperfections. The Volturi will use Renesmee (hold her ransom) as their weapon and capture the Cullens, in particular Alice (who cannot see Renesmee, and thus cannot see her future actions) and Edward (willing to give everything for his daughter), whom Aro has been dying to acquire on his team. Since Jacob never wants to hurt Renesmee, he will hinder the werewolf’s abilities in protecting the Cullens and his tribe (or just humans). Carlise, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice’s lives will be put in danger (perhaps someone like Carlise will die to save his family). But, it’ll Bella’s responsibility in the end to save the day and bring peace to the alliance. Eventually Renesmee will realize what a horrible mistake it was to go against her family and costing someone’s life (like Carlise), and try to redo her wrongs with the help of someone like Benjamin (or god’s right hand as in the biblical interpretation of the name).

  39. Amy (post 40) says:

    just wanted to add that i’ve been reading some fan fiction of what could happen after breaking dawn and i’m reading this one at the moment which is really good. It’s all about rennesme and jacob, but it is a bit explicit so you probably shouldn’t read it if your pre or early teens. the links below
    hope you guys like it

  40. Megan says:

    Well i heard (it’s just a rumour my friend read on the internet) that people die in the 6th (including midnight sun as well as the twilight series) book Stephenie Meyer was going to write and the people are shocking like the people are to “die” i so hope not but i supose if it’s Stephenie’s choice then i supose that’s what’s best :/ Anyway i love your podcasts and the site’s looking good 😀

  41. Dana says:

    You know what would be cool with a book for nessie and jake would be ( they fall madly in love awaawawaw) but she becomes with baby (breaking dawn) but with the whole hybrid werewolf thing the volturi want to rasie the baby in the guard and the two love birds go on the run …………..conflicts with her almost dieing then she reunites with the cullen and a hybrid puppy and for the tiny tots power is a mix that it has a power of the vamps but from werewolfs how they’re shape shifters but only to wolves the baby can change to any livig being and the wolf is the only animal it can change to.( whole other plot line- But what would be cool would be if there isn’t just wolfs and vamps some other creature with more power)

  42. Danielle says:

    Hi, I am an aussie girl who has found your podcast and only just finished reading all the books so my impression is quite fresh in my mind.

    I think for the next book that we will get the other part of the story from Jasper and Alice…. I mean where did they go and what did they do while they were gone? What is their future? I also think we do have a chance to have a book based several years on with Renesmee and Jacob and their relationship… i honestly think there will be some form of struggle i cant figure what but i expect a lot of conflict and plot battles occuring with that relationship…. I also believe that there could be some things about Bella’s parents and them passing away…. if we are going to jump forward in time i believe that this could be included otherwise it gets left as an unanswered question and it will help keep the story in sync …. Now i also dont think we will lose the edward and bella plot…. they are newlyweds with their first child and the whole world to explore… i think there will be something big yet to come with those 2…. i mean they’ve shocked us once. I see us being there while they are in college plus i am almost upset that Bella hasn’t exactly lost it…. i want to see her lose a tiny bit of control as a vampire…. just once ( i know it isn’t pleasant but i think it needs to happen so that Bella’s experience isn’t so damn easy for her…)
    They are my theories i think there are so many different ways that this story could continue so many unanswered questions….
    Oh and i also think there should be a pre-bella story for charlie and renee (their relationship and how they met and their OTT love) and also a pre-bella story for rosalie, emmett, esme, carlisle, edward…. Mainly because i think there is a lot of past there that would be really interesting especially how carlisle became and his journey, edward while he wasn’t with carlisle and while he was away from bella of course)

  43. Nelly Nicole says:

    I love the Cullens, and i have read all of the books and it was relly diffrent of what i thought was going to happen. At first i thought that after Jacob kisses Bella that Edward was for sure going to beat up Jacob but no thats is not what happens at all. Then another one was the while Renneesme was in Bella i thought that she would do something that would change Bella but that doesn’t happen either!

  44. Maggie says:

    Okay, since the books are finished, or at least, they should be, I want to theorize the movies, because they’re the real big news in the Twilight fandom right now.

    I was thinking about casting and character removal, because I read an interview with the screenwriter for Twilight and she was talking about the removal of Lauren and Ben and merging them with Jessica and Tyler because there were just too many characters, so I was thinking, would she get rid of anyone from the Volturi? I know Leah Clearwater was cut from the movie, which I was a little upset about, but I agree that she’s not needed for it except for showing everyone how heartbreaking the imprinting thing can be. Poor Leah, left by Sam and cut out of the movie.

    So anyways, I was thinking that Heidi might be the next to take a hit. I mean, they can’t get rid of the three amigos, so Aro, Marcus and Caius are safe, and they need Jane, especially since the big New Moon news is all about Dakota Fanning being cast for her. Demetri is also necessary for Breaking Dawn, because they couldn’t run away since he could find them, so he’ll stay. But then what about Felix and Alec? I was thinking that they might merge Alec and Heidi or something like that, because Alec’s power is needed, since he has that black out thing that Bella’s all pro at stopping in Breaking Dawn.

    Oh, such decisions. I most certainly don’t want to be in the screenwriters shoes.

    Love the podcast, Kallie and Kassie! Can’t wait for the next one!

  45. Des says:

    I would love a book about the Cullen family in the early years. For instance, in Twilight, Edward mentions that he had a “typical bout of rebellious adolescence” about 10 years after he was created and that he wasn’t always sold on Carlisle’s life of abstinence. I’d love to hear Edward tell that story.

    I would also like to explore what part the Cullen’s played in history. Here is an idea I had about that.

    How Cullen’s Changed History

    I love the snow, it’s so beautiful, peaceful, quiet, I feel so at home when I’m out in the snow. I can become almost invisible because it is very close to the color of my own skin, and my body temperature is probably colder than snow! I think I would like to live in Alaska some day!

    Not everyone feels that way though, most people are totally annoyed by it, mostly because they can’t get through it. When you are held prisoner by it, you get what some like to refer to as “cabin fever”. I don’t mind shoveling snow, for me it’s easy, I don’t get cold or tired; in fact, I love to shovel all night. The landscape is lovely as the moon shines down on the new fallen snow and gives a luster of midday to the objects below…oh wait, that’s a story for another time.

    I’m not sure if anyone realized that I was responsible for the sidewalks being shoveled when they woke up and looked out at the neatly carved pathways in front of their houses. I think some may have suspected, but no one really knows why I have such an incurable case of insomnia, in fact, I don’t sleep…ever!

    One night when I had finished shoveling the walks all the way to the edge of town, I had an epiphany…imagine how much more I could get done if…The next night I went all though the town, my invention rode on tractor treads and utilized a giant scoop and conveyor belt that forced snow into a dump truck.

    Result: Edward invents the snow plow, Chicago 1920

  46. Twilight Geek Sam says:

    ok so when they got married bella and edward had the priest say as long as you both shall live but since there both vampires now there technicaly dead. does that mean their not married anymore. lol that had to be the worst theory yet.

  47. *Bella* says:

    I am not sure if I want to hear about the Renesmee relationship. Although I have nothing against them (I actually love Jacob) I do not want to hear about a relationship that has been decided already. I think that there would be no point because we already know the result. I think that another love triangle in the books would just ruin the series.

    I am open to Leahs point of view because she is an interesting character, but I am not sure that there is much of a story. I do not feel that it would be compelling to read about her finding love, especially when the person would have to be a human.

    I think an insight into the Volturis life would make an amazing read. There are still so many routes that can be taken with them. Either writing about their past or their future!

    I absolutely love Garrett but do not feel there would be much of a story with him and Kate because they have already found love. This I feel would be a boring read, just like Jake and Renesmee.

    I would not mind reading about Alice, but there is alot of the story we already know.

    If I am honest I think the only interesting book in the future would be about the Volturi. I also really hope Stephanie releases Midnight Sun because I don’t want to read it online! Instead I want to read tyhe book in book form!

    Love the podcast!!

  48. Carolyn says:

    Oh. My. God. Angie Campbell I LOVEEEE your speculations!!! they’re incredible!!! you totally need to write a fanfic on this because it is the most perfect of perfect ideas!! being a huge fan of tension, i love the idea of Renesmee “falling” for the handsome vampire with the healing powers and having Jake be ticked off by this. I also loved how you put in Renesmee’s rebellious streak and had her fighting against a “pre-determined soul mate”. your ideas are amazing and Kallie and Kassie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read Angie Campbell’s speculations on the podcast!! id love to hear other peoples thoughts on how AWESOME this storyline would be!! now…we just have to get this to Stephenie Meyer so she can make it the official 5th book!!

  49. Nikki C says:

    okay… let’s see if you can wrap your minds around this…

    i think that if there were to be a future book, stephenie might have it in the perspective of a mortal person. this person should be COMPLETELY new to the story AND be the future lover (but not imprinter) of Leah. i think it would be cool to have the story be told from the perspective of a person who is looking at the cullens and the wolves from the outside. i would love to see another reaction and opinion of them from another person and gender from Bella. i think it would be good for Leah to fall in love, and this would give the story just the amount of a twist to catch some new attention and to switch it up a bit for all my fellow twilighters out there :]
    along with that, there should be multiple “books” inside the book (like was done in Breaking dawn with Book of Bella, Book of Jacob, ect.) The one book that isn’t told by the new character should be told from the perspective of the cullens, preferably edward, so that we can keep up with what’s going on in Bella and Edward’s relationship along with what will happen with them relocating and raising Renesmee. then we could also see how the Cullens and wolves react to another person who knows about them, and possibly end with another war with the Volturi. that would be soooo cool :]

    just an idea for you to think about…

    love love love the podcast…. but i’m sorry to say not as much as i love edward… hahahaha <3

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